This prominent Black Lives Matter activist called Jesus a symbol of “white supremacy” and wants to do something jaw-dropping to all images of Christ


The Black Lives Matter movement is abusing the passing of George Floyd to engage in rioting, destruction of private property, and vandalism.

Now they’re making outrageous demands of the public.

And one prominent Black Lives Matter activist called Jesus a symbol of “white supremacy” and wants to do something jaw-dropping to all images of Christ.

The Left has spun up several radical ideas that would cause total disaster in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

First, Hollywood celebrities started bailing criminals out of jail so they could return to the streets and begin rioting again.

Then, activists began demanding all police departments be defunded and even disbanded in major U.S. cities.

Now, the Black Lives Matter movement is targeting statues and art again and Jesus Christ is their brand new target.

Shaun King, a radical left-wing activist, is leading the charge to “tear down all images of Christ” as he is somehow a symbol of white supremacy and an ugly form of racism.

This is a direct attack on Christ’s church. Not only is Shaun King making up blatant lies about Jesus being a symbol of racism . . . but he is subtly implying those who believe in Christ are racists as well.

King’s unfair claims and outright lies do not come as a surprise.

He is simply trying to take advantage of a situation to advance his sick left-wing agenda that includes silencing free speech, stripping Americans of the freedom of religion, and creating a completely secular world.

While most Hollywood elitists, members of the media, and left-wing politicians won’t admit it, they despise the Church as much as Shaun King does.

Believers in Jesus Christ are seen as threats against pushing their social justice and LGBT agendas forward.

Fortunately, Shaun King is receiving a tremendous amount of public backlash over his statements.

What do you think?

Should Shaun King apologize for calling Jesus a symbol of white supremacy?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Why doesn’t that p.o.s. domestic terrorist tries to come to my town along with his BLM/Antifa thugs and tries to remove everything that has to do with Christ, and I’ll give him a PERSONAL lesson on how I’ll protect my first amendment by exercising my 2A.

  3. Christianity has been attacked throughout its history of over 2,ooo years. It will survive this attack too. But we must fight back. While there could be more art depicting Jesus, Mary, and the disciples as Middle Eastern, the art depicting them as Caucasian was produced by Caucasions, so it follows that artists depicted Jesus et al in the way that was familiar to them at their time in history. Any suggestions on how to fight back against the crazy Left to stop this insanity ?

  4. Good I’m glad this BLM thug is coming out and calling for images of Christ to be removed.
    That is sure to help democrats lose in November.
    As long as democrats remain in bed with BLM they are doomed, IMO.
    It’s unfortunate that most democrats are useful idiots that continue to deny the real motive of the BLM movement which has nothing to do with saving black lives.

  5. We, as Christians (and I’m not the most devout), will need to put our Bibles down and pick up a weapon, because being peaceful will only see us subjugated and slaughtered

  6. Really?????? This extreme idiot has no clue. His ignorance knows no bounds. Jesus is not even white!!! He is brown. And He loves ALL races. God created us all in His image, from the palest white to the darkest black and He loves every shade. Jesus FORBIDS racism!!!! He also forbids the sick hate and insane actions of these very sad excuses for human beings

  7. There is a battle raging between God and His people and satan and his people and it is very clear that BLM and this idiot are in satan’s army. God wins. They lose. When Jesus returns we will be free of them for eternity

  8. European mother??? Can anyone actually be that stupid???? Unfortunately, the answer is YES. It is very obvious that he has never read a Bible and has no clue who Jesus is or what He teaches. Nor does he care

  9. This POS ( heard he’s actually white) will help the democrats get slaughtered by Trump come November.

  10. Birth pains! The end of time is closer than we want to believe!
    All of this was prophesied and it’s happening!
    Get yourself and those you love ready for the return of the Christ that they want to disrespect!
    He’ll have the last word.

  11. Claiming Jesus was white or black is anachronistic because we are talking about 2000 years ago.
    Nobody has any idea what people looked like or what color they were 2000 years ago.
    And since Jesus IS the Son of God, what difference would his skin color make to anybody?

  12. Now, now my Christian brethren remember the 6th commandment “Thou shall not kill” or as Christ dictates “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” Even racist “For they know not what they do!”

  13. I ‘m the off duty cop who protects the church property, stained glass windows and statues of Jesus at our church. Would you douchebags come by and try to mess with the church. I’m itching to put some of you retards in a box; permanently.

  14. These dumb un educated people need to be taken care of they have no idea about history about religion what our fathers fought for let Trump do his thing send in millary water cannons use force to put them in place them dumb bastered how dare them

  15. Tear down the sport complexes an there statues out in front , as they represent Roman empire colisuem where Roman slave owners fought there slaves against each other for sport an entertainment ! Then take a knee on the neck of that ! Azz

  16. IF Jesus were white, why would he go Egypt to “blend in”???????? Why also are you being so hateful when the democratic party is the party of Love??(sarcasm)

  17. He won’t be so cocky when Jesus casts him into the Lake of Fire. True Christians are not racists and an angry unhinged leftist nut doesn’t change that. Like MLK I look at content of character not skin color or ethnicity, those things are how the left works.

  18. Another BLM (BEHAVING LIKE MONKEY) radical left white hater in action. The old saying was “GIVE THEM A INCH AND THEY WILL TAKE A MILE” AND IT IS STILL TRUE TODAY. Message to all of you LEFT WING RABID LOONIES . Keep on the path you are going and this nation will become another Somalia with the hell it will bring into YOUR STUPID EXISTENCE . If you do not like this nation and would rather live in a HELL YOU CREATE BY YOUR RABID STUPIDITY; THEN PACK THE SUITCASE AND DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE A%% ON THE WAY OUT!!!!!!!!

  19. As a Jewish man, I really take offense. Yeshua, Jesus, is Jewish, He had a Bar Mitzvah, etc. And the only “white supremacists ” during His time were the Roman Legionaires that occupied Judea, which was 2000 yrs ago.

  20. Truth be told… in spite of all the pictures depicting Jesus as a white anglo-saxon, he was not. Indeed, there are no white anglo-saxons anywhere in the Bible.

  21. Obviously this jackass can’t read…….knows nothing about religion…….nor about history. The region of the world where Jesus is from proves that he is NOT WHITE!! These idiots don’t really care about Black Lives Matter or they would be protesting in places like Chicago where an innocent 3 yr old got shot & killed by a black gang drive-by shooter.

  22. Comment Joseph got it right Jesus was a Jew and by going to Egypt he was probably going to blend in with the other Jews who lived there at the time. I would be curious to know the color of Jesus in the church Mr. King goes to? As long as we are on that, has someone ever taken a survey to see the color of Jesus represented in Black churches? Many years ago I attended a funeral in a Black church and I seem to recall J being WHITE. If any one knows the color represented in any Black church they have attended I’m sure we all would be curious to know.

  23. Fluffy, we do know that Jesus was not white. There were no white people living in that region where He lived. He was brown

  24. I’m sick of all of this. When they start talking about taking down anything that’s religious they have my attention. Be sure you know what your doing the doors to hell are waiting for ya’s.

  25. Jesus is all colors.He loves every one no matter what. He doesn’t love people who slander his name you bunch of dumb ass leftist satans.

  26. If our Christ-dominated, Eurocentric culture is so offensive to them, I’d happily pay extra taxes in order to furnish a RETURN TRIP ticket for them. Since we are clearly the only thing holding them back, let’s see how they do when they’re back in their precious African jungleland culture. EVEN STEVEN!!!!!! We’ll all go our separate ways, and everyone will positively FLOURISH. (And I’m sure when they’re back home, that’ll be the end of all the complaints and excuses, too….)

  27. That POS Shaun King should be demanded to give a public apology for his ignorance then someone should put a bullet in his head and the same goes for all his followers.

  28. The NON IS A MOVEMENT alright💩💩💩. When this group of losers start attacking Jesus and Christian faith it is time put a stop to it now. My M4 is ready to go!

  29. Correction they change my BLM TO NON. HOWEVER WE COULD SAY THAT TRANSLATES TO BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, if you catch the meaning.LOL😀

  30. I guess color and ethnicity of God is the reason the Bible states in Colossians 1:15, He is the image of the INVISIBLE God, the first born of all creation. In other words, there should be no images of God as He is spirit. We should all be able to relate to God. Jesus came to sacrifice his life for ALL of mankind so we could have an opportunity to spend eternity with Jesus should we chose to follow Him. Color or human features are irrelevant in God’s eyes. Jesus was not white. He was a Jew living in the Middle East. People envision Jesus as someone they can relate to which is normally in their own color and features. I have been in black churches where Christ was black. I have wondered if the Chinese have a Chinese looking Jesus and if those in India have a Jesus that looks like an Indian and a Jesus that looks like Native Americans. We people picture Jesus in our own image so we can relate to Him. Color is irrelevant. You don’t like a white Jesus? Fine. Make a Jesus in your color or your specific features. Jesus belongs to all and He loves all no matter what color or ethnic background.

  31. Once shawn king is nutered, he should pick up his nuts and apologise to religious world for being the lowest form of maggot life ever to be pooped from a flys butt. Better he should become food for maggots to eat.

  32. This man and group of people are making a mockery of Christ. God is in control and He has stated vengeance is mine. He has also stated that He will not be mocked. He will only allow so much before He shows what an awesome God he is. If I was this person, I would repent before it is to late. Remember too that this pandemic has shown that the church of Almighty God are the Christians that make it up not buildings.

  33. I don’t know about the Black churches but I went to mass on the Menomonee Indian Reservation and they’re statues of Jesus and Mary were with Native American looks. And I guess in my estimation the guy’s just a moron. People of all races and ethnicity will view Jesus in their own mindset.

  34. Gregory-yes they would be very happy in their native African homelands and so would the lions as they would become meals for the lions.

  35. Here’s an equitable solution to their solicitations Black lives matter to ME like MY life matters to THEM. War is fought on a two way single lane highway. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE ONCOMING CARS (you may get bulldozed).

  36. I am a Christian. I study the Bible. I know that Jesus was Jewish. I do not portray Him as white in my mind, but
    Brown. But I love all pictures of Him in any ethnicity. He is real and He will
    Overcome evil. Yes there will be hatred and evil will try to erase all signs of Him. But you see, He lives in my heart. You can kill my body, but not my spirit; it goes to Him immediately.

    Jesus tells me to love my enemies, do good to them that hate me. Not weakness, but strength. I do not hate
    Anyone, but I am very sad that they do not understand.

    Come, Lord Jesus! I bow before you.
    Forgive them, for they know not what they do!

  37. Corrected comment.

    Is this guy a registered Democrat? If so, he is not in any position to talk to anybody about “white supremacy.” He is endorsing with his name the party that enslaved blacks in America in the first place and fought a war against the first ever Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who went to war to free the blacks slaves from Democrat captivity. The Democrats lost that war and the slaves were freed. But the Democrats continued to disrupt the blacks’ freedom by forming the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize the black voters, and in time, were able to take back control of local governments in the south. The first black members of Congress were Republicans from the South. When the Democrats got control back of the government in the south they started introducing regulations restricting the freedom the blacks obtained as a result of Lincoln winning the war for their freedom. The Democrats made life for blacks a living Hell which didn’t start to turn around until some 80 years later when Congress passed anti-segregation legislation which Republicans voted more for it than Democrats.
    Democrats were also able to return some of their power to reduce black populations with support for an organization formed to promote birth control, called Planned Parenthood, which REALLY took control of reducing the black population when abortion was made legal. PPH built most of their offices in or near low income areas where blacks mostly live. About 75% of black babies are aborted today. And those that are born, only 25% have a father in the house. That is why so many black males are in prison; they didn’t have a man around the house to guide them as they grew up. The street hoodlums became their “fathers.”
    What is so concerning to me is the numbers of self-identified Catholics who endorse the Democrat Party and vote for them. They give that party the electoral power to continue to at attack God’s greatest gift – the gift of life. In doing so, those Catholics are failing to obey God’s 2 Greatest Commandments – to love God with all their heart, soul and MIND. And to love their neighbor as themselves. The most innocent and helpless neighbor of all is the unborn. And the only way the unborn can be helped is by those Catholics, old enough to vote, voting only for anti-abortion candidates.

  38. This is not going to stop until all their pent up hatred has been emptied on those who have had nothing to do with their social problems. This “movement” is funded by the likes of George Soros and has Antifa fueling the hatred alongside of BLM. The tolerence of communities to allow this violence to continue is the reason that these radicals believe that they can continue to burn and loot our cities. This attack on religion has nothing to do with religion, I bet this guy doesn’t even go to Church, if he does then he’s a sleep in the back. The more that we allow this terrorism to continue the likely hood of the escalation of violence will be multiplied. This movement is no longer about injustice, this movement is about hatred.

  39. JC you have to be the most stupid person who comments on this site. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Go ahead attack Jesus like this other bonehead. Both of you deserve hell thats why he made it for your kind. Attacking God- What a FOOL

  40. It is frightening to read all of the comments here regarding murder and violence against a man who has an ”unpopular” opinion. Simultaneously, you are defending material representations of Jesus. The article is patently misleading as you can see by the tweets. This man has not claimed Jesus himself was a white supremacist.

  41. A Racist calling Christians Racist! This will turn into a War if they attempt to attack Christianity!

  42. The term prominent Black Lives Matter doesn’t make any sense………..he is a terrorist and should be treated as such. I hope that this movement comes to my town and my church and he/they will get their final reward.

  43. BLM is a Marxist organization as stated by one of the founders back in a 2015 video.
    Patrisse Cullors said, and I quote, “We’re trained Marxists.” You can watch the video by doing a Google search.
    So you see, BLM has nothing to do with black lives at all, and all their supporters and donors are morons.
    By supporting BLM, the democrat politicians have demonstrated they support communism.
    Its no surprise that BLM members hate Christ because look how Christians are treated in Marxist communist countries throughout history. For BLM and other communists, including the entire democrat party, the state is their god (little “g”) and they don’t like competition or opposing view points to their authority.

  44. He’s wrong, but the white depictions of Jesus are wrong for another reason: idolatry. It says in the Bible that there should be no statues and no images!

  45. That is correct . But under no circumstances are Statues, Crosses or any other Religious symbols on Church property going to be taken down to satisfy his Communist appetite! You can take that to the Bank!

  46. You know what us decent blacks for these subcreature, gutter street rats. uneducated loud mouth liar. We want the president to Sent in the troops to clean up these stains on America.

  47. This is about communist revolution and the peaceful part is about over. If you re not armed up and ready to defend your home, your family, your neighborhood and your city, you had damned well better get that way.

  48. Pulling down statues of Jesus will likely bring about the same for statues of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Obama, Jackie Robinson and others. Obama’s library will be spared until all the books have been colored in.

  49. Bets have already been placed that if this Nagra tries it in one mentioned city included in the bet, he be inabox before his next meal. Vegas waits.

  50. Most of the people responding to this page are doing exactly what that nut job wants. He is basking in his own created limelight or as they say his 15 minutes of fame. He does not care how just that it is just as the mass killers have done for years long before any of us were born. I am one who has seen the depths to which a society can sink and believe me folks you do not want that to happen in this country.

  51. The satanic agenda against Christianity is gradually unfolding and I am not surprised that the likes of Obama is one of the major crusaders. Hiding under Black Lives Matter, they are canvassing for the toppling of Christianity in the USA. Methink that the Church need to wake up and sit up. The church need to organize a counter “revolution” immediately by organizing peaceful protests all around America before they left the illuminaties and the Satanist/islamist and Communists take over. CHURCH!!! WAKE UP!!!

  52. The author of this article does not want to tell the whole story. This so called “black” activist is 100% white, playing the game as a black. According to his white mother and White father, I think they should know what color of skin he has.

  53. I got a cross erected in my front yard. You need to come onto my property illegally and screw with my cross so cousin Fred can terminate your miserable azz.


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