This state just screwed pro-lifers in the worst way


The pro-life movement has been winning skirmishes across the U.S.

But the pro-death camp has been tightening their iron fist in as many strongholds as possible.

And what abortion activists just pulled off in this state will make you seething mad.

Ohio’s Senate just voted down an anti-abortion measure that would have saved thousands of innocent unborn babies’ lives.

State House Bill 258, or the Ohio Heartbeat Bill, would have banned abortions if there was a detectable heartbeat.

This would have banned all abortions after 6 weeks.

But Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Senate decided that Planned Parenthood and other abortion strongholds should continue slaughtering 20,000 unborn babies a year.

LifeSite news reports:

Last week, Kasich explained his reasons for vetoing the bill: “[H.B. 258] is contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States’ current rulings on abortion. As the losing party, the state of Ohio will be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to cover the legal fees for the pro-choice activists’ lawyers.”

But pro-life advocate Janet Folger Porter told State News that this heartbeat bill is different.

“This is the bill that was crafted exactly for the Supreme Court. It was meant from its birth, from its conception, to be before the court. Nothing else needs to be done to this and anything else is a delay that not only hurts its chances for override, it can kill the bill and the babies it is meant to protect,” Folger Porter said.

As we previously reported, Governor John Kasich vetoed this bill to the delight of Planned Parenthood and abortion activists all across Ohio.

He claimed the courts would have struck it down, but he didn’t even give the bill a chance before the court to see if that would have been the case.

And now the Ohio Senate has also decided that the murder of 20,000 unborn babies is right as rain.

Abortion lobbyists and those of the pro-death camp will continue to advocate slaughtering innocent unborn babies as a basic human right.

And politicians like John Kasich and members of the Ohio Senate are just fine with that.

Should abortion be banned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Kasich and the entire Ohio Senate are as guilty as the murderers of these innocent babies. They all have blood on their hands. And the excuse to veto this bill before it even had the chance to be heard before the courts is a cop out. 20,000 more babies killed in Ohio. Shame!

  3. Kasich and all of the idiot Ohio senate should be declared UNFIT to serve and be recalled. Them they should be arrested and charged with the complicity in the MURDER of the defenseless unborn babies.
    This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of the lack of concern for human life and the condoning of MURDER. This goes for all the people who condone these actions as a method of birth control.

  4. 99.9% of all female United States citizens are too stupid to be allowed to have children, mass sterilization is required, start with Moonie Muslimes and Moonie Muslime sympathizers.

  5. Kasich is a jerk. If he expects to run for President in 2020 or any other year, he can just forget it. This schmuck calls himself a Christian but he is going to hell.

  6. We already knew that Kasich is a reprobate and the son of a mailman! He is no Conservative and should he ever run for the Presidency, it will be even a shorter run than 2016! What a traitor that guy is! I’ll never forget how he gave interviews in the European Press to attack and smear Trump. That is when we knew that he is a big loser! Add to that Abortion tolerator. Isn’t it funny how they would accept illegals but not fetuses? Ohio, shame on you and Kasich!!!

  7. Agreed! Murder is MURDER, regardless of how anyone tries to say differently! Kasich, has said he is seriously thinking about a ‘run’, for the Presidency-THIS, DISGUSTING CAVE, TO THE ABORTION, ‘MURDER CABAL-JUST DESTROYED ANY CHANCE HE EVER HAD-and, Believe Me, he doesn’t have a chance in Hell! There are conclaves, in Ohio, like every other state, that are Progressive/Communist, but, on the ‘whole’, THOUSAND’S, of “Buckeyes’, both Women & Men, will remember how Kasich, approved of Continuing the SADISTIC MURDER, of innocent beings! THIS, AFTER, he had supposedly, ‘wished’, to provide a bill that would have SAVED THEM! Yea, Governor, GO AHEAD-TRY TO SEEK THE PRESIDENCY! CCC-Callow, Caving, CREEP!

  8. as the Bible says, Matthew 7:15-16 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
    15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you dressed as sheep, but inside they are devouring wolves.
    16 You will [a]fully recognize them by their fruits. Do people pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?
    Also beware of those bearing gifts, can you see what is in both hands???

  9. Kasich, has never ‘gotten over’, his ‘Pathetic Performances’, he ‘gave’, in the Primaries! Yet, he continues, to ‘insinuate himself’, on a few News shows, hoping to act as if he is ‘Relevant’! It is ‘Pathetic’, actually. But, with THIS ISSUE & his, ‘pandering to the Dem./Prog./Communist CROWD-he has TOTALLY, ‘DESTROYED’, what he thought & hoped for in some kind of a JOB!

  10. John Kaisich is NOT a Christian and NOT a Conservative as babies are gifts from God and deserve to be loved and adored. Killing innocent babies is an unforgivable sin.

  11. Didn’t this man just talk about running again for president? No way will he get his wish to become president. We will remember what you have done.

  12. The Bible calls it murder and that is good enough for me, anyone that approves of this atrocity is just as guilty as the Roman soldier that plunged the spear into Jesus’ side. No difference both are and were innocent.

  13. It’s simply “justified murder” in their eyes. This governor and others can’t be Christians or good human beings to want to just kill and kill. This is just unacceptable and inhumane to say the least! Vote him out next time and get someone prolife in office!!!!

  14. Kasich just surrendered his career to pro death forces. He has joined forces with Satan and will never be elected to another office. He is politically and spiritually TOAST.

  15. Just where in the bible is abortion even addressed?? Please enlighten me – I must have missed it!!

  16. Oh, so forced sterilization is okay, but abortion is not??? You are obviously one of those guys that think it is okay to rape women.

  17. And all you commenters on this tagline seem to “think” you are christians!! You all are sure out of your element.

  18. All you have to remember is that abortion Was started by a woman who wanted to make sure that the weeds of humanity did not grow into healthy weeds
    and to her black people were the weeds !

  19. And you too as that is obviously where you are headed!! Babies are not viable human beings until they are born!! Simple as that.

  20. Nancy, I don’t know how old you are, but it’s apparent that you aren’t a viable human being yet. Too bad your mom didn’t feel the way you do, if she had, we wouldn’t have to put up with the drivel you write.

  21. Of course you missed it. You would have to read the Bible to have gotten the message. Sometimes, people can figure things out by what is said or written, especially in a book as comprehensive as the Bible. Obviously, that ability also escaped you.

  22. You are right Frank , obviously Nancy has yet to be born. If she had been born, she would realize the foolishness of her ideas .

  23. How many times does this have to be said? Though made of human tissue, a *fetus* — before the 25th week — is NOT a human being. It doesn’t have a human heart, or a human brain, and in no way can it survive outside the mother’s body. Without a brain, it can’t grow a mind — and without a mind, how can it have a soul?

    In fact, abortion was “started” long before Margaret Sanger was ever born — or conceived! Even religions didn’t forbid abortion until the 20th century. Abortion didn’t become illegal in the USA until 1920 — *the year that women won the right to vote*. Don’t you think those two facts are related?

  24. The 10 Commandments — in the original Hebrew — say “Thou shalt not *murder*”, and “murder” is defined elsewhere as the wanton and unjustified killing of a *human being*, not in warfare or in self-defense or by lawfully adjudicated execution. That takes out abortion, since a *fetus* is NOT a human being. Even ancient Hebrew law claims that a *fetus* is not a human being until its head clears its mother’s body and it takes its first breath on its own.

    “Self-defense” counts too, since death in childbirth isn’t so rare as you like to think. Childbirth has not been safe since human beings began walking upright, and growing big brains and big skulls to contain them. Any woman who becomes pregnant *is* risking her life, and she has a right to refuse that risk. Neither does any man have the right to force her to risk her life for what he believes in.

  25. Sorry Frank, you have it wrong again. Real true christians know that the birth of jesus and his later death caused the veil in the temple to be rent as he died on the cross. This also obliterated the laws of the Jews in the old testament, so those laws were no longer to be followed. You can read it for yourself in the new testament.

  26. I suppose you mean “born again” as you crazy “so called christians” like to call it!! I am still alive and well at 80 years old!! So the lie is on you.

  27. Nancy I’m going to assume you really do know a great deal about fetal development. Do you know when a fetus is capable of independent movement within the womb? That is a sticking point with me and those pushing partial birth abortion. When my son was still in his mother’s womb and we were driving with the radio on he “danced” in her womb and had a pretty good sense of rhythm. Therefore I ask, knowing biology, for a fetus to have independent movement it takes nervous impulses from the brain to stimulate those muscles and thus be able to feel to the pain of being pulled apart. No one has EVER been able to explain that away to me. Also, I know a lady who had a “premee” about 5 weeks early. He (the baby) and she had to stay in the hospital for about a month. Now, with the exception of having to wear corrective lenses that boy is completely healthy. Also, when I ask a pro choicer if a mother and fetus are killed, say by a drunk driver, the guilty party is charged with two deaths. You can’t have it both ways ladies! Don’t sleep with a man that is irresponsible enough to not use a condom or you aren’t willing to use the forms of birth control that are available to the women of today. Stick to masturbation, YES I’m serious! You won’t get pregnant, not have to worry about STDs and most likely won’t hate yourself in the morning!

  28. Nancy commenting here anyway_ While you “think” you saw what you saw, that is simply a matter of your own judgement. Music on the radio and a supposed dancing belly of a pregnant woman don’t mean anything to me. And a baby 5 weeks early is hardly an appropriate argument against abortion. Last I read, 20 weeks is the latest one can have an abortion. So a baby born 5 weeks early is actually 31 weeks old. Try again Mark!!

  29. This RINO has a dollar sign where we have a heart, killing babies means nothing to him. The fact that he is on the side of the vile, vicious, planned parenthood tells all that could ever be said about him- and it damn sure tells all we could ever need to know about the Ohio people who voted for him. Him running for President was a hilarious joke, what a piece of crap flop he was. And what a gutless piece of garbage he is now that money is more important than a beating heart. A beating heart that could be old enough to suffer God bless them, it’s so heartbreaking. But only to those of us who have one.

  30. I am ashamed, disgusted and disappointed in John Kasich. I’ve heard him speak many times and he freely talks about God, prayer, being a Christian. Evidently that was all a lie or made up for TV audience consumption. Shame on you Governor Kasich! I’m ashamed I once gave thought about voting for you for President! I won’t make that mistake again. When it’s your time to appear at the Pearly Gates, you will be taking the express elevator straight down!

  31. you were a fetus once. according to your twisted logic, you weren’t human either. i guess your mom could’ve killed you & you’d have no problem w/ it, right? seems kind of convenient that all those who support infanticide were already born. #defundplannedparenthood

  32. i’ve long believed kasich should switch parties & that was long before trump came along. this latest abomination just justified my belief. abortion is murder period. #defundplannedparenthood

  33. Gov. Kasich…is a first generation American of Croatian Fascists relatives who are active in Swastika-waving flags and murder…they liquidated 1.4 million Serbian Christians, 60,000 Jews including 60 rabbi and 35,000 Roma gypsies just 80 years ago….we now know they also liquidated homosexuals and prostitutes, Kasich did not suddenly grow a conscience…Kasich would obviously support the abortion that creates 20,000 dead babies in Ohio each year and contributes to the “58 MILLION ABORTIONS” since Roe vs. Wade. Kasich’s mother is Croatian and she has raised a son as influenced with religious and racial bigotry as she and her family are today in Croatia where the Sieg Heil salute is a common sight… they use that ugly gesture at sports stadiums creating giant Swastikas in the stands and at entertainment performances where a major portion of the audience shows up in WWII Nazi uniforms…joining performers in singing anti-Serbian songs… Nazi memorabilia can be purchased on street corners in Zagreb…The infamous WWII Logo, THE CHECKERBOARD, a symbol under which hundreds of thousands were liquidated is now on the Croatian flag. Croatians will insist the checkerboard is an “Ancient Symbol.” So is the Swastika, it comes from the Bronze Age…it’s not when a symbol was created that is important, it’s what it represents…WELCOME TO FASCISTS OHIO!

  34. My best selling book, “Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence” is available at, it’s a book about the infamous Croatian Concentration Camp of WWII…where only 87 victims survived to tell their stories. This was written by a Croatian writer, Antun Miletich, “…There is not a pen capable of describing the horror and terror of the atmosphere at Jasenovac. It surpasses any human fantasy. Imagine Hell, the Inquisition, a terror more dreadful than any that ever before existed anywhere, run by bloodthirsty wild animals whose most hidden and disgusting instincts had come to the surface in a way never before seen in human beings—and still you have not said enough.”

    it also includes the bios of some of the 970 Croatian Roman Catholic priests who murdered Serbs, Jews and Gypsies with their own hands then fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they all escaped justice. Nazi President Ante Pavelich also fled through the Ratline and became the “Security Advisor” to President Juan Peron who issued “34,000 Visas” to Croatian War Criminals…none were brought to justice at Nuremberg…The book exposes the real history of WWII Nazi Croatia that has been successfully omitted from our schools and universities thanks to Roman Catholic circles in the United States…

  35. Yes, you are simply putting your faith and belief in something that is a fairy tale, a fantasy in your own minds. There is no such thing as heaven or pearly gates or what ever other magic you can dream up. Every culture in the world has a “creation story”, a god to worship and it is all made up.

  36. Lesli and Nancy: The heartbeat bill is not taking way s woman’s choice!!! Each has the choice to enter into intercourse that CAN always end in a human baby being formed. She must accept the responsibility of her actions which is to provide full life to HER [and his] baby. She has a choice to provide a loving couple the opportunity to adopt her unwanted child. She should NEVER have the choice to end that life – often in horrendously evil ways: poisoning the baby in the womb, tearing the baby apart while in the womb, severing the baby’s spine to end his/her life. Wher are you values and senses of responsibility?????? It is evil to kill!!!!!

  37. The RIGHT thing to do would have been to ban all abortions after the first trimester unless the health of the mother is in imminent danger. When a baby can survive outside the womb then it is a baby and should not be aborted without it actually saving the life of the Mother. But just in case I am wrong and the baby is a living human being after just the first trimester, then don’t allow abortions after that time. Abortions are NOT a form of birth control.

  38. True. There have always been “unwanted” babies – if not aborted, then left on the side of the road or wherever to die…that said, each and every fertilized egg has unique, one-of-a-kind DNA, carrying the contributions of countless ancestors, with the potential to do any number of things. In any case, a never before nor hereafter combination. It has been said that we could have easily killed the person who’d cure cancer, perhaps the next dictator, perhaps the best gardener since Samwise Gamgee, but. think of this: what if YOU, Leslie Fish or any other pro-death commentator here, what if you were “unwanted” and your mother saw fit to either chemically destroy you, or just have you torn limb from limb and then extracted from your mother’s womb, never to see light of day..? Think that would be a different story altogether.

  39. Agree with you, Stephanie. If a human “fetus” is not human, then what in the world would it be? It has the potential to be upright, talking and walking – but none of us (yet) come into the world doing any of that. We are all dependent on other HUMAN BEINGS at birth and for a while in our lives. Really, no human has yet to give birth to anything else other than – wait for it – another human being..!

  40. They might as well support Sharia Law and allow for the killing of other innocent lives. Allow for the father’s of these babies to sue the Doctors who have violated their oath.

  41. Why not let the PEOPLE of the State of OHIO make the decision whether or not to kill babies? It is Our State.

  42. I thought the legislature overrode the veto.

    What is tragic is when the aborted child could have been a healthy baby that a childless couple would have been grateful to have. There are many couples that wait for years to be able to adopt a child. I wonder where these considerations are on the priority list of our pro choice politicians, if they are even there at all.

    I still wonder how many of the older pro-choice or abortion activists were anti-war protesters in the 1960s? How many of them spit on our uniforms and called us baby killers?

  43. The Journal of American Medical Association, the British Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, researchers at Harvard University, University College London and other smaller studies have refuted the concept of fetal pain’ as pseudoscience. According to Dr. Anne Davis, Professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center: “We know a lot about embryology. The way a fetus grows and develops hasn’t changed and never will. And what we know in terms of the brain and nervous system in a fetus is that part of the brain that perceives pain is not connect to the part of the body that receives pain signals until about 26 week from the last menstrual period which is about 24 weeks from conception. The neural structures necessary to feel pain have not yet developed. Any observable responses to stimuli at this gestational stage (20 weeks) – like fetal “flinching” during an amniocentesis – are reflexive, not experiential. The fetus at 20 weeks can’t actually feel anything at all. According to a 2005 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association argued that feeling “pain” would require a fetus to be conscious of being hurt. For that to happen, two parts of the fetus’ brain the thalamus and the cerebral cortex would have to have already fused which occurs at 29 to 30 weeks. The fetal pain argument touches on the fact that we anesthetize for all surgeries and it is considered cruel and unusual punishment not to do so.
    CONCLUSION: Anesthetize fetus’s past 20 weeks to insure no pain.

  44. Most people probably think of abortion as being a fairly modern convenience, and imagine that the pro-life movement has probably been around for quite some time. For one thing, people who are pro-life often cloak their message in the Biblical idea of thou shalt not kill, and, you know, the Bible has been around for like forever. With that in mind, it would totally make sense for anti-abortion sentiment to have been rampant and widespread for the last couple of hundred or even thousand years.
    Except that it hasn’t been.
    Abortion was actually one of the most common forms of birth control in 19th century America. Doctors estimated that there was one abortion for every five or six live births. Abortion was totally legal up until the “quickening”, i.e. when the mother first feels the fetus move. Because of that, the moment when a woman felt her baby “quicken” (which typically happens in the 4th, 5th or even 6th month pregnancy) was really the moment when society considered her to be pregnant. Before that, she was just a woman with an irregular or disrupted menstrual cycle.
    The roots of the modern pro-life movement can actually be found in late 19th century America. Laws criminalizing abortion in the United States didn’t begin appearing until the 1820s, and even then they were still fairly rare. In the 1860s (so, during and after the civil war), these laws became more common, and by 1900 abortion was illegal in every state.
    The 1860s were obviously a very turbulent time, especially with regards to racial issues. The fact that there was such an increase in abortion legislation during and immediately after the civil war is quite telling. People started worrying that if women were allowed to control their own fertility, bad things might happen. Like the end of society as we know it!This fear, that people of colour would out-baby us, is where we find the actual origins of the pro-life movement. It didn’t come out of the idea that abortion was a sin, or the dogma of be fruitful and multiply, but rather the panicked notion that white people might not run the world anymore.

    A fetus is in a woman’s body by permission, not by right.

    Because half the human race bears the burden of the reproductive process (women) – men have taken advantage of women as child-bearers turning them into “beasts of burden” and corralled women into a political class: equivocating the biologically contingent burden into a political (or necessary) penalty/punishment, thereby reducing the definition of a woman from a human being into a base animal, a functioning incubator, a piece of meat whose duty it is to bear children even if it kills her.

    That desire for legal authority over women didn’t go away with Roe, as evidenced by the political obsession with our most intimate decisions. And while millions of women have made use of this essential right to decide when and if to have a baby — while far fewer have died, and many more reach heights of purpose and happiness not achievable without being able to walk one’s own path — we’ve never enjoyed the peaceful dignity of living in a country where the rights of women are presumed and implicit. Abortion is a threat to the historical legal supremacy of white men.

    Anti-abortion legislation is a political mechanism of male social control. It is a conscious process of shame and intimidation. It is not the act of abortion itself, but the fact that it can be legislated is a source of oppression.

  45. There is no god or any other supernatural being – handing out babies!! How silly can you get???

  46. The people of Ohio are too stupid to make that decision – that is if they are anything like you anti-abortionists and hypocritical so-called christians!! Some one with brains has to make those decisions for you.

  47. Brenda – I certainly love your insightful comments, but I see that they are wasted on these folks here who can only hear/read what they already believe.
    Their minds are made up so you are unable to reach them with the facts. But I hope you will keep on trying – as you may still reach a few who can be enlightened!!

  48. freedom of religion,not freedom from. we are a constitutional republic. we have as much right to have a say as YOU.

  49. nice revisionist history. not. you can try all you want to but you can’t justify murder of the unborn

  50. trumpy got to be a millionaire by cheating – everyone knows that. That’s how he got elected to be president too!! Cheating is his way of life – guess he learned that from his father!!

  51. Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Senate did the right thing.
    It is not the states business to obstruct access to abortion.
    It is a medical procedure. It should be save, legal, accessible, and fully covered by ALL insurance.
    All laws restricting abortion should be overturned.

  52. according to YOU. the fool has said in his / her heart there is no God. i will pray for you. btw happy new year to everyone here!

  53. I refuse to accept or be labeled a “leftist” or even a “baby killer”!! Unlike you I refuse labels in all forms!! So go peddle your insults elsewhere.

  54. The senate and Kasich did the right thing.
    The decision whether to terminate a pregnancy is the woman’s alone. She may invite who ever she wishes into the process, but the state and above all, the church must be kept out of it.
    If it is not your body, it is none of your business.

  55. @ stephanie wilson,
    Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion.
    Your religion.
    In your home.
    In your church.
    But not in my face and not in the public square.

  56. sorry you can’t stand the truth. how about you stop peddling your pro planned infanticide propaganda elsewhere instead?

  57. Is it a chicken Leslie Fish? Dr. Davis? God said I knit you in your mother’s womb. Thou should not kill even if you have doctor before you name. What happened to the hypocritic oath,
    Above all do no harm. Did you take that oath? You will answer to God some day for promoting these murders. Will your doctor title help you then? These are humans with a soul. You think you know they don’t suffer pain.
    You can tell yourself and all the women who think they have a license to kill because women are sooo special that it’s ok because they’re strong women but really they’re the worse kind of killers.
    The abortionists reach in and cut the baby’s vocal cords so the mother doesn’t hear them scream. They tear their limbs off. Don’t you think that hurts? I’m so ashamed by my own gender. Have mercy on their souls Dear Lord.

  58. Roe versus Wade gave women a license to kill and millions of babies have died. No matter how you argue about the past, abortion is murder. If a woman doesn’t want the baby, there are many women who do. Put it up for adoption especially if you Cary the baby to the end. Why kill it?

  59. Pray for Nancy Alexander that she repents and asks Gods forgiveness. People who deny God, do so because you can’t murder babies or do other evil if you follow God.

  60. Nancy Jane and Nancy Alexander
    There is a God and he loves you.
    Jesus died so you can have a wonderful eternity. At your age Nancy Jane you might want to rethink your position. He will forgive you and you too Nancy A. Even if you had an abortion. Inside all of us there is a soul and it makes us who we are. When we die our soul leaves this earthly body and goes to heaven.
    I pray you will open your hearts before it’s too late????????

  61. The Bible says thou shall not kill.
    It doesn’t say unless your a special young millennial woman who has elevated her self above God. Your body isn’t that special honey. You make me ashamed of my own gender.

  62. Hang in there Brenda. We all know that you are right. Don’t pay any attention to these “know-nothings”!! We are all with you and the true medical reasons that support abortion.

  63. Abortion is not killing anything. It is still a medical procedure that simply removes a non-viable fetus from the uterus. Stop calling it “killing”!!! Do you all also support eating only plants/vegetables?? So if you are vegan then maybe it is okay to not kill animals for meat!!

  64. I have nothing to repent for – so just mind your own business. I am just fine the way I am. I am sorry that you don’t want to hear the truth – there is no god or any other supernatural being. It is all just fairytale stuff and simply made up to keep you folks under control. It is mind control and you all have fallen for it in a big way.

  65. There is simply no god, and no one died for me or anyone else. (And by the way, my middle name is spelled JAYNE!!!) Forget the praying as you are wasting your time. Why not do something with tangible results like feeding the poor and homeless? Or visiting someone in a nursing home who has no family. Or driving for a Meals on Wheels charity? I continue to work so that I can donate to my favorite charities. What are you doing besides peddling your fake god stuff here? There is real evidence that the jesus character was not actually one person at all, but simply multiple persons who lived through the years doing good. Now I can understand that. Folklore gets passed down through the generations and after while people think it is real. All cultures on earth do this. Made up stuff turns in facts over time. Still no magic or supernatural beings – just everyday people who did some good with their lives. Still no proof that there is any kind of god or any real afterlife. So do good today while you can and don’t be saving yourself for later. That’s how kings and dictators controlled the peasants – toil and labor and suffer today because there is a better life coming. That way the peasants won’t revolt – oops, they didn’t count on the peasants storming the Bastille!! Even today we still revolt!!

  66. Country Girl, you go girl. These so called intelligent people read books of Dr’s research and write a book and the ones reading them and think what is in the book is gospel. They keep educating themselves to become Dr’s too. They say the abortionist cuts the babies vocal cord so the mother will not hear the child scream. I don’t care too much for people with doctors degrees because most of the they do not have “common sense” which is learned knowledge through life experiences and not book only. The worst symptom of these higher educated people talk down to people because they have PHD’s and think they are “big wheels’ . Do you know what dogs do to wheels? I think you know what I mean. LOL


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