This school is facing legal action after the principal threatened praying students


Public schools are becoming more hostile towards Christians every day.

Radical leftist administrators are waging a war on our youth to prevent them from practicing their faith and exercising their First Amendment rights.

But what this high school principal told a group of praying students is unhinged.

In Texas, a group of students decided to pray for a former classmate who was involved in an accident.

When they started praying during non-class time at an empty lunch table, they were confronted by their principal.

He was furious and told them: “Y’all don’t do that again.”

Now the school is facing legal action.

Christian Headlines reports:

A number of lawyers from First Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s leading defenders of religious liberty, recently challenged the decision made by a Texas high school principal to isolate students who wished to gather and pray with one another when they had a break from classes.

“In other words, the students were told that they could not pray in view of the other students,” First Liberty clarified.

A letter was sent to Honey Grove Independent School District Superintendent Todd Morrison early last week, describing the series of events that took place.

The legal team disclosed that it was representing Carrie Allen on behalf of her eighth-grade daughter, Hannah stating, “In early September 2018, Hannah and a group of other students decided to pray for one of their former classmates who had recently been in an accident. During lunch when students are permitted to talk and move around the cafeteria, the students walked to an empty table, held hands, and quietly prayed with one another.

Almost immediately after, Principal Lee Frost walked over to the students and told them in response to the student-initiated, student-led prayer, ‘Y’all don’t do that again.’”

In the letter to the school district First Liberty said, “By mandating that Hannah and the other students hide when they pray, Principal Frost sends a message to Hannah and all the other students in the school that prayer is illegitimate, disfavored, and should not occur in public.

The students obeyed all the rules and went out of their way to peacefully pray for a fellow classmate.

And still the principal went out of his way to persecute the students for their faith.

This is disturbing on several levels.

At best, this is just one crazed Christian-hating liberal that acted out of line.

At worst, with this action coming from the principal, such behavior is sure to trickle down to other school administrators and teachers.

His behavior could deter other students from exercising their faith for fear of being rebuked by the principal.

Radical atheists have ramped up their attacks on Christians all across the country.

As we reported, a middle school in Virginia banned Jesus in their Christmas concert this year.

These are not just unfortunate one-off occurrences.

Christians are being told to shut up or face the consequences.

Do you think the principal should be fired for persecuting his students who were praying for an injured classmate? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Hire a team of lawyers and sue the principal, sue the school, sue the school board, and the horse they rode in on. Leftist atheists should be stopped in their tracks!

  3. this principle should be fired and should be charged with preventing these students of there constitutional rights which is guaranteed in the First Amendment

  4. AS A Texan THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! A few years AGO there was a Texas SCHOOL that made a place available for Moslem kids to pray according to their faith to pray 3 times a day and NOBODY cared!!! This is BLATANT DISCRIMINATION!!!!! SUE their A$$E$$ OFF!! Where do I donate?????????

  5. Exactly. Hold those bolshviks (principaL, school board, entire school) accountable for their subversive, anti American, anti constitutional stance.

  6. If this had happened when I was attending High School the Principal would have joined the students and added his prayers to theirs.

    Sad how these times have changed.

  7. What a poorly misguided and uninformed individual the principal is. We should pray for him to be a more compassionate and understanding person and a more, informed principal. He has obviously reached above his level of competency in the above mentioned areas.

  8. Sue the school & warm all the other schools in the district they will face the same thing if they condone or take such action against other Christians! Fire the principal!

  9. It is no wonder our kids are not keeping up with the rest of the world when they can’t read. The Constitution says “freedom of Religion”, not freedom from religion!

  10. Prayer, for the non-believer, and those on the ideological Left, is antithetical to the moral relativism they profess. God plays no part in their empty lives, and materialism and hedonism fill the void.

  11. That idiot atheist ‘principal’ should as a minimum be suspended and made to take a course on the First Amendment of our Constitution which he clearly ignores or has no concept of; and he and the rest of his fellow ignorant and leftist ‘educators’ probably got a lot of their liberal motivation and attitudes from two other well known leftists and atheists, their ‘messiah’ Obama and Hillary…

  12. I can’t condone the principal being fired BUT he should be suspended for two or four weeks WITHOUT pay. When/if he returns, if he harasses ANY of the Christian students then he should be TERMINATED (NOT transferred). He gave a VERY bad example of what should NOT be done. His profession is supposed to TEACH the students not try to make them act like A..HOLES.

  13. And if a Muslim student were to lay down a prayer rug and kneel toward Mecca, possibly even praying for the same student, what would you want this Principal to do?

  14. These Anti-Christian, Anti-God Schools and Teachers need to keep their noses out of the rights of the freedom of Religion. They need to Bring bake the “Pledge of Allegiance To The Flag” and “Prayer at the beginning of the school day” in the morning or in homeroom. They also need to bring back Corporal Punishment because the reason that America’s education levels are so low is that the students have no fear or respect for the teacher’s authority in the classroom. That is why the children are out of control and have zero education because they are to busy not paying attention in class.


  16. Violation of the Constitution by denying Freedom of Religion. Should face prison for Sedition and Brain washing children to hate Americans.

  17. This Principal should be fired. I wonder which college he received his administrator’s license from?
    He offended too many people with his illegal action, and the way he treated the students. As a leader, he should lead by respecting other people faith and believes. He used the principal position in an abusive and oppressive matter during this particular incident. Shame on him.

  18. This story is so sad. If this can happen in “one” school, it WILL happen in another! And where are the parents of these children? Couldn’t they have “stepped up” to defend their kids for “caring” about their classmate, and acknowledge the fact that they were not bothering anyone else in the cafeteria? Couldn’t they all have “stood up” to the principal by stating that it was their “constitutional right” to pray at a time when they were not disturbing a class or anyone’s conversation? The School Board should have cut that principal down
    for being so abusive to those loving, caring students!!

  19. From most of the comments, it appears that so many have lost sight of, or perhaps don’t know what Jesus said in Matt.5:44. Here it is: “but i say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you and persecute you.” and He follows this in vs. 45 for the reason we should do this. Here it is: “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”
    Though I believe the principle acted out of spite for religious values for whatever reason, i do not believe he should be fired but surely be suspended without pay for a good period of time to send a message to anyone with his disposition that this would not be tolerated. I believe also he should be made apologize to the students involved as this would humble him. Maybe all those who responded in a negative way could use some of this also.

  20. Not sure he should be fired right away. However, a stern rebuke of his position is certainly warranted. Then, if the principal repeats such action, he should be fired for insubordination.

  21. Absolutely right!! And this is OUR country!! As an AMERICAN this is unacceptable!! Who do they think they are?!? This is clearly discrimination and taking away our first ammendment rights!!

  22. Amen, Amen indeed!!!!!!!!!! The principal should be suspended and sued. The students did nothing wrong. The principal needs to be “taught a lesson”.

  23. I served 24 years in the military to protect America from this very kind of prejudice and hate! If it is OK for a school to teach the Five Pillars of Islam, and for these people to pray five times a day to their god, then it is only fair to allow Christian students the right to pray for a friend who was injured! This nation is dying because of hate and because it denies God! Won’t these foolish people be surprised when millions of Christians suddenly disappear! That event is drawing closer every day!

  24. I would say that if this is a one off event, then the principal should be severely reprimanded, possibly given a month off with no pay and warned if he does it again, he will be terminated. That should send a message to other principals or teachers. And then the school should be forced to announce that students may gather on their free time to pray within all public areas of the school. The principal should be forced to write an apology to every student involved.

  25. What I would like to see is the original news item or even any other news item regarding this incident. A link would be nice. I share these types of violations against Christians, however, I like to see factual information before I share it. So far, doing searches, I can’t find anything on this incident. Worse, no webpage can be found that’s working for I’m going to be unsubscribing from your email news alerts.

  26. THINGS LIKE THIS CAN BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE THE MESSAGE OF jESUS CHRIST AND SALVATION. WE ARE NOT CALLED TO MAKE THEM BELIEVE, BUT WE ARE CALLED TO TELL THEM. What does I Thessalonians 5:17 mean when it says In EVERYTHING give THANKS… the time, totally surrounded by whatever is happening, freely offer up sincere appreciation. I do not see comments that back up what attitude we are to have…I see as hateful an attitude on the part of those who profess to know Jesus as those who deny who Jesus has said and shown who He is. How is Christian carnality any different from that of unbelievers?
    Are we not told that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but,mighty to the pulling down of strongholds?
    What do I know about the school system and their views regarding Jesus Christ and Salvation and Christian values? As a retired teacher at all grade levels, I think I have a good grasp of the problems. I wonder how many people know that public education FROM THE VERY BEGINNING was a Unitarian endeavor in opposition to Trinitarianism. also have 6 years in the USNavy and 9 in the USArmy. Some was before I was a teacher, and some while I was. I affirmed that I would uphold the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. That is still my affirmation!

  27. This is what we have teaching our kids and it isn’t right. His license should be revoked and never be able to work in a school again. Yes and sued along with the school board. When Schools started the Bible was the only book they had and look now it can’t be found in schools anyplace now. I the teachers were tested I bet there is a lot of them that don’t know what is in the 1st and 2nd amendment I know for One thing they are not teaching it in schools now. It appears that kids are learning more from the internet than school so why do we have schools . Is it just to give people jobs . It looks like anyone can teach school now no mater what they know.

  28. Take them to court for every dime you can get, make the school submit to christian meetings and values. Tie it up in court, make them spend a fortune.

  29. I remember years ago when I was in Greece and there was a coup by the army giving an ultimatum to then a Muslim president.
    You can walk out or be carried out feet first.
    Think that is too strong??
    This is what will happen and is coming if this doesn’t stop; totally

  30. I think he should be fired and would be surprised if he wasnt fired. What is the name of the principal and what is his backgound? Did the school district approve this? If they did, then they should be sued and if he hasnt been removed from the school, then they approved his ban on prayer.

  31. Perhaps we could initiate a ‘Re-education camp’ to send the liberal atheists for instruction the historical establishment of Christianity and the founding of America. The liberals, having such limited knowledge in civics, geography, world history, world religions, the fine arts, and American history, seem to believe their opinions are facts. All the tax money we have paid over the years for building schools and giving children free public education, including books, supplies, meals, school buses, buildings, and teacher salaries has been wasted! Well, damn! I want my money back!


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