This Supreme Court just delivered a major blow to President Trump with their verdict on abortion


Abortion is one of the hottest topics in the country.

And President Trump is hellbent on protecting unborn babies.

But this state Supreme Court’s recent decision is a major blow to President Trump and pro-lifers across the country.

The Kansas Supreme Court issued its verdict that the Kansas Constitution protects a woman’s “right to choose” to terminate her pregnancy.

The ruling now stands as the law of the land in Kansas.

The law at the heart of the case, called the Kansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, is now on the chopping block and would have banned abortions except when necessary to preserve the life of the mother, prevent impairment of a major bodily function of the mother, or where the unborn child is already dead.

Sadly, the court sided with the plaintiffs, two physicians who perform abortions, in a lopsided 6-1 decision.

Kansas is a conservative state where pro-life legislation has been chipping away at the so-called “right” to murder an unborn child.

And pro-life legislators and organizations intend to fight back against the ruling.

One such organization, Kansans for Life, intends to do just that.

Mary Kay Culp, the executive director of Kansans for Life, said in a statement:

“We plan to do everything in our power to amend the Kansas state Constitution to make it crystal clear that one cannot infer from it the right to an abortion that would throw out 45 years of pro-life legislation in Kansas.”

Court battles will no doubt go on, but the Kansas law will remain blocked.

Some legal experts claim that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion could remain legal in Kansas because the state’s constitution allegedly protects the woman’s right to choose.

And Roe v. Wade could very well be overturned given the recent makeup of the Supreme Court, especially if President Trump has the opportunity to replace Justice Ginsburg.

President Trump has been considered one of the most pro-life presidents to ever hold the office.

And no doubt abortion will remain a topic with the 2020 election just on the horizon.

Trump argues that the Democrat Party has become nothing more than the party of open borders, crime, and late-term abortions.

What do you think? Should Kansas’ State Constitution protect a woman’s “right” to an abortion even if Roe v. Wade is overturned?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. We all have a right to choose! However, the murder of an innocent little baby is not a ‘choice’, it’s a ‘CRIME’. It is nothing short of pure evil. KANSAS, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

  3. NO ONE gets to choose to murder another human being. It is a baby inside or outside the womb. Kansas has fallen for satan’s lies.

  4. We all have the ‘right’ to choose, however, choosing to murder another human is a crime. Those who choose abortion are choosing to murder an innocent life. Yes, it is a ‘choice’…..

  5. 1 Corinthians 3:17
    If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

    For those who say it’s their body they can do what they want with it. It’s not your body, your body belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    The real Supreme Court says “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”

  6. Did you see the CROSS at the front of this room….How can anyone who proclaims to be Christian and vote to murder tiny babies. Why aren’t these women ordering birth control pills or if they know they never want a child, then surgery? I truly believe there would be less abortions if the government would take funds away abortionists! We’ve all sinned but murder should be an act that you lose your freedom!

  7. You do not have a choice to use your body to assault, drive drunk, sell drugs, break laws or murder children.

  8. Headline misleading stating the supreme court and not identifying in the headline that is was the Kansas court.

  9. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I sanctified you.” Jeremiah 1:5 (God’s word to the prophet Jeremiah). God knows each life which He alone has created BEFORE it was even formed in the womb. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh will reap corruption…” Galatians 6:7,8 God has given us ample warning about sin…the taking of an innocent life, whether in or out of the womb, is murder, and murder is a sin. Unrepentent sin will have eternal consequences.

  10. Americans had better LEARN VERY QUCKLY to UNDERSTAND just whose side “GOD” stands on the matter of Abortion !!!! When our population turns into BILLIONS of “SALT LICKS” it will be too late !!!! PITIFUL MURDERERS, corrupted by SATAN.

  11. So let me get this straight ! If a state has it in it’s Constitution that abortion is illegal, then no abortions would be allowed ? I know this is how it is supposed to work but since when has it ? The article states that even if Roe vs Wade were overturned that the Kansas Constitution would protect the right to choose an abortion over life ! Which way is it ?

  12. babys are not a mistake for educated people . it is the uneducated and not willing to learn , and know it all people that want to enjoy life and then want an abortion to take away the life style they have lived. GROW up have a knowledge of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

  13. Abortion is MURDER no matte what the situation. With todays technology, women do not have to fear childbirth but they do have to answer to GOd if they abort their child. No court or Judge has the right to sentence a baby in or out of the womb to death.People want to end the death penalty for criminals but think nothing of murdering aa tiny, helpless infant because it inconveniences them and the way they want to live.

  14. Women have a right to choose. They can choose to take birth control. They could decide not to have sex until they are ready to become Mothers, or the can put an aspirin between their knees. They have no right to choose to have their babies murdered. If you become pregnant the decent thing to do is give the baby up for adoption. There are so many people who would love to have a child and would be wonderful parents. God said “go forth and multiply” People are complaining that we need immigrants to come into the country ILLEGALLY so that we have workers to do the work and yet we are killing tomorrows work force. If you notice the immigrants have no problem having 5/6 children. We will be a race that disappears.

  15. Actually Dave it doesn’t say “the supreme court,” but accurately states. “THIS Supreme Court just delivered a major blow.”

    Many times the headline is wrong or misleading, but this one was accurate. When I read the headline it was clear that it was a state supreme court. I clicked to read it because I wondered WHICH state it was. Kansas was a real surprise!

  16. The main factor is who is God , God or man? It is better to please God than man. If one wants to please God then live by his standards. I you want to please Satan then live by man’s standards guess what the latter brings hell and damnation to a society , utterly destroying the person flesh and body. Only God has the power to destroy the soul and the body so where does that leave the abortiionist and those who have the abortion. We need to look at our laws and see if allowing abortion hasn’t caused one of these little ones of mined to sin . If that is the case then our Supreme Court and many judge would be better off according to Christ if a millstone were placed around their neck and they were cast into the deepest sea.

  17. A woman does have a right to ‘choose’. The liberals have moved the ‘right to choose’ to the wrong period of time. The proper time for her ‘right to choose’ is, do I have sex with this man or not. If she does it is her responsibility to deal properly with the results of that act!!

  18. ROFLMAO…a state supreme court does NOT have the authority to override federal law. We just need grownups in congress which excludes Dems and RINOs.

  19. Sue > > Thanks for an excellent comment!

    ” Unrepentant sin will have eternal consequences,” reminds us that true repentance with acceptance of Jesus’ payment for a person’s sin and inviting Him to take Lordship over a person’s life is the ONLY way to escape Hell and the Lake of Fire!

  20. Abortion should be between a Dr. and his client, the gal expecting. Also further education on how to take care of the situation after a night of passion should be taught in middle school. The tax payer should not have to underwrite a foolish, drunk, or careless woman/girl. We do not need unwanted children, but we do not want abortions taken for granted either.

  21. My God they protect animals better then they protect unborn babies. I’m sick and tire of paying for the woman’s choice. If you are going to have sex pay for your own choice don’t make the taxpayer complicity in your free choice. Make the donor pay.

  22. The title is deceiving, They mention the Supreme court but it is the state supreme court big difference. The state supreme court are all democrats so you know they will go against Trump.

  23. OR go through an operation to permanently STERILIZE, so there is no possibility of getting pregnant if they wish to live this “lifestyle”.

  24. Guess the Pro-Woman’s judges made a mint off their paid decision. The one judge with integrity is an excellent roll model for young kids. Those paid for judges are evil to support killing children because the mother refused to use a contraceptive or a prophylaxis!!! Shamefull.

  25. Not all contraceptives work 100% of the time. When one fails to work that is not the fault of the person trying to use them then they should not be forced to have a child they did everything in their power to prevent.

  26. Just what “Lifestyle” are you referring to? Accidents happen no matter how hard one tries to prevent a pregnancy. Are you promoting abstinence among married people who are not prepared to have a child at the time of an accident? Should you be suggesting that everyone who gets pregnant by accident is having “Lifestyle” issues. Maybe we should suggest that anyone not minding their own business should be “Lobotomised” because they are sticking their nose where is doesn’t belong in someone else’s life.

  27. Oh, Robert, just because they are not prepared to have a child does not mean they have to kill it. They can adopt it out to one of the many couples that want but can not have a child. I have 5 adopted nieces and nephews. Two by one couple and three by the other couple. Death is not the only solution if one of the many forms of birth contraceptives does not work.

  28. Dan, Kathryn and Terry, “You say someday God will judge the judges”. He will also judge the people who disobeyed his commandment of, “Thou shall not kill.”

  29. Robert, thugs broke into your home and have taken you and your family hostage. I am walking by your home and I see the problem. According to you, I am supposed to keep on walking and ignore the peril you and your family are in. According to you I am not supposed to stick my nose in where it does not belong therefore I walk on by while the tugs rape your wife and daughter and then kill the lot of you.

  30. Jesus referred to a pregnant woman as: “A woman with child.” Case solved. Kansas is in violation of the saying of Christ.

  31. Actually, Jesus defined that commandment when he said, “thou shalt not murder without c cause.”

  32. Virginia Bailey, Trust me a New Born baby is not unwanted. It may not be wanted by its mother but there would be lines waiting if it were put up for adoption.. Go to the nearest fertility clinic and a doctor there can pick a couple and tell them to have their Lawyer get in touch with you. It will all be handled for you.

  33. Not true. Each state has its own supreme court. The one you are referring to can only deal with federal cases. You need to check on what you have written.

  34. Kansas! Just the name of the State says, home and Family! It is shocking that they advocate the murder by Dismemberment of the PreBorn Baby in the Womb! This should be the safest place for an innocent infant,not a chamber of horrors!

  35. What the hell are you talking about? No one kills live babies to harvest their body parts. Where did you get this sick idea? You are definitely twisted if that is why you believe women have abortions.

  36. Easier said then done. Some women do not have the luxury of going through a pregnancy and giving the baby away. There are way to many factors to list as to why this may not be a feasible possibility for every woman that gets pregnant. If is was as simple as you think then maybe more women would do it.

  37. God will also judge those that believe they have the right to take his laws in their hands and not leave the judgement up to Him.

  38. Kansas is a state of laws not a church and does not enforce church beliefs on people who do not follow those beliefs. Keep your beliefs in your church because they are not the laws of the people who do not belong to your church.

  39. If life was oh so easy. Not all people can take the luxury of being pregnant and having a child. It is not so easy as being able to work while pregnant. Or having an illness that would affect both mother and child if she had to carry it. Life does not always fall into the rosy outlook of someone who is against abortion and tells someone to just carry it and give it away.

  40. It was Sebelious (spelling may be wrong ) the abortion protector, who was from Kansas, who set the state on it’s murderous path was it not? Obviously 6 of her ilk are on the court. They will answer in the judgement.

  41. Cut all Federal funds to Kansas until they impeach the baby killers, and remove them from the Court. Killing innocent babies is a disgusting practice, and anyone who condones the despicable practice is just plain evil.

  42. Why didn’t you dirtbags say it was a “state” supreme court — it is not a tremendous blow to our President. Stop with your exaggeration of half truths and just plain terrible reporting.

  43. Good string of comments today! It just goes to show that people KNOW abortion is wrong ~ whether they admit it outloud or not; but some ‘suppress the truth’ ~ and insist on excuses to ‘have their own way’. The ‘Judge of ALL the earth will do right’ ~ for He knows all the ‘excuses’ and can work even those out if we would JUST TRUST HIM with our circumstances! He is Alive and Well ~ and though ‘unseen,’ quite Omnipotent to do so! He is UP to any challenge a young lady faces! He will bring her out from her perceived bondage into freedom she would have never imagined! That little one inside the womb belongs to Him ~ for He is the Giver of all life: an act of sex does not necessarily produce the miracle of life. The sown seed in the ground does not necessarily produce a stalk of corn. We are not God. He is. Many professing christians have not obeyed God’s commands ~ and until they stop fornicating, living together, having abortions and causing shame to His Name with many other abominations, perhaps God will change hearts and minds.

  44. All life is precious, but for democrats and the cultural left, nothing is sacred. In this case we have a group of liberal judges who have little, if any, respect for the dignity of life. This is a good example of why it is vitally important that the president and republicans nominate and confirm conservative justices.

  45. We need to stop putting judges in office that force religious beliefs on others. Separation of church and state needs to be enforced.

  46. Screw your good and evil. It is evil as hell to try to force your beliefs on others and pass laws to force them to follow your beliefs. Your God is going to send you to your hell for trying to pass laws to enforce the rules of the Bible.

  47. Robert you seem to dwell on accidents as an excuse to kill babies. Accidents don’t happen when a female becomes pregnant. They know ahead of time what they are doing in bed before it happens and what may happen because of what they are doing.The situation is usually caused by consensual erotic stimulation, not accident. Since the female is responsible for her actions it isn’t right to kill the baby. Having a tire blow out can cause an accident because a person normally isn’t prepared ahead of time for the sudden occurrence.

  48. some people are religious and some aren’t. People need to learn to be tolerant of others. Your comment to Ronald was unnecessary. What he said was not damaging to others.

  49. It is damaging to others to try to pass laws that force people to follow your beliefs. I have no problem with people worshipping any way they want but when they try to force their beliefs on others then I have a profound dislike for those people. Have all the beliefs you want and I will not try to tell you if those beliefs are correct or not. They are your beliefs and I respect that. But I have no respect for anyone who tries to force them on me or any one else because we don’t follow those beliefs. If you want respect and not be treated harshly then don’t try to tell me how to live my life because your beliefs don’t agree with my actions.

  50. How about we have a registry for all pro lifers and when a woman gets pregnant by accident and does want the baby then one of those pro lifers are picked and they have to support the pregnant woman by paying their bills, their food, their housing and all medical costs then they adopt the baby and have to raise it through high school. Let’s see how many pro lifers would agree to do this to stop an abortion. Every one whines about adoption but I bet none of you would agree to support the woman you want to force to have that baby until it is born then adopt it.

  51. You are very naive if you think that a woman who gets pregnant while on birth control or when a condom breaks that it is not an accident. Consensual sex is not just for pregnancy and the birth of a child. And if you expect people to abstain from sex unless trying for a child then you are living in the dark ages. Something not done on purpose is an accident. And just because you have certain believes doesn’t mean that you have the right to force them on others. Try looking into the history of the Catholic Church in England and you will see how they helped with abortions of Royalty as well as divorces and murders for the Kings they counseled. Abortions have been around way before Christ was born and it will be around way after religion is a footnote in history. No one has the right to decide what a person does with their own body, not now, not ever.

  52. Can you imagine 18th century Christian slaveholders telling an 18th century secular abolitionist organization like People for the Ethical Treatment of Negroes, “We don’t need to free our slaves. That’s ‘good work.’ We don’t have to work for our salvation.” ?

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Negroes responds by quoting a biblical verse against slavery, “You shall not surrender to his master a slave who has taken refuge with you.’ (Deuteronomy 23:15)

    And the Christian slaveholders respond, pointing their fingers at their noses, yawning, and sticking their legs out mimicking a dog taking a leak, “That’s Old Testament. We don’t have to do that any more. Jesus may have repeatedly upheld every jot and tittle of the Law (Matthew 5:17-20; Mark 10:17-22; Luke 16:17), as did his direct disciples (see chapters 10, 15, and 21 of Acts), but Paul says the Law is abolished. Paul refers to his previous adherence to the Law as ‘so much garbage.’ Paul says if anyone has any confidence in the Law, ‘I am ahead of him.’ And the proof is that Paul himself returned a runaway slave to his master, contradicting Deuteronomy 23:15. So we Christian slaveholders are ahead of you secular abolitionists, ahead of social progress. Abolition is ‘so much garbage.’ It’s ‘good work.’ Paul claims the risen Jesus told him three times, ‘…my grace is sufficient for thee…’ We don’t have to do anything for our salvation. We don’t need to free our slaves!’

    I’m surprised pro-choice Christians aren’t using the arguments pro-lifers use to deny rights to animals (above) to deny rights to the unborn!

    “I have no doubt,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, “that it is part of the destiny of the human race in its gradual development to leave off the eating of animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came into contact with the more civilized.”

  53. It is murder. A woman has a right to take a pill if they don’t want to get pregnant. They should never have the right to murder.

  54. Kansas Supreme Court needs an overhaul. Abortion is murder. That simple. Even a four year old knows that snuffing out a life is murder. Too bad our judges don’t have the knowledge of a four year old.

  55. Abortion should be illegal if a woman doesn’t want her baby there’s plenty of couples out there who would take it and they pay all medical expenses. Usually the mother changes her mind after feeling the baby move after all the baby is a part of themselves how could anyone kill a part of themselves

  56. Erin: Also, if the female is not smart enough to know (& we all know all the crapola
    they teach from the 5th grade up) what to do to prevent pregnancy …ie; learn to keep your panties on & not be falling for every stupid lie some male may tell you, just to get into your panties!
    If you do get pregnant, and you are unmarried, you then have a choice!!! Give the baby up, & let the baby grow up to have a life. There are millions of couples around the U.S. that would love to adopt a baby. If you choose to kill the baby then you are a murderer as well as, the Doctor who performs the killing of your infant! AND, you will have to stand be4 GOD & give an account of the decision you made, whether good or evil!!!

  57. Roe v. Wade was based on the “right of privacy” of a woman. However, for any law to be valid, it must equally apply to all–men included. It doesn’t. If it did, the fathers of 65 plus million children would have been consulted but they were not. Now the “right of privacy” of an elementary school girl is ignored so a physical male who thinks he is a female can dress and shower with her and her objection and claim of “right of privacy” is ignored.

    So many couples wish to adopt and adoption processes here are so lengthy and onerous that many couples are discouraged and to to other countries to adopt. When a woman who was going to abort her baby has a change of heart and contacts a Women’s Crisis Center, and they pay her expenses, there is never any trouble finding an adoptive couple. In fact, there are waiting lists.

  58. Robert, the “Pill” has an effective rate of 99.9%, condoms are second with 98% effective. Surprisingly, 85% of unintended pregnancies used NO contraception methods.

  59. Robert Wolfe: Robert you sound like someone that has a kindergarten education. When I was married & had two children & didn’t want anymore, I had my spouse use condoms, & in case he didn’t want to go to the drugstore to purchase them, I took care of that!!! And, you know what?? Not one time did one of those condoms break, & I never got pregnant again~!! So, don’t go throwing your idiotic suggestions that ….just maybe it was an accident! When a female knows she’s going to have sex w/a guy, she oughta have enough sense to ”consider is this guy worth me giving up my virginity for, will he take care of me if I get pregnant, or would he just toss me aside & say “OH, you didn’t ask me to wear a condom? Hmmm? You sound like one of these guys that want to screw around w/any female who will drop her drawers & not want to be bothered w/the consequences! I’d be safe in saying “you are one of those guys who are like a “DOG who wants to go around mounting every female that’s “running loose”m but want no responsibility to be involved!!

  60. Robert Wolfe: Know body makes a female have a baby!!! You know if we “”all lived back in the dark ages, & didn’t know what to do to prevent pregnancy, then a female might have an excuse! So don’t be “throwing your stupid talk around @ getting pregnant “by accident”. & How did you become an authority on what they did way back when in the 1000 B.C.? My what University did you attend, &
    paid to get a piece of paper that says you are have a ‘doctorate”?????? I wonder what rock your mother found you under?

  61. Dan Stewaer: That was a very good answer!!! In fact GOD Himself would have said approximately the same very thing!!! The problem w/ Mr. Wolfe is that it’s obvious that he doesn’t believe in GOD. I bet one of these
    days very soon, he will wish that he did & that he had made a decision to give his heart to GOD, especially when he stands in Judgement before HIM, & HE send mr wolfe to hell!!

  62. This Robert Wolfe is a Sore’s puppet who’s job is to be an ass bag and troll. Ignore the loony.
    No state law or constitution has power to supersede federal law and the Constitution of the United States. It’s clearly stated in the United States Constitution. Only if that state’s law is more than shall it stand valid.
    Plus for the murdering ones it’s all about money. Get someone else to pay and how can I get some of it. Thus greed. Greed for money, greed for lazy, greed for lust, greed for sin.
    RW is a wolf trying to play the ????.
    Ever notice how it’s always about the dollar and who pays… With them

  63. The State of Kansas Theme Song: Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babi _______________________________________________

  64. It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with a person’s rights to do with ones own body what one wishes and no one is able to make them do otherwise. You people who believe your God gave you the right to dictate to others are going against His word and going straight to hell for your sin of Pride. You will be in hell wishing you followed His word instead of sinned trying to take His place instead of mind your own business.

  65. Robert Wolfe – Are you suggesting that every time a woman has an “accident” and gets pregnant that the taxpayers of Kansas are required to pay for it?

  66. Don’t kill the child!!

    How many of these “accidents” compared to “abortions” are there?

    I hear your point but I also see the innocent blood shed.
    I don’t believe that killing the tiny unborn life, which is “genocide”, should ever be legal.
    Murder, is always a “choice” but that does not make it legal or good.

  67. No! Abortion should be outlawed everywhere. Everyone should be aware of what causes pregnancy and take steps to have save sex before hand. There is just no excuse for all of this unwanted pregnancy!

  68. Robert, God gave HIS laws to be put in OUR hands. Why? Because HIS laws are just. As for leaving the judgement up to God, I suggest you think long and hard about that!!

  69. God’s Word is going to send to hell those who obey his Word? Now I know your thinking is twisted!! You have some “serious” character issues you need to work on!!!

  70. You have completely missed the point. You do not have to be “religious” to understand NOT to murder. A person who is attacked by someone who wants to murder that person would “grasp” the chance to defend one’s self! Now put yourself in the place of defenseless babies, in or out of the womb, that have no “chance” to defend the themselves!

  71. Read Jeremiah 1:5 and Galatians 6:7,8. Read Sue’s comment also. As for the sin of pride, your comments “smell abominably” of self pride especially since you think you know the Bible so well. All of your Biblical comments are totally Scripturally unsound. Are you reading “The Bible” or someone’s corrupted commentaries of Bible verses? Are you even reading the Bible?

  72. Robert, it’s not the baby’s fault, it’s the woman’s fault so maybe we should start killing the women instead of the innocent little baby’s! Now that’s not even sound thinking! However it’s waaaaaaaay more sound then what you’re saying! You need to educate yourself a little, or maybe a lot.

  73. The only education I need is this is the land of the free which means you have no right to tell anyone what they should do with their own body and anyone who tries is committing treason and should be put to death. How’s that sound?

  74. You sure didn’t read my statement very well. Maybe you should get a better education. Your God did not tell you to go force His word on others. There is no place in the Bible that says you can. You are sinning by going against His word and believing you are above His teaching and make decisions in His name on your own. I would say see you in hell but it only exists in your mind and I will never end up there.

  75. He never put His laws in YOUR hands. He put His laws out there for you to follow NOT TO ENFORCE. Those of you who believe you have the right to enforce them do not even understand your own religion.

  76. Less than 25% of all abortions are paid for with any type of Government assistance. So this is no excuse to try to use to prevent a person from the right to choose.

  77. Now that is funny!!
    Check it out everyone… Ass bag who is a Soro’s paid puppet responds in it’s ignorance and closes by saying ” mind your own business.” Ahh do you need a Kleenex to go with that quivering chin and tear filled eyes?
    That’s why we should ignore them. Then they don’t get paid for ass bagging for George Soros. And their mommy and daddy will make them grow up and get a real job lol.
    Tell you what. Do the world a favor and abort yourself looser.

  78. Because half the human race bears the burden of the reproductive process (women) – men have taken advantage of women as child-bearers turning them into “beasts of burden” and corralled women into a political class: equivocating the biologically contingent burden into a political (or necessary) penalty/punishment, thereby reducing the definition of a woman from a human being into a base animal, a functioning incubator, a piece of meat.

    1 A fetus is in a woman’s body by permission, not by right.
    2 A fetus is not a baby. A fetus becomes a baby only after it is born.
    3 A fetus is not a child. A fetus become a child only after it is born.
    4 All anti-abortion legislation is against the 13th Amendment.

    Anti-abortion legislation is a political mechanism of male social control. It is a conscious process of shame and intimidation. The pandemic nature of anti-abortion legislation is inherently repressive and inhibits all women from living as free and equal beings. Rather than criticizing women for having an abortion, we should criticize society for shaming women who exercise their right to bodily autonomy and privacy.

    1 Men need to give up their precious erections (or use their hands).
    2 Learn to control their lust (or use their hands).
    3 Learn that no means no.
    4 Keep their pants zipped.
    5 Use a condom.
    6 Take responsibility for their actions.
    7 Stop blaming women.

    Proposed legislation:
    Sperm contains genetic materials/codes necessary to produce human life, therefore, a $1000 civil penalty for “masturbatory emissions” that take place outside of a woman’s vagina or a hospital will be imposed. Each incident will be “considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life.”
    Doctors are allowed to refuse to conduct vasectomies, write prescriptions for any erectile dysfunction drug, erectile dysfunction appliance or perform a colonoscopy if those actions violate the doctor’s personal, moral or religious beliefs.
    Male patients will be required to wait 24 hours before a procedure is performed.
    In the case of a minor male, a parent must be notified or the minor male can apply through juvenile court.
    Doctors will be required to read a state printed booklet, “A Man’s Right To Know,” to the patient.
    Doctors will be required to perform a “medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam” and an MRI before performing vasectomies, colonoscopies, prescribing erectile dysfunction drugs or erectile dysfunction appliances.
    State Medicaid will no longer cover any erectile dysfunction drugs, erectile dysfunction appliances or vasectomies.

    The thing is, it’s not your business, the state’s business or the courts business what women do or don’t do with their bodies (including their eggs, womb, etc..) as long as it doesn’t interfere with your rights!

  79. I make frequent trips west. I used to cross Kansas, spending a least one night in a hotel or motel and buying at least two meals at restaurants and buying at least one tank of gas. Since this decision I will drive an extra day to avoid this murderous state.

  80. You always talking about the woman’s choice, what about the BABY’S choice? Doesn’t the BABY have one?

  81. WRONG!!! God isn’t going to send someone to hell for doing God’s will and you are stupid to think that!!

  82. Robert Wolfe: Separation of church and state isn’t what you think it is. Separation of church and state is to keep the government from telling the church what can and can’t be done with teaching the Word. You and a lot of other people need to read that all the way through and not just part of it.

  83. Robert Wolfe, I said it before and I’ll say it again: What about the BABY’S choice?? Doesn’t the BABY have a voice? NO!! We have to be the voice for the BABY. That is why we are against abortions. You keep hollering it’s the woman’s body and her choice! But the BABY should have a CHOICE too!!

  84. 1 Corinthians 6:18 18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

  85. Not your baby. NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Simple as that. Anything going on with a woman’s body is her business and hers alone. Until birth there is no baby. So leave people alone to do what they believe not what you believe.

  86. Separation of Church and State was put there to prevent the Church from trying to pass their laws on the people who do not have their beliefs. The Founding Fathers knew what happens when the Church takes over the Government and they did not want his country be ran by a Church. What you are talking about I’d Freedom of Religion, your right to practice the way you want without the Government telling you how to do it. You need to get it straight.

  87. This ain’t Gods will. This is you people thinking you are doing God’s will when you are only doing your own.

  88. You show the complete lack of intelligence of a Trump supporter. You people whine the most and act the dumbest. Don’t get your way to make us follow your twisted religion and you resort to calling names because you have no logic to use to make a real point.

  89. If there is no baby, then why do women’s abdomens expand and you can see movement when the baby moves, and hear a heartbeat when a monitor is placed on the abdomen, and when a sonogram is done you can see an image of a baby? It’s every woman’s business. You’re saying Murder isn’t murder if it’s abortion? How droll!! God gives the gift of life and you are saying that it is okay to end this life! My, my, my!

  90. Separation does not necessarily mean that Babpists can’t impact government or be involved in policy matters. Nor does it mean government must be fully secular.
    Separation meant that the church and individual has religious freedom, free from governmental control.
    It also means that religious groups should not seek to take over a government, nor impose its religious belief on others.
    That last paragraph is something I am not doing. You are the one accusing me of doing this. Also, here is the First Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  91. The Godless Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal Muslim demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party and minions! Don’t forget the RINOs they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  92. Robert. You need to educate yourself before you continue to post all the “untruths” in this conversation alone !! Go back and research Roe v Wade and the numbers of infant deaths since that time! It’s murder – plain and simple. Abortion is murder – nothing else needs to be said, and yes, PP does sell baby parts! Also research what the Nazis and Hitler did as well, or visit Auschwitz .
    You need to research this subject and I think you may possibly become pro life!!
    God bless and save America from this abortion madness!
    Trump 2020 our only hope
    ???????????????????????????????? God bless the child! ????

  93. Not a thousand years of research is going to find a rule that allows one person to force another person to do something with their body they don’t want. Abortion is only the right of the person pregnant and no one is ever going to convince me that someone else should be able to make that decision for a pregnant woman. You people are not God and He didn’t give any one of you the right to make decisions for Him. MIND YOUR OWN SINS AND STOP TRYING TO MIND SOMEONE ELSES. I have been to Germany and seen the concentration camps and the ovens. And Nazis are exactly how you act by believing you have the right to control what someone else does with their own body. Get over it. Your Religion does not make rules for my life.

  94. There’s an obvious fact you and others like you easily, readily and eagerly ignore. Women do have the right to decide about their bodies, but a baby is an entirely different individual with its own DNA and is depending on its mother for life! The baby is an individual. A different person, NOT a part of the woman. That’s okay as far as blood, kidney a limb, etc., but a baby is its own person and life! The baby is alive!

  95. I don’t know where this is going to land but I’m going to pull a Trumper. Fine then if it is your choice to screw around then it is your choice to fine the money on your own to have the abortion. I’m sick and tired of seeing my tax dollar paying for your choice and that make me complicity in your choice so I think I should have a say where my money goes. Make the great donor pay for that abortion not the taxpayer.

  96. Then when a woman finds out she is pregnant then instead of an abortion then let’s have an operation to remove the fetus while it is alive and put it in an incubator and let it live and grow on its own. Let’s see how many grow into adults on their own or with help from the medical profession. It will make you pro lifers HAPPY and women who don’t want the baby won’t have to go through a pregnancy and there will be plenty of babies for all those people you keep saying want to adopt. Everybody will be happy then.


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