This rapper said something so despicable about police officers that it will make you furious


Cardi B is quickly becoming one of the most popular rappers in Hollywood.

But she’s also known for posting outlandish statements on social media.

And the disgusting comment she made about every single police officer in our country will make you furious.

Rapper Cardi B has made it clear she’s a radical leftist and no ally of President Trump.

But this time she went too far.

In a rant she posted on Instagram, she stated that police officers think they can “get away with killing black men as long as Trump remains President.”

Breitbart reports:

Rap superstar Cardi B went on a wild tirade against President Donald Trump in a video posted to Instagram over the weekend. She accused the president of ignoring police brutality and insisted that police officers in America will believe they can “get away with” killing and beating black men as long as Trump remains president.

The “I Like It” rapper, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, ranted to her 48 million Instagram followers, claiming that Trump “don’t give one shit” about police brutality against black men.

“Every time I see a black man killed or mistreated by police I just keep saying ‘do nobody give a fuck, does nobody care?” she asked.

Cardi B essentially called all police officers racists and murderers.

She went on to declare that Trump doesn’t care whatsoever about police brutality or the lives of black people.

Celebrities love to bash President Trump as a racist, but it could not be further from the truth.

President Trump has made more progress on criminal justice reform than President Obama ever did.

Currently, Trump is even working with the Justice Department to execute a white supremacist that killed a family of three.

Cardi B is simply taking a shot at our nation’s police officers and calling Trump a racist without any evidence or reason.

Should Cardi B apologize to police officers for calling them all racists?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. How many rappers do you know that Don’t say bad things about cops? Until they want justice and then they want to know why something hasn’t been done.

  3. dems have nothing to offer but hatred and ignorance. They keep demanding tolerance but have none for anyone who does not agree with their immorality.

  4. What else is new. Has any Democratic ever given President Trump credit for anything he has accomplished or is trying to do? Not what I’ve seen or heard. Because he speaks the truth, and the Dems are so blinded by their hate their evil Queen wasn’t voted in, they will continue to spread their vicious lies. Especially the one that Trump is a racist. I’ve seen grade school children act more appropriately than those in our government and in the entertainment industry.In all the years I’ve been alive, I have never witnessed so much hate and disruption as the Dems have caused our sitting President or our country!! No morals or souls……

  5. bj; Now you know that will never happen. She would be screaming her head off that they are racists and then sue! But, GOD forgive me, every time one of these fools put down the police in this disrespectful manner, I have thought the same thing…That would be the justice they deserved….

  6. Not only should Cardi B apologize to all the Police Forces across the Country , She also needs to educate herself as to why Citizens are shot by Police on a case by case basis . When Police Officers tell a suspect to stop and put their arms in the air , They mean it! When a Police Officer say’s stop they mean stop! It is common sense and not negotiable .

  7. Those kind of half assed comments have gotten people killed. The Baltimore police had to take a passive response several years ago and the murder and violent crime rate has skyrocketed. Who would ever be interested in the comments of a rapper?

  8. She is an idiot! It’s people like this that causes danger for our beloved policeman!She is a PRIME example if what a true racist is. She could not hold President Trumps jock and not qualified to be in the presents of his wife , the FIRST LADY!!!!!!! Four more till 2024!!!!!!

  9. Idiots like this illiterate fool are the main problem in the black communities across this country. You can count on your fingers the number of times cops have shot a black suspect this year but every day black thugs are killing other black people.Until the blame for these problems is truthfully discussed, nothing will change. Many inner city communities have become jungles but it is not the fault of the police.

  10. What a dope, what a racist and I wonder if she relies on the police for protection when she gets up and “raps” at her performances. I’m sorry but rap talkers aren’t singers. Any one can do it if they have the ability to memorize the stupid words. Monotone rhyming….usually to a popular song that was sung by a real artist that could sing with range and on key. So my recommendation to her is if she ever needs law enforcement for whatever reason, how about calling MS-13 instead……

  11. Hey dumb ass, go to Chicago and rap out your big mouth about the black on black murders. If your going to tell your listening group anything tell them the truth. More murders are committed on black on black and nobody cares. This isn’t the Presidents fault, this is your fault. Your spout nasty words all over this country to insite hatred. Just like you spouted here. Grow up and shut up unless you have something useful to say to help the black community.

  12. Number #1, is She supposed to be a role model when She can’t even speak proper English? Number # 2, where does She go that She sees Men being killed by Police? Obama did absolutely nothing and He’s high on a pedestal.
    I think this rapper should learn how to speak or write English, so maybe She can a little tiny bit more of a role Model..????

  13. People who have no respect for cops or laws still depend on both to protect themselves and their interests.


  15. blacks are the worst thing that happened to this country. I curse those rich Europeans who brought them here. Americans could have picked our own cotton. They have enriched our country zero percent.

  16. First question: why would anyone believe anything that an entertainer says? They don’t know ANYTHING, so they sing and dance to try and make a living. That’s all.

  17. Actually, police are not to use deadly force unless they or bystanders are threatened by deadly force. Deadly force is suppose to be a last resort and only in defense.

  18. One thing that can be said about this thing is that she doesn’t need any prep work for the democrat party. She already fits right in. Her supreme command of the English language ‘sho’ don’t need no ‘ttention from nobody’.
    What sort of a moron would even consider a single solitary thing she’s ever said!!!

  19. Is someone running at you with a bucket of ,you do not know what’s in it,fluid , could be gas or anything else ,justified as a deadly weapon? I believe so. So in NY i think they should have at least tasered if not shot them!

  20. Cardi B. is a joke. Apparently she is uneducated about the facts. More Black men kill other black men than ANY cops ever have. As the mother of a young black man I tell the son of my heart to respect the law. I also tell him to be careful where and who is with. Gun violence is DESTROYING us. Instead of spreading HATE perhaps Cardi can help her community more is she spoke the truth about black on black violence. When are these fools going to do anything except create violent videos and songs.

  21. She is a pig, she made it by being overly sexual talking like a slut 7 a whore. This elevated her to where she is now. It’s sad, but she has nothing to say that means anything don’t give her the attn she craves.

  22. It’s mind-blowing that someone this ignorant can be so famous. Do all police officers shoot and kill black men? Really? Is this a fact based in reality? It’s astounding that such comments are made in public. Does President Trump encourage police to kill black men? Really? Is this a fact based in reality? Wow?! It’s amazing what kind of total bull crap is coming out of the filthy mouths of some of these rappers! I fully believe that they have completely turned into reprobates having their minds darkened by the lies that pour forth from their twisted lips. They can no longer distinguish between truth and falsehood! They promote an increase in hatred, division, disrespect, distrust and confusion. Shame, shame on you cardi b for encouraging hatred and violence in this world. The world doesn’t need anymore of the crap and lies your peddling! Shame on you and the parents that didn’t teach you right from wrong!!!


  24. Another no-talent, uneducated, unskilled, racist, co-co head, wench, nappy-headed HO.
    Why is she even in the news???
    Segregation lookin’ better every day !!

  25. Why we give these crackpots credence I don’t know. This carli b or whatever this moron calls herself is obviously a product of a failed education somewhere. Or maybe she didn’t even go to school! Well that’s a failing parent grade, but you would think she might want to better herself somehow. I guess she isn’t aware that money cannot buy you dignity or refinement. She is also lacking a moral compass.

  26. She would be totally confused if she showed up where I lived. Here the blacks and everyone else get along with everyone else and the police are well-liked. There is very little crime here. I think her head might explode.

  27. Its Not JUST Black Men that Black men are killing,The*re killing Everyone!! And it*s Not Just Chicago,Its Every city and town in America,Sh..,It*s Where Ever the go and Where Ever they Are! Now the*re turning European cities into “The hood”. Why and How people have Soo Much Tolerance for these people is BEYOND me!??? They have turned ALL our cities into sh..Holes(Now THEY look like Africa),Like Baltimore,Everyone Blames Anybody Else EXCEPT the Black”community”that Lives there!Are these people Ever going to take responsibility for ANYTHING!!??? And Just Saying the cities a disaster is Freaking RACIST now,POTUS Trump is Not even calling the Black”community”out on it,And he*s Still a RACIST!! Then they Want MORE money sent to them,How about being PRODUCTIVE members of society!! Try Stopping having Multiple kids with Multiple partners that are Losers and Thugs when you dont even have a Job!! Try Cleaning up your OWN neighborhoods,Taking care of YOURSELVES for once and quit Expecting the people you Hate to do Everything for you ECT…ECT… Move on from freaking Slavery and Grow the F… UP!!!! Semper Fi

  28. This is unfair to the Police #1 more blacks shoot and stab etc. blacks than cops and whites combined. #2 In most if not all cities the Police contacts with blacks in violent situations far exceeds contact with whites even though whites represent a larger percentage of the population. #3 When a contact with a black person goes bad a Cops sense of self preservation kicks in (I want to be home with my wife and kids tonight). The Garner case in NYC is a good example, Garner had a choice, cooperate hand over the smokes get a summons and move on. OR! Garners choice resist do not cooperate and become violent, Cops had no other choice but to restrain him. Due to his health problems (not mistreatment from the Police) he passed away. Yet the press Black rights groups and more vilify the cops why? Mr. Garner made the problem not the cops. Yes there have been situations where cops have shot both black, white, hispanic people who should not have been and yes there are bad apple cops and Doctors and Baby Sitters and teachers etc. but all are a very small percentage of the population. Who would you rather meet on the street tonight at 1:00 AM a Cop or a Gangbanger? And I don’t care what race you are.

  29. Interesting to see what happens when she needs a police officer. Hope they take their sweet time and don’t bother apologizing.

  30. Good thing you don’t live where I do. You would not fit in. The blacks here are no different than anyone else. They obey the law, own homes, have jobs, etc. Oh, and they are mostly conservative.

  31. It is so sad to see, hear and read about “stars” using their fans to thrash out at authorities and likewise and make ignorant statements. Fans look to their “idols” for inspiration, especially the younger generation, and instead they are slapped in the face by those they wish to emulate. It is best that these people stick to what they do best, be it Music, Theater, Writing, etc., and keep from making themselves look like idiots and insulting their fans and followers. It is the fans who suffer for the stupidity.

  32. First of all she’s a rapper, which means she has no talent. Second, she’s an idiot. Third, who cares what she says.

  33. We need to help the police schedule a series of weeks off. Start with hip-hop concerts (no police available for event security), NFL games with known kneelers (no police available for security), democrat events (no police available for security). Police are subjected to too much hateful b s from MSM and Hollywood has-beens.

  34. The 2 comments I have read of yours show you to be equally (or more, if that’s possible) despicable than the leftists. I hope you’re just a baiting troll and don’t actually mean the things you have said. Regardless, your behavior here is disgusting.

  35. Excellent! That sounds lovely! Where I live, that’s not entirely true, we have a lot of crime, but our police are respected for the most part, and the people who are the most likely to be troublemakers are not from our black population.

  36. bj, you are exactly right. I live in a neighborhood, where the majority are Black. They are just as you say they are. great people.

  37. With the amount of blacks killed by police, compared to blacks killed by other blacks why hasn’t this dumb biatch gone on a rant against them? Why doesn’t she use her popularity by comdemning black on black killings, after all it’s mostly blacks that go to her concerts, so her word would certainly get out in the black community. But no it always comes down to racist for these ignorant HOLLYWEIRD/ENTERTAINERS/LEFTISTS/LIBERAL/DUMBOCRAPS. They never blame themselves for the problems that have been going on for many many ears before President Trump was even elected. Just shows how ignorant the whole subject of racist is. You want to see a racist, biatch, look the the F*cking mirror.

  38. Not all police officers think that way but some do and many Americans do. Right wing terrorists which include alt right, KKK, Nazis, militia groups, biker gangs, the many Aryan groups killed 49 Americans last years. Left wing or liberal groups killed zero people last year, yes zero people and that includes BLM and Antifa. Cardi is right about some police, particularly in the South and Midwest, although many have always thought that way regardless of who was President.

  39. Cardi B is trash! I have never seen anybody talk about her lady parts as much as she does! She has no class!

  40. I wonder how she feels about using police officers as security for her concerts? Or does she plan on using street gang member for that job? If I were a police officer, I would have to think twice or thrice about being security for her.

  41. KKK was founded by democrats, read your true history not the Democrat BS history. The Nazis were the National Democrats. BLM and Antifa are guilty of beating the crap out of anyone who does not think, believe, and do the same way that they do. How many black people are killed every weekend in Chicago, a long time democrat run city?

  42. This person is a bit crazy. She is also a racist herself. Making a statement as this will get her lots of attention but will also incite more division & anger on both sides of the issue. She should apologize to the police & our country.

  43. AND who’s to make that call??? None of you second guessers who weren’t on site. Milliseconds to make a call like that matters in many cases. First and foremost, if the perp wasn’t there causing the problem there wouldn’t be one, would there???

  44. I know many myself. there are plenty, though on both sides like Dee Lun and Cardi B who haven’t the sense God gave a goose. Too stupid to comprehend that no officer goes out with the attitude that I’m going out to shoot someone today nor, as for CardiB the clown, who can’t understand if you don’t cause a problem and/or confront the police you won’t have a problem. The bottom line is stupidity of the lefty children nor skinheads can’t be fixed, and they always have to learn the hard way.

  45. Racists for Trump; You know I can’t do that for numerous reasons, Rick. Especially since you chose to attack me one again using your “alter ego ” Spanky”. I would have loved to have a honest discussion with you. But you are so blinded by your hate of Trump, I don’t think we could ever see the other’s point of view.. But I do want to point out something’s to you. Do I see President Trump a bit pompous ? Yes. Is he an eloquent speaker? No. Do I care about how he conducts his personal life, both past and present? No. Do I see Trump as a racist? NO. And if you can read and hear what he has said and their” true” meanings , with an open mind,, you wouldn’t see him as a bigot and racists either.
    Believe it or not, I HATE there is such a division within our country. But this I can point my finger squarely at the Democratic party, for this division. This is no joke, Rick. I firmly believe we are headed for another civil war because of all this chaos. Even if we get a different sitting president in 2020,( GOD forbid) this division will not be mended. Trust me on that.
    One more thing. I NEVER leave a post out of emotion. When I recognize something as truth, I accept it .Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But I will not be made fun of or called a liar because I leave a post and a Democratic disagrees. I try very hard to show everyone respect. But if I am pushed unfairly, I WILL push back…

  46. I haven’t read everyone’s comments here, so if I’m repeating another’s comment, I’m sorry. Cardi B cancelled her concert last night, at the last minute. Supposedly there was some kid of threat against her.. HUM..I wonder why?? Could it have to do with her racist remarks against the police?? Shame on her and her views…

  47. Hope this piece of ghetto trash needs a Police Officer some day and one won’t be there for her. I think this ungrateful piece of crap should be deported back to the homeland to live in a mud hut.

  48. Granny tells the truth!!!! Their is more black on black crime then any crime. Why won’t they protest on the streets for that or try to find a solution to help. Why? Because they can’t fix it, it’s beyond fixing!!!!!! And they know it. But blame the white policemen

  49. Pastor Darrell Scott said Trump has done more for Blacks than any other President. Martin Luther King Daughter said Trump is not racist and many other Black leaders have said the same thing. He got a Black woman serving a long prison sentence released from prison. He helped a rapper charged with assault in Sweden get released. There was a Black gentleman who said he couldn’t get a job when Obama was President and since Trump has become President he has had several job offers. Trump has done more for the Black Community than anyone else. So tell me how is he a racist. Waiting for your reply Racist for Trump

  50. And when a black man shot six cops in Philadelphia how does she feel about that. And the black on black shootings in Chicago how does she feel about that? And how many cop shootings were going on in Obama’s era how does she feel about them? She blames everything on President Trump but this has been going on way before he got in office. Sad she does research before she opens her mouth.

  51. Cardi Who?? Just another ignorant loud mouth butt nugget who thinks she is of some importance in this world. Her ignorance shows when she spews the filth from her mouth. I bet she holds the same level of intelligence that the other butt nuggets have that taunted the police recently in the Philadelphia shootout.

    “Profanity is Ignorance’s Way of Being Heard”

  52. Want to bet how much security this moron wants at her appearances. Security provided by cops. Here’s a suggestion, when she calls the cops, no one answer the call.

  53. Perfect definition of her. Another of those entertainment sluts who run off at the mouth. IF she doesn’t like it here we’ll help her pack her bags and are more than willing to throw her out of the country.

  54. If the fluid was gas and a bullet hit it , it would probably cause even small fire. Maybe blaze the guy too. And a taser charge might come back along the line and fry the cop. Or the both of them. Hey, I think I just wrote a couple of movie stunts. Copyright 2019.

  55. She is one of the most ignorant of minorities that hasn’t a clue about what really goes on. 80 out of a 100 blacks that get shot or tased, deserve it! Statistics don’t lie. The reason jail populations are 80% black is due to the fact that 80% of the crimes are committed by blacks. The main issue that causes the overwhelming number of blacks getting arrested is because of their attitude! The 1st thing out of a brother’s mouth when pulled over or questioned i,”I ain’t did nothing.
    If you want to be treated without being shot or tased, be Polite and DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO! If the cops are wrong, go along and then file a complaint the next day with Professional Standards.


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