This school banned “Jesus Loves You” valentines and it just blew up in their face


Last year, a student was barred by her school administrators from handing out Jesus-related valentines.

So this year she did it again, and they still banned her from handing them out.

But she had enough, and what she is doing next has the school sweating bullets.

In 2018, a student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Polly Olsen, began handing out valentines cards that said “Jesus Loves You.”

Then a school official told her she wasn’t allowed and threatened her if she did not stop.

So this year, Polly decided to do it again, and school officials still told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to hand out cards that tell people that Jesus loves them.

So now she is suing the school for attacking her constitutional rights.

Campus Reform writes:

Last Valentine’s Day, Polly Olsen, a student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, was reprimanded by staff after passing out religiously themed valentines on campus.

Handing out the heart-shaped cards, which included phrases like “Jesus Loves You” and “You are loved and cared for! 1 Peter 5:7,” Olsen was stopped by a security officer for “suspicious activity.”

Wanting to keep alive a Valentine’s tradition started by her late mother, Olsen was informed by university officials that the religious valentines violated the school’s ban on soliciting, a term that implies the selling of something, which Olsen was not doing. Now, after suing the college for violating her First Amendment rights, Olsen spoke exclusively with Campus Reform to share details on the situation.

“So this time, we’re going to court,” Olsen said.

When asked what sort of outcome she’s hoping for, Olsen said “I’m hoping the judge sees that this is cut and dry. It’s a no brainer that this is a constitutional right, and that discrimination did happen.” In closing, Olsen added that she hopes “other people are able to use my case to stand up for their rights and not back down even though everyone tells them to.”

Olsen is right that this should be a no-brainer for the judge.

There is no defense for telling students they can’t hand out “Jesus Loves You” cards on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter.

The only reason they are telling her “no” is because she promotes a Christian message.

A Muslim could hand out cards that say “Mohammed Loves You” and no one would bat an eye.

An Atheist could even hand out cards that say “There is no god” and they would still be praised.

This is a clear example of the double standard Christians face on college campuses today.

Administrators and professors alike tell their students they need to shut up about their faith and suck it up.

But this is clearly a violation of the constitutional rights given to every student, regardless of what they believe.

And the school may end up ruing the day they ever told a Christian student to be silent and obey their ridiculous “rules.”

Do you think Olsen should be allowed to hand out Christian Valentine’s Day cards?

Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! Sue the school in to oblivion. Enough is enough!
    American: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • “Progressives” don’t like morals or to be reminded of morals. Nor do they want to be reminded of what Christianity has produced. What is called Western Civilization is rooted in Christianity and Judaism, and that includes promoting treating people the same – regardless of where they are in a society’s level.

        • Liberals are not “Progressives” so don’t let them claim that word. They are without reason and think truth is relative.

          • Putting a word in double quotes shows it is a label that is not using the real meaning of the word. What are called liberals today are not liberals nor are they progressive. “Progressives” are working to impose “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. Which is just the opposite of what the US is founded upon.

        • Don,
          . . . . They don’t bother to take the time to proof read what they have typed. It is called being lazy. It bugs me also and I try to catch all of my mistakes but some times I will miss one.
          America: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • “Proof read” is one word “proofread” and “some times” is one word “sometimes”.

            I guess that “sometimes” you don’t “proofread”, yourself.

            Spellcheck won’t find these as mistakes as those are words themselves..

            If you don’t believe me look those two words up.

          • “Proof read” is one word “proofread” and “some times” is one word “sometimes”.

            I guess that “sometimes” you don’t “proofread”, yourself.

            Spellcheck won’t find these as mistakes as those are words themselves..

            If you don’t believe me look those two words up.

            So, I guess you missed two in that one POST.

          • Arjay,
            . . . .You are correct and yes, I blew right by these. I apologize!
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • The Constitution was written & given to Moral, Christian, & Truth Loving People. It is sad to say that the moral decline & debauchery that has infiltrated the Public Life of the American People must be confronted at all cost!! Public Schools must be operated by Men/Women, from the Janitors thru the Superintendent by Morally Truthful & Virtuous People!! This eliminates Men/Women that do not have a clue as to what The 10 Commandments teach!

      • The school is NOT establishing a religion, which is what the Constitution says, that the government shall not establish a religion. The school IS hindering her freedom of speech, which IS AGAINST the Constitution!

      • Yes we did hear of separation of church and state. But boobs like you NEVER complain about Islam being introduced in school or atheism. If you think atheism isn’t a religion, then why does the Unitarian Church exist? Go stick your head in a flamethrower. You might as well get used to the heat where you’re headed for.

      • Wrong. This is a lie being told by the anti-GOD communists aka democrats and being used to destroy our country. Our laws and our country are based on Judea Christian principles. GOD needs to be put back in to government.
        American: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • The Constitution prohibits the GOVERNMENT from establishing a religion. There is no prohibition of individual speech, which in fact is protected. God Bless you.

      • 1st of all no where in the Constitution does it say anything about the separation of church and state. 2nd what it does say is that the government can’t tell you which religion you can or can not practice. That means there is ‘Freedom of religion not Freedom from religion’
        The school has NO RIGHT to stop her from handing out those cards or anyone else from handing out the cards because it is not forcing anyone to follow any one religion. If you don’t believe in what it says throw it in the closest trash can!!!

      • It is not about the separation of Church and State. It is about silencing people. The claim of “separation of Church and State” is intended to silence the Church.

        • Actually, the original intent was to silence the government. They are not suppose to dictate, enforce, or interfere with the Church.

          THE Church being the only true Church. Christianity. All other “religions” are bastard cults. There is only one God. The false “gods” are all rotted corpsrs.

          Our country was founded on Christian principles and the world perverts the word “religion” which is actually described by God Himself in James 1:27.

          The government is doing the exact opposite of the original intent.

          Fortunately President Trump is now a man of God and starts meetings with prayer.

      • Where is “separation of church and state” located in the Constitution? I will tell you: it is not there. The principle is that the government may not establish a religion or show preference to 9ne faith over another. In this case, the school is obligated to allow students or others of all Faith’s to do as this woman tried to do. You are absolutely incorrect about the issue and the myth is Separation of church and state prohibiting religious expression on a school campus. There just ain’t no such law.

      • The separation of church and state only means, no State run religion like the Church of England. It doesn’t mean you can’t have the Ten Commandments in a Court House, or give out Valentines from Jesus!

      • Satan and his angel are getting more ignorant and stupid people to join his anti Christ agenda. But most of these same idiots support the LGBQT’s and their sinful agenda.

      • Rosemarie:”Separation of Church and State” means that the government cannot impose a religious ideology on its people. It has NOTHING to do with this situation. EVERY reason is free to practice his/her religion, always!
        Perhaps you need to take Hillsdale College’s class on the Constitution.

      • [Quoting]

        “Separation of church and state” is paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson and used by others in expressing an understanding of the intent and function of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

        • I have read the Constitution and Jeff Cook is exactly right. He’s not the one mouthing off. As I said before, Separation of Church and state is to keep the government out of our churches, not the schools.

      • David A Kling, Separation of church and state keeps the church and government separated so that government cannot control what is said in the church. It doesn’t mean to keep anything to do with the church from the schools. You need to study up on the Constitution more. A lot of people do for believing it is to keep God and Jesus out of schools; instead of keeping the government out of our churches.

    • They are trying to take God out of everything.Wonder how long it will be before they try to take him out of the churches. They better wake up.They are going to have to stand before God one day and I don’t think he will be happy with them.

  2. The “Progressives” don’t like Christianity because it promotes real morals, thinking, and other positives things that undermine the “Progressive” agenda of “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”.

  3. SUE the school!why can’t she give Valentines to people? isn’t that FREE SPEECH! did any of the people she gave Valentines complain? this craziness has to stop! this is fight against JESUS & we’ve got to stop before it goes any further! “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! JESUS LOVES YOU & I LOVE YOU!

  4. Send this piece to as many people as you can!
    Spread the word, sue when needed, and never
    give in to the enemies of decent morals and ethics –
    and they are now everywhere and into our lives.
    Kick their butts out!! Vote them out, take them to court
    (avoiding Obama appointed judges) whenever possible.
    And don’t fall back on “God will punish them” – WE
    must do it or they will win!

  5. she wasn’t soliciting anything…..soliciting means “an attempt to make $$$” which she clearly was not doing…she was handing out valentines…does it matter if the message was what some would call religious…..certainly not….next thing who complained???? What’s wrong with promoting a message of love?


    Those idiots in charge need to be replaced!

    She is in her rights and I applaud her. The so called

    • The best way to get rid of the morons in government is vote for any one with an R after their name, but, only after checking their voting record. VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

      • I like to vote for the ones that the NRA recommends. They do great research on these people. Most of them that they approve of has an R by their name. Now ain’t that something? lol

  7. Good for you for standing up for your rights. The School had no right to abridge your First Amendment Rights. They did it simply because it was a Christian Girl handing out these Valentine Cards. They would not have stopped a Muslim or an Atheist for giving out their cards. Time to put an end to this Christian bashing and if it is necessary take all these anti-Christians to Court to stop them. God Bless You and Keep the Faith!

  8. Let’s not forget it is SAINT Valentine’s Day.
    Let’s remember schools threw God out years ago
    and when God’s school zone protection ended school shootings began.
    We reap what we sew.

  9. This has got to stop we have speech cops everywhere it’s nuts. I hope she takes them to the cleaners. They won’t be running the show for ever.

  10. Good for you Polly. Every Jesus hater, particularly in our schools, should be identified and publicly outed. Why should God have to wait until they die to punish them?

    • That is not what Christ would want us to do. We are to love our enemies, and attempt to show them their folly by our own adherence to Christian principles – as well as to pray for their salvation!

  11. They have taken the Bible out of our schools and are trying to make this country something our fore-fathers would be totally against. It is about time that Christians stand up against those who are taking away our Freedoms. Sue the University and whoever is against God and Jesus. This Nation has to learn respect for all
    faiths. God Bless You.

  12. Your a 100% correct. Jesus loves all people. No matter what they believe. Jesus was sent to save the world from their sins. He preaches LOVE not Hate. The Atheist might not believe but that’s their right. They don’t preach hate or anger. The Muslim’s preach nothing but hate, death, ect. Read the Quran. Among the most cited verses is this one. Kill all idolaters wherever you find and capture them and you read the rest. It’s okay for them to post their ideas and we can’t. The School District is so wrong. God Bless us Christians

  13. Yes she is right, it is discrimination and I think the law suit is in perfect order, and it’s about time somebody took these atheists to task.

  14. Yes Sue that school all the way to the supreme court we as American citizens still have religious freedom regardless what the left is trying to do to take it away

  15. If she goes against a liberal Judge, she may have a problem….but, her right is being denied. This country was formed on IN GOD WE TRUST. I hope an article will be published so we will find out how the court decided. I believe she will win!

  16. Make the SOCOMS pay , not just in this school but every other public school. If the administration has no god or r islamic , they must give equal rights 2 others. Stripping others from their beliefs should allow the FED got. 2 strip all funding 2 those centers of indoctrination. States like CA. need 2 pay 4 the Illegals , SOCOM agitators , Radicals, REALFA THUGS, & all other SMEGMA on their own. Other states who allow freedom of speech & follow the constitution can use the monies 4 their residents.

  17. As a 20 yr. HS veteran teacher I can assure you it is the loss of upstanding and decent values present in Christianity (and other realms of society which should be allowed to flourish with traditional and conservative values) which which has cost irreparable damage to the foundations of society and our youth. IT’S NOT FUNNY HAVING TO BLAME LAWYERS, OBAMA, AND THEIR ILK.

  18. Good for you Polly. If in 1963 the church would have stood up against Madeline M. O’Hair then prayer wouldn’t have been removed from our public schools. A sad day for America for when you remove God out of society then everything else falls apart.

  19. Sure why not. If someone didn’t want to take a card they didn’t have to. It’s like folks handing out ”tracts” or flyers on a public street. If I am not interested in it I just say no thanks…Real simple folks.

  20. Shut and done case. But people of all religious persuasions are blind when it comes to Christians being persecuted. For a Muslim & others it takes hundreds of signatures for the school to even think of doing something. Ridiculous & hypocritical.

  21. This is just more evidence of the accuracy of Biblical Prophecy.

    Schools and everyone else without wisdom have no clue what anarchistic chaos and horror life would be like without the Presence of Christ.

    Christians hold the devil back but a time is coming when we (Christians) will be gone and satan will have his way for a bit.

    If you think the world is in turmoil now , you haven’t seen anything yet. People will wish they had gotten the Message.

    The Gospel will not cease to exist just because fools close their eyes and, like ostriches, bury their heads in the sand while their asses are exposed.

    Power and blessings to Polly for taking a stand. I, for one, stand with her in prayer and spirit.

    A lawsuit will not save the world but it will open the eyes of many and if just one lost sheep is found, it will be worth the struggle.

    Schools used to be a place of honor and wisdom. They are more and more becoming antichrist indoctrination institutions. They have become a curse and a soul cancer for students of all ages.

    Jesus Christ is still, and will always be, LORD!

    Father, please guide and
    protect Polly Olsen, her family, her supporters and her legal representatives. Give them courage and wisdom. May you be glorified in this.
    In the Name of Christ Jesus, I pray.


  22. These school administrators and their own agendas make me sick. They are vile, evil and only care about their own goals. Hopefully they will all be fired after this.

  23. Weren’t we once referred to as a Judeo-Christian Society??
    What this meant was shared values and respect for others.
    What’s happening to us folks
    I’m very worried about the future of our country.

  24. I think that ANY PERSON that seeks to DENY ANY CITIZEN ANY of the RIGHTS GUARANTEED by the Constitution should LOSE THEIR CITIZENSHIP for not less than 5 years!

    I think their homes being invaded, military personnel station IN THEIR HOMES, everything they own gone through on a regular basis, DENIED to vote, DENIED their Free Speech and Religious Choices….

    They WOULD GET THE MESSAGE and probably recommend to others to not do what they did….

    • If u strip them of citizenship, they would wind up getting free housing/food/education/preferred job status & b exempt from criminal prosecution. Isn’t that what the illegals r getting now? OH! & they get drivers licenses & still get 2 vote 2 or 3xs..

  25. It’s about time Academia is called on the carpet for the ridiculous rules imposed on students that have a Christian view of life.

  26. The separation of church and state was meant to keep the government out of the church, not to keep the church out of government ! God knows our government could use a little church.

  27. This is becoming unbelievable, so the card has some religion on it, it’s just a card, throw it away if you don’t want it or don’t like what it says. People are becoming so uptight. What about them changing our House and Senate rules on not allowing Muslim head coverings, as far as I’m concerned they should have not allowed it, no one has ever been allowed to wear any covering no matter what their religion is. I only worry about this radical form of Muslim the same as I feel what schools are trying to do is becoming very radical on there part.
    If its no for one it should be no for everyone.

  28. Valentine’s Day is all about love. What better way to lift up someone than to let them know they are loved by God and loved by you. She reached out to express her love for them. That’s a blessing to someone who needs to know they are loved.

  29. As a Born again Christian saint who takes the Holy bible literally, I am not concern about the action that this school took against the “Jesus Loves You.” We are “all” accountable to God Almighty. The same God who formed each person in their mother’s womb. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, He will repay. Indeed He will at the White Throne Judgement Seat. This is where all unbelievers or those that rejected Jesus Christ free gift of eternal salvation will be judge. Everyone has a book of life. This book, records by God, of every word that proceeded out of your mouth. Every deed, good or bad, is recorded in your book of life by God Almighty. At this Judgement, your book will be evidence of your rejection of Jesus Christ. Than you will be toss into the “Lake of Fire” (hell) consciously, forever and ever/

  30. Another sign that this once great nation is imploding. Christianity is under attack from many sources, and it is so sad that these people who lead this anti-Christian movement have no idea what they are doing! There will come a day of judgment and these people will be judged severely! Jesus said, “”If you deny Me before men, I will deny you before My Father in Heaven” (Matthew 10:33). By not allowing this young woman to share Jesus’ love, they are denying Him. So sad!

  31. I trust she is seeking monetary damages for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress et-al…take them to the cleaners!!! I agree with Spencer’s Reply…” this once great nation is imploding”… we all must stop the bleeding!! Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  32. There’s 3 sides here unfortunately.

    First, morally she should be able to hand these out.

    Second, her First Amendment right to free speech is being suppressed.

    Third, and most unfortunately, the separation of church and state comes into play IF this is a state funded college and not a private one.

    I hope that she wins!!!

  33. I am with Richard R. Pope:
    Everyone wants to come to America, the GREATEST Country on Earth, based on Judeo-Christian Principles, the Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights (The documents on which OUR Rule of Law is based).

    My thoughts are, if you do not like OUR Rule of Law type of Government, PLEASE find another COUNTRY to live in!! You would be leaving the GREATEST Country on Earth!!

  34. YES YES YES YES! I can’t say yes enough times how many times I say we should be able to praise OUR GOD and piss on muslims and the atheists. This is America and we HAVE to stand up for our rights!!!!! No one has to take any BS from a single piece of garbage stinking soul who has a problem with that. STAND UP AMERICA!! And GOD bless you Polly I am SO proud of you!!!! You go girl, don’t EVER let them get away with any thing at all!!!

  35. All Christians need to send a message we will not stand down anymore do something say something wrong about GOD JESUS the Blessed Mary you will be SUED we have the Right and The Law Plus the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN with us and don’t forget we have GOD the FATHER the HOLY TRINITY GOD HELP US To SAVE AMERICA GOD BLESS US ALL

  36. Go Polly. You have the right to say whatever you need to. It is still a free country and you shouldn’t be stifled. Forget the crap about separation of church and state. That doesn’t enter into this at all. It’s a matter of free speech, which you have. Sue toe pants off that school. Good luck!

  37. Yes, she should be allowed because it is her right to do so. Beyond that, it may be her calling. Educators without faith can be very dangerous.

  38. Absolutely sue the pants off this school ! The teachers can say whatever they want According to their beliefs ! Freedom of speech and sharing God’s love is noble and a right of law. Kudos for her standing for God and freedom

  39. Especially since 2015 the Freedom of Religion clause in the first amendment of the US Constitution has been violated(regarding same sex marriage, or otherwise), but as was referenced earlier there is a double standard here. The school say that Polly Olsen violated their no solicitation rule, and to a point that is true because she is “soliciting” for the true God with these “God Loves You” valentines. The double standard is that one religion can promote their belief over another, so it becomes an all or none situation as to who can promote their religious beliefs.

  40. They do not have the right to prohibit anyone from handing out anything that pushed an agenda. They have to be neutal to everyone to be fair. Progressives are lawless and they have no conscience so why should they care at all.

  41. The greatest America politician wrote a short 64 word address to the the public that ended “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

    What ever happened to this great thought about the greatest country over 150 years ago. Look at how American has failed its people and military after the end of World War 2 – we have not won any military conflict since 1950, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm plus the other conflicts since 1990 in the middle east countries. World War 2 was the last time America was unified in military conflict after attacked by Japan.

    The 9/11 attack was the lowest time period in America history and we have not recovered our national pride yet.

  42. Psalm 144:1
    A Psalm of David. Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

    It’s time to start kicking some progressive athie butts.

  43. Something people need to also keep in mind is that Islam is NOT a religion and is not protected by the US Constitution. Islam is a theocracy – a government with a religious component. When an Islam citizen presents Islam as a religion the citizen is following Islam’s law related to deception for aiding Islam’s take over of the world. The worship of the god (i.e. al ilah or allah) of Islam, Hubal the moon god who is historically known as Baal, is protected by the US Constitution but Islam is not. A person can not be a loyal citizen of Islam and be a loyal citizen of the US or any non-Islam controlled country. They requirements of Islam’s citizenship make dual citizenship fealty impossible.

  44. Good for this young Lady!
    She has an legit Right to hand out anything. It’s up to the Individual receiver to take, or refrain from taking.

  45. Our country has been invaded, while we slept. Jesus said “Watch and Pray” We have awaken. Hate was brought in where there was no hate. Innocence has been taken away,freedoms lost, and Americans divided because of power hungry democrats. Our safety is in the hands of God and students like Polly Olsen. Praise be to God and the people willing to keep his commandments. God is who made America Great and will keep it great God Bless you Polly, for God is on your side.

  46. Really all you need to look at is DNA to know GOD is REAL. Billions of people in the World and we’re all unique and made in his likeness.

  47. Islam aka the horror, aims to kill or enslave everyone. It is a false theocracy with a false prophet. It accepts Jesus as a prophet but not as God”s son. Islam WILL soon be taking over this country unless we wake up. Islam is financed by Big Arab oil & must be stopped NOW at all costs. It is a National Emergency long overdue & alien to all humanity.

  48. There is enough untapped oil in Canada for another 200yrs. Trump knows that. Plants are suffering from too little CO2 in the air. CO2 is their food! 4x more CO2 is now needed in the air for plants to thrive! CO2 does not cause global warming. It is the efforts of the insane climate control agenda that is already causing severe weather disruption & will cause global warming. When plants suffer WE suffer. That is part Satan’s plan. Satan is reserving Canadian oil for use during the Global Dark Ages now upon us.

    The Satanic powers now running our world wish to destroy it & are succeeding. Wake up! Top priority: learn & fully understand our Constitution & other founding documents.

    The Satanic forces have infiltrated everywhere! Get your sex under control, since it”s perversion is a central agenda of Satan because it’s abuse hyper-stimulates the primative Serpent Brain in us (hypothalamus & amygdala) – so does refined & processed foods, excess carbs & low fat, low salt diet. God approved of Able’s offering “and the fat thereof.” God refused Cain’s offering of the fields, read vegetarianism. Cain killed Abel, not the other way around, out of hatred.

    We have been lied to about practically everthing for over 100yrs by our media, government, schools, & our churches. The founding documents must be taught in schools but has been removed (since Lincoln) to enable Socilaist-Commie take over. Or schools & churches have been teaching lies for over 100yrs. Our churches, all of them, have betrayed us. Founding documents should have been taught continually in churches but have not & that makes our churches as bad as the mosques in that regard. Wake up or you are part of the problem & we are finished & yet another Dark Age of Islam will fall on us for centuries to come, or permanently. We the US of A are the last hope of the world. In God We Trust.

    Muslim people are at least as deceived as the rest of us. So are the Jews. God help us all.

  49. Get over it people stop trying to change our country to a different religion this country will an always has been a christian country so you want to come in that’s find follow the rules you cant stand it then go back to your country God loves you so keep passing those cards out it awsome to spread Gods love.Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come,thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven let your will be done guides us into the light away from the darkness father we need you in these dark of times god bless you all


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