This state just passed a law that had Planned Parenthood cheering


Liberals live to force their opinions down other’s throats.

And the murder of babies alive in the womb is one of their favorite “humanitarian causes.”

Now this state is taking its abortion lovefest to disturbing new heights with this law.

The State of New York just passed the so-called “Reproductive Health Act” making abortion a “fundamental right” and ensconcing late-term abortion into the state constitution.

Passed along party lines by the Democrat-controlled State Legislature, the Bill is the most radical pro-abortion law in the country.

Under the so-called “Reproductive Health Act,” it is illegal for anyone in a medical facility to stop a woman from getting an abortion.

What’s more, the act classifies abortion as a “private right,” making it protected by New York’s health privacy laws.

The Bill says:

§ 2599-aa. Policy and purpose. The legislature finds that comprehensive reproductive health care is a fundamental component of every individual’s health, privacy and equality. Therefore, it is the policy of the state that:

1. Every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraception or sterilization.

2. Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion, pursuant to this article.

3. The state shall not discriminate against, deny, or interfere with the exercise of the rights set forth in this section in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services or information.

§ 2599-bb. Abortion. 1. a health care practitioner licensed, certified, or authorized under title eight of the education law, acting within his or her lawful scope of practice, may perform an abortion when, according to the practitioner’s reasonable and good faith professional judgment based on the facts of the patient’s case: the patient is within twenty-four weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.

Planned Parenthood released a video of the New York Senate chambers erupting in cheers after the bill was passed:

And liberals in New York City celebrated the Bill’s passage by lighting the World Trade Center’s spire pink.

Do you support New York’s new law legalizing third trimester abortions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. There are extreme cases of life or death, in which the mother’s life is absolutely necessary. However, these are exceptions and not the rule; thus, abortion is a moral abomination. All of us can look at ourselves on a mirror and think: “I could’ve been aborted.” If that is what you want, you are suicidal and should seek for psychiatric help.

  3. Abortion at any stage is murder. That is a living brething person who gets killed.

  4. If they can do this to innocents there’s no question they can do it to you without hesitation or remorse. They know just how evil this is. They just do not care.

  5. I am just glad that I will not be in their shoes when the FINAL judgement from God comes; for it will. ‘Who can forgive sins, but God alone…Luke 5:21;’Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’ Luke 23:34

  6. I think this is disgusting and immoral, glad I no longer live in NY to be witness to what is to come. Tragic, I do not know how anyone voted for this and can sleep at night, let alone look at their own children. Shame, shame, shame on NY.

  7. The whole conversation about “rights, choice, morality and women’s health” in considering murder and it being heartily approved demonstrates the real condition of the heart and mind. The rights, choice and morality concerning “women’s” health starts and ends with the act that produces the pregnancy. To punish the innocent with death is premeditated murder and when we all are forced to accept it, fund it or participate we become accessory. Forget convenience, rights or choice, it is the “will” of the powerful and greedy. It is the evil that destroys our world and our country. Life is precious and to regulate by “choice or rights” who gets to live and die who has never had the chance to commit a crime or make a choice, shows how sick and evil so many have become. Talking about viability?, and justifying murder based on viability should makes us all fear and cringe! So, I have to ask, if anyone who may not be strong contributors to a society, should they be euthanized? That’s what abortion is, euthanasia. I won’t ask God to forgive them saying they don’t know what they do because they do know.

  8. Absolutely a disgrace Very sad for New York just goes to show what kind of a man our wonderful governor is. Don’t know how he can sleep at night

  9. Everyone involved in these murders will have to give a full account of what they did one day. I wouldn’t want to be standing in their shoes!

  10. FYI. Definition of 24 week pregnancy. ‘Your baby will now be around a foot long, and the size of a papaya. They weigh around 1.3Lbs and will be gaining more every week. At 24 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby would be considered viable and with a chance of survival if they were born prematurely.’
    NY State just sanctioned late term abortions.
    Andrew is a moron. His father was worse. When I was a practicing physician Mario announced that 10 % of all physicians in NY were incompetent and that he was going to “get them.” He did get me: for not doing a prostate cancer screening on a 90 year old woman.

  11. I contacted the office of my NYS Assemblyman to voice my displeasure over the sanctioned murder of babies. I was happy to hear that he voted against it.
    Too bad the governor’s mother didn’t feel the same way her son does.
    Too add insult to injury, have the gall to celebrate by lightening up the World Trade Center Tower that is there to memorialize the victims of 9-11.
    I can’t leave this state fast enough.
    F NY

  12. I lived in NY all my life. Moved to Tennessee for 9 years and came back to take care of an aged father. Bought a small house. Taxes escalated in 2 years to 10 K. The school district is 40% Hispanic. Teachers cannot be hired unless they are bilingual. English proficiency =33%. ( a no brianer). Math proficiency = 44%. Cost per year per student = 26K. I was told you don’t have to be a citizen to go to school. Not even a green card. if you live under a blanket in the park you can sign up for school.
    Moving back south. Lower taxes. Less bureaucracy. Nicer people. Common sense and polite manners still have value.

  13. Or one dying at the border .
    President Trump is right, Dems only care for the illegals and not Americans.
    This kind of thing happens when the liberals take over, red states beware! NYS had many red areas, now most went blue in November, now more than ever here in NY, NYC dictates policy for all of NYS.
    Hope the movement to break away from the downstate cesspool gains steam.
    F NY/ NYC

  14. That was my first thought exactly! Guess Sandra Lee could not have any babies if she ever had any. Maybe she had abortions in her younger days and she is ok with it. If she were pro-life, maybe she could have influenced Cuomo?

  15. while we hope that the Lord above is all gracious I personally and having a great deal of difficulty in finding ANY source of compassion for willing murderers… may they roast in hell..

  16. It is time to commit to Abortion of all Democrats that have a womb or ever try to enter one, also to insert the Spire on top of the World Trade Center building up Governerd M.M. CUOMO’s rear end until it sticks out of that big mouth tell our U S air force to drop all waist product on top of it and all the DNC members to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  17. Those ABORTIONIST are ROBBING Americans tax payers, so they can make a HUGE profits on the DEATHS of BABIES, before they can grow up and to contribute to the greatness of America.
    I am NOT against an ABORTIONS themselves, but I am VERY against those ABORTIONIST even trying to MAKE the tax payers pay for those abortions and KILLING the BABIES yet unborn and actually born, my ONLY exeption is if the mother might die because of something the baby was causing trouble to the mother and could cause her death.

  18. The biggest joke (I know it’s not funny) is that Governor Cuomo claims to be a Catholic, yet he pushes anti- catholic agenda on the state. Believe it or not he attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens New York and is a member of their “Hall of Fame”. For several years while my 2 sons attended this High School I personally advocated to have him removed from the Hall of Fame via communication with the Principal and President of the school. It seems that even Catholic Institutions don’t want to stand up for Catholic beliefs, thus I was unsuccessful with my push. I know people pushing to have Governor Cuomo excommunicated by Cardinal Dolan. I pray that are Catholic leadership will one day wake up and fight back.

  19. They don’t through the baby away, they grind it up and make a skin cream with it for women’s complexion among other things.

  20. This is disgusting! This murder law is designed to kill helpless babies to please the evil left. Hopefully, the Church will excommunicate those evil people behind this sick law, and the people of New York will fire those evil politicians who are trying to play God with human life!

  21. Amen. They only think they know what they are doing. What they are doing is also known as murder. How long until they pass an afterbirth abortion bill. God save us all.

  22. Tennessee. You can get a pistol carry permit after taking an 8 hour gun safety course. People don’t ask you if you have a gun…they ask what guns do you own? No state income tax. Low property taxes. A 3000 sq. ft. lakefront house cost $2800/ year in taxes. Car registration is about $26 a year. No inspections. Republican governor and both Congressional Senators. Conservative State legislature. Truly a RED STATE.

  23. Don’t be fooled by the title: The New York State Reproductive Health Act (RHA- Bill S. 240- Krueger/A21-Glick), it is nothing more than an excuse for unrestrained abortion. It is extreme, and unquestionably the most horrendous and brutal legislation ever conceived in the Progressive mind, and is a gift to Planned Parenthood.

    The governor of New York, who’s deep seated progressive roots, once checked by a republican majority in the senate, have now been unleashed and represents a nightmare for the unborn, traditional marriage and values, and the Catholic Church.

    This is a sad commentary on a culture and society in general, when it enacts laws that deny the dignity, sacredness and right to life of the innocent unborn, and in some cases the born; I believe it is evil. And in the end where will this all lead, God only knows, but there is one thing we can be certain of, He will be the judge, jury and executioner. We can only hope and pray His wrath will be very selective.

  24. Yes. Very strange that a great number of Catholics who vote Democrat believe in abortion rights. The Pope is as silent on this subject as he is on why he shelters pedophiles inside the Vatican and makes excuse for them elsewhere.
    Cuomo also said he was an undocumented alien and “if you want to deport someone, then deport me. Meanwhile his grandfather was the immigrant (A legal one), his parents were born here and so was he.
    All hypocritical natural born liars.

  25. Alan , you make it sound like Conservative heaven.

    How are the winters there? You know, since Andy said many New Yorkers leave his “liberal paradise” because of the long winter season. Funny that high taxes, less freedom and a big welfare state have nothing to do with it.

    What’s a good area in TN to look at?

  26. Everything has pros and cons. We lived just south of Knoxville. Neat, clean city with easy access and good traffic flow. Good restaurants.
    The Tennessee theater was renovated but cultural events are not as plentiful as in NYC for example. University of TN is there if you liek college sports (SEC). Outside the metro areas all you get is fast food and there is a great deal of white poverty. Getting fresh seafood reliably is tough. If you have a boat all you have are lakes and rivers.
    Winters are tolerable. Jan and Feb can be cold—not always and the summers hot. By By March everything comes into bloom. Better than NY for sure, but bad if you have allergies. The state has more flowering plants than any other than Hawaii. Living in the eastern section of the state affords easy access to the Smokies.
    If I had to go back I might consider the Nashville area first. More to offer. Stay away from Memphis. It’s a high crime black slum.
    We are currently looking at coastal North Carolina

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  28. It’s not Parenthood if you kill your baby. It’s murder. Planned murder. The State of New York is now the most evil state in the USA. Soon to have the highest murder rate in the nation. I wonder people of New York, does this make you feel special?

  29. Kent, I agree 100% with your comment. Makes me sick to my stomach. What EVIL people there are in this world. We have BIRTH CONTROL in this country, have your tubes tied, become sterile, WHATEVER. To kill a baby is just beyond me and totally UNFORGIVABLE. IT IS MURDER. May they ROT IN HELL. They acted totally irresponsible with their life and to kill something that is growing inside of you for 9-mos., feeling their movements, kicking, just BLOWS MY MIND. How can they live with themselves? They can’t be human. I couldn’t let even end an animals life, let alone another human being that was part of me. WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO OUR WORLD?????


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