This transgender Miss Universe contestant got the worst news of his life


When Spain announced that a transgender male to female would represent them in the Miss Universe pageant Social Justice Warriors thought it was a dream come true.

Bettors even placed him as one of the favorites to win the entire competition.

But their world came crashing down when the results came in.

Spain’s transgender Miss Universe contestant didn’t even place in the top 20.

The media was crushed.

But they still barely reported on the winner, Miss Philippines, and instead pumped out headline after headline about the transgender.

CBS glowingly reported:

Miss Spain makes history as first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe pageant

She may not have won the crown, but Angela Ponce — better known as Miss Spain — has changed the course of pageant history forever. This year she became the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

She received a standing ovation from the crowd Sunday night as she walked down the runway raising her sash. “A walk to remember. A historic night for #MissUniverse,” the pageant tweeted.

“I always say: having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman. I am a woman, already before birth, because my identity is here,” Ponce told Agence France-Presse, gesturing to her head.

“I’m showing that trans women can be whatever they want to be,” Ponce told Time. “A teacher, a mother, a doctor, a politician and even Miss Universe.”

As we reported, Ponce is a biological male who underwent so-called “gender reassignment surgery” to “become” female.

But he claims that “having a vagina” doesn’t make a person a woman.

Do you think transgenders should be able to compete in the Miss Universe competition?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. P.T.Barnum made the statement, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” This world has turned into one big sideshow. No wonder they closed the big top. Can’t compete with the whole world.

  3. Couldn’t they have at least found a prettier “woman”?? No wonder “she” didn’t finish in top 20….Yes I know I am being catty. MEOW!

  4. Once again a mentally ill man is allowed to participate in women’s events because he willing deceives himself that he is somehow female and other people tolerate it. What is next letting a person who thinks they are a cat or dog competing in a dog or cat contest? After all it is the same idea. Women need to start standing up and saying enough is enough. But this is what happens when people ignore reality and genetics.

  5. If, when he dies and is buried, not cremated, an archeologist digs him up centuries from now. He will take one look at that pronounced supra-orbital ridge on his skull and say ” This used to be a man. Once a man, always a man. He can tell himself that he feels like a woman, but his DNA and skeleton will not change.

  6. these people are sick. You cannot change your DNA. Once a male, always a male. Once a female, always a female. No amount of surgery will change that. And if this is the best Spain has to offer I would be terribly offended to be a woman born in Spain

  7. Hey Margaret, I agree, Mr. Spain is ugly and not being catty, being honest. I really want to know when women are going to get mad about men putting on girls clothes and entering women’s competitions. The guy that won the women’s bicycle race back in September/ October couldn’t have competed with real men and he knew it so he put on girls clothes and competed with women and he won! I know the Miss universe pageant is along a different line, however, any physical competitions will always be won by men who put on girls clothes!!!!!

  8. this is a MISS Universe contest, not a MISTER Universe contest…. LGBTQ WILL JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT STRAIGHT PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS TOO. Trannies should have their own tranny universe contest & let’s see how many people will watch or support it before it’s deemed a failure

  9. CBS reported on this groundbreaking event? CBS was led by a sexual pervert abuser so they have no clue who real women in this Country are. It is time to stop these pageants if they disintegrate into complete societal collapse. Not watching them anymore because they are completely fake and phony now!

  10. I don’t support transgenders to take part in female pagaents and vice versa. They can have their own contests labelled transgender as there are distinct differences. I just wonder why people have to braodcast their sexuality and/or preferrence. It is a private, personal matter. Doesn’t matter who one is as long as they are law abiding citizens.

  11. Get a grip folks. This is becoming absolutely ridiculous. If God had intended that this person be female, he would have been born a female.

  12. This wasn’t a woman and it isn’t a she. It is a freak and a fraud. Ugly is the world for this creature.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  13. Call me crazy, but I don’t think a MISS Universe, or any other MISS Pageant contestant should have an Adam’s Apple. DNA doesn’t change.

  14. Okay so have a transgender contest because you are not a woman my question is do you have a vagina? I think not.

  15. Who is more mentally ill, this guy who wants to be a woman or the people in Spain who sent it to the Miss Universe contest? Of course since no one ever watches these pageants any more this whole thing may have been a ploy to attract attention.

  16. Granted a Transgender should never have been allowed to participate, but seriously!, Ms Philippines, if that is the best and the brightest then those doing the polls must have IQs in the infinite negative figures, is drawing from the dregs of society the new norm.

  17. And if you don’t have a vagina mister your a man. Jenner you are a man like it or not and you will never look like a woman.

  18. Absolutely not!! He doesn’t even look like a woman. Maybe they should have a Mr. America, then a Mr. Universe!! This is absolutely ridiculous! A man is a man and a woman is a woman, period!!!!

  19. Hes the best President since Reagan. Maybe you should actually try to have a relationship with God, hes your god too.

  20. God didn’t create male, female, & whatever you desire to be. I cannot choose to be a different race, different sex, be born before I was. I can’t choose to be a dog, cat, horse or fish. I cannot choose to be a tree. I am who I was born as & I cannot change my DNA. I cannot pretend to be what I am not. Sometimes stupid shows up as a fad.

  21. A guy without a Johnson is NOT a woman, He’s just a guy without a Johnson. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  22. We had a local TV station bragging about a local school having a transgender teacher. This guy looked like a horror movie male face with female makeup and so does this male playing at being a woman running in a beauty contest with real women. Don’t these guys look in the mirror and see a male face with makeup and not looking like a real woman’s face. Gees who wants to see this poor male knowing he needs to see a psychiatrist.

  23. Transgenders are what they were born as. It’s sickening and disgusting that they think they can really become the opposite sex.

  24. He made President Trump to come and undo all the mistakes Former President Obama made and save America from the leftist wackos. If your honest you have to admit things are much better than they have been in a long time. Our President is keeping his promises to MAGA. God bless him and those who support him.

  25. Hey Jim, off the subject! Guess you losers still cannot get over the rats lost! This is about queer losers and you seem to miss the point! Man is a man, get all the surgery and meds you like, BUT DNA still will say man!

  26. The other day, I was in a grocery store and had to pee real bad. The Women’s bathroom was occupied and she was really taking a long time. The Men’s Room was empty, so I went in (also single occupancy). When I came out, there was a man waiting, The look on his face was priceless. So, I said “Today, I feel like a man.” He looked startled at first, and then laughed really hard.

  27. I totally agree. What happened to the phrase science is a “FACT” not a theory. These transgenders suffer a mental illness and biology is a “FACT” and should be treated as a “FACT”. Accepting him into a womans pageant Does not make him a woman either.

  28. Hate to say it again! Another Snowflake story. Why are the ones democrat being downtrodden? Well, maybe because it is not liked, popular, or just plain odd! A guy acting as a woman is not a freaking woman! IT is male. Not our fault they are confused! As a whole society, we can not accept others frailties! Let them tough it out for them selves! Why I am against social programs. Makes weaklings dependent on us hard working Americans! We need laws against these Snowflakes really badly before they turn America into a whimpering blubbery mass of crap.

  29. You’ll must remember that Satan reign in Hell and will do whatever to build his kingdom many times that of God’s Kingdom. Those that support Satan’s behavior and the SCOTUS laws that overridden God’s Laws will NOT make it into Heaven.

  30. Your DNA indicates your gender, which by the way includes your brain. The sex organs are just an accessory which can be physically readjusted, hence “trick or treat”, your call. You see, the brain cells are different, they can get mixed up which disrupts all thought processes, everything gets turned upside down. Mentally your cells are in a fog, much like a mental breakdown. That can in most cases be cured to normalcy. The road to recovery, for some, takes quite a measure of time. Mental illness is a cruel thing because there are so many variations to normalcy and length of time to resolve hidden issues.
    So the question is, what have “Trans” undertaken before your decision? My guess is that your little world only validated your continued attempt to validate your continuous “Fake” dream. What a shame because of what you went through in changing over to something that’s probably not real in the first case. God help us all.

  31. Hell yes! Would keep the Snowflakes happy at the same time. Or not. The snowflakes pick on everything normal people like.

  32. They changed the miss universe pageant. What they did is started a slow blowing fuse that will kill the pageant. Everything the alphabet soups do just makes the world worse. The only people who benefit from them is about 2% of the population, and they want the 98% to change for them.

  33. They and the democrats are Snowflakes looking for controversy! That is the only reason this is happening. The Snowflakes think we are all the same. Sorry, I am male. I am overly balanced. I think Republican because the Snowflake movement has warped their stand and alienated me… Thus, I am different than many people. Not the same.

  34. First of all, Jim, I will pray for your brain injury.
    I guess these men don’t feel good about themselves. Maybe they can’t have relationships as men, so they want to go gay, but are afraid of not being accepted socially. So they TRY to become women so they can have a relationship with a man. Ta Daaa! Am I close?

  35. You can dress like a woman, pretend to be one. You can have your parts altered surgically to be as close to a woman as possible. But you can never give birth. That’s one thing they can’t pretend to do, and it’s a woman’s divine ability. As a woman, it was a miraculous event in my life that is a gift from God. Of course they can adopt and become mothers that way. But being able to create a baby in our womb is one thing they will never experience, and that’s the one thing that makes us uniquely female. Pretending to look like one is just smoke and mirrors.

  36. How disgusting, you people that condone these freaks are insane! These things must not happen, some things you just don’t mess with! They are mentally ill, that’s all.

  37. No.. nor do I think men should be allowed to complete in women’s athletic activities. However, one minor issue of semantics is that the Miss Universe contestant is neither a man nor a woman, neither a he nor a she but just an “it”!

  38. God gave us two sexes, make and female, the perverts and democrats have us the so-called rest! Wait until it tries to date a real male, may well get killed, many have!

  39. jim…. TRUMP…………………. well I was wondering when he’d come into the conversation…… folks that are so anti Trump… Get over yourselves. He won the election November 2016….. geez laweeeezzzzz. Either go to the polls in 2020 and vote or find another country to gripe about…. Have a little respect for the office…….

  40. Jim he created a man who loves America unlike the last traitor President and his loser puppet Hillary. I do have an idea though if God made a mistake it was you but I know God doesn’t make mistakes he lets people like you make them loser.

  41. God made him a male and he is a male. He can pretend to be a frog if he wants to say he is one but HE IS STILL A MALE.

  42. Satan rains on earth, look around at the evil that is around us. this is his domain, until God comes to cast him into the river of fire. Then God will rain on earth.


  44. Some nut had to bring Trump into the conversation. He may cuss, but at least he doesn’t murder unborn babies. He didn’t have sex in the Oval Office like Clinton did. He didn’t have a mistress while president, as did President Roosevelt did. He didn’t destroy emails or sell uranium like Mrs Clinton did. Joan Rivers said that Obama was Gay and that Mrs Obama was a trans, and Obama referred to her/him as Michael more than once. Trump may be obnoxious, but he is not a pervert. Remember that heaven has walls and he’ll does not. A wall is a good start. In the Bible, God chose a man called Jehu, an evil man, to straiten out His people, the Jews, and the first thing Jehu did was to get rid of Jezebel as Trump got rid of Hillary. No matter what Democrats try to do, they will never get rid of Trump. Trump blessed Israel by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. God sad that he would bless the person who blessed the Jews and that he would curse the ones who did NOT bless the Jews. I believe that God chose Trump to fix America, and that this is the last chance that America has to get things right.

  45. Yes, I am an immigrant and I say deport all those illegals!! I did all my paperwork and waited in order to enter the US legally, so why should illegals be given any preference???

  46. And those who support illegal aliens try to pretend that illegal aliens are some type of immigrant versus what they are – invaders. That is why the term “illegal immigrant” was created by the “Progressives” and those aiding illegal aliens – to try and mask that illegal aliens are violating law after law to enter and stay in the US.

    You did it the right way versus being a thief in the night, which is what all illegal aliens are. Welcome and be prosperous.

  47. ““I always say: having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman. I am a woman, already before birth, because my identity is here,” Ponce told Agence France-Presse, gesturing to her head.”

    First HE does not have one he may have undergone mutilation surgery to APPEAR to have one but no SCIENTIFIC test that is valid is going to show two x chromosomes or that HE has FEMALE reproductive organs.

    If the individuals who support the NONSENSE that what someone “FEELS” or “THINKS” their gender is OVERRULES science and biological facts then they must apologize to EVERYONE they demonized or even prosecuted for claiming to be a Race, Gender, Species, Weight, Age etc. that does not match GENETICALLY to what they are.

    Because there is no difference between the MENTAL BELIEFS one has about their Race, Gender, Species, Weight, Age etc. when facts defined and clearly measurable by science show they are NOT WHAT THEY BELIEVE on those subjects then they ARE NOT what they believe they are to declare ONE of these delusions a RIGHT that demands protection even if they have to PUNISH everyone in the world who rejects lying so their DELUSION is not shattered.

    Like the one suing to BAN URINALS because her FEMALE anatomy she THINKS is male was not what they were designed to function with and it HARMED HER DELUSION to find she could not use a FIXTURE designed for use by those with MALE anatomy.

    The fact that dozens of people have been HARASSED, Fired even FINED or arrested for correctly using the English language pronouns that are defined by BIOLOGICAL facts not MENTAL IDEOLOGY is proof that free speech and freedom of religion (especially any that prohibit lies) have been tossed out in exchange for COMPELLED speech and demands people somehow just KNOW someone thinks they are the opposite gender and LIE (based on the definition of the pronouns being based on BIOLOGICAL gender it is LYING to call them the opposite) about them when referring or talking to them so they “FEEL ACCEPTED” or be punished.

    Remember this started because some IGNORANT about the language judge declared that GENDER and GENDER IDENTITY were the same thing (ie the same definition by law just so he could point to existing nondiscrimination laws to push his personal political agenda) when reality is one (Gender) is based on BIOLOGY and DNA while the other (Gender Identity) is based on a MENTAL BELIEF (something UNABLE to be seen that exits in ones head) one holds and CAN CHANGE AT WILL when it is convenient.

    So unless we allow people to claim the benefits of their RACIAL IDENTITY, SPECIES IDENTITY, WEIGHT IDENTITY, AGE IDENTITY etc. we can not allow this nonsense of GENDER IDENTITY to override reality and scientific fact much less be used to PUNISH people for PROPER use of PRONOUNS based on their definition PRIOR to some judge thinking he had a right to ALTER the very meaning of the words.

    Remember there are already cases in court where PEDOPHILES, FRAUDSTERS (Those claiming money available to help minorities they are not a member of but claim to be), and people wanting to be considered as certain animals (thus avoiding the consequences of their actions) are in court already demanding their BELIEFS should be allowed to overrule the facts just like in the case of those claiming to be the opposite gender that were actually facing jail time for violation of state laws Obama felt should be tossed away so those who THINK they are the opposite gender could just walk unchallenged (even if they do not dress like they believe their own claim) into the opposite genders facilities.

    In fact the most recent one I heard was someone SUING over his REAL AGE wanting to be listed as if he were still far younger so he could PREY ON YOUNGER WOMEN at some dating site by lying about his age. Prior to that some high-school GUY who THINKS he is a girl wanted a GUY punished because he refused to DATE MEN when the DELUSIONAL one wanted him to date him.

  48. Look at the picture he is not even a good looking man. The tranny should take a good look in a full length mirror you don’t even look lie a woman.

  49. A person’s sex is in the DNA. You can’t change that, so if you are born a female you remain a female…if you are born a male, you remain a male.

  50. The “LGBTxyzabcdef” movement ignores biology of mammals and tries to apply various type of fish and reptile gender selection rules to humans. For instance, most plants are bi-sexual. They have both male and female sexual organs. Holly Trees come in male and female however. Earthworms are also bi-sexual. Some reptiles, such as alligators, have their gender chosen by temperature, from items I have read related to their biology. Others are asexual – amebas for instance have no sex. And then there are Clown Fish. Depending upon population needs Clown fish will change their gender from male to female or female to male. But none of this applies human. As pointed out Human DNA determines human gender. People also ignore behavioral imprinting and how chemicals can effect the endocrine system.

  51. In the end all you have is one ugly, hairy, balding wannabe male/female impostor with lifelong genital medical problems.

  52. And add the word sterile in most cases as well. Of course some females chose to keep their ovaries and uterus while pretending to be male. I started watching a show that was being called “The Pregnant Man” or something similar. I originally thought a male scientist might have actually tried to do what the movie “Junior” (1994) with Arnold Schwarzenegger was about. Instead it was about two women practicing sodomy where one was pretending to be a male and had some physical appearance changes had sperm injected into her uterus to get her pregnant. I changed the channel since it was just lies and nothing to do with actual science.

  53. the day those men thinking they are women–let’s see them get pregnant for 9 months carrying the other “being”, Morning sickness, birthing—that will be the end of the human race!

  54. The biggest problem I see today is that society has done away with the word acceptance and replaced it with the word embracing. I can accept anyone for even who they think they are, but I refuse to embrace their agenda and on the Left that makes me guilty of whatever “ism” they choose to attach to me. When I was a child I went to a church in the neighborhood for several years until we moved. It was a wonderful church and conservative in the tradition of the religion. I check in on their Facebook page occasionally to see what is going on these days. After the attack on the gay Florida nightclub I saw where they had a memorial service dedicated to the nightclub attack. That I could have accepted. But what they did in the process I could not accept or embrace. They had draped a rainbow flag over the altar! I was more than appalled. In their effort at virtue signaling they actually desecrated the very altar they claim to hold dear. And I’m sure that anyone who opposed what they did became a pariah in the eyes of that particular church. Every mighty civilization has fallen when it accepted decadence as the new normal. I pray it’s not too late to save this one, but seeing things like this has me seriously concerned.

  55. God did create male and female. Genesis 5:2, Male and female He created them, and He blessed them. And in the day they were created, He called them “man.”

  56. When I read the Bible I can hear the words, “and they chose to believe the lie rather than the truth.” “Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

  57. The Gays/Transgenders/Lesbians, all need to be shipped to their own island, where they can all try to outdo themselves, without offending anybody else. These nasty queer/KOOKS, need to get out of my way, I don’t tolerate any of them, they make me sick. And the ignorant Supreme Court (jesters) are aggreeing with them. They should not be given any sort of unusual rights. I wish to hell that they stayed in the closets. How in hell can they think that they are so great, and trying to pass off their queer ways on the rest of us straights, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  58. I know Spain has better looking women. This dude looks like a department store mannequin, nothing natural about his looks. He should demand his money back from the surgeon who turned him into this freak.

  59. No matter what their Minds imagine we are all male or female in every cell of our bodies on the cellular level and no amount of mutilating oneself will change that. To think otherwise against scientific fact is the definition of delusion. They would do better to accept reality.

  60. Who are the judges in Spain? They must be blind that doesn’t even look like a women ! The world is falling apart. Woow is me


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