This school wants to know the most outrageous things about your child


Leftists will stop at nothing to brainwash America’s youth.

And government schools happily work with them hand-in-hand.

But this government school took things too far.

A middle school in Vermont just handed out a sexual activity and identity survey to a class of 5th graders.

The form included questions about whether a child is attracted to men, women, or both and if the 5th grader has had a relationship or sexual partner.

The “claimed” purpose was to follow the children’s sexual activity and relationships over the next six years.

But this was really just another attempt by leftists to expose America’s youth to their sexually promiscuous lifestyles.

The advocacy group WISE partnered with the teacher of the class and parents were supposedly given “opt out” forms.

But many parents say they never received a form.

Vanessa, one of the parents who didn’t receive the “opt-out” form, was absolutely shocked that her child was subjected to questions about these topics without her consent.

MSN Lifestyle reports:

A mother in Vermont was infuriated when her daughter’s teachers handed out an intimate survey about students’ sexual history.

Vanessa Beach’s 10-year-old daughter, Zoe, was in class last week when her guidance counselors handed out a questionnaire. The questions included intimate ones about about students’ sexual orientation, whether they’ve been in a relationship, and whether they’d had a sexual partner.

Although students were instructed to hand the paper back into their teachers, Zoe put her copy into her pocket. She took it home and showed it to her mom.

And when Vanessa saw the survey, she was, understandably, shocked and outraged. She took to Facebook to share her thoughts.

Vanessa found kindred spirits with other parents when she posted a photo of the survey to Facebook:

Even a retired teacher chimed in saying the survey was inappropriate.

The state of Vermont has laws in place to allow and even encourage such surveys.

One thing is clear: liberals will stop at nothing to expose America’s youth to their deviant sexual lifestyles.

Do you think schools should track your children’s sexual lifestyles and relationships?

Let us know in the comments!


  1. The schools should track the teachers sexual preferences, and depending on anything other than Christian based marriages, the teachers should be replaced. Populating our schools by perverts should not be an option to be provided by our learning intuitions.
    Praise God this is stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I heard of schools teaching satanism and on their buses, I spoke to some people that stated that it was true and, that there had been some complaints to officials in that county but, none thing was happening about it, this kind of sickness hasn’t just started, it has been active in places all over for, a long time, the problem is people being to afraid to speak out and put a stop to all of this ungodly behavior!

  3. Nine times out of ten the pablum posted on this site makes me believe the writers are longing for totalitarianism or at least authoritarianism. But even I agree this is a bridge too far.

    • Agree Eric, Dr. JD here. Most of the time they just want to hype up some argument that makes the underpaid teachers and education staff look badly. But this was a GIANT error – – and only those with permission slips signed by parents should have been allowed to participate. While THIS school personnel screwed up, don’t make that generalization about others, please.

  4. I would take my child OUT OF THIS SCHOOL, and enroll him /her in another school distrect. Then I would SUE the other OF CHILD ABUSE. CALL A LAWYER FOR ONFO. These are 10 yr Olds ,WOW, THIS IS NASTY AND AGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR. THIS IS SEXUAL CHILD ABUSE..IT’S WRONG…THEY SHOULD PAY. .

  5. I thought school was for learning how to read, write, do math, and work at bettering yourself, to get a job, possibly get married, and to have a family. NOT TO LEARN SEX, lets get back to readin’ writing an arithmetic, and hire teachers who will teach THIS type of study. Remember Trump can only do so much, and GOD gave us free will..LETS TURN IT AROUND, it starts with 1 person. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. Any doubt left in your mind?
    We can no longer coexist with these ersatz liberal dem life forms.
    There is only one answer to dealing with these life forms, conversation and voting are not it. Civil war is inevitable, why are we waiting?

  7. Two of my Great Grandchildren were just taken out of private school and enrolled in public school. I warned the parents this was a bad idea. They had attended the school since preschool. The oldest entering 4th grade. The reason? Cost was enormous. Well, we are now a couple months into the school year and Grandma was right. This was a bad move. Very little academics being taught in the public school and they are way ahead. They do not like the new school, but I will give them credit. They are adapting well and not complaining.

  8. I see this as an Attempt to start Culling the Herd. To start Exposing certain Individuals into different Class for Faster LGBTQ indoctrination at a Higher Rate. Hell why wait till High School if you have some that are already confused about their Gender or Sexual Preference.

  9. The teachers, the school board AND school administration should be background checked and thoroughly investigated, the replace with individuals that 1. Have common sense, 2. Have ethics and 3. Have respect for the students and their parents.

  10. This school better back off, while they still can–before they get sued. Their question is barking up the wrong tree. Try teaching the kids history and reading and English., and math. The rest belongs to the parents and none of the schools BUSINESS.!!!!

  11. Most of their financial support comes from property tax threaten to vote it out, if they don’t clean up the schools. We were lied to, to begin with when we were told if we would vote to change the property tax from 4 to 6 percent, they would do away with school tax, my very next statement had it on there just reworded and, its been there ever since!

  12. This is outrageous. Regardless of intended purpose, it is an unjustified invasion of privacy–of a CHILD. Someone should be fired–immediately.

  13. Why don’t teachers concerned themselves with teaching the children good manners & right conduct instead. If they’re not learning it from home at least they’ll learn it from school!

  14. Schools need to track my childrens educational progress, But with the standard of teachers and school boards there is no progress. No child left behind laws do children no favours, in fact it just makes them low or no income adults. Kindergarten students are not fully taught the 12 times tables and are just passed to the next level, and the reason is they have calculators. I have had young store cashiers who cannot make change by themselves. And the Government wonders why our country has fallen behind in so many ways. Get rid of Common core get educated teachers and pay them well but also make it easier to fire teachers. Children who fail any class should be given extra homework or more tuition in that subject rather than going to football . Bring back Home economics and woodworking/metalworking classes also proper hands on science classes. Get back to really Educating our children.

    • I don’t think time tables should be taught in Kindergarten. They never have been and hopefully never will be. Basic math ok, but times tables?? Come on. All of my Grands & Greats that are school age are extremely smart. None of them were taught times tables in K. Reading yes!!! Which is probably the most important subject they can learn and should learn well. One of my Greats I had the opportunity to visit with recently knew pretty well her times tables. She was entering 3rd grand. Doubt she was supposed to know them in K.

      • Agreed! Education has neared the ridiculous. Frankly I think it is criminal what they are doing to these kids. I’ve got grown grands, but I have two little ones left, and I fear for their sanity.

        • I agree. I still have 2 Grandchildren, 13 Greats in school & 9 Greats starting in 1 to 4 years. Some are in private school and I wish all of them were. California, Minnesota & Texas, Constant worry, but thank goodness they all have great parents who keep close watch on what is going on.

  15. I’m 78 years old with Great Grands in Primary school. I think I need to have conversations to find out what they are being taught. Sex questions in primary school is outrageous!

  16. Replace the school teachers, principals, and any other person pushing this c**p on our children. If they are asked their age, that is enough. Children will start acting out if they think they have a choice. They don’t. When I was a kid, a boy was a boy, and a girl was a girl. Period. No problems. The boys grew up to be men and the girls grew up to be women. Just as God planned. If anybody is saying God is wrong, you will have a nice sit-down with Him on that last day. You won’t be happy with the things He will say. So, straighten up and fly right, or get out!!!

  17. What the teachers are teaching is not right. They should not be questioning the kids about their sexual preferences at that age or any age. Our schools have gone to hell in a hand basket just like the democrats have done.


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