This teacher was fired because of what he said after the Pledge of Allegiance


Leftists are ashamed of America.

They don’t understand why so many stand for the flag and pay respect to military and law enforcement.

But they went too far by firing this teacher for what he said after the Pledge of Allegiance.

At Parkway South High School in St. Louis, Missouri, Jim Furkin, a substitute teacher, thanked students who stood for the pledge of Allegiance.

A student was reportedly “hurt” by the comments, and complained that Furkin did so.

And Jim Furkin was then fired for thanking the students for standing after they said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fox News reports:

A Missouri substitute teacher claims he was banned from working at a high school after a “hurt” student reported him for thanking those who stood up during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jim Furkin spoke Wednesday night at the Parkway School Board meeting, defending himself over an incident in late October that he believes was the at the root of the ban.

Furkin told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he was filling in for a freshman English class at Parkway South High when the pledge came over the public address system.

He said that “two or three” students normally opt out and sit because they aren’t required to stand by the administration.

“At the end of the pledge, I said: ‘Thanks to all of you that participated in that. I’m sure that all of those families who lost loved ones so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today would appreciate the effort,'” he said.

Furkin says it was at this point that a student asked to go to the counselor’s office. He was later questioned over what happened because the student was reportedly “hurt” by his statement. Furkin apologized, saying it “wasn’t my intent at all.”

He said the next day he was “no longer welcome.”

Thanking students for standing for the Pledge of Allegiance is apparently a form of “bullying,” according to the school.

This is concerning on two levels.

First, firing the teacher for simply thanking others for standing during the Pledge is purely anti-American.

Standing for the Pledge is a good thing, and to demonize anyone for rewarding such behavior is simply unacceptable.

Second, this is another example of how coddled our youth are today.

While the student is offered the right to sit or stand during the Pledge, he has no right to complain about the teacher giving positive feedback and supporting other students in their patriotism.

It’s another example of the false “diversity” and “inclusion” that the so-called “progressives” push for.

In every-day life, people can say whatever they want to you within reason, whether you like it or not.

And the school is sending a horrible example to its students by sheltering them from those “mean” patriotic Americans.

Do you think the teacher should be able to thank students for standing during the pledge? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. When I was in 6th grade, I met a boy from germany he refused to stand and say the pledge allegiance to are flag so, each morning he was removed from the classroom until we were done. Now are schools are promoting disrespect for are flag and, all the brave AMERICAN PEOPLE who gave their lives for are country/are freedom!!!

  3. The only reason children do not stand for the Pledge is because their parents tell them not to stand. The Pledge is a Pledge that one will fight for their country. In fact, you don’t even have to believe in God to join the Military and pledge to fight for your Country. So, basically the parents are telling these children not to pledge to fight for their country. Some day they may grow up and enlist in the Military without even realizing what their parents actually taught them to do when they were children. Makes no sense to me.

  4. This is what the youth of America are becoming; sensitive, weak, and unable to handle the slightest disagreement. The parents of this student should sit him down and explain that life is filled with the good and bad, and sometimes you’re disappointed in the way things turn out, but be strong and carry on.

  5. With parents like that, they don’t need to fear enemies, these parents are ruining their lives before they even get started. What little they teach their children is back wards or flat out wrong, they rather have their child watching foul programs / playing violent games, just as long as the child don’t interfere with their self centered world they live in.

  6. Fire the whole school board. They obviously are ANTI AMERICAN. Typical snowflakes. I wonder where
    these sleazy demonrats are getting the coolade .

  7. He did a very noble thing. If that kid is so upset, maybe he should be the one banned from the school. The Pledge is an “American” thing and should be treated with pride and respect. Tell that kid and his parents to leave the country if they don’t like the “Pledge.”

  8. Get your child out of that school, home school isn’t so hard, research and get your child out of that school


  10. The school board should be fired. This is what is wrong with America today. Parents are not teaching their children to respect anybody, anything, etc, etc. the family life has gone to hell in a handbasket.
    People are afraid to stand for what is right.

  11. To stand for the flag is just basic patriotism. We live in the greatest county in the world with the highest standard of living. This kid who was “HURT” by those who stood and the teachers thank you was just being a smart alec and making a scene as kids do. He sure succeeded costing someone their job because the school administration is too liberal to see the act for what it was a kid being a smart a**. Got him out of class and time in the spot light did it not? Now here we are looking it over the kid is on a roll.

  12. That teacher had the right to thank the students for standing – the student who complained is only doing what her parents told her to do – its not her fault. The school was wrong to fired the teacher….. He should be reinstated!!!!!!

  13. Americans do not understand. Once you have given up your loyalty and respect for your country, you will lose your country. Americans have always had it too easy, they should have lived in Europe/Russia, then they would understand the meaning of respecting your country. The school system is at fault and should be sued, the teacher sounds a wonderful teacher and American, besides loyalty to the country he was teaching respect and manners!!

  14. rob–amen–this is one reason why kids today grow up to be disrespectful of authority and full of hate toward anyone who voices an opinion that they disagree with. this is our country and we should all stand up and be counted-like we used to say–right or wrong, my country–

  15. I agree and you can go back a few generations with the “children” because you have to include the parents who don’t respect or have manners toward others. What were the taught in school??? or were they taught anything but give me, give me, give me.

  16. Standing or not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag does not seem to be the issue here. It is a matter of denying the teacher his right to free speech as I see it. Where is the ACLU in a circumstance like this? This is a scary place to live if you are not a liberal thinking person. It is becoming another Nazi Germany. I would definitely be hiring the best lawyer I could afford and fight being fired for saying thank you.

  17. As a veteran I consider the little snowflake liberal brat 100% out of line and the teacher trying to teach respect for my country. The school board should be purged of the morons who fired the teacher, IMMEDIATELY!

  18. Sw, ur a stupid unamerican if I ever read one, put ur air valve stopper back in before u loss any more of ur sense, to me u read like a fanatical lunatic LOSER! U should be ashamed that u live in this country, no respect for lives lost to give FOOLS like u the freedom u don’t deserve.

  19. Will…Getting a child out of a lib propaganda school is stupid and unAmerican??? You are obviously the stupid one. Read your own post. You need to take an ENGLISH course NOW!!!!

  20. I think that the school and the student were way out of line. I think the teacher should be replaced
    and the student removed from class and let his parents send him to a private school with his and their
    ideas about our country. My husband is a veteran and I do believe that if you do not love and appreciate
    your freedom in our country, then you need to move to another country.

  21. Just shows idiots are everywhere, not just in our Government. A college degree can’t fix stupid, or give a person common sense. Our educational system produces self indulgent idiot morons, that have no real skills. We need more of our money spent on educating people, less money spent on our military destroying people and our planet. I vote for education, with big business out of the picture. Education in the US is an outrageous money making racket for the rich. Wake up people, vote.

  22. The student who was “hurt” by the comment from the teacher has to be a snowflake that is doted on by leftist helicopter parents. What is the student going to do in the real world? The school should also be ostracized for not backing up the teacher. I pity America going down this unpatriotic path. The teacher shouldn’t be fired, the administrator should.


  24. In that school, do the students who don’t stand also get a participation trophy for not participating? Just because they don’t participate is no reason to discriminate against them and not reward them for participating when they don’t participate.

  25. How can anyone guard against offending someone no matter what you say or do? If you say you love America. You offend those who don’t. If you say you hate America. You offend those that do. Rule, regulation, or laws designed to prevent someone from being offended are dumb. People are always going to be offended if they choose to be. And what about a person’s freedom of speech?

  26. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending this country. Those who refuse to honor America can leave and don’t come back!

  27. Ban whiney, crying Liberal Snowflake Protesters from our public schools. Their lack of respect and their willingness to protest and disrupt has no place in our schools. How can our young people learn when they are forced to endure disrespectful protesters in our schools and educational system… It is very detrimental to the learning process, which is the very reason we have schools and an educational system in the first place…To get an education… Not a platform for protesting….. Take your Protests Elsewhere.

  28. If you fire every teacher that says something that makes kids uncomfortable or hurts their feelings, we won’t have anyone left to teach these kids. Our kids today are too sensitive and easily offended. They need to toughen up and grow up. By firing this teacher you are sending a message to these kids that all they have to do is complain about a teacher, no matter how ridiculous the complaint, and the teacher will be fired.

  29. Any member of the school board that supported this illegal firing should be recalled, IMMEDIATELY! In addition, the school administrator that fired the substitute teacher should be removed, FIRED, IMMEDIATELY. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE FOR ANY OF THIS CRAP IN ANY OF OUR SCHOOLS ANYWHERE IN THE USA!

    Phil in TX

  30. You are all mixed up and it is hard to understand what you are saying, because you can’t speak plainly. You are an uneducated brat. You add 2+2=3 and think it makes sense. You are filled with nonsense and attack anybody that says 2+2=4. You are just as confused as those who think there are more than two genders.

  31. This is outrageous and the whole school board should be fired period for we do not need these kind of people in our school system!!! This student that feels hurt should of been sat down and educated on the fact that he lives in America and that this is how we in America respect our country and the lives that were lost and for those that gave us the freedom we have in this country, and after explaining it and he still wants no part of it then he can be removed from class till after the pledge and then he or she can come back into the classroom this would of been the right way to of handled it!!! For to fire this teacher was outrageous and he should sue this school for such an outrageous decision and even the parents of all the kids in that school should come forward and come down on the school for such an outrageous decision!!! For it is the job of our schools to educate and explain to children the whys and don’t of things!!!

  32. I grew up outside of DC in what is a majority democrat county with a lot of diplomats who have kids in public school. When I was in school in the 60s the diplomats kids were not required to stand for the pledge, but I don’t remember any of the not standing, they considered it an act of respect for our country.

  33. All of those who participated in the firing should all be fired as well. The longer qwe put up with this the worst it is going to become. Get with it American People how much longer are you going to allow them to rub your noses in the dirt. We Americans must get together and end this corruption!

  34. All of those who participated in the firing should all be fired as well. The longer we put up with this the worst it is going to become. Get with it American People how much longer are you going to allow them to rub your noses in the dirt. We Americans must get together and end this corruption!

  35. If you can’t respect and honor your Nation and the men/women that sacrificed all to defend it, then WHY don’t we all join the WEAK liberals who want everything and “only respect” what THEY see important. I pray
    night that our grandchildren know the meaning of “Alliegence” to this great Nation and “thank God” for EVERY “Patriotic American”. We have WAY too many people here that others would DIE to take their place a
    a REAL American. This student was “totally wrong” and just another example of “Parent Pampering”. It was Niketa Krusychev who said many years ago trhat when asked HOW we would conquer America; by bombing?, No, was his reply, through the educational system, my good man. It’s STARTED!!

  36. I completely agree, it started with not getting punish for doing wrong and, now it all their way. Right or wrong means nothing if they want they get, or else. They teach each other with their corrupted elders actions/help to play the system. They are out of control, the generation just before them got away with a lot and, here’s the results!!!

  37. Not long after PARENTS RIGHT to punish their children was taken from us ( A LAW ), I started see where it was headed. Children jumped on that and started taking full advantage, acting up in school not listening or doing their work. The school felt the parents were at fault and, came up with this punishment making parents sit in class with their child, that didn’t go far because the parents fought it saying, I to have to go to work, I can’t be sitting in a classroom and said, we pay taxes to the schools to teach are children, if you can’t do the job you need to be replaced, and your the ones that thought you could control are homes tell us what we should do, and pushed to get are parental right to punish are children taken away and, here’s the results. Brother Gary a single dad 15yrs. younger then me, I have watched and listen to his oldest boy since he got his nose stuck into the foul programs/violent games and listening to his pears, he has become completely bad, does not do his home work claims his teacher lost it, his teacher is lying he quickly back talks and get loud to drown you out, I have heard him say shut up so I can talk you don’t know, you should listen to me. He will be out of school soon and, his father is trying to get him to enlist in the military. PARENTS MUST DEMAND their RIGHT to punish be restored, should have never been taken and if, there is abuse, prosecute that parent. Parental rights are GOD GIVEN the states and government, are not GOD they are our employees, to serve us not dictate, if they have a problem with that, get the hell out of office!!!

  38. Two students did not stand, correct? What does the other student say – how does that student
    interpret what Jim said?

  39. What happened to presenting both sides of a story before asking for opinions after only presenting one side?

  40. Has “bullying” according to the school board been spelled out in writing . Without a written definition opinion is substituted for reason.

  41. The teacher got fired because the kid got his little feelings hurt. These kids are way too pampered and spoiled…How will they make it in the real world when there is no time out or reality check it becomes what it is it is. Buck up and face facts that things will never always go your way and BRAVE AMERICANS HAVE AND DID DIE FOR YOU TO NOT STAND OR STAND AND CRY IF YOUR FEELINGS GET HURT. OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED FROM WITH IN AND I DON’T KNOW IF IT IS TOO LATE TO STOP IT. SO VERY VERY SAD.
    It is too bad that this teacher got fired. I personally don’t think he should have and I hope he gets a good attorney!!

  42. In NAZI Germany, students were required to pledge their allegiance to the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. In today’s America, that would be Donald Trump.

  43. The teacher should not have been fired. I’m so sick of football players who make way too much money not even being grateful they live in America. Students should be thanked for standing to say the pledge of alegiance, because so many are unthankful for what they have. We should all be grateful to live in this wonderful country. I hope the teacher gets his job back!

  44. You are so full of crap, it is unbelievable. Where do you get your facts from, the liberal main stream media? No where in the pledge is Donald Trump’s name mentioned. You Nazi-phobes are crazy. America does not pledge to Nazi’s. You are an idiot. “One nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. We do not single out anyone as being inferior, we recognize everyone as equals. Go peddle your Nazi diatribe to someone else.

  45. AMEN! The teacher should take the students family to court for the loss of his job and that is way more serious than being “offended”. Why is it the defiant only have rights?
    Not the conservatives or Patriots?

  46. That’s how they have it set up, when you leave the corrupted unsupervised long enough, this is what happens. We should be glued to them until, we can put all of them where they belong, IN PRISON!!!!

  47. All of the Schools in The United States should be shut down and all of these Anti-American Principles and teachers should all be fired to never ever to be allowed to step foot in another School. Then give all of the new incoming teachers a Litman’s test to see if they are truly loyal Americans.

  48. Baloney. The american flag represents, freedom from oppression. And to the Nation. we live in the USA. You people are a typical example of what has happened to out children and the USA. No respect for anyone. You need to live under communist rule, you would not disrespect there flag or president.

  49. Baloney. The american flag represents, freedom from oppression. And to the Nation. we live in the USA. You people are a typical example of what has happened to out children and the USA. No respect for anyone. You need to live under communist rule, you would not disrespect there flag or president.


  50. I predict that student will never ever be able to function in the REAL world at an adult. The school administration and the parents have totally failed this kid.

  51. the school was wrong in firing this teacher who thanked these kids for standing during the Pledge. The student that went to the office to complain should not be allowed in class during this time they should leave the room during the pledge of Allegiance.

  52. Thank you. They don’t respect, country, police or teachers. They are learning it somewhere. When you have 6 year olds refusing to pledge or stand for the anthem, explains all.

  53. I would sue for no less than $10 Trillion plus court costs and LEGAL FEES to take the case of WRONGFUL TERMINATION all the way to the US Supreme Court. Then see how many lawyers the school can find to take the case for them.

  54. The administrator should be relieved of their position and teaching credentials, because they are not qualified to teach at any level of education; and that student should have their butt kicked. If you do not believe in this country get your ass out, you can not go to Europe they are realizing how much impact the illegals have on their freedoms, maybe Russia?

  55. Eric Granberg is one of those Libtard lefty trolls who hangs out in conservative electronic media sites, throwing out insults/barbs simply to strike a nerve in the conservative responders. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE TROLL…. he’s only here to piss ppl off. ????

  56. Pray, pray, pray!! For America, our children, our families, our armed services, our teachers, our religious leaders and most of all the so called “Progressives” who are inundating our society. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves screaming “That isn’t what we meant!!!”
    God help us all!

  57. I subbed for 5 years in three local school districts. While I agree that the teacher should NOT have been fired, but rather praised, for his comments, and the student counseled about personal freedom, and the provisions of the 1st amendment, substitute teachers in this state have NO PROTECTION from being fired for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If a sub does everything right, he can be fired just because the principal, or another teacher, doesn’t like him, or disagrees with him.
    And schools wonder why they have trouble getting subs! Sigh.

  58. Eric,
    I BET you are real proud of obama.

  59. in my God Given right to speak my Mind if fired for that in my Opinion the School is Bulling the Teacher Because he Exercised his constitutional right of his right to Freedom of speech as well his Freedom of Expression.

  60. God bless this teacher! many American children don’t know Pledge of Allegiance & don’t understand why you stand while reciting Pledge! older Americans thought children would be taught to respect our country’s heritage same why we were as children. We started day with Pledge of Allegiance & Lord’s Prayer & look what’s happened to our schools since all of this has changed! we have to take back our children’s education & put it back on right track! we’ve let Almighty God & our forefathers down for letting our heritage fall down! Lord help us JESUS! Forgive us Lord for taking you out of our children’s education!

  61. You seem to be labeling President Trump as a Nazi – how dare you!! This is the type of left wing lies you spew with no consequences. I consider this defamation and wish those who are defamed could and would sue you for this. This is not just freedom of speech; this is what makes you a deplorable!!!!!

  62. As hurtful as it is not standing for “The Pledge of Allegiance” or the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” ( if you are present) it is your American choice. However, fireing the teacher for his comment is another example of P C going crazy. School board members who voted for his dismissal should be fired and the kid who complained should be asked to stand out in the hall in the future. The teacher should be rehired with apologies.


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