This supermarket CEO is keeping the Christmas spirit alive by helping small businesses hurt by government-imposed lockdowns


It’s no secret that the unnecessary lockdowns forced upon the American people and put in place by power-hungry politicians have hurt and, in some cases, downright destroyed businesses throughout the country.

Yet they continue to put more regulations and restrictions in place, all in the name of keeping Americans “safe.”

Fortunately, there are still good people in this world, and in the case of one supermarket CEO, the Christmas spirit is being kept alive by helping small businesses hurt by the tyrannical government-imposed lockdowns.

Todd Schnuck, CEO of Missouri-based Schnucks Supermarkets, is giving 14,000 Schnucks employees gift cards to spend at local establishments in the five states where they have stores.

Schnuck explained that this was a way “we could thank our teammates who have been working so hard this year through the whole pandemic while paying it forward to a degree.”

Each employee of Schnucks received a gift card to use at a local establishment within 5 miles of their work location.

Schnuck went on to say, “We’re a family-owned business. We’ve been in business for 81 years, and we often talk about being a company of families, and in this case, we thought about our food family and broader than just our own business, we thought about those that add such vibrancy to our communities and those are the restaurants and the restaurant workers.”

This isn’t Schnuck’s first act of kindness towards the struggling restaurants in his area.  Back in April, when most dining establishments were forced to close their doors, all Schnuck’s Supermarkets began selling “grab and go” takeout meals from local eateries.

The restaurant owners were stunned and grateful for this most recent gesture by Schnuck.

After receiving the check to pay for all of the gift cards, one owner stated, “I’m working on my budget for January right now, and I did not know how I was going to pay my rent and now with this check I can pay my rent for January and keep my business going.”

Continued lockdowns, government overreach, and totalitarian leaders have no doubt caused the demise of many businesses in 2020.

In a time when politicians are acting more like dictators than voices for the people, it is refreshing to see business owners step up and take care of each other.

Washington, D.C. could really learn a thing or two from real America.

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