This RINO politician just stabbed pro-lifers in the back with this one action


For years, self-proclaimed “pro-life” politicians have skated by, barely lifting a finger to live up to their campaign promises.

But with the abortion up-to-birth law passing in New York, and similar legislation being introduced in a number of other states, the line in the sand has been drawn.

And one RINO politician just betrayed everyone with this one insane action.

A bill was introduced in Oklahoma, that would define abortion as murder, and treat it as such, in the courts of law.

The bill (S.13) was then brought to the Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee, headed by Republican chairman Jason Smalley (R-Stroud).

However, in a twist of events, Smalley rejected the bill as “unconstitutional” and won’t allow it to be heard by the Senate Committee.

Now he is facing backlash from grassroots pro-lifers for shooting down the bill.

Oklahoma News Channel 4 reports:

A bill seeking to criminalize abortion in Oklahoma will not be brought up for a committee vote, a Senate committee leader confirmed to News 4.

Senate Bill 13, authored by Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow would reclassify abortion as murder. It was assigned to the Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Sen. Jason Smalley, R-Stroud.

Sen. Smalley described the bill, as written, as “extremely unconstitutional.”

“I’m extremely pro-life. I support the efforts. I support the cause, and I do support the author. I just do not support this kind of method,” Smalley told News 4 on Saturday. “We have other bills. There’s a Personhood Bill. We could look at the Heartbeat Bill. I mean, there’s other pro-life movement bills that we could tank up and discuss and continue that movement towards I think what we all want, but this is not the method nor the bill to do that.”

Speaking with News 4 over the phone Saturday, Sen. Silk challenged criticism of his bill.

“They just don’t like it, because it’s kind of out of the norm and they just don’t know what to do with it.” Silk said.

He said he’s sought advice from law firms across the country.

“Some people think it will hold up in court but even if there’s a negative outcome in court, we’re reserving the executive branch the authority to nullify a negative court opinion on it,” he said. “If politics were operating like they should on a moral and ethical constitutional basis, we would hear Senate Bill 13. It would probably pass committee.”

Lukewarm lifetime politicians like Jason Smalley aren’t voting based on a moral or ethical basis.

But the worst part is Smalley’s defense of his actions, saying the Bill is “unconstitutional.”

He claims the courts will strike it down so he doesn’t have to take action on a controversial bill.

One of the government’s central roles is to defend the right to life for all its citizens.

And Senate Bill 13 would be a step in that direction by defending the rights of innocent babies in the womb.

This action is just a microcosm of the spinelessness that is running rampant in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party gained control of Congress in 2014 largely running as pro-life, and yet nothing was done in defense of the unborn like defunding Planned Parenthood or passing the Pain Capable Bill banning late-term abortions.

But with the pro-abortion Democrats on the move in states like New York, Americans are growing tired of the excuses from fake pro-life politicians who fail to stand up to the radical Abortion Lobby.

And that could spell doom for these politicians looking to hold their seats for years to come.

Should abortion be outlawed in the U.S.?

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Yes, abortion should be abolished. It’s murder, nothing more than murder of an innocent God given child. With all the contraceptive devices on the market there should be no reason any woman should have an unwanted pregnancy. Smarten up women!

      • Do you know they also make female condoms and contraceptives? Barring rape, if a woman doesn’t want to risk getting pregnant she could always keep her legs together and say no, because if a woman will stay in her place the man will have to.

        • Dixie,YOU hit the nail on the head!!! Keeping their legs together will keep them from becoming MURDERERS!!! Especially in this current “enlightened” society,how woman think and believe,”its my body”,nobody elses..Wrong,its GODS body,HE’s just loaning it to them for however long HE allows you to live!! End of story,Fema-nazis!!

      • Condoms are good for STD prevention, but have a less than stellar record when it comes to birth control. If I wished to prevent a pregnancy I would never rely on a condom. Even when used with a spermicide they are not 100% effective. I’m not a medical professional so I can’t say for certain, but the only truly effective birth control for men is a vasectomy.

      • Cheryl D., She isn’t saying that, if you would actually read her comment. Both women and men need to think with the brain in their head rather than the brain in their pants. It is the responsibility of both the men and the women but there are some women that will get pregnant and not let their boyfriend or husband know and go and have an abortion done without their knowledge. That is what she is saying. But now to ask you, what about these prostitutes (women) that use abortion clinics for birth control? In the heat of the moment women don’t think about that and neither do the men.

      • And women don not become pregnant by themselves. Women who murder life within hate being women. There is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy when sex isn’t accidental. Women were given the gift to act as vessels for life – something that men can’t ever do. Rather than treating this exclusive gift as a gift these wicked witches allow men to trick them into becoming sex toys. I sex occurs, and given that artificial [fake] contraception doesn’t work, expect pregnancy which is the principal purpose of sex.

      • Yes! No one is responsible for my body, but me! If I CHOOSE to have sex, I am responsible for that decision and the chance of pregnancy. They call abortion, “Women’s Health”, when all it is, is birth control!

      • Sad thing is, they don’t think of it as murder of a baby unless the woman is murdered then they consider it a double homicide. Go figger!!

    • Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People!
      The Constitution defines, “Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!


    • The anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for anti-America agendas the bought out biased medias are proven daily to We The people that President is right about democrats and medias are the enemy of the people! Americans watch out for democrats voter frauds!

  2. Man, this is pretty crazy. Attaching this politician because he won’t waste time on a bill so obviously unconstitutional, a guy who is a clear supporter of the right to life, is insane.

    • Let’s see you are the Constitutional expert now and you know more then most everyone else who have studied the Constitution for more then 50 years now. RIGHT!!!!!

        • Let’s see…he misspelled the word attacking and you’re for the murder of babies. And, you’re calling him the idiot? I think we see who the real idiot is here, and it’s even worse than that. I pray that Almighty God would open your eyes to the truths about His creation.

    • No it isn’t insane. The fact is its not his place to stop a bill because he thinks its unconstitutional. Isn’t that the job of the higher courts to decide? He is not a Constitutional expert! He should have done his job and told the trurh of why he wouldn’t sign the bill. By the way YOU’RE no expert on the Constitution either!

    • So you are ok with murdering innocent babies because two morons didn’t use contraception or if they did used it improperly? This rino should either grow a backbone or be voted out of office.

  3. It should have never been made legal. That was a big turning point in America. This fool that did not let the Bill be heard is not even a RINO. He falls below that LOW standard and is even worse. I believe that he knows nothing about the Constitution and really know nothing about STATE Rights. It’s time for this bone head to go.

  4. Abortion is taking an innocent and helpless life. Only God allows life to be created. Man nor woman can create life alone. God uses them as the vessels through whom he creates life. Those who intentionally take a life in the womb is saying they have the right for whatever reason to, consider themselves to be equal with God and therefore have no conscience at all for ending and murdering those whom God has created. God is watching everything and he expects those who respect life from conception to stand againt these senseless and callus crimes against the defenseles. Our war is not against the people but against Satan who is living in their hearts and minds. They have been given over to their reprobate minds to do the will of Satan who hates life, love and everything that God loves.


  5. Abortion is Murder and those leftist judges that said it was Constitutional are liars and we know this but really what upsets me as a woman how can you kill your child it is insane we are the protectors of the children the Man is the protector of the Family and Sense this garbage was made illegal Law it seems everything good sacred honorable has been thrown out look at this queer garbage has nothing to do with the constitution just like abortion these judges are immoral criminals should be held accountable I know God will hold them accountable but we need to stop them here so generations don’t have to suffer for these criminals

  6. Politicians lie for their living. The ones that don’t rarely last.
    Voters need to be reminded just before election time what these rascals did while “serving” the people.

  7. Make up your mind , shyster. Either you are pro-life as advertised, or you are one of the cheats and liars that do not deserve a pass when walking in the light. Man-up, or get out.

  8. I am a right to life Republican and I believe that every RINO in Congress and the Senate should be voted out. They do not stand for our rights. Shame on him, just a puppet for the Dems.

  9. 22 week old identical twin babies born in Iowa doing fine. These babies have no voice in weather they live or die. We need to get rid of abortion for good. And Rino antiabortious politicians.

  10. I wouldn’t argue with Smalley. Fortunately, we have a politician making a very logical argument about classifying abortion. Smalley IS, and has always been, pro-life and he would like to stop unnecessary abortions completely. But sees the downhill slide of calling it murder and creating a whole new industry for lawyers and tying up the courts in every municipality in the U.S. trying to define whether a particular abortion was/is “necessary.” I.e., “that depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”

  11. I agree with the author of this column’s frankness that our gutless legislators will not keep the tenets of the Republican party . . . our PRO-LIFE position. When we have an opportunity to de-fund an admitted and prolific abortion factory, when preys, by the way, on the black community, which is its most staunch supporters, we hem and haw and find reasons NOT to keep our promises. Smalley’s weak offerings of taking an alternative stance, rings hollow ! He’s spineless and deserves dismissal from ANY party representation. PLEASE, state level political hopefuls . . .ARISE ! Take a bold stance like Mr. Trump ! It’s time to take advantage of the political timing which entertains and accentuates a dire need for the diametric opposite direction that seems to have become the norm on the destructive Left ! We need conservative change ! NOW !

  12. Yes abortion is MURDER plain and simple. People who believe in abortion should be put in jail and removed from any official job they hold.

  13. I might draw some sharp criticism for what I am about to say but , here goes… I believe what Rep. Smalley was meaning was he wanted to put his name on a bill that was iron-clad, not going to be shut down in the judicial system. In today’s legal world, look at what President Trump has had to withstand. Liberal judges blocking every step he takes. I think this is what Rep. Smalley is doing. I would not want to endorse a bill that have a good possibility of being struck down in the court system. My question is this, though. Why not sit down with those who authored this bill to better word the bill? With more than 50% of the judges, in America, being liberal, the possibility of passing this bill without “problems” would be wishful thinking. If late term abortions were ruled murder, that wording would more than likely pass. Hillary Clinton said in her own words,” A baby is considered a human after “it” is born.” What that tells me about New York and Virginia is they are going to murder babies of late term abortions, too. I am pro-life 110%. I was just trying to be analytical of Rep. Smalley. I WAS wrong one other time, tough! 😉

  14. How many babies have to die before our politicians stand up and do the right thing? What’s all this wanting to murder every baby, born and unborn, in existence about?Maybe they would like for the shoe to be on the other foot.

  15. Abortion is murder – anyone believing its ok should ask themselves if they would like
    to have been murdered in their mother’s womb……..really possessed by devil thinking, no
    other way to look at it.

  16. I believe that the ‘abortion problem,’ Roe v Wade, 1st or 2nd semester, full term, etc, or whether it’s murder, will never be resolved until Congress provides a law that defines when a fetus becomes a human. Some say the SCOTUS should provide an answer, but SCOTUS is supposed to only ‘interpret’, not make, the law. I suggest that a select group of 5 doctors and 5 members of the clergy should be tasked to come up with a suggested answer to “when a fetus becomes a human,” and provide it to Congress. Congress should then write a simple Bill stating that legal abortions may be done only up and until that specified time in the pregnancy. I realize this would put thousands of attorneys out of work and stop about 1/3 of the political infighting. But I think we could tolerate it.

  17. Taking the life of a unborn baby is murder no if and buts about it! Its unbelievable to me that some think life starts at conception yet they are killing babies when they can live outside the womb and once it has a heart beat how can you say it isn’t a life? Then to be selling their baby parts is beyond abhorrent. These people are monsters that should be executed so they can never do this again. Dear God, I never thought in my wildest dreams a human could do this to another human and for profit. Unbelievable!!

  18. “The Word of The Lord is forever settled.” “His eyes search to and fro throughout the earth,to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.” “All of the ways of man are before The Lord.” “God is not mocked”

  19. its all a game to those ass holes in washington, their mottor: tell the people what they want to hear but do what the satanic group wants behind their backs.
    AND THE WORST PART IS: the dumb ass people keep putting them back in office!!!

  20. I like and agree with what Yank wrote. To another topic: Two people wrote that we should refuse to vote for Republicans in Congress when they come up for a vote if they aren’t firm enough in areas of concern to us. Let me disagree for one reason only: these days the left is offering up Progressives who are worse than what Dems we had even 3 years ago. We cannot refuse to vote, at least at this juncture. Even a disappointing Republican is better than a Dem or progressive. Think on it. We are in a battle, across the board, that we may have already lost.

  21. Prolife, no!, Procontraception, yes!, you cannot fight nature as in the case of sexual urges but you can fight against the biochemical reactions that occur within the body, make it impossible to conceive and there will be no life to end to prevent that which the mother did not want in the first place even in the small percentage of cases where the woman informs the father she is pregnant, fact even among the prolife women many consider the father nothing more than a sperm donor, hence what they choose to do in regards to the fertilized egg, or fetus is entirely their decision.

    My point is that in essence the biological father has little say in regards to the future of a potential life even if the child is not aborted the method by which a child is reared is determined by the mother.

  22. Yes it is murder. It is also up to the courts to determine the legal aspects of a law. I am not one to believe that we can completely do away with aborted lives. There seems to be something wrong with our species, that we kill our own. That being said I think the heart beat test is maybe a reasonable point to say no. I’m not sure about this, but I have asked GOD. This seems where my thinking has settled.
    Another point that PO’s me is the amount of RINO’s we have elected into office and have to deal with. Feel like pi$$ing on an electric fence in frustration.
    Please those against abortaions- continue the fight. The young lives are at stake.

  23. I have one Question. For all who are saying Abortion is Murder, women keep your legs closed etc…When these children are born into the world would you HONESTLY take them in & raise them until their 18th/21st. year? If so, again HONESTLY have You Done so? If NOT WHY NOT?

  24. Abortion is the rejection of Gods gift to us. Each person has a God given mission. When they are aborted we lose that God given gift. That is why our world is in REAL TROUBLE now. God’s wrath will come, actually it has started, people just don’t want to see it yet , cuz they would then need to change the way they now live !!

  25. I wish we could impregnate all these hypocritical men and then see how they feel when they have to go in for an abortion or make a decision to murder. I would love for them to first get raped or forced to have sex and then have to go thru the entire trauma. Then how would they feel about this entire senario? The metoo women, I don’t agree with either, they need to be more responsible as well but these politicans, especially the liberats and rinos have no idea and should experience it first hand. Perhaps they could all learn something an easier way and they should just go see Goswell, the movie and learn what really goes on.

  26. I have commented frequently that “Abortion is HOMICIDE”. Homicide is the taking of a life.
    Homicide is MURDER if not justified. Inconvenience is not justification.
    I suggest changing their law to HOMICIDE which I believe would stand up to legal definition.

  27. Yes, abortion is Murder and should be treated as such. If you got pregnant because you were careless, you want to murder the baby instead of giving the baby to a family that would love to cherish and bring a wonderful life to that baby. The heartbeat law needs to go into effect at the least. Have the baby and give it up before you ever see it to a potentially wonderful new set of childless parents. If you even have a soul left or any kind of moral character, it is in total jeopardy! Murder is always punishable. June

  28. Yes, Abortion is murder plain and simple and should be dealt with as such. It is against the law and should be treated the same as it’s treated when a woman expecting a baby is killed in an accident, it’s two murders according to the law. An unborn baby’s heartbeat can be seen at 6 weeks. It’s a baby even very small. Murder is always punishable by law. Years ago it was said if we have the science to prove the baby has a heartbeat and can feel pain we won’t allow an abortion. It’s time for everyone, Republicans and Democrats to face the truth and accept the fact that God gives life and no one is allowed to play God.

  29. I hear some of you idiots screaming about abortion being a womans right. Here’s something for all you women’s rights people to think about. Fifty percent of the babies you murder are female. How about their rights?


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