This radical Leftist movement will never recover after getting news that will destroy their agenda


Transgender activists initially wanted people to believe that they just want to be left alone, but that is no longer the case.

Now they want to force their agenda into every aspect of American life.

But their plan just went down in flames after the transgender lobby got news that will destroy their agenda.

The fight against the transgender agenda is now being waged in our bathrooms and our schools.

Men who believe they are women believe they should have all the rights that those who are born women have, including access to women’s restrooms, changing rooms, and sports teams.

But a high school senior in Glastonbury, Connecticut is fighting back, filing a complaint with the federal government.

And so far 117,000 people have signed a petition supporting her effort.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A LifeSiteNews petition has gone viral in support of a female athlete who must run races against boys who identify as “girls” because of state requirements in Connecticut.

Since its launch two weeks ago, more than 117,000 signatures have been added to the petition in support of a complaint filed by Selina Soule with the U.S. Department of Education. Selina is a high school senior from Glastonbury, Connecticut, who lodged a complaint with the federal government along with two other female athletes, who remain unnamed because of their fear of retaliation. The complaint alleges that the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) discriminated against biological girls and violated their title IX rights.

The Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education will investigate the girls’ claim that CIAC requires female athletes to compete against biological males in school athletics. While Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 was intended to ensure that girls and boys would have the same access to school sports, it did not contemplate the onset of transgender ideology and that biological boys would want to compete against biological girls. The language in Title IX does not mention “gender identity,” in which discrimination could be alleged.

Across the country, boys who claim they are girls are getting involved in female athletics, often becoming the clear winner.

This is one case where somebody is finally fighting back and refusing to allow this unfairness to go on.

Do you think boys who think they are girls should be able to compete in female athletics?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I don’t think we should have male and female electrical connectors either.
    I think we should let the connectors decide which sex they want to be.
    I just hope that doesn’t cause any fires.

  3. An absolute NO! Plus, as a young girl in school, I would never wish to share a restroom or locker room with any male child. How could any young girl wish to undress with boys around?

  4. No! . . . girls are girls and boys are boys. Check their DNA (We had names for these people while growing up, which I can’t use here). I can’t believe we’re HAVING this conversation. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. There is only two genders since GOD made man and woman, he did not make anything in between.
    In my opinion: I would hate to think I was so dumb that I could not tell the difference between a male and female. If you can not tell, you need to talk to a shrink and maybe mommy and daddy needs to take you and sit you down and explain the difference.

    If GOD had made Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve, we would not be here. THINK!

    you can not raise a cattle herd with all bulls or all cows. THINK!

  6. If your mind says you are the opposite sex than your body, it may be an indicator that you could use some help appreciating the body you have. Also there could be some psychological reasons that need to be looked into. However putting that aside. Competition to be fair needs to be just that and a physical boy or “man” does not have the right to compete against a girl or “woman”. There are some very muscular women who are weight lifters and there are men who are small and not strong. This also would not be a fair competition. The whole idea is absurd and anyone who believes in justice would support this young girls complaint. If transgenders want to compete against each other they can start their own leagues. They can have their own facilities as well if they do not want to be with other “males”. Mainly transgenders need healing as so many who have come to Jesus have received and are now leading happy lives.

  7. Absolutely NO!!!!!!!!
    If you are born a female use the female bathroom
    If you are born male use the men’s bathroom

  8. And the grown men who ‘think’ that they are a woman also want to be in the girl’s locker room… Sick, sick, sick~! Anything from the leftists movement is sick.. They are all into it…

  9. You can’t legislate or demand respect…….YOU HAVE TO EARN It…..Your DNA doesn’t change–you are what you are. If a man has a sex reassignment surgery it is called a trans sexual operation…..if a woman has sex reassignment surgery it is called an adadictomy.

  10. To me it is simple. If born with female organs you’re female and if born with male organs you’re male. It solves everything. Ones birth sex should always be the deciding factor for marriage (male marries female), for sports (males play males and females play females), bathrooms (males use male & female uses female), for adoptions (couple must be a male and a female), etc.

  11. These guys are losers, unable to win against other guys so they compete against women. They are not winners but losers in life.
    Make them compete among themselves, create a third sex competition. Stop allowing them to deal from the women

  12. All homosexuals are, mentally ill. Half have mommy or daddy issues, or been sexually assaulted. Sad. Instead of therapists encouraging them to follow their lustful stirrings, how about addressing & treating them for their emotional issues, left from the trauma they underwent?

  13. This is what’s going to stop this madness with these “transgender female “athletics competing with biological females. More law suits. More complaints filed. Too many biological female athletics are losing scholarships , awards and their right to privacy because of these severely mentally ill creatures competing unfairly and invading these poor true females locker rooms!! Let the transgender “females” have their own teams and compete against each other. Also, let them have their own bathrooms and locker rooms. Stop imposing your prevision on the rest of us…..

  14. How were these people raised? We can’t always have what we want. Boy wants to be a girl. Girl wants to be a boy. I want to be a millionaire. Does this mean I can take someone else’s money or print my own? Simple analogy but people must learn to make the best of what they have and learn to be happy. I always felt live and let live but the more this goes on I am convinced it’s more of a ruse than anything. They don’t want to be left alone. They just want constant attention. They have succeeded in making a joke out of LGBTJGGEIRUGGJFJ. People are tired of it and they are garnering disgust instead of the support the said they wanted.

  15. One is born either female or male. Ones DNA doesn’t lie. It doesn’t matter what you pretend to be, what you have cut off, what you have added, you will ALWAYS be the gender you were born with and you will die with the gender you were born with.

    NO BIOLOGICAL MALES should be allowed in female bathrooms or allowed to compete on female teams. Same for BIOLOGICAL FEMALES. Both should stick with the gender they were born with. End of story.

  16. Delusional people should be treated as such and not be allowed to wander into places they don’t belong. Delusion is a mental illness.

  17. Mental influence of a already deranged mind at any age looks for a different reality to change the one they are living in thinking that they don’t belong in society as it is so they look for (LGBT Example) a way to change their life for the better and consequently makes things worse when joined by others of the same problems. This is a historic problem that dates back many , many years. There have been other groups of people such as (Antifa) we have today with radical activities against society….Yes, we have (Government) made concessions for these groups allowing them with their agendas to have freedom to terrorize and kill people as do GANGS that are growing in numbers. My question is how long do we as a people and government knowing who they are and what they do, allow this to go on just because they say their human and legal rights are offended….Are we closing our eyes and are we tied to a belief that it’s OK for these things to go on when even our religious freedoms are being violated as well as our children…??? God Help Us.

  18. Sexual or gender confusion among the so-called transgendered aren’t that different from the confusion suffered by homosexuals. But with people who think or FEEL that they were born the wrong sex, there is a simple test to determine your chromosomes that can prove the sex or gender. The rest, with both “transgenders” and homosexuals, is MOSTLY in their minds and messed up emotions. Nothing that a good, NON-secular, morally upright psychotherapist can’t cure IF the patient is WILLING.

  19. Parents who start trying to change their little kids in to a different sex then what they are should have the kids taken away from them if when they grow up and still want to change then it is their choice

  20. No male and female fittings in plumbing pipes could lead to about as much confusion as it does in people. There would be severe gas and water leaks, in fact flooding. Particularly if the fitting decides they don’t like being a male fiting anymore and wants to be known as a female fitting. Quite a bit of leaking will occur.

    God is not confused, nor is He the author of confusion.

  21. I dressed up like a woman once…it was for a dollar ninety eight beauty contest at one of our yacht clubs back in 1978. It was a “gag”…the trophy was a gold plated replica of a horses ass, with the winners name emblazoned on a little Walnut pedestal which still adorns the back bar…I won, I didn’t get the trophy, but I got the $1.98. Today, I wouldn’t do that again because I quit drinking, plus I don’t want to be arrested for faking being a woman while faking the faking…which will probably offend some a$$hole who is a fake, but isn’t faking. If that make sense to you…you’re in trouble!

  22. the Democrats (Demon-rats) in office have proved they are perverts by their wrapping their arms around sin as God sees sin.

  23. Good! It’s way past time for conservatives to speak out against the nonsense propagated as fact and shoved down the throats of everyone.

  24. I was a preschool teacher for 11 years. Children at this age are not making decisions about their sex, they are experimenting about life, and roles. They are not demanding a sex change!!!!

  25. If homosexuality, should it be considered a mental illness, goes untreated, the consequences are not dire at all. A person’s sexual orientation in and of itself does not motivate him or her to murder, steal, defraud, disenfranchise, bully, engage in treason, destroy other people’s property, drink alcohol or take needless drugs, be cruel or be mischievous. It’s just like how being right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous indicates nothing as to whether a person is law-abiding or felonious, ethical or unethical, moral or immoral. Just as heterosexuality does not motivate a person to commit rape, homosexuality also does not. Pedophilia, should it be regarded as an orientation, is the only condition short of sexual sadism, that would motivate rape or at least some variation of it whereby gratification is predicated upon force, coercion, extortion, intimidation, deception or sophistry directed at a fellow human being. As such, society must suspect every pedophilic mind of having committed or intending to commit an offense against a child.

  26. But what if the sex recorded on the birth certificate does not match the certificate haver’s sex chromosome pair? What if a “birth sex” was never recorded due to an inability of a “professional” to definitely identify the type of genitals?

  27. The transgenders are not male or female they are NON-Humans … there are only 2 sexes and the way you are born is what you are … the males that compete as females are kidding themselves for they have not the balls to compete with real males .

  28. More lawsuits, more testimonies, more depositions, more appeals, more petitions, more documentaries, more studies, more blogs, more protests, more marches, more revolutions, more deceptions, more exoduses, more laws, whatever it takes! Ha!

  29. Parents who allow very young children to make these life changing decisions are
    CHILD ABUSERS. i agree with the man above, his comment…. Let them race against themselves….their peers…..
    There was a ridiculous article on the op/ed page in the local paper today. Political correct speech…
    fireman/firefighter, policeman/police officer…selectman/ the person didn’t have the new pc name…
    All I could think was they are going to turn human into huperson! The comment was from a she, but i said person, trying to be pc………very sad …..

  30. Born? Every human being is conceived either male (XY), female (XX) or hermaphrodite (XXY et cetera), yes. The possibilities are not limited to only the first two, but even so, there are still only two sexes, whilst some rare people belong to both. Sex, not gender, is configured at conception. Confirmation of sex only occurs some time afterward, whether by visual inspection, ultrasound analysis or DNA sequencing (which in the case of the unborn requires amniocentesis). Gender is a linguistic construct.

  31. On top of that, major corporations, the “capitalists”, have made tremendous concessions, and there is not much poor or middle “class” people can do about it except work harder to generate more personal wealth if only to purchase a louder voice.

  32. Just stop the madness! So what happens when people start thinking their lions or tigers? Do we put them in the zoo? Compete with the members of your natural gender.
    If these schools and states want to allow this at least give the awards to the members of their true sex and participation awards to the others.

  33. I would bet the libtards would not like a person of the opposite sex using the rest room or changing room with them. They would probably have the guy who wanted to be a girl arrested.

  34. Last I heard, the left thinks there are at least 32 genders, as a scientist I do not agree, nor do I think any honest person would.


  36. We should have transgendered sports teams where they can compete against each other and let the boys/men and girls/women compete against each other. Nearby schools can combine their trans students into a team just like high school hockey teams do now.

  37. no, they should have their own ‘transgender’ athletic teams but outside of public schools where taxpayer money is paying for the teams.

  38. Hate to disagree but when you make a statement that is false, you do your argument a disservice . Seahorse are both male and female and are interchangeable as to which recreates the next generation But I do agree that where humans are concerned, there only two genders which enable the human race to recreate, Babies can not be created, even in a laboratory without female eggs and male sperm.

  39. Culper Ring: Your reply makes no sense. What does the spy operation Mossad have to do with it?
    As it stands now, the only way to stop to this nonsense is for parents of these biological girls to start filing complaints and launching lawsuits against the transgender movement. My opinion, as well as others. Thank you.

  40. O, come now, Linda M. Surreptitious activities can be undertaken that have the outcome of embarrassing “rivals” thus leading to the requisite amount of complaints or the requisite severity of complaints, to elicit retaliatory outrage. Ha!

  41. Culper Ring: Whatever. Since it’s your brilliant solution to this dilemma, perhaps you should undertake this spy operation. Especially sense your posting name deals with spy ring during the Revolutionary war times. You must be qualified to under take this mission. Then get back to us with the results, alright? Ha!

  42. I would laugh if this weren’t so serious. If the school”boys” want to be school”girls”, I think it only fair that the local schoolgirls be allowed to perform the surgery to make them (boys) into girls. No schoolgirl anesthesiologists? If they want to be girls so badly, they shouldn’t complain about a little stinging sensation.

  43. Very good said.
    Boys in boys lock room.
    And they should not compete in girls sports,they have a big advantage on girls because whatever they think (that they are girls)THEY ARE NOT.

  44. Well, the problem at hand does not mean enough to me to even consider that, but it is the way some organizations do things, especially when they are desperate. Linda M., your preference for polite and diplomatic approaches with candor is commendable. Alas, not many people have those virtues. The real trick is to find people who care deeply about the same things as you do, and perhaps the Internet can help, but it probably comes at a cost.

  45. Nobody wants to put homosexuals in institutions. But they should not be allowed to force others to accept their illness as normal. Its my choice not to bake cakes for them, or take their pictures, or marry them, not there’s.

  46. People with down syndrome have a screwed up chromosome disposition. We don’t call them normal and they don’t get confused about who they are. They know who they are.

  47. Strictly speaking, it is one government or another that is doing the “forcing”. If a person wants to offer a service at the commercial level, he or she will be limited in the reasons for discrimination directed toward workers, prospective workers, customers, prospective customers, investors, prospective investors, advertisers, prospective advertisers, business partners, prospective business partners and fellow entrepreneurs therewith. It’s the law. However, no federal statute prohibits discrimination on account of sexual orientation or otherwise on account of provable personal sexual history. Some of the States do have such law against discrimination, and as long as they do not deny any offender or perceived offender the right to a fair hearing, the State is not violating the Constitution of the United States.

  48. No, a biological male (even if he calls himself a female) is physically stronger and in a lot of cases faster than a female. If they are not strong enough or fast enough to compete with males, then they do not need to be competing at all. They are still a male for all intense purposes, and have no place in the female restroom.

  49. “She” would only be physically stronger if “she” did not transition (and stay that way) before on the onset of puberty, when a vast majority of healthy minors start to develop secondary sexual characteristics (apart from the the little bit of bass timbre that may develop in the voices of eight-year-old boys but not eight-year-old girls). Of course, the idea of a child transitioning at such a young age is currently controversial if not outright universally horrifying.

  50. Actually the state IS violating the constitution.
    The Colorado baker never discriminated against selling the gay people anything from his store. He was more than willing to do that.
    Where he drew the line is when they tried to make him bake a gay wedding cake which is a violation of his first amendment right to free practice of religion.
    It would be no different than gay people trying to force a sculptor to make a gay statue, or a painter paint a gay painting.

  51. How can there even be such things as “gay cakes”, “gay statutes” or “gay paintings”, let alone a private citizen’s ability to force somebody to produce such things? The way these words, including “force”, are used is rather confusing. We could suppose that these refer to gay-themed expressions perhaps, and that “force” can exist in a context of creating (or fabricating for that matter) an obligation without the permission of the parties to be obligated. Yes?

    The long and short of it is that, in civilized societies, no free person is obligated to convey any message that he or she does not desire to convey, unless he or she previously promised or vowed to do so, especially if for a fee or compensation of some sort. Things such as commercial permits and commercial licenses of course obfuscate the matter, as they can serve to coerce, extort, trick or manipulate people into waiving their unalienable rights or other rights.

    It is not necessarily easy to derive from available sources a coherent picture of what collection of things were actually in dispute with the “Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission” cases. Wikipedia, perhaps in its biases, is trying to paint the original incident as though Jack Phillips declined to serve a particular customer solely on account of that customer’s sexual orientation, rather than the theme, motif or design of object being requested by the customer. Which is the truth? The bottom line, as far as the Supreme Court of the United States was concerned, is that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission behaved in a bigoted manner toward Phillips. The court did not really address much of anything else.

  52. For years way gone I have never had a problem with gay, lesbian or transgender people or what ever other explanation they have of themselves. my problem now is that they are using the courts and the diabolical left to force their way of life on us. What happened to freedom of choice. I feel as though my rights are being trampled on in this race to bottom of the moral depravity barrel.

  53. You may have not realize it, but the so-called “LGBTQ” or so could be on the verge of splintering, due to how absurd, ridiculous, petty or incomprehensible the constituent activists can be, thus leaving “LGB”, “LGT”, “B”, “T”, “LG” or so. The fact that public lavatories have become controversial, whereas psychologists often see no controversy at all, may be the main thing agitating multi-threaded fallout. The “mainstream” psychologists may be doing more harm than good.

  54. Hey people, BIOLOGICAL IS BIOLOGICAL…..,.nothing can change that, no pill, no surgery, no dress code….A male is a male and a female is a female. I don’t care what you think you are, you are either male or female and the only way around that is to crawl into a hole. You came from a male and female and if you think differently you are not normal, just a freak and need to have a good talk with a shrink!!! Case closed AND THIS YOUNG LADY HAS IT RIGHT, males compete with males, and females compete with females.
    What the hell is going on in this country? The alphabet is becoming all consuming and we are letting them do this.
    My daughter, granddaughter would be pulled from school if they tried to allow males into female rest rooms, changing rooms, sports.
    SPEAK UP AMERICA.. IS THIS WHAT WE WERE BROUGHT UP TO BELIEVE IN? What has happened to this country of late?
    I am sorry, but this is not AMERICA!!!


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