This transgender candidate’s failure just exposed the Democrats


The Democratic Party is losing touch with the American people.

They thought identity politics would give them the governorship in this liberal stronghold.

But this transgender candidate’s failure just exposed a fatal flaw in the Democrats’ playbook.

Transgender socialist Christine Hallquist ran for Governor of Vermont.

The Democratic Party thought he was the ticket to taking back liberal Vermont from GOP incumbent Phil Scott.

But they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Christine Hallquist bombed at the ballot box, losing to Phil Scott by a whopping 15% margin.

This was almost double the lead that Phil Scott had over the last democratic candidate in 2016.

Vermont showed that it takes more than identity politics to be a viable political candidate.

And, as we previously reported, Christine Hellquist just wasn’t up to snuff.

Burlington Free Press Reports:

Vermonters launched Gov. Phil Scott into a second term Tuesday, demonstrating again the state’s loyalty to incumbents.

The election shows that Scott’s brand of Republican leadership continues to succeed in a state dominated by Democratic politics.

The Democratic Party thought they could push transgenderism on the people of Vermont thinking they wouldn’t push back.

But Democrats’ reliance on identity politics to elect the nations’ first transgender governor fell flat on its face as Vermont voters rejected it outright.

They couldn’t even succeed in a state that has elected Bernie Sanders over a dozen times from Mayor to U.S. Senator.

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  1. Why would people want to elect a man with a serious mental illness to run the a State? We have enough problems with “Progressives” who want to impose Communism, or some variant of it, and destroy our culture that has produced more freedom and prosperity for everyone than any other society that has existed.

  2. The LGBTQ agenda, which includes trans-gender, has had an impact on the American culture. And the main reason is the last president, Barack Obama. Unlike any other president, he advanced and promoted this decadent lifestyle. “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, same sex marriage, transgender in the military, were his obsessions and cause celebre. I believe Mr. Obama, and this not to be disrespectful of anyone, is either a bi-sexual or latent homosexual.

  3. As with Bernie, Hallquist has grandiose ideas but not a clue how they are going to be financed.
    Also, “It” can’t figure out whether “It” is a male or a female but will be making decisions that will impact my life. Forget it.


  4. It is good that the people of Vermont chose a candidate who does not play the hypocrit, Hallquist presents himself to be a woman when he is not. That is called a play actor, “a hypocrit”. “Transgender” is the new label to make this fantasy sound credible. People don’t have to be mentally ill to be a deceiver or a foolish person. I applaud the people of Vermont.

  5. It would take the DumboRATS to try for another “‘FIRST”, First “Black” President, now first female President, first transgender governor and maybe first gay whatever. AMERICANS want people leading them with the intelligence and ability to do what ever s required of them. If the AMERICAN PEOPLE think that any person can do that they will elect them, what ever they are.

  6. Born a male, die a male. When there are physical identifiable changes, I’ll buy into male into female…until then,he is mentally ill.

  7. We don’t have a bent gender problem.
    We don’t have queer problem.
    We don’t have an atheist problem.
    We don’t have BLM problem.
    We don’t have an Antifa problem.
    We do have a liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life form problem.
    We will not solve the other problems as lon as we allow the liberal scum to exist

  8. Insane! To expect people to vote for him/her solely because of gender is ludicrous. What happened to being QUALIFIED ??! I would love to see a woman as president, but I am NOT going to vote for a candidate purely because she’s female, which is why there was no way I voted for Hillary. The Democrats have really lost touch with reality in their horribly desperate attempts, and they’ve grossly underestimated the intelligence of the voters.

  9. The unfortunate delusion of some individuals who ‘think’ they are something they are not has captured fools and held them. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. These people are mentally unstable to believe they’re something other than what God made them. The devil sure knows how to deceive people.

  10. The LGBTQ community is dangerous. It is horribly aggressive in attacking children as young as 3yrs old to persuade them to change their sex. A way to destroy our country by destroying our children.

  11. Vermont voters were smarter than Colorado voters who elected the first gay Governor! It remains to be seen what his Liberal Agenda means for the State and if we can even continue to live here.

    • The correct way to write your first sentence is “Vermont voters were smarter than Colorado voters who elected the first sodomite Governor! “. The word “gay” means happy and should never be used to as a description of behavior. People need to use the words “sodomy”, “sodomize”, and “sodomite” to describe people engaging in this behavior, and this behavior. They are the correct words in the English language for the behavior. People who promote these deviant behaviors and engaging in them do their best to avoid the negative connotations associated with the behavior. The word “homosexual” should not be used as well. A person who has “homosexual” attraction does always engage in sodomy. The word was created in the 1890s, along with the word “heterosexual”, to describe sexual attraction. Chemicals like BPA can create distorted attractions but one must still chose to engage in the behaviors. This also involves “Pavlov’s Dog” or behavioral imprinting as well.

  12. Hey, if you want population control, turn everybody into TRANSGENDER, HOMOSEXUAL, and whatever other perverted sex divisions they have these days. Along with abortion, they’re getting rid of Americans. Then they are bringing in uneducated immigrants to take our place. Slaves? They can control people better if they don’t know much. Oh those lovely Democrat sheep. Don’t they know they are walking right into the slaughterhouse. When their job of destroying us is done, the Democrats will have no use for them. Sad, isn’t it? Not really. But karma will bite them in the butt one day. Wait and see. Democrats, this is a warning. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are as dispensable as we are.

  13. When Soros founded his “Open Borders Foundation” back in 1985 he goal was to “Rule the World”. Just like Hitler wanted. Read their goals, on their webpage, please. The “Elite Billionaires” want to be in control, with no borders, governments, or religions. All the ones that are not “Elites” have to compete for the work and homes. No welfare, unemployment, etc. Just scratch out a living as best as you can. Anything goes! If it “Feels Good, Do IT!”. So no police, no laws, pretty much like the Middle East? By the way, Soros “Bought” his “European Union” via the “Foundation”. So you like the Dems way, then move to Europe. With Belgium now the “Capitol” and no borders, you can just walk in, like the Muslims did. But they formed their “NO GO” zones, where the police can’t even go into! BYE! All you “Liberals” and Dems should be on your way to Europe?

  14. At least one state had the common sense to reject a man-woman to serve in higher office. Barack probably backed this mixed up gender person since he wanted to push them and others outside the mainstream on the public. His influence didn’t carry many candidates to office in this election so maybe he should just fade away and let the American people decide on those whom they want to elect.

  15. Love Vermont. Beautiful state, just 600K population, kind of looney left with Crazy Bernie and Leaky Leahy in the Senate but not yet ready to cross that bridge with their moonbat neighbors for a guy in a dress.


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