This public school just forced six-year old students to do something despicable


School administrators continue to show their true colors.

Radical so-called “progressives” want everyone to fall in line or face the consequences.

And what they are making these six-year old students to in school will leave you fuming.

A primary school in Britain is making its students write “love letters” for an LGBT fairytale.

Christian Headlines reports:

A British primary school was recently spotlighted by the BBC Radio Manchester, for making its students, some as young as six, write love letters inserting themselves into an LGBT fairytale.

According to video spotlight published by the BBC, the network chose to observe a class at Bewsey Lodge Primary School where teacher Sarah Hopson requires her students to place themselves in the role of Prince Henry and write a love letter inquiring Henry’s male servant Thomas to “marry” him.

“This school teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age,” text over the video said. “This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage […] all ages take part in LGBT lessons,” it continued.

Children are “going to go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that at a young age as well,” Hopson told the BBC. “And the more they can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them.”

Bewsey Lodge has gender-neutral uniforms and policies that promote LGBT relationships and diversity. The schools website declares that “any form of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia is unacceptable,” and enforces a code of conduct declaring “respect” for everyone’s “gender identity,” “marriage,” or “sexual orientation.”

This is another case of radical LGBT activists trying to sexualize children.

They state their goal is to stomp out “homophobia” or “transphobia,” but what six-year old even knows anything about homosexual relationships?

But this isn’t only happening overseas.

More American public schools are sponsoring LGBT support clubs in high school and even middle school.

Public libraries are hosting transgender childrens’ book readings.

Planned Parenthood is forcing their way into public schools to teach their “sex-ed” programs to pre-teens.

And colleges and universities alike are often offering class credit for Planned Parenthood internships.

Meanwhile, they shelter young people from what they label as “dangerous” conservative and traditional views.

It’s not enough to “tolerate” their personal views.

They want to force “acceptance” on everyone – whether you like it or not.


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  2. Now they are ‘fagotizing’ children! Now they are stealing children’s innocents for their unnatural behavior. Call me what you will, sodomy and other acts performed by degenerates cannot appropriate. That is only accomplished by a man and a woman. Yep, fagots, queers, homo’s whatever the vernacular, were created from an act of sex between a man and a woman. How about that? A fagot created by heterosexuals and not by anal cavity cavorting.

  3. Get out and vote for the GOP in November to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberals!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of president Trump let’s keep it that way!

  4. Matthew 18:6, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    As hard as we try we cannot keep people from going to hell, if they make the decision that hell is a better place for them. It is their choice. God will not hold the children accountable, but Woe, Woe, Woe, will it be for the teachers.

    Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me you who are cursed,
    into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. …

  5. Only good thing that is good, is that life span of alphabet soup dispicables is vert very short since about 30 percent end up killing themselves.

  6. Okay Brits, now do you understand why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us?
    Strat smuggling weapons in you have waited to long civil war is inevitable.

  7. This is evil… the left is evil.. many demonrats actually worship satan..that is why things are getting so much evil.. so much corruption and murder. So now they are destroying the young.

  8. One thing have learned about democrats it makes no difference what their policies are of the candidate if they are a democrat and you are a democrat they will get your vote.

  9. They can’t as you have to start training them at a young age to get the results the left wants for this society.

  10. shameful! I sure wouldn’t want to be them when they stand before Almighty God on Judgement Day! Open their eyes, ears & hearts to you Lord JESUS!

  11. A good part of that started with faggots being allowed to rear children indoctrinating more into the queer community.

  12. Most of the problem is Christian Cowardice and Capitulation. Otherwise, none of this
    would have progressed. When you play nice with evil, you encourage it.

  13. This is still disgusting and the parents should be up in arms demanding that the teachers involved and approving this be summarily fired and lose their teaching certificates!

  14. The meanwhile the Republican parents, teachers and churches stands by and say nothing and do nothing. The lazy azz parents should attend the school board meeting and so NO to the Sinful messages to the sinful LGBTQ and Satan supporters that the crap will not be allowed in the their public schools.

  15. You need to stop drinking that BS Kool-aid and get back to Jr High school to be able to make some intelligent comments.

  16. Exactly! The Gutless and Gullible permit EVIL to metastasize. We must STOP PLAYING NICE WITH EVIL while making EVIL FEAR GOOD. That’s what Love looks like!!!!

  17. This so disgusting and pitiable that these politicians and the rest of these sick democrats can destroy young children and grandchildren with this sick disgusting behavior parents stand up and be counted for demand these rights for our children and grandchildren vote these sorry asses out of office before they completely destroy the human race.

  18. Stand up parents protect your families and don t be cowards protect you children and grandchildren from these sick demons.

  19. It is absolutely wrong for the Alphabet Gang to go into schools to try to convince our young that they are confused because boys think that they are boys and girls think they are girls.

    Just because they are confused about what goes where and why or what bathroom each sex should use , does not mean that they are qualified to counsel our children as to their feelings.

    Butt pirates are more than welcome to harpoon each other’s pooper, lesbians can munch other lesbian’s carpet all they want. Bi-sexuals can jump in the middle of whomever. Trans can get their Add-a-dick to me or trim off their twig and berries and slice a slit in it’s place.

    But don’t go sniffing around schools looking for fresh prey. Mess with my children and I will beat the hell out of you. That’s not homophobia. That’s a fact.

  20. We must start a grass-root movement – don’t elect school board member whose views promote the demands and programs of the LGBT Movement. Sitting by quietly or complaining and doing nothing won’t stop this outrage! If you don’t want your children to be “educated” about sexual practices in school get together with other parents of like-mind and FIGHT!


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