This transgender military secret Obama’s Deep State didn’t want Americans to know will leave you aghast


The Left has been using the military as a playground for social experiments for years.

Trump took a stand to put an end to it.

But what the Department of Defense just revealed could change everything.

President Trump fulfilled a campaign promise to end social experiments in the military with his 2017 transgender military ban.

The Supreme Court agreed Trump could reverse the Obama policy of taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries and transitioning hormones for military personnel diagnosed with “gender dysphoria.”

Nevertheless, “progressive” lower court judges trying to stick it to Trump have blocked full implementation of Trump’s transgender military ban.

So American taxpayers are still being forced to pay for the “transitioning” of confused troops who were diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” under the prior Obama administration policy.

The majority of Americans take great offense at the Left’s insistence that their so-called “progressive” ideas are more important than defending our country.

Now, despite efforts of Obama holdovers in the Department of Defense to keep it a secret, it’s been revealed that Obama’s trangender social experiment has cost our military $8 million in just two years.

USA TODAY reports:

The Pentagon has spent nearly $8 million to treat more than 1,500 transgender troops since 2016, including 161 surgical procedures, according to data obtained by USA TODAY.

Transgender troops and their medical and psychological treatment has been a flash point for controversy since President Donald Trump tweeted in July 2017 that he wanted to ban them from the military. In January, the question reached the Supreme Court, which ruled that a modified ban could take effect while lower court challenges continued.

Through Feb. 1, the cost of treating troops with the diagnosis of gender dysphoria has totaled $7,943,906.75. That included 22,992 psychotherapy visits, 9,321 prescriptions for hormones and 161 surgical procedures. Surgeries performed included 103 breast reductions or mastectomies, 37 hysterectomies, 17 “male reproductive” procedures and four breast augmentations. Psychotherapy sessions cost nearly $5.8 million and surgery cost more than $2 million, according to the data.

As we’ve reported, President Trump’s transgender military ban was a massive win for our armed forces.

Transgenderism is most obviously a mental issue; our troops shouldn’t have to worry about the stability of the man next to them in the foxhole.

But the Left insists that not only our Military cater to those who are confused about their gender but, as we’ve also reported, that taxpayers foot the bill.

Worst of all, those dollars taxpayers are shelling out for transgender surgeries could be going to help heroes who routinely languish without care thanks to the disastrous VA system.

We want to know what do you think.

Should taxpayers stop funding transgender surgeries and gender “transitioning” in the military?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. The taxpayers should not be paying for these mental misfits. Transgenders are actually suffering from a mental condition and thus, should also be kept out of the military. How can they be ready to fight for this country?

  3. More excessive government bureaucracy. Hey, I wanna be rich and famous! Is there a government program for that? I’m starting to feel left out! I demand that the government make me rich and famous!!! This doesn’t sound psychotic does it? Maybe I could have my own reality series! Yeah, that’s it! Then I can be rich and famous! I’m gonna write my congressman today and demand…wait, what was I ranting about???

  4. You’re right Eleanor, and as a mental disorder, how is it they are even allowed to be in possession of firearms?

  5. Our society has become complex enough. So how is it the responsibility of us tax payers to fund gender reassignments as part of our military operations? Gender dysphoria should be a disqualifying factor for military service.

  6. I don’t think the tax payers should pay for Surgeries for Transgender’s . Our money should be going to take care of the Men & Women who fought for this Country & need Medical Help.
    Obama did so much Wrong for this Country & yet no one says anything about him. He should be put in jail with Hilary Clinton. He was the worst President we ever had.
    God Bless Our Country, All Citizens, & All Veterans.

  7. There is no place for misfits in the Armed Forces. And that includes homosexuals. The exclusion in the past was considered necessary and the reasoning has not changed. They were a detriment in all respects. As a young soldier I had to make it clear to one that I would kill him if he did not leave me alone

  8. People with Gender Dysphoria should be banned from ever serving in the Military. Years ago men were kept out of the service for having flat feet. I think this issue is more debilitating to a soldier who is commissioned to defend our nation. The soldier should have a clear mind void of any personal conflicts and confusion.

  9. Exactly my thoughts, Ron. The ruling from the obama holdover puppet should mean absolutely nothing if the SCOTUS has already ruled on it. This tells me that some obama holdovers in the military just might be playing a game.

  10. Obama ruined our military with his social experiments and the American taxpayer has paid for this atrocity. The lower courts should absolutely no intervention to what our commander in chief orders. No one should be in the military that have mental disorders with their sexuality. Good grief, Army doesn’t accept those with flat feet and those with other medical issues don’t get in so it goes with gender disphoria. It isn’t rocket science, no taxpayer funds for those confused about who they are sexually and surgery to add or remove private parts.

  11. Cripple our social/health systems by importing more illegal immigrants.
    Endorse radical “representatives” and put them in positions to make laws which the rest of us must obey.
    Denegrate human life by legalizing murder.
    Weaponize (corrupt) our Justice and Intelligence departments.
    Propose economically disastrous “bold, new” ideas.
    Manipulate voter registration and corrupt the media.
    Those are just some of the domestic fronts that the left has used to destroy us. Add to that the chaos they sprinkle in our branches of the military. You want the military to be a unified, well organized fighting force to be used against the enemy. Instead they used captive guinea pigs ( enlisted people ) to dilute our values. I say “captive” in that if this was being done in the private sector you could simply get up and leave if you wanted.
    The goal of the left is to spread chaos and divide the country.
    So far it’s working.

  12. Not only should gender confused people NOT be financed for a physical medical procedure that does nothing to address their real mental problem, they should never be allowed in the military in the first place. The Armed forces is NOT a social experiment.

  13. Speaking as one who suffers from acute forms of depression and anxiety, I would say that I am *not* suitable to serve were I still young enough. My psych diagnoses could be a very real handicap and a danger to other soldiers.

    Now, Gender Dysphoria is a real psych issue that *can* place ones brothers in danger (yes, I know there are women in the military, and IMO, that’s a mistake).

    The armed forces exist to protect us, and sending good money after bad for the sake dotty, ill-conceived progressive social agendas must stop. I’m not sure how the government works things, but prospective recruits should receive mandatory psych screening prior to being accepted.

  14. John,
    The Commies had these plans for the degradation and destruction of our nations (especially the U.S.) from within for 60 odd years at least. For example: labour unions were taken over by Mafia and the Reds a long time ago. If you’ve not heard of them already, look up the “Frankfurt School” at Columbia University.

  15. I am a USAF vet, a Registered Nurse and I spent one of my years as a flight nurse during the Vietnam war. It was a very hard year many times over. I was 21. Too young but the same age as my patients. I find the VA in a horrible place. They cannot do what is best for people because they don’t have enough money or run out for their special needs programs. This happens and is true while they spend all that money on trans situations and surgery, meds, and therapy when they don’t deserve it in the military of this country. That is all a personal situation that we should not be spending time and money on in the military and it is insulting. I am very let down about the care are at the VA I can get and cannot get. Mostly I do not come to the VA so that the soldiers who have lost limbs and are seriously in need can have my appointments. However, I have to say that the mental health care offered in the military VA is sub-normal, unethical, immature, low level, poor and shows a serious lack of information about the current correct way to provide care and service through recent studies in neuroscience, modalities of care and evidence-based outcome therapies to meet a patient’s mental health needs or correction. The choice program RAN OUT OF MONEY here so they talk in circles and lie to me about why my needs in that area can’t be met. Having worked for 10 years in our state mental hospital I know what good psychological care is and looks like. I also can recognize ethical and unethical practice when I see it. I see the VA as a let-down and a failure while you spend tons of money on the special needs of people who are sad about their gender. I am mad and see that nothing is being done to correct this. Meanwhile, I have serious mental health needs that are not being met in the VA. But if it happens to me it is happening to many others so I am writing not just for myself but for the rest of my fellow military people. The choice program is out of money and you are spending billions on trans people – and you think that is okay? It is cruel, neglectful, immoral and a sin against us.

  16. It is absurd that the American taxpayers should be forced to fund any part of this therapy. It is all part of the extreme double standard that exists in support of the left’s philosophy and direction, that are indefensible on its face. I wonder what percentage of the LGBTQ community are reliable supporters of the left? Why are we to be expected to finance the views of our political adversaries?

  17. YOU ARE SO CORRECT ON EVERY COUNT. I resent my taxes (my hard-earned money) being used to pay for some mixed-up kid’s mental transgender changes. That mix-up person should be under the care of a psychiatrist, not under the knife making physical changes which that person will seriously regret in just a few short years. —

  18. This “takeover” by the LGBT movement will destroy this nation! They do not want equal rights, they want to rule every aspect of life and be considered “normal” while everyone who is not homosexual or transgender is abnormal! Satan is alive and well in America today! These LGBT people will be severely judged!

  19. I went into the Army in 1967 and if you marked the homosexual square on the list of questions, you didn’t get drafted. A lot of us didn’t want to go but we just couldn’t mark that box.

  20. Stable service with strong leadership in our armed forces makes a force of one a national honor we got your back means more then we want your butt.Strong decisive leadership comes from honor to serve and family values we must be a united force to teach quality and respect.Gender identity is a moral problem without morals and mental issues America needs men and women that stand together and shoulder to shoulder with dignity and respect built through united morals.Country and unity is a service to all values and respect for one another as the human race and no question what gender that we all were created to be.Country and service family honors and respect of humanity makes up who we are as a nation.Respect that is what it means to be admire the difference that gives mutal respect to the creation that graces our world.

  21. WilliamS: Usually known as “Ninth Circuited” it, although “DC Circuited” it also works, “weasel-wording” SHOULD be in Black’s Law Dict.

  22. What you have said is very, very enlightening and I thank you for having written your comment. Perhaps someone should organize a ‘march’ of protest on the streets of Washington, D.C., in order to get some attention for this very real problem. Again, thank you for writing of your first-hand knowledge of this condition. —

  23. Taxpayers and the military should not get stuck with the tab of these misfits to experiment with their sex! Obama was a freak and he also experimented with Americans and duped the public with his blind affinity to promote the mentally confused parasites! God, along with nature, truly decided the sex of these humans and no one should be able to undermine that. Deciding to change one’s sex back and forth is form of mental instability. Why would we want someone like that to hold our security and weapons of defense in their hands!

  24. To answer your questions: (1) Democrats enjoy the votes of the LGBTQ community; (2) We are expected to finance “their” views because they are allowed to get away with it… the Left fails to be challenged in their nefarious ways by those who should be protecting us. We are greatly in need of a modern day ‘Patrick Henry’.
    I hope and pray that one will arise in Congress. Congress lost the one who came really close – Trey Gowdy.–

  25. Yes cut the funding! Taxpayers are not responsible and this is a waste of funds! If you do not know what your sex is or what bathroom to use then they do not belong in our Military!

  26. We seem to all be agreement about the travesty of this situation. The big question is : WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT ? WRITING A COMMENT ENABLES US TO LET OFF A LITTLE STEAM, BUT SOME CONCRETE ACTION IS NEEDED. Some person, or organization, needs to step up and organize a ‘movement’ to enable us to get our voices heard in Washington. WHO WILL DO IT ? I, personally, at the age of 93, simply don’t have the energy it takes to do the organizing. WHO WILL DO IT ??

  27. Taxpayers should be paying for anything but the Military, and other important things that America needs not slush funds state or federal no money giving to millionaires to build statiums for greedy sport Sport people not even planned parenthood, other garbage organizations like the queer , aclu, blm, antifa, so many can’t even name all if we demand this garbage stopped and make all congress senate part time workers cut their pay no benefits of any kind like the real world works we would not be in this much dept, and have plenty of money for the Wall that Has to be Built, for our security and to slow down to stop these illegals coming here and let the world know No More Food Stamps Medcade, or money we are the Taxpayers not for illegals, other countries that don’t care about us really want us destroyed, bring back if you come here a complete physical all shots before you can enter even for a visit, we never allowed this garbage that’s going on the government is not doing it’s job to keep infections and other sickness they bring here, all this contaminated garbage coming from China even messing with our medication all has to stop

  28. At one time the military would not take care of problems not caused by being in the military. If these people were not of mental capacity when enlisted, they should have been rejected. Since they made it through the induction, once they become DYSPhORIA they should be immediately discharged. When in the military you have to be mentally alert. Otherwise you become a liability to the other soldiers. DYSPHORIA means your are not fit to be in the military, especially if you don’t know whether your a man or woman.

  29. They should not be in the military in the first place and the tax payers should not be out one cent to pay for them. Some of them go in the military for that reason. If they are going to take them in the military make them have the change before they are accepted.

  30. I agree however we are not soldiering soldiers for a real war We are asking soldiers to work as policemen for a world police force . A real war against the people that refused to be policed And there are several powerful nations that have not yet agreed to be ruled and policed . They could put us in a real old fashioned war . That now days would only last a couple of days before the world would change so fast . We could not recognize what happened .

  31. It’s disgusting and just as much infuriating how many of these sickening people would join our proud American forces SOLELY to get a free sex change. It is absolutely enraging that thanks to obummer- “the” worst president this country has ever and I pray will ever have that we have to pay for this sickening BS. How safe could a soldier feel with his life in “it’s” hands? This ridiculous insult has to be stopped NOW.

  32. If lower courts can defy the Supreme Court or block its rulings then: 1) why have a SUPREME COURT? 2) we should employ the same defiance and/or blocking when the so called SUPREME COURT makes SUPREME-LESS

  33. Why is it that they wouldn’t take anyone with flat feet. Now there accepting these guys. There only joining the military to get there surgeries for free.
    We have vets with serious injuries that can’t get help because these guys are using up there funds.

  34. Agree with many others who are commenting…”unfit” for military service used to include some pretty mundane items, i.e. flat feet, serious near-sightedness, MENTAL problems – and have not heard anywhere that they’ve ruled out “gender dysphoria” as NOT being a mental condition. So-why in the name of all that is politically correct are we funding their mental illness?? When this cuts into funding LEGITIMATE health problems our vets face, this is, in a word, unconscionable…

  35. This is no different than having us foot the bill for cosmetic surgery, that is not required but elected. It is wrong. I think that anyone should be able to serve our country, by enlisting in the military. However, I draw the line when it comes to paying for surgery, when an individual decides, for whatever reason, that they no longer want to be the sex that they were born into. It is not a requirement to fulfill their military positions, as both men and women serve in the military, so we tax payers should not have to pay for personal choice surgical decisions.

  36. would apply equally well to ALL documents and briefs.. the institution was created and convoluted to make the wee folks all go bezerk attempting to comprehend just what is was that the heard or read.. thusly and so forth..

  37. “I’m not sure how the government works things, but prospective recruits should receive mandatory psych screening prior to being accepted.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, and must add, for those agencies not already doing so, Law Enforcement and members of Congress should be screened as well. Particularly Congress!!

  38. THANKS, I DO IT FOR OTHER’S SAKE. There’s a ton of veterans getting unethical sub-standard Mental and physical.

  39. Of course the Federal Government should not continue financing the perverts’ transition from male to a fake female. If they want to adopt the perversion, at least require that they pay for it.

  40. Any person who claims to be confused about their sex certainly does NOT need to be serving in the military at any level! Nor should any other public servant! That’s insane! We “tax payers” are forced to pay for every abomination, murderous abortion, false education, and the list goes on! What has happened to respect of others and self dignity?! Where did doing those things that are good and right go down the drain?! Kids fighting cancer, or going hungry or being abused by the public education teaching them the things that are against their religious beliefs and taking parental control from the parents. Teaching our youth lies and saying that “old people are dumber than dirt”?! The list goes on!!! NO WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT OR BE FORCED TO SUPPORT OR ACCEPT ANY PROCEEDURE, psychiatric, drug, therapy that has anything to do with the deemed “gender dysphoria” which is garbage! It’s “virtual reality”! NOT AN INJURY, disease or illness. It IS NOT a medical or phsycological condition!! It’s evil and it’s another way for to get others to pay for their choices!!

  41. I just hope that your children and siblings are into homosexuality big time. And your mother has slept with bosses to obtain promotions. You are why the Muslims and other ethnic groups are able to conquer America socially and economically with racist AZZholes like you.

  42. Mental disorder or not , the surgery & or hormone treatments is not a necessity. Therefore the transgender should pay 4 their own treatments. If they don’t have the funds perhaps the aclu/splc or dnc can fund their project.

  43. I’ve known people in the past that had to get out of the military because they were going bald, and they wanted to keep their hair longer than was accepted by the military. I’ve also known people who were thrown out of the military because they were overweight. They had a program called “the fat boy program” where you were ordered to lose weight, and if you didn’t, you were forced out of the military. Now they not only let people in who are sexually confused, they make taxpayers pay for either treatment or surgeries. What the heck???

  44. And anything you “ever” have to do to defend yourself from them should never -never be a crime AT ALL.

  45. I have been in the war and I’m my comrades were not confused about who they were and what we fighting for. I’m mad as hell that I’m having to pay for this and a lot of crap we don’t know about. There is a price to pay and won’t come from the American tax payer. Semper Fidelis! JBlack1/1 0311

  46. The psychotherapy should come before those enlistment papers are signed.If the person reveals sexual confusion.No induction. If they don’t reveal their gender issues and they signed their papers as one gender or another that’s it. Some people join the Military to have these surgeries paid for. I don’t want to pay for their sex changes and I don’t want their service time spent in recovery.

  47. While many of our veterans are suffering, both physical and mentally, we are spending money on such outrageous policies??? God help us; this country has gone to hell. if people want to become another sex let them fund their own surgeries and stay out of the military.

  48. This is why President Trump did the right thing by wanting to stop allowing transgenders in the military, because he knew it was another scam pushed by the Obama Administration to get taxpayers to fund sex change operations for those claiming to be transgender. I don’t have a problem if you want to claim transgenderism, and want to get a sex change operation. However, you need to pay for it yourself.

  49. I’m a former marine.While in the Corp,if You said your Gay (queer) You were beat down or a blanket Party.I know what is becoming with our nation

  50. It is unwarranted for trans genders to DEMAND this of our government! No transgenders should serve in the military, period!
    It is time to stop this burden for the taxpayers! This is a personal problem, not one for all taxpayers to be burdened with.
    Everything done, during the obama administration, should be examined and rejected where there is a problem. He did more damage to our country, than any past president to date!

  51. I saw something interesting in our local papers “Readers Say”. The only animals on this Earth that cozy up to opposite sex are human

  52. You’ll call it a mental condition, BS. Satan’s sinful agenda is using his LGBTQ group to impregnate every Christian value. The sinful LGBTQ want to make Christians accept their values as normal behaviors in today’s societies. And you have many stupid and ignorant people who say that we must be open and accept differences. And it is MOSTLY Males that trying to force their sinful and homosexual behavior on other institutions. hop

  53. Since when do lower courts over rule the Supreme Court?
    So damn tired of we taxpayers paying for all this Democrat/Liberal BS.

  54. Stop this silliness!! Using taxpayer money (our money) that if we can’t afford to pay all the taxes dang sure we would go to jail, property taken .. for what .. transgender? Hey I would love to have a facelift, boob job (maybe) lol .. fat sucked out .. this 63 year old grandma would love to look nice! I could use my tax dollars for my own benefit! And NO, those with a gender problem are not sane enough to win wars, how about making the testing so hard a trans would not be able to keep up with the course, given every two years.

  55. I am a senior citizen and the widow of a veteran, and sister of two brothers who were also veterans. I do not want my tax dollars being used for transgender surgeries,, psychiatric visits, etc. This nonsense has got to stop now!

  56. Get them out of the Military. As a retired soldier from the US Army, I can and will say that I would not want anyone that mentally unstable watching my back. It would make it hard for me (or any other soldier) to do their job effectively with someone that psychologically unbalanced covering my back as I would be looking in all directions to cover my ass instead of concentrating on the area that I am supposed to be covering. Also, if they would ever be promoted in rank,(Officer or NCO) myself as well as almost everyone that I ever served with (both male and female) over a 21 year period. would not / could not, follow their orders as we would never know if they were proper orders or something deranged as the individual issuing them. So I will repeat one more time….GET THEM OUT OF THE MILITARY.

  57. Those who decide they are not the sex they were born into are unstable. The suicide rate among those is considerable higher than the general population. Sex change is a choice, not a medical problem. I resent being expected to pay for sex changes, the pretreatment and post treatment.

  58. The military is no place for gender reassignment. If they want to do the whole reassignment thing then it needs to be done on their dime and not the taxpayer. We shouldn’t be responsible for any of it, for that’s a personal decision. Since that decision has absolutely nothing to do for us, the taxpayer. I want our military to be the best it can be and it can’t be at its best if our soldiers are busy trying to identify themselves. They have enough to do and be aware of than some flaky soldier person being in a mental state.

  59. Marine Barracks Norfolk Naval Base. We marched the Queers to the front gate. The Platoon did an about face and turned our backs on them. The Sergeant Major held out their Dishonorable Discharge in an envelope for them to take. When they reached for the papers they were tossed on the ground. Strike Up the Colors and march back to the Barracks to the Marine Corps Hymn. We need to get on our knees and ask God to forgive our Country for this perverted practice even being allowed to serve in any branch of the Armed Forces of this Great Nation. To even think that the Supreme Court has to waste one minute of deliberating over this Mental Sickness is sad. Start your own Queer Service. You deserve each other!!!

  60. Obozo was using his homosexual and tranny agenda to destroy the morale of the military. He wanted open homosexuality to be displayed to make people not want to reenlist. Using the tranny rule; only made it to the point, the taxpayers would pay for people that would take millions of dollars from necessary equipment. These people would be totally useless, for close to six years; with all of the surgeries, medicines, and psychotherapy needed for their transitions. The taxpayers and the military would never recover the amount of money spent; compared to the service to their country.

    This was a clear exercise to make our military unprepared for a major war. The expenditures for the surgeries took away from maintenance on military equipment and supplies needed to keep our military strong and ready. He kept trying to downsize the military and strangle its effectiveness with budget cuts. The military is the only agency within the government, that actually had to deal with cuts. Other agencies and their personnel, however, were given large increases in funding and salaries. The left hates the military and does what it can, to destroy our being able to defend ourselves.

  61. As a 80 year old Veteran, I am 100% AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL’S being in the U.S. Military, cannot even Imagine being in a FoxHole with Group of them, I would give my Life for a Brother in Arms, BUT THINK TWICE about doing anything for them, Sad ! But a Believer in Gods thoughts as a Christian, They are entitled to their way of Life, Just not with me ?

  62. Where is the outrage of how much tax payers are footing the bill for men to get erections? The total military spending on erectile dysfunction medicines amounts to $84 million annually, according to an analysis by the Military Times — 10 times the cost of annual transition-related medical care for active duty transgender servicemembers.

  63. There is no place in our military for anyone who is so pre-occupied with his or her pee-pee. If you are, stay out.

  64. Under hypnosis a person can be regressed to the first time they had the feelings for the same sex, or why they feel they are the opposite sex, and going over this program can be erased, might have to go over this maybe 3,or 4 times.

  65. NO homosexuals in our military we need to be focused on our training in every way and not distracted by this kind of thing

  66. Judy,
    This is more than a sad state of affairs, it is grotesquely unjust, I
    dare I say “sinful” ? We have vets who need help with real, grave physical and psych issues, like PTSD due to the horrors of battle. Gender Dysphoric individuals need to stay out of the hair of people putting their lives on line — some of whom who’ve done far more tours of duty back-to-back than is good for them. So, meanwhile, back at the proverbial ranch, we have to pay out for snowflakes sitting it out on the benches, as it were, while they use the military as their discount card for their surgeries and psych appointments? WTF (excuse me)? No, this has to stop. We must be collectively insistent, applying pressure on the correct political nerve centers. It all circulates back to the Commies and the “F*job” they’ve been implementing gradually for 60 odd years.

  67. Just one additional note: this goes back to another post I made earlier. Unless we need to revive the draft, the armed forces are in a position to be more choosy. Therefore, along with physicals, there needs to be mandatory psych evaluations.

  68. These people are Mentally sick, sick, sick! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should American taxpayers PAY for the mutilation surgeries OR the drugs these people take to PRETEND to be the opposite sex! They need to be hospitalized until they come to grips with reality and who and what they are.
    As for our Military, there should be NONE of these mentally sick people in our Military. Our Military have to concentrate on their training and being able to count on your buddies in all situations. They can not do that if they are having to worry about those who are mentally ill being in the trenches with them. It’s bad for moral and it’s bad news for those who depend on these Trained Heroes to guard and protect us here at home.

  69. FYI: Almost all surgeons practicing in North America and Europe who perform genital reassignment surgery require letters of approval from two psychotherapists; most Standards of Care recommend, and most therapists require, a one-year real-life test prior to genital reassignment surgery.

    But I totally agree with you that there should be a mandatory psych evaluation for everyone entering the military. There was a bill in 2015 (Medical Evaluation Parity for Servicemembers Act) for this to become a law. It has yet to be voted on.

  70. all the tax payers should sue the military for all the cost of transgender surgeries hormone replacement meds and anything associated with transgender money’s should be used for real hero’s not wacko’s

  71. With this president #45, those who protect our country will start to reap the benefits. He has had to pull tooth and nail to do things that are good for our country while the dems and left are off on some fantasy trip. I think that tax paying dollars should be put to better uses than supporting transgender hormones, therapies and surgeries. If they need therapy than it’s shows they are unstable or in need of emotional supports. Who wouldn’t have issues when contemplating changing the sex that God has given them at birth. I wouldn’t have anyone be next to a person like that in the trenches. Who could even trust them in war. We would be better off as you’ve said to support our men and women who need true medical care from protecting us. Find suitable housing for those vets that are in tough times and homeless. No I think we need to get rid of all transgenders in the military. Cuz they want us to pay for their psychosis’.

  72. I’m NOT surprised since Obuma is married to a “transexual” who goes by the name of Michelle (Michael) and those kids were adopted…..they are NOT his biological kids.

  73. Taxpayers do not and should not pay for a person’s sex change.
    It is not fair to the taxpayers.

  74. End transgenders in the military. American taxpayers should not be payN for social experiments in military.

  75. I totally agree. I was active duty 23 years retiring in 1993, prior to the military becoming a social experiment for the politicians. I also spent 7 years as a military training instructor (boot camp, drill instructor). The last thing needed in the military are those confused about their gender or sexual identity. We had enough issues with males abusing and disrespecting the female enlisted and officers. Now they are jumping through hoops to opening up the military and changing regulations to account for their mental confusion. Good grief, those with flat feet and certain medical issues couldn’t get in the military! The uniformity, Esprit de corps and life and the various missions in the military are threatened by those who are confused about what sex they want to be and then expect the taxpayers to transform them into the sex they prefer. The politically correct crowd and those with the agenda to destroy our country will go to any length to infiltrate all aspects of our society to take over and silence the majority.

  76. No way should taxpayers pay for sex change surgeries or any treat ment! That’s probably the only reason they joined up!

  77. Obama just wants more like himself and Michael…one say the truth will surface..i mean proof more substantial than Michel’s pecker getting loose and flopping around…and there will always be drs out there who want to do experimental surgeries and medicine ..lest history not forget the hideous syphilis testing done on Black Air Corps…or as recent as planned parenthood getting filmed harvesting and selling fetus parts…to name just a few..

  78. SJHPW: Absolutely!!!! LGBTQs have deep psychological issues. They have no business in our military!!!!!!
    When attempting to post my remarks, the following is what popped up :“Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!“
    That is most interesting, because I have never made my response comments on this psychological problem in this forum before. Sooooo, can we say that our beliefs are being sensored??????

  79. You have better check your DNA that is neither your mother or father. They are both homosexuals and you were adopted.

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