This public library is in hot water after one truth was revealed about “Drag Queen Storytime”


Radical progressives have been preaching their “social justice” agenda on college campuses for years.

But now they’re targeting children and toddlers with so-called “Drag Queen Story Hours.”

And a public library just landed in a world of hurt after the truth was revealed about one drag queen they entrusted with children.

Alberto Garza, who calls himself “Tatiana Mala Nina”, was given the opportunity to read a book as a part of the Houston library’s “Drag Queen Storytime” program.

But there was one just big problem the library did not count on.

Alberto Garza was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy.

Breitbart reports:

A registered child sex offender was allowed to read to children during the Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime.

In other news, the Houston Public Library — the city government, y’all — sponsors a thing called Drag Queen Storytime, where troubled men put on women’s clothes and read books to small children.

The lunatics who promote Drag Queen Storytime claim the idea is “to promote love and acceptance.” Rational and caring parents, who understand that protecting your child’s innocence, especially from things like adult sexuality, are suing the city to stop this madness. They claim that the government sponsoring “secular humanism” violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause on religion.

And now we learn that a six-foot, 200-pound sex offender managed to slip through the library’s screening system, slip on a dress, and read to small children — all of it sponsored by the government.

Naturally, once parents discovered this fact they were outraged.

The library issued a fake apology and stated that he would no longer be invited to participate in Drag Queen Storytime.

The lack of a real apology or any action is astounding.

This public library used taxpayer dollars to host a sex offender that sexually assaulted an 8-year-old boy.

No one is being fired and “Drag Queen Storytime” isn’t being shut down.

Fortunately, a small handful of parents have decided to take legal action against the library for putting their children in danger.

The reality is, events like these are inevitable when the left is given free rein to indoctrinate children in public schools and libraries.

Do you think “Drag Queen Storytime” should be shut down?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  3. Absolutely they never should have allowed this to begin with. I can’t believe how stupid some people are as well as gullible!!

  4. Public schools and libraries that are pushing this poison on innocent children will find their pupils and/or audience shrinking. Is it any wonder parents are pulling their kids out of public school? And what parent really wants their little one exposed to this perversion and trash?

  5. Why would anyone even take their child to something so stupid,, the parents put their kids in danger !!!

  6. Yes, stop promoting this behavior. There are all kinds of behavior, does that mean it needs to be taught to children? Let children be children and don’t force them into adult decisions.

  7. Get a rope. Homosexuality an obamanation. I spelled it like that because he is one too. That’s what happens when society decided to become tolerant of these sodomites. They accepted them coming out or the closet. The tolerant society very closed mindedly allowed this cancer to explode. They are everywhere. They are in restaurants, hospitals, soap operas, tv shows, you name it the list goes on. Too bad live with it now or claw and fight your way through with these perverted bunch.

  8. “To promote Drag Queen Storytime claim the idea is “to promote love and acceptance.” That is the most stupid comment of immoral and non-Christian citizens. Satan’s LGBTQ group and his supporters are using the stupid statement to further a sinful agenda here in the USA. Sadly Christian parents were not informed of the storytelling by a sex offender, which mean that Christian parents should be on the Libray board to prevent such immoral programs. The library person who invited the sex offender and drag queen should be fired.

  9. All the ones that are involved in this aught to be punished. Drag Queens & perverts need to be prosecuted along with teachers & the Government officials that are letting this go on, The Parents that are letting their children attend are probably sick also. My heart goes out to these young children. And parents who want their children to pick what sex they want to be, This is also disgusting. You can only be one or the other & not pick & choose.
    God help us all. & I Believe we are in the end of times, Read the Bible.

  10. The queers in Urbana IL hold the same event at the Urbana Public Library………… and some parents actually let their children go.

    The same local queer group also holds another annual drag event at the Champaign Children’s Museum (Champaign/Urbana are twin cities).

    I’m 63 and can attest that in my lifetime, faggots have always been attracted to adolescent boys regardless of what they publicly claim. I never had another queer approach me once I reached young adulthood. The queer problem would become very minimal in just a single generation if the current ones were kept segregated from normal people, in their own colony, like lepers.

  11. You’re talking about Houston, Texas! Peopla down there elected a homosexual for mayor, for God’s sake

  12. The real ??? surrounding this event is “what parent, and honest librarian, in their right mind, would allow elementary & preschool children to witness this sort of perversion? This entire scenario is unnatural & these
    people are mentally ill.

    Murf Appling, B S Ed., M A Ed.
    Public school teacher
    Social Studies
    Southwind H S
    Germantown H S
    Germantown, TN

  13. Parents need to check ahead of time about what the library policy is on this subject and let it be known to the people in charge that they don’t want their children exposed to it!!!

  14. A sick curd is crawling across the world with weirdos being put in charge of the things that effect kids when they should pack up and slither back into the closet or basement never to see light. This falls on the Mayor, city council plus any other dork involved with it.
    I’m sure they will get the next named (“Little Jackoff Horner playing with himself in the Corner”).

  15. This STUFF is just outrageous and needs to stop NOW! What is going on in the public library system? They seem that they are run by immoral management, city governments need to step in and protect their community’s children……..

  16. Ignorance loves company. Sexual predators cover the whole spectrum of sexual orientation and one group does not show up more often than others in this group. Straight sexual predators are far more common where I live than any other group, but they are also part of a much larger group of identified straight people. What we need are not ropes, hate and bigotry. What we need is a careful attention to child protection in the form of thorough background checks and monitoring where children are not left alone with a single adult at any time.

  17. My grand daughters are home schooled because of things like homosexuality and transgender teachings in public schools. Having drag queen story times is even worse, targeting little preschool children before they even know about such things! Parents should be more aware of what will be presented to their children before taking them to story hour. Get rid of those who are inviting drag queens to lead story hour!

  18. I`m wondering why parents would allow their children to attend such an disgusting event in the first place.

  19. I can’t imagine what the promoters of this travesty were thinking. We should all be protecting children – not
    exposing them to lunacy and evil drivel.

  20. Barbara G.: I agree with all you wrote! I can’t imagine what else is encouraged by local gov’t.

  21. You took the words right out of my mouth unless the readings are during the day and the parents are at work and babysitters are taking the kids there as an outing and most parents don’t even know.

  22. Fags can be what they want, but to HELL with the militant agenda and it’s perverted supporters.

  23. Any and all child predators should be removed from society, straight or gay. Your solution of a child never being in the presence of a single adult is as extreme as extremist muslims never allowing any of their women to go unaccompanied without a “family” male member.

    Child predators should be dealt with rather than be allowed to roam freely amongst our children while constantly looking for an opportunity.

    Quite frankly, I think victims families should legally have first opportunity of retribution for child predation.

  24. If you decide who is a child predator without evidence and then proceed to harass and persecute them, you are acting like a Nazi. We have a better way and it does require some monitoring to make sure we identify the predators before they act. This is not a case of selecting one sex over another for the safe place procedures to be in place. Children need the additional care that multiple adults provide in educational settings. Just because a local government is not prejudging the volunteers and workers based on outward appearances does not mean they are actively seeking child predators to work for them. Grow up and allow some differences! Those who are different from you are not all bad.

  25. Close the borders President Trump , NOW! And clean up immigration within the country once and for all! Send all illegal aliens back to where they came from and take the libs with you! MAGA!!!

  26. Maybe we could start with the hard working immigrants who put food on your table or perhaps you would rather send back the housekeepers in Trump’s resorts or there are those people who take care of your yard and landscaping. Maybe the next time you stay in a hotel or motel, you can clean up after yourself and make your own bed. While you’re at it you can sleep in it. What we need is a road to citizenship and worker permits that is easy and legal. Walls and mass deportations only make matters worse. Of course if you were a Nazi one could understand your total lack of toleration for different political opinions.

  27. These perverts who promote or participate in the so-called Drag Queen Storytime should be kept out of schools, libraries, and other places where children are present.

  28. All you bible thumpers can preach til the cows come marching home and its not going to get anything changed unless you wake up and get outside help. This problem with the library has done nothing but alow a bunch of religious nuts to have a sounding board with each other and not come up with a solution.

  29. This is not a secret event. There is no deception here and parents are still very much responsible for what they take their children to see/hear. What happened to your desire for free speech and your MAGA hat position. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Of course you probably do not understand that old saying so I’ll spell it out for you. When you stand up for your rights to speak freely, you should also stand up for the rights of those who disagree with you. Nazis were not correct in this and they still are not correct. A free nation is only as free as the least of its minorities is free.


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