This transgender just outdid Bruce Jenner with this news


Americans were up in arms when Bruce Jenner was awarded “Woman of the Year” by ESPN in 2015.

That emboldened transgender activists.

And the latest award to be handed out to a transgender person will make your jaw drop.

A transgender woman (biological man) is favored to win the Miss Universe pageant.

Angela Ponce, a biological male who underwent so-called “gender reassignment surgery” to “become” female is the odds-on favorite to win the contest.

The 2018 Miss Universe Spain pageant winner is set at odds of 600+ to 1, compared to the Miss USA winner Sarah Rose Summers, who is set at 2000 to 1 odds.

The Daily Wire Reports:

As the gamblers put money on Ponce, the trans contestant has been using the press leading up to the December 16 contest to promote the transgender movement.

Asked by Time if the inclusion of a transgender contestant in this year’s competition would send a message to Trump, the former owner of Miss Universe, Ponce said, “More than a message to him, it would be a win for human rights.”

“Trans women have been persecuted and erased for so long. If they give me the crown, it would show trans women are just as much women as cis women,” said Ponce, who claims to have identified as female at the age of three.

Miss Universe announced in 2012 that it would allow biologically male contestants who identified as women after a successful lawsuit by a Canadian transgender model, Jenna Talackova, the Daily Mail notes.

Transgender activists want people to forget what they learned in biology class: that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

They instead want people to follow a so-called “gender identity” system where biology is kicked out the door and there are an unlimited number of genders.

Do you agree with Miss Universe that beauty pageants should accept so-called “transgender” contestants?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. If it starts with Trans it does not belong in a contest with young Ladies / Women that can give birth to children as a true female has the ability to do so!! Trans can not do this; they can only go forth and copulate and not populate as God had intended. This is a perversion nothing else!

  3. Trans are nothing more than a man with make-up. They are the ugliest women/men around and I have no idea why anyone would vote for them in a BEAUTY contest.

  4. HELL, NO !! These are sick, perverted “people” & have NO right to call themselves normal in any way, shape or form !

  5. No I do not agree why not have just a trans contest don’t really care to watch due to my beliefs God does not approve ever
    And then let the regular born women in another contest if you must have a beauty contest
    Then see who is really interested in trans contest

  6. The moment that they are in need of “Plastic Surgery” (i.e. tummy tuck) it should disqualify them from the competition. So I will ask How in the World does Removal of Genitalia, Not Disqualify You from competing!?!?

  7. A beauty pageant is nothing but fluff entertainment. If you are so afraid that someone might catch you looking at a woman who used to be a guy, don’t watch it.

    Now, as far as the argument regarding a transwoman competing against cis women in athletic competitions, I get that. It does seem unfair. But frankly, it is not my business. Or your’s for that matter, unless you are one of those cis women. And I have yet to hear about an actually involved cis woman complaining.

    Why must we always stick our noses in where they don’t belong?

  8. If she wins, every winner of the past should resign her title of miss Universe. I would if I was them. Miss Universe org has insulted every woman alive. Crown Miss Pervert. He will still be a male in Hell for eternity. ,

  9. So go ahead vote a non-existent thing as anything proves those voting do so to make themselves look so accepting but the reality is its just a mental illness and certainly not a gender by any means

  10. Sick. Need therapy. God gets the final word. We get to choose Heaven or Hell. Pitiful.
    Will never watch beauty pageant again if allowed to join.
    Do your own.

  11. In a hundred years, IF someone dug he/she up, their TRUE gender will be very obvious…you can’t fool Mother Nature people.

  12. This is nothing. First homosexuality, now Transgenderism (an actual mental disorder), but the next “protected dysfunction” will be Pedophilia.

  13. What were the reasons why some of the women contestants were disqualified over the years? Seems to me that a woman had a breast implant and was disqualified after she won. Also what I see going on here is the women’s lib showing their power over mankind and GOD. Tell Gog that you have a right to change your body. He will come back and tell you to take your chances and you will know when you die. You are what I ordered he will say. Stop taking your pills for that reason and see how fast you go back to being a man oe woman.

  14. Men are men and women are women, that is the way God designed human’s. I would not want some transgender idiot in the women’s bathroom with me @ a mall. Sounds like a mental problem to me.

  15. I’m surprised one of these perverts hasn’t yet tried that tack under the guise of this is his “sexual preference” and because he was born that way cannot help it.

  16. I remember when Ms Universe disqualified a woman for having a child out of wedlock. This is totally rediculous. Transgender ‘women’ dominating sports all the way down to high school competitions. they should have their own segregated competitions, not pairing them against biological women. I don’t care what the politically correct garbage says, it just isn’t right.

  17. This whole transgender thing is as satanic as it can be! Those who believe you can choose your own identity apart from that at birth are great fools! In effect, they deny God! In the end, they will pay an extremely heavy price and will be judged severely for their foolishness. But, you can’t teach them anything, especially the truth! They made a choice, and they will have to live with the end results! They will stand before God in judgment and they will hear the words, “Depart from Me, you who do evil; I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23).

  18. I read an article yesterday about that person. He said that he was sending a message to President Trump and the entire world. His message was this: “I am just as much a woman as a “cis”woman”. First of all, there is no such thing as a “cis” woman. A woman is born a woman – there are not different kinds of women. And, here is MY message to him: When you give birth, I will consider you a woman. Until then, you are nothing more than a sick, self-mutilated man.

  19. When something like this person does what he did and it makes the news all over the world, each one of us has a right to comment on the situation. That is why, after the article, a reply is asked for if someone wants to reply. You gave your opinion and others have a right to give their’s – get it?

  20. HE will never be a woman. his DNA is that of a man and you can do surgery till the cows come home and it won’t ever change. I feel sorry for him. it must be hell to live with his feelings.

  21. Just another way for the “father of lies”, Satan, to destroy this world and take as many of it’s citizens with him as he can, to the fiery pit, on that last day. The people who fall for this need to understand; when they accept this behavior, they are also guilty of that sinful deed. Yes people, it is sinful. God never changes. Neither does His word. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Transgenderism is a sin no matter how much they glorify it. Even if they burn every bible and kill every Christian, it will still be an abomination to God, and you will all go to hell. Just saying, you need to quit kowtowing and call it what it is. a nasty sin. An abomination to your creator.

  22. Transgender is sickening. He should not be able to enter contest. Just hang around the spots that homosexuals hang out at. He can act like a female there….

  23. Another slap in the face to women. All this transgender garbage is causing women to suffer. We have to put up with men using our washrooms, locker rooms etc., where all a man has to do is say he’s a woman and he’s allowed admittance and once there he can attack women and girls. Then a man is named “woman of the year” and now a man can become “Miss Universe.” In other words saying a man is more beautiful by making himself up as a woman than a true woman is. Disgusting!

  24. Eric, if a cis woman involved with the contest complained what do you think would happen? I know what would happen because it already has.

  25. You can call it whatever you want to, still looks like a dude in a dress. They just look different than women do. You can’t change that with any surgery. Even Shakespeare nailed it, ” a rose by any other name is still a rose”.

  26. Pedophilia…which, from what I’ve heard, will be called “Minor Attracted Persons”. Or “MAP”, for short. So when you see the letter M added to the “LGBT” acronym, that’s what it stands for.

  27. The creator of all shall be the only judge. Perhaps these folks are the space aliens that we have been expecting….ya think? Let’s send them back from whence they came and leave us alone.

  28. I know several trans women from work and in town, all are nice and don’t believe in all the commotion created by a few. They just want to live their life as women and unless asked about it don’t advertise it.

  29. To prove they’re not “bigoted.” And what do you want to bet the freak wins just so they can “prove” their non bigotry.

  30. My God in My Bible Made a Female and Male. However, Satan has supporters on the SCOTUS that have given the homosexuals rights over God’s rights. It seems that homosexual males are aggressively pursuing the right to invade female world. Sadly Christian churches have been silent on this issues as they have on many other sinful issues.

  31. Cannot change DNA.. GOD made us male and female. That is the end of it as far as I am concerned . And I hope no one ever calls me a a “cis” female..I will definitely be upset.

  32. This is the kind of depravity that can destroy a civil society. If the people allow it to continue to corrupt their moral values and the Judeo-Christian principles this nation was founded on, then eventually it will lead to the same fate as that of the ancient Roman Empire.

  33. AMEN! One of the most truthful comments yet. With this insane behavior from the crazies, open borders, and crime running rampant in sanctuary cities, America will definitely fall – no question about it. It’s the plan of the Progressives being fulfilled. Next stop – One World Order.

  34. No the next mental disability will be marry your dog, cat, horse and claim them as dependents. God help us ????normal people.

  35. Since biologically they will never be completely females because that entails producing ovules carrying your own DNA and that is not possible, so fix the chemical brain imbalance in your brain instead.

  36. I am not saying that it getting the thumbs up by the majority of the judges is appropriate as in it will never be a true female, but many posts I have seen about Transgenders being unattractive particularly Angela Ponce
    If you find that unattractive then there is something wrong with you, throughout my life I have seen more than enough males who I thought, boy did nature pull a cruel trick on you because in a dress, a wig, and heels you would make a far more attractive female than Male, in prison they definitely would be someone’s girlfriend.

    Consider articles about men being careful of who they take home from big city bars because many of those Transgenders are feminine enough and attractive enough to convince you that they are nothing more than a physically appealing woman.

    I reiterate since they will never be able to conceive children bearing their DNA they will never be a true woman, but saying all are physically unattractive in trying to portray themself as such is simply cruel and biased

    As 1 of the authors of a comment I read about the Transgenders he knows simply wanting people to respect them without shouting what they are loud and proud then common courtesy and respect is what they deserve, if they ask you what your viewpoint of the emotional feelings that leads people like them down the path of genital reassignment then be honest, inform them that in your viewpoint they will never be a true female and that chemical treatment should have been used to balance out those Minoamine Neurotransmitting imbalances.

  37. Wrong, because some of those who go through the genital reassignment process are now having other people’s ovaries implanted in them, does the DNA change to that of the recipient, doubtful so in essence you are delivering another person’s child.

  38. I researched, Search Engine topic: Does implantation of the ovaries from 1 person to another change the DNA produced in the ovules, an article about ovule implantation says that in some cases up to 40% of the DNA of the ovule recipient is transferred, but then again that is through implanted ovules and not transplanted ovary produced ovules.

  39. Who cares about these stupid irrelevant shows but men are men and women are women no matter how hard the left is trying to change basic physiology. The sooner they learn this the better off we will be.

  40. Let them do what they want with their bodies. Unfortunately, their families are the ones that suffer from all this mess. My problem is when they want to go into the millitary & THEN decide they want this very EXPENSIVE surgery & years of therapy & meds all at the TAXPAYER’s expense!! Not to mention that traitor that was sent to prison & some loony-toone psychiatrist decided he/she needed the surgery do to mental stablity…..or some such bull. Of course WE had to pay for that!!! Enough is enough of this nonsense!!

  41. I feel sorry for these people. A man is a man and a woman is a woman, no matter what you try to change. That’s how God created you. He created us male and female. God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. God doesn’t make junk and God never makes mistakes. To change your gender is like laughing at God. It’s like telling him he made a mistake. If you died today, what would you say to God if he asked you what you did to love people? Are you going to tell God that you didn’t want to be who he created you to be? We are called to love one another. That includes ourselves. You can’t love yourself, if you are going against God’s will for you. Think about it before it’s too late. God loves you and I love you the way God created you to be.

  42. Since IT had cosmetic surgery can any and all contestants have surgery too? This is supposed to be natural beauty not whose got the best butt, boob and cheek implants!

  43. A car can’t become a garage just because it wants to. Operations and a dysfunctional mind set cannot change our basic nature.

  44. Pretty sick, but i think you are right. I am convinced it is powerful forces of darkness reporting directly to lucifer/satan that are pushing the entire LGBT and pedophilia waves as well as blood sacrifice and outright ritual murder activities that have not been well publicized yet.

  45. Hey anyone will do anything for shock value. What else do you expect from Democrats. I just wish they’d leave the rest of us alone!
    I wish we could shut the door on them the way we do to bad salesmen.


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