This top Biden administration ally just got destroyed on social media for one COVID post that should alarm everyone


The new COVID variant is striking workers nationwide.

Like previous variants a major symptom for many this time is not wanting to do their jobs and just collect checks from the government.

And a top Biden administration ally just got destroyed on social media for one COVID post that should alarm everyone.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that there’s a new COVID variant roaming around.

Like previous variants, the top Biden allies in the teachers unions want to use it as an excuse to fail to do their jobs as government school union bosses across the country see the new variant playing nicely into some of their latest demands.

But a teachers union in Virginia just took top honors as the dumbest and laziest of the bunch.

The Arlington Education Association (AEA) recently sent out a letter that raised concerns about the latest COVID variant and how it is more contagious than other variants, which could be grounds to shut down schools.

Ellen Gallery, a homeschool mother of three, roasted the AEA posting the letter, with corrections by her children included, and a tongue in cheek statement asking if the union planned on sending home more of “these grammar worksheets over break?”

In the opening sentence, Gallery’s children found eight errors.

She continued by saying, “My kids and I had a great time spotting errors! Did we find them all?”

The National Education Association (NEA) affiliate wants to go back to virtual instruction – aka shuttering schools, so children suffer massive harm academically, emotionally and often physically while their government union stooges get paid for failing to teach kids.

Not only does the letter show how uneducated the union is on the risks of the Omicron variant, and COVID in general, it also shows that these people must be victims of union schools’ miserable excuses for education themselves.

The grammatical and typographical error-ridden letter has since gone viral, leading to a feeble attempt by the union to explain it away as a mistakenly published draft in a statement to Fox News.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted far longer than any of us in the Arlington community had expected,” the teachers union president wrote in the statement. “A draft letter was sent in place of a fully edited one in a rush to address the latest challenge. While I personally take full responsibility for this mistake, errors in my letter should in no way distract from its message: Arlington’s students and educators are returning to school Monday without sufficient testing supplies and with a lunch plan that fails to address the increased risks associated with the Omicron variant,”

Draft or not, many of the errors are so glaring it should make parents question who exactly is teaching their children.

Teachers unions are nothing more than fronts for the Democrat Party, pushing the same broken COVID propaganda that Joe Biden has been peddling since he got in the White House.

In the last two years they’ve shown what they really think about educating children.

From secretly slipping things like the Marxist Critical Race Theory and transgender lessons into the curriculum to demanding more pay for teaching virtually, it’s clear what they really care about and it’s not your kids.

It’s no surprise the number of families entering the homeschooling world has skyrocketed since 2020 and this latest debacle exposed with this Virginia teachers union sheds light on why.

While it is encouraging to see homeschooling numbers on the rise, they’re not high enough yet.

The leeches in many government schools are not teaching children. In fact, the only things it seems they do is indoctrinate and harm them.

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