This state wants children exposed to transgenderism at a shocking age


The radical transgender movement is pulling out all the stops to indoctrinate the next generation of Americans.

More often than not, they’re successful.

And one state just adopted a new policy that will expose children to transgenderism at a shocking age.

The California Board of Education just approved new sex education guidelines encouraging California’s teachers to expose children as young as five to transgenderism.

National Review reports:

Advocates for the LGBTQ community praised the new guidelines, which were approved Wednesday by the California Board of Education, as an essential step toward addressing the marginalization of gay and transgender youth.

The guidelines do not mandate that teachers adhere to any particular sex education curriculum. But conservative critics claim the more than 700-page document, which recommends various books that instruct students on the particulars of homosexual intercourse, encroach on parental rights.

Many critics were particularly exercised about one section of the report that specifically suggests speaking to kindergarten students — who, according to the document, may already identify as transgender — about the fluidity of gender identity. “[T]he goal is not to cause confusion about the gender of the child but to develop an awareness that other expressions exist,” the framework reads.

This is nothing short of state sanctioned child abuse.

One mother of six described the situation as “scary,” referring to the new educational material as “pornography.”

The Associated Press reports that one book titled, “S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties,” describes anal sex and bondage.

It was only later removed from the recommended reading list after public outcries.

But parents and teachers remain concerned.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

“Teachers are afraid they will be forced to teach concepts that go against their conscious, and use non-binary terms or else they could lose their jobs,” said Brenda Lebsack, who teaches in Santa Ana Unified and is a school board member in Orange Unified.

What are your thoughts about California’s new educational policy?

Would you keep your children in government schools knowing what they might be exposed to as young as five?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. California has become the cesspool of America! I have never in my lifetime witnessed such ignorance, immorality, and just pure evil as what’s going on in California! It’s an absolute shame those people have let California become a disgrace to this country.

      • OH I SOOOO agree with you! But people wonder why this world is so screwed up? It’s because of SIN!!! ALL these wacko jerks will BURN IN HELL! The ruler of this world is SATAN! MONEY is the god and most people will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get it, no matter who’s hurt, sick or dying! Check out the demonCRAP party, some in Trump administration ( part of the swamp that needs to be dragged!) and judge for yourselves!
        ENOUGH already, with men becoming women, mothers, doctors guided by politicians, KILLING BABIES, liars saying they LOVE everyone, let everyone in, not because they care about people, but because they WANT VOTES…NOTHING ELSE! If GOD doesn’t destroy this country, EVEN THOUGH He anointed Trump for this task, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah!

      • I heard it was voter fraud. Many Californians are wondering how the democrats got into office when everyone they know voted republican. Los Angeles had way more voting than they had registered voters. If that happens next year, a recount by other than Californians is needed. If they refuse, I am in favor of NONE of their votes counting. They cannot keep getting away with this.

      • A little of both. Too many brainwashed liberals. Since there are fewer Christians, they don’t vote according to God’s law, the bible. And they have already proven voter fraud. Ballot Harvesting, and helping illegals to vote. Also, names of dead people on the registration forms. Probably more things than I can count. The left really wants to win. They will do anything.

  2. Of course it would be commiefornia! The idiots “running” that “state” have destroyed it. If you live on the west coast and have kids, fo everything you possibly can to homeschool them. Don’t let the sick and evil liberals teach your kids!

  3. We figured it would be California! The only state with that many damn fools and idiots! You have to be that mentally deficient to be in acting.

  4. First California my native state was STOLEN by the ILLEGAL vote and now the so called legislators are going after our children! Our only hope is for THE PEOPLE to WAKE UP and return to COMMON SENSE.

  5. California was STOLEN by the ILLEGALS VOTING! Now the so-called legislators come for our children! WAKE UP CALIFORNIA and return to COMMON SENSE!

  6. The children at this age are way too young to understand and will be conflicted for the rest of their lives. This should be taught at a much higher level of education like the last last month of college standard courses. Its idiots like this that are destroying our country and making it unlivable in the future
    Any teacher and school district caught should be removed and their licenses canceled permanently and the school district shut down forever

  7. Californians have a choice rebel against the mental deviants running your state or leave there are 49 other states .

    • When I was in rural Aurora, I wanted the bumper sticker “Don’t Californicate Colorado.” Now ONLY almost 50 years later, I’m not sure there is any CONUS URBAN area that has not been Californicated. I’m not sure ANY city-dweller should be welcomed anywhere [and I are one].

  8. The state is trying to take over our children and sodom and gomora is here in the state of California. Nancy Polosie is the speaker of the house and is part of this attrosity to our children along with her nephew who is the govenor of the state. How can anyone be in office that believes in brain washing our youths and say that they are christians in this county. Its time to vote these people out of office and get in a level headed person to help us revive the country we once were! I am disgusted with the state of our country and what the democrates have done to degrade our society in the false name of freedom. We as a people need to protect the next generations of children from this kind of brain washing and make them safe again to be normal children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. PLEASE quit being so critical of California, they are just trying to LEAD our Country into complying with the “NEW AGENDA” of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY ! But, just think of it this way,, “if men continue to marry men, and women continue to marry women,, in just 3 generations, there will be NO MORE DEMOCRATS” !!!

    • We cannot wait for 3 generations. By then today’s kids and their kids will be indoctrinated in all kinds of perverted ways. Men with men and women with women is perversion. That is it in a nutshell. Anyone who does not agree with me will die and burn in hell, which is what they deserve!

  10. Californica-The state of Godless, perverted, queer, homo sicko’s. I agree with Mike Grunwald. The whole bunch of those queers should be castrated.
    That whole place should be disconnected from our Great Country.
    Teaching kids about this unnatural so called life style is child abuse and should be dealt with as such. Shame on all these perverts and queers!

  11. I am a California native 52 and I wouldn’t raise another kid in public schools they are Godless and evil eith ill intent!
    MAGA take over California from the CHEATING Left!!!

  12. This is where EVERY parent should home school their children or, if able to, leave this state and find another state that cares for children’s health and well being. As if there aren’t enough problems in this screwed up world, not the “LG whatever” wants to screw up babies at 5 years of age! If the gays don’t give a damned about babies, then they don’t give a sh** about ANYTHING! SURE, SCREW THEIR, THESE BABY’S, HEADS UP TOO, HUH?! Mystery loves company!

  13. The mutilated transgender freaks that leftists want to create in California to have guaranteed “Stepford” democrat voters would in theory drive islamists away. However, in practice sterile transgenders would be used as sharia approved sex toys by islamists or even as suicide bombers of islam ideology.

  14. This LGBTQ has gone to far now and we need Federal Law to stop it. Now in California they want 5 year old’s brainwashed by Transgenders in school. These sicko mental deficient idiots need to be stopped

  15. This is an out and out plot to indoctrinate children in a heinous way. Sexuality is a private thing. There’s no need whatsoever to publicize it in schools, on TV, in the political arena, or any other way. These are personal preferences.

  16. Im. Ery happy i took my kids out of califukistan. The politicians running that state are terrorists and trying to hand over your kids to pediphiles and muslems. All over the country they are dumbing down the kids so they are easier to control. Dont let them. The only way to stop them is killing them or voting them out. Take your pick to save your families.

  17. This is insane! Most of the kids coming out of our schools can’t even read or write, and know nothing about our government. And now they want to control our 5 year olds so they can teach them Transgenderism? The left wants us from cradle to grave, so they can indoctrinate, and mold us into willing slaves of their government. If they train us up as sinful creatures, we will look no different than them. Then they won’t feel guilty.God bless America, and give us the strength and knowledge to overthrow the people that want to subdue us, your people!

  18. This is sheer madness! We live in California and have a son in elementary school, and we are seriously considering moving out of this state to one that has not yet lost the common sense!

  19. We have been so blessed to have been able to homeschool all four of our children. Not only are they happy, healthy, respectful and loving, but are developing the critical thinking skills to cope with the insanity of our society, which, as prophesied, calls good evil and evil, good. Thank you God!

    To those considering this choice, please know the following: 1) You can do this. There is much support if you look for it, so don’t be intimidated. 2) Who better to teach your children than you? We go to great lengths to secure our money, our homes, our cars and other belongings. Yet we hand over without a second thought, what’s most precious, to complete strangers who work for a system designed to indoctrinate our children and replace us as the authority in our children’s lives. 3) Children are little sponges and will learn naturally and organically, so if you formally teach them nothing, but keep them out of the public indoctrination factories, you are bestowing on them the greatest act of love possible.

  20. There is absolutely NO reason to expose that age to any sex classes. They are destroying our youth. That is one of the reasons God’s approval of this country is gone. We no longer have God’s blessing because of this behavior. It goes against God and everything he has told us. Transgenders, homosexuals and abortions are the prime reasons why we don.t have God’s blessing any more. Wake up people before you are totally lost also.

      • God condemns this behavior. The other reasons God has all but left us is the gay community and abortions, the lawlessness especially among the democratic leaders, children no respecting their parents and abortion. God will soon be coming for his church and take us out of this mess. Keep you hed up and your faith intact and all will be well with you.

  21. It’s a govt school, the (FED) govt needs to step in and stop this child abuse. This is just another phase of state run Pedophilia.

  22. The federal government will NEVER stop all this evil stuff! They ARE The ones pushing it the most. Because most democrats are queer and bi- sexual like most communist!

    • That is why we no long have God’s blessing. But the Bible states “When you see these things start to happen, lift up your heads. Your redemption draweth nigh”. This is the beginning iof the end. God WILL be coming for us soon.

  23. The LGBT community has gone wild in the last several years. We need to say NO, 5 years old is to young to start teaching children about sex. RESPECT for one another yes. California is a haven for the LGBT and they don’t have any respect for NORMAL people, if you aren’t one of them you are trash.
    WAKE UP AMERICA and thank President NIXON for setting this virus loose on our Country. Every society in history that has welcomed the Homosexual society has FAILED, Is that what you want for America?

  24. No surprise this utter agenda of perversion comes out of Californica, the bung hole of the nation. This is a page straight out of the Nazi book of social control. Educate the young because they are the most vulnerable like the Brown Shirt movement. Only this is far more perverted that the BS movement espousing the Master Race theory.

  25. Outrageous!! Children of any age should not be exposed to “education” about transgenderism at any age. That is not education, but rather is indoctrination. Education should present what is natural and scientific, not promote what is unnatural and disfunctional.

    • I agree. They ned to go back to math, reading and reading. Leave the sex ed to the parents. It is disgusting what they are teaching our kids.

  26. I would pull my child out of school so fast that it would make their head spin. Sex-ed. should be taught to the children by their parents at an appropriate age and 5 years old is not the age for it! My daughter was taught about it the medical way. I gradually went into telling her stuff as was appropriate at the time. This that they are doing in California is definitely inappropriate!

  27. As is happening in California, the only way that this kind of perversion will be eradicated, is for the parents to speak out and protest. Of course the surest way is for the residents of this out of control state, to vote democrats and liberals out of office.

    • One of the problems is some parents wanted the opposite sex than they got. This is what they want. But it should definitely be outlawed. And those in favor of it should be voted out of office.

  28. how is this child abuse, the state is only trying to educate students for what they may encounter in their lives as they grow older!!

  29. At one time, I wanted to move to beautiful California — but it’s not beautiful anymore; in fact, it’s become disgusting in so many ways, I feel sorry for the people who want to move out but can’t afford to. It is a totally INSANE state! And every time I think it’s reached the ultimate, they come up with something even more offensive and crazy.

    Response to Michael: Are you crazy? Maybe you’re from California?!!!

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