This school district is making a policy change that has parents up in arms


LGBT groups are targeting children with their propaganda.

They know the sooner they can sink their teeth into children the more they can spread their morally void ways.

And the policy change this school district just made has parents up in arms.

The Washington, D.C. swamp is a cesspool of radical so-called “progressives”

If they can’t impose their views on the federal government, they do so locally.

And now the Washington D.C. school district is going to allow students select “non-binary” on their enrollment forms instead of “male” or “female.”

The Washington Post writes:

The District’s public school system is slated to become among the first in the nation to let families select “non-binary” — rather than male or female — when indicating the gender of their child on enrollment forms.

The option is scheduled to go into effect for the next school year, and school system leaders said it is part of a broader effort to ensure that transgender and non-binary students feel welcome in classrooms in the nation’s capital.

“We value the whole child at [D.C. Public Schools], and have worked diligently to ensure our schools are safe and inclusive for all students, staff, and families,” interim chancellor Amanda Alexander said in a statement. “Whether through policies, programs, affinity groups, or our enrollment forms, [D.C. Public Schools] is proud to be a leader in affirming, supporting and welcoming LGBTQ students.”

The D.C. enrollment forms will allow teachers to know which students in their classrooms identify as non-binary without families having to inform them. School officials said collecting data on how many students identify as non-binary will ensure that the school system has enough resources available for those students, including access to gender-neutral bathrooms and extracurricular activities.

This move is yet another attack on the fundamentals of our American society.

It was one thing for a private company like Target to allow transgenders to enter whatever bathroom they please regardless of the biological sex.

It’s another thing to impose this nonsense on our children.

The decision to move to the option of being “non-binary” is indefensible biologically, and is a direct attack on what makes a society function.

This may leave parents with no recourse if their daughters are forced to use the same bathroom as a biologically male classmate.

Recently, a five year-old little girl was sexually assaulted by another boy because of transgender bathrooms.

These are real issues that arise from allowing this insanity in our school systems.

And instead of acknowledging them, the leftist LGBT groups will just resort to calling concerned parents ignorant hateful bigots.


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  2. All of this is just wrong, both morally and mentally, you have to be a raging pervert to accept this, or even consider this!!!!

  3. Students shouldn’t be submitting enrollment forms; they are minors and their parents should be submitting enrollment forms.

  4. We are human beings. We are Male, and Female, there is nothing in between! The people who are pushing this agenda should be met by VIOLENCE if needed! The LBGT community should stay to themselves instead of making trouble for the sane people in this world!!!!

  5. This is a true story. My beautiful niece at the age of 21 one day out of the clear blue decided she was a boy. She cut her long beautiful hair off, dressed like a boy, etc and was planning on getting trans surgery. She was going to college and was in her third year at the time. Because of lack of funds, she had to quit college and within months, she started letting her hair grow back, started wearing dresses, etc again and no longer talked about being a boy. One day I asked her, what was it that made you change your mind. She said, well, when I was in college I hung out with a lot of gay and transgender students. I had been depressed, she said, and they told me, the reason I was depressed was that I was not really a girl but a boy and that led me down that path. But once I was away from college and back home, that slowly all started to go away. True story. We never bugged her about it at the time because she was kind of bull headed and we knew if we pushed the issue, she would do it for sure. She had to come to the truth by herself. She is now again, my beautiful feminine niece.

  6. God never left the schools. But this country was set up on the separation of church and state. If you want your religion taught in schools, do like the Catholics and have religious schools. I went to them, and we prayed several times a day, more on test days.

  7. What has happend to society? What has happened to parents?? What has happened to God and Country??
    Did you just say the hell with it, let the immorals have this world???

  8. — and name those perverts for what they are, which does not preclude us from praying to God’s mercy and grace to let them see the truth and the light..

  9. If I was in this situation I would put my children in private school, or church school. They are far better than most public schools. They will often try to get tuition assistance for you , or help you finance your tuition. If they lose enough students they will lose money and they will quickly do an about face. Public schools are paid by your state according to the number of students enrolled. Yank them out and I bet you see results.

  10. That’s a great idea! But let’s start with something the Pledge of Allegiance! Maybe baby steps towards what used to be the norm will work.

  11. I forgot,are they going to have binary restrooms?That’s just as ludicrous as the term that they want to impose!

  12. I am glad my children are all grown up and went by the rule we enjoyed as children. I did send my children to Catholic school, for the first eight year of school, so they would have a good foundation. I would suggest that the families, that have a problem with the new education system, should enroll them in private christian schools.

  13. And the meek shall inherent the Earth ! For the educated shall be called QUEER : Odd, strange, having mental quirks …. non-binary.

    Has the Earth with over 7.5 billion persons finally overwhelmed the capacity of the environment , and have the learned become suicidal ?!

  14. I totally agree with you Charles. I can remember a time when my kids were young if you checked the wrong box at school they were on the phone to verify your childs identy. Or if you checked other for your race and write in human. They actually called to scream at me and told me I had to choose a legitimate “race”. All this time I thought I was from the human race.
    Now days the perverts have more rights then the judges, or parents. If I had small children they would never attend public school.

  15. This is the result of allowing sodomy to become mainstream. The deviants in our society will not stop until all kinds of sexual immorality is legalized and accepted. May the Lord have mercy.

  16. Anyone left tht does not believe that civil war is inevitable, what these scum are doing to our children is reason to kill them

  17. Time To Take Back America, If Blood Is What They Want Time To Get Rid Of All weirdo Sick Fkrs………………………………

  18. Cabin 1954 – I think it’s because a lot of the educators and legislators are perverted pedophiles. They really don’t see what the problem is because children are vulnerable prey. We need to come down harder on the pedophiles and send them away for a lifetime. That should eliminate some of the problems

  19. This country was never set up on a separation of church and state. The only thing the Constitution states is that ‘The government will not set up a national religion’. The separation of church and state was a statement made by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to someone, I don’t remember who to. This has been twisted by liberals as coming from the Constitution. Typical liberal lies and misleading statements.

  20. So children are now being told they are nothing since they aren’t girls or boys they have to be nothing. Nice thing for a kid to find out he is by adult say so nothing.

  21. Do we need more psychological chaos and confusion to drive more of our precious and valuable youth to depression and suicide? Let’s get back to The BIBLE, that plainly tells us each newborn is either a male or female child, to be loved by a Mother AND Father. THIS TRUTH FOSTERS STABILITY AND WORTH IN EVERY CHILD WHO IS BORN ON THIS EARTH! THIS IS GOD’S INTENT! THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR THAT HE BLESSES.! EVERY ONE WHO DEVIATES CAN COME TO THE TRUTH! BUT, TO HEAR FATHER GOD DECLARE, “DEPART FROM ME!! I NEVER KNEW YOU!! IS WHAT MANY WILL BE SHOCKED TO HEAR, WITH NO DEFENSE! THAT’S IT!!!

  22. The problem here is the people are a captive audience in any city. What can be done about it? They know they put you between a rock and a hard place!

  23. Round up all these confused people that don’t know if they are girls or boys and ship them to an island. Stop allowing them to adopt babies.
    Tell them to shut up and go back to the closet. That lifestyle is addressed in the Bible & compared to beastality. Disgusting. Shut them down.

  24. Parents need to pay attention to what’s happening in our schools, the liberal left want to convert all of your children to LGBT.

  25. I and my siblings all attended Catholic schools where the Pledge Of Allegience was recited every day. Morning prayers were recited or few minutes of silence were observed. My eldest grandchild went to a Catholic preschool and it was the best education he ever received. Our forefathers established this country as One Nation Under God with liberty and justice for All.

  26. Oh, now I get it everyone who is depressed is just the wrong gender, an infallible cure for Manic Depression, ROFLMAO, I hate to say it but your granddaughter should have been taught to think more for herself before she went off to college, these days it is worse because such demented and deviant thought processes are taught from Preschool on up.

  27. Believe it or not but a lot of money poured into our education system comes from oil wealthy Moonie Muslimes yes, some parts of the nation will be forced to shutdown schools but as long as you have Moonie Muslimes pushing what is taught in our schools being taught the curriculum and right from wrong will decline, yes the Moonie Muslimes in their hypocrisy denounce all sexuality other than heterosexuality but they know this multigender sickness will help to bring about a quick fall to our Constitutional Republic and they will come into save us with their sharia law.

  28. Sadly lazy parents and Christian leaders are allowing Satan to expand his kingdom with ignorant politicians on school boards and on the city council. God only made two sexes male and female. One person can make a million citizens support their sinful behavior, or one citizen or non-citizens can get a teacher fired because he refuses to stand for the Pledge Allegiance. And it is not just so-called Liberal thinkers, also conservative thinkers who are allowing these stupid and ignorant policies and decisions. I’m really amazed at how successful a very small immoral group of people in the USA are making the Christian citizens yield to their sinful behavior in just a short time. Maybe Black American citizens should learn from the LGBTQ how to achieve human and voting rights after 240 years.

  29. The LGPT has become a cancer in our society and should be rebuffed in every possible way in order to continue corrupting our children.

  30. Any school pushing this should be shutdown and children should be taught these are not normal people. And as parent I resent any school or teaching this dysfunctional behavior

  31. If this stuff happens in your area, tell them no! Shut them down. Protest. Anything to stop the insanity. Every time they succeed, more power is taken from us. More like, handed over by us. They are already pushing us around like little children. We need to grow up. Do what needs to be done.

  32. It’s been going on LONG before Obamarx came along. Satan is the prince of this world, and he knows he’s runnig out of time.

  33. Truth,
    The separation of Church and State was to protect the People and Churches/Sunagogues from the State. Not to protect the State or People from the Church/Synagogues.

  34. Yes you racial bigot, the LGBTQ have been promoting their Satan sinful behavior since the Catholic church and a few other churches encompassed the sick behavior. Sadly the Democratic party embrace the sinful LGBTQ sinful behavior. And it is why Many RINO have gone to the Republicans.

  35. This is What Happens when Good Men Do Nothing and let Fools Teach Children that Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong. They Scramble there Brain that they think up is Down and Down is Up Hum mm Mabey its back and forth or is it forth and back?

  36. Steven, Jefferson WROTE the Constitution so I think he knew what it meant. It IS true that the Government shall establish no official religion but it also does not forbid you from religion either. We ARE a Judo/Christian society and should allow any religion that does not go against our written laws. Islam IS against our laws as they have their Sharia Law and therefore it goes against our Constitution and it is not a true religion but rather a political belief so I have no problem forbidding the following of that so-called religious law. (Sharia) You cannot and should not ignore religion as it applies to history.
    Now this garbage of allowing children to use the bathroom of their choice is stupid unless it is a SINGLE bathroom. If it is designed for use by more than one person then it is physically separated by your physical sex. I WILL NOT tolerate a male entering the same bathroom as my granddaughter and yes I WILL physically remove you if I see you doing so and please resist my interfering, I want you to buck me.

  37. FYI, just because you hate what Obama did to this Nation does not mean you are a bigot. Remember he is half Caucasian and half Negro. It was his policies and not his skin color that people hated.

  38. The left want to do this in the interest of “inclusivity”. How long before they let rapists and drug dealers and addicts and murderers in for inclusivity? Stupid libtards!!!!

  39. We do not have a queer problem.
    We do not have a bent gender problem.
    We do not have an immigration problem.
    We do not have an antifa problem.
    We do have a a liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical problem.
    There is only one answer to dealing with this problem. Talk isn’t it.

  40. So thankful my grandchildren are home schooled. There will be a time when they will face this evil and discrimination against all that is correct, but the longer they don’t have to deal with it the better. Let them be children!!

  41. So glad you said this. The Constitution NEVER said separation from Church and State. The government cannot mandate a state church as did Henry 8th when he wanted another wife and started the Church of England that is deader than a door nail as is the apostate Catholic Church

  42. The Constitution NEVER said separation from Church and State. The government cannot mandate a state church as did Henry 8th when he wanted another wife and started the Church of England that is deader than a door nail as is the apostate Catholic Church

  43. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard, the lemon, Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  44. I went to school in Far Rockaway NY from 5th-7th grades, and remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, of course that was in the early 60’s 🙂

  45. It is time to fire the perverts who are promoting this disgusting rule! Only a total fool would support the perverts and allow them to destroy our school system. Why would the citizens allow perverts to corrupt our school system?

  46. Nope – you are wrong. The “under god” part wasn’t added to the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954 when Eisenhower was president. I was a sophomore in high school then and well remember having to relearn the pledge. Please don’t try to tell us that the forefathers wrote that “under god” part – in fact the pledge wasn’t even written by the forefathers. You can look it up – probably in Google.

  47. What in the hell is a “moonie muslim”?? Even the words together don’t make any sense. The moonies as I recall were part of a group in Korea who were followers of a leader named Moon. And a Muslim is a follower of Mohammed and Allah. So please explain just what a “mooniemuslim”.

  48. Wait a minute – the gay folks aren’t able to procreate so where does the gay community come from anyway?
    Oh yes, the straight folks are the ones having babies. That’s where the gay people come from. It’s not a choice after all. People are born that way, just as straight folks are born straight. There is no choice in the matter after all.

  49. Parents, if you can’t pull your PRECIOUS children out of the indoctrination centers to HOME SCHOOL them, get together with ALL the parents that don’t agree with the administration’s decision, pull all your children from the school for a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS!!


    If 95% of parents pull their children out for 2 weeks, that should give the administration a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If THAT doesn’t change anything, HOME SCHOOL!!!!


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