This popular TV show just attacked the Covington Catholic students


The Covington Catholic high school students are still being slandered by the mainstream media.

And you’ll never guess who went after them this time.

The students were just attacked by this popular TV show in the most despicable way.

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a popular crime TV show that often uses current events to appeal to its viewers.

This time, they decided to attack the Covington Catholic high school students.

The episode featured a group of high school students wearing red baseball caps yelling at a Muslim woman.

The scene makes it appear as if the Covington Catholic kids harassed a Muslim woman to portray them as racist.

But the episode fails to report what actually happened and leads the audience to believe they are simply racist Trump supporters.

Breitbart reports:

NBC crime procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit featured a “ripped from the headlines” theme in its latest episode, which smeared the Covington Catholic kids by pitting them against an Ilhan Omar-styled character who is portrayed as a hero.

The plot centered on a poor, put-upon Islamic city politician being confronted by a red ballcap-wearing crowd of young men who scream at her and taunt her. But the episode also throws in a big dollop of male oppression and lesbianism for good measure, Newsbusters reported.

The Law & Order: SVU episode entitled, “Assumptions,” opens with a pair of teenaged boys running away from a vandalized mosque in which we soon see that Muslim Councilwoman Nahla Nasar (Nazneen Contractor) has been raped.

And minutes later we see a Jewish teen named Ari (Ted Sutherland) leading a group of teens who are clearly modeled after the left’s version of the Covington Catholic kids who were maligned by the media for “confronting” a Native American group in Washington D.C. early this year.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is known for its liberal bias.

The show often addresses issues such as homosexuality, transgender men in the military, and sexism.

They’ve even featured Joe Biden in an episode by giving him the opportunity to address sexual assault and rape kits.

The show has a clear leftist agenda that the viewers ought to know about.

But attacking the Covington Catholic high school students in this backhanded way, without telling the truth about what really happened, is a new low for the show.

What do you think?

Should popular TV shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit distort the news and promote the liberal agenda?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


      • Not surprising. The star of the show, Mariska Hargitay, is the daughter of Jane Mansfield…a follower of Anton LeVey and herself, Satan worshipper. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
        Another star of that show is “Ice t” (Tracy Marrow), a former rapper, narcotics dealer and thief. With those kind of people in the show, what else would you expect?

          • Like spelling her name correctly is what is important here. No, the biased actions is the main problem. That needs correcting. That episode was clearly meant to stoke and inflame racial tensions in this country. Shame on them. And if that is what the President likes, I’m surprised that you aren’t a member of his cabinet.

          • William Logan –
            Mariska Hargitay is spelled correctly! Your liberalism is showing! Get help with your TDS immediately !
            Trump 2020 our only hope🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          • Who cares about the spelling when everyone knows who he refers to. You just said that so you could add your criticism about President Trump. Typical Democrat, Liberal, jealous, mean comment. I used to like and watch that show but over a year ago they had a similar political show…. never watched it again.

          • You’re a typical liberal…attack the messenger, not the message.
            Because you and your 25 people running for President in 2020 have nothing..NOTHING..constructive to offer.

          • Wiilie Loman was a crazy salesman and you took that name? Guess it really states where your brain is. Please Willie, go play with the liberat blogs and don’t bother us we don’t need this crap from the likes of you.

      • I can’t believe how evil and stupid, people are! Especially the hollyweird STARS! You know what happens to stars? THEY BURN UP AND FALL. Can’t wait to watch God’s show!

      • I agree with you. I will not have that one on for sure. They have also had anti Christian themes. That is to bad but typical of the liberal genre we are exposed to every day.

      • I never watch this show, but the wife loves it. Fortunately, she is apolitical and couldn’t care less about what people have to say politically. I’m old enough to remember the original Law and Order. The ideology has not changed much at all.

  1. It’s sad that they are making a false episode that in reality wasn’t what the FAKE NEWS made it out to be so the writers of a t.v. show can’t make up their own stories. Sad, poor pitiful Hollyweird!

  2. Like most liberals the producers of this show live in a fantasy world of their own making. This episode is nothing more than a liberal, leftist, fairy tale and should be regarded as such.

    • Exactly. However, the views of that show appear to be pretty much spot on for most people in NYC these days.

    • RIGHT ON, john Brown. YES ! Give them a taste of their own medicine. Fight fire with fire. We have turned the other cheek for far too long. —

  3. Sad, the entertainment industry is so out of touch with the Real America, they might take notice if Real America stopped going to movies, shows, tuned them out of their lives, cutting their financial flow. Total Boycott!

  4. Glad that we got rid of our cable and TV almost three years ago. We needed the money to pay for outrageous Obamacare premiums and we didn’t want to be paying for entertainment propaganda. It seems like we haven’t missed anything these past years.

  5. They were one of my favorite shows. I will never watch them again. the only major news channel I watch sinc 2015 is FOX

  6. This is sad, that they cannot portray the truth of this event or any other. Twisted rhetoric for their own agendas. I sure hope that whoever watches it, either turns it off or contacts the sponsors to complain.

  7. I think they are free to malign anyone who does not adhere to their Bolshevik agenda. They also are fee to malign anyone who does not adhere to their Bolshevik LGBT Hollywood agenda too. All the liberal Hollywood Bolsheviks are lying pieces of excrement anyway. I am also free to not do business with their sponsors. When the sports store supported the confiscation of guns that they have sold they suffered big time. I will watch the show to learn who their sponsors are and I will not do business with them. Some credit care companies sported confiscation of guns also so I no longer use their credit cards. The coin had two sides.

  8. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  9. Typical, the liberals in Hollywood TV land are doing their absolute best to corrupt just about every TV drama, sitcom or reality shows. Not only do they have to push their perverted agenda but they insist on trying to brainwash the public on politics.

    • That is why I NEVER watch any of the so-called entertainment shows….. just some of the old re-runs from the good old days when the entertainment industry showed some decency. Perhaps I should watch one time so I can learn which sponsors to boycott. —

  10. NBC must have money left over after their lawsuit for their original attack on the Covington kids. That’s cool, the Sandman kid has made a ton of money off of different TV reports and perhaps this will give some of the other kids an opportunity to join in the fun. I’m guessing that NBC thinks they have enough anonymity built into this piece of crap to prevent lawsuits from it. I’m hoping the Covington kid’s lawyer is much smarter than those owned by NBC and that he can extract another $2 or 3 hundred thousand from the show.

  11. Loved the show when Christopher Meloni was on, but they’ve gotten really too political of late. Don’t watch it any more


  12. All anyone needs to do is remember who the cast is and that show has been liberal left leaning since s1 e1. I don’t even watch the reruns. If you don’t watch them they get canceled.

    • Thank you. This is a site like that ‘Numbers’. Pulls in the American Taliban and the users don’t see it. Useful Idiots and Putin chuckles watching us argue.

    • Sandra
      What planet do you live on?
      NBC distorts the news on a daily basis 24/7 and this program follows the NBC mantra!! Try to be more objective or you will never know the lies and destruction the progressive liberals are preaching !
      Save America and our soverignity!
      Trump,2020. Our only hope!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • They had what right Sandra? I didnt see the episode, wont watch any liberal garbage or Pedowood freaks garbage either but from the article I can see that the show LIED just like you are, a LIAR. That fake Indian freak has done this at several colleges and has been arrested numerous times for drug possession and running from police. I can see what kind of moron you are by your idiotic response to an obvious LIE. Try FACTS, those KIDS were waiting for their bus when they were accosted by a POS “activist” and Muslim fanatics. You are so unAmerican its disgusting, why dont you go to Pedowood with the rest of the LIARS and BABY KILLERS?

      • Not much to say after reading the above comments. It seems about 90%+ think like I do. My wife loves this show, but she is absolutely apolitical. She sees noting political in any of these episodes. Nope, none at all. Bless her heart.

  13. Just another reason I don’t watch that crap. These networks are failing. TV shows in the 60’s – 80’s never became placeholders for the Left’s agenda. They were just entertaining. Any show that has a muzzie as a hero I would take an ax to anyway. Shame on them.


    • Just like Wussie Smollett right George? Sit down and stop with the LIES, people like you are destroying this country with LIES you hear/read from the lying liberal media and then repeat as fact. Just for the record there were over 300 recorded cases of violence against Trump supporters last year alone, one was an 87 year old man who was attacked by a mohawk wearing femnazi freak. Yet another liberal LIAR, you people are really something unAmerican POS.

  14. Terrible,I don’t usually watch the show ,but glad this was brought to my attention. These democrat liberals are really destroying not only the country but the morals and minors I start to wonder where am I. This isn’t the country I grew up in any more.

  15. The communist entertainment industry will never show any part of Christianity, the 2nd amendment or the bible in a positive light. Don’t accept it, fight against it, but get used to it, the world is being set up for the entrance of the Antichrist. Remember…Matthew 5:11 KJV “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”

  16. Just another bunch of far left lunatics spinning a very bad situation into a freak show. Don’t watch, never will. Vote all Republican in 2020 and stop watching ignorant commies.

  17. Guess we know who’s in line to be sued next and rightfully so, this is so distasteful given the facts surrounding the Covington kids, but then again what should we expect from the left leaning media and their propaganda machines, nothing but lies and misrepresentations to the max!

  18. I stopped watching it long time ago! takes real situations & turns them into their liberal views! it’s shown on USA & other cable stations for 24 hrs in a row ! I find sponsors of show & let them know I won’t support their products or their agendas! MONEY TALKS! stop money & let these millionaire “actors” put their own money into pushing their views! we need to be aware of what our children & grandchildren are watching. many believe what’s shown on tv is REAL!

  19. George Suchey…you got it wrong. The North Koreans were wearing MAGA hats and they were attacked. No one wearing MAGA hats attacked anyone. It’s always the people wearing MAGA hats that are attacked, not people wearing MAGA hats attacking anyone.

  20. I watched that episode and not once did I even make a single connection to those Covington students attacking that “Muslim” woman. Apparently, other people did. SAD!

    • They couldn’t make it too obvious or else they might find themselves on a long list of lawsuits over the misrepresentation of that incident.

  21. Only watch this show when everything else (especially PBS) is a repeat or equally PC. Saw the broadcast in question – didn’t like it. My big question about this show is – Why is the woman ALWAYS telling the truth? Looks like they are always victims and the men the villains. In my long life I’ve known many women predators in various ways. Just sayin’.

    • They’ve had male victims before and they’ve also had female predators although generally not in the same episode. Most people that claim they were raped are telling the truth. It’s a shame that some aren’t because it calls many of the others into question. It’s even more shameful when those not telling the truth are doing it for political gain. We’re seeing a lot of that lately.

  22. Everybody here just took this article at face value. It is fake news. While initially showing a media report of the boys in a provocation with the Muslim politician, after the SVU investigation in which they obtained the full video it fully showed that the Jewish boys had been provoked and that the Muslim woman had set them up much in the same way the Covington boys had been falsely accused. And they were wearing red baseball caps, not MAGA hats, like the one witness at the synagogue initially thought. It called into question whether the Muslim woman was even raped since her credibility was now in question. However, the episode went on to prove that the Jewish boys were not the ones that raped her. It was, in fact, her ex-husband that raped her because he was upset with her first for divorcing him when that isn’t allowed under Sharia Law and secondly, for being a lesbian and the show highlighted that this offense is punishable by death under Sharia Law. If anything, the show supported the Covington School boys and I was happy with their portrayal of this issue and went even further into the issue of when and if a rape victim should be believed. Even though her credibility was in question, they continued pursuing the evidence and found who actually did the crime. I thought they were going to go another way and and make it something like Jesse Mollett (don’t know if I spelled that right) who faked his own attack by two guys wearing MAGA hats but since it was a Law and Order SVU episode I probably should have expected it would handle issues more related to sex. I am, however, very disappointed in this article and its attempt to inflame people where there is no slight against the Covington boys.

  23. Your show scripts always were FAR LEFT ! Never watch your C**P show ! NEVER WILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No need to save my e-mail address. Not interested in your show or ANY of your sponsors!

  24. Looks like the Covington Kids will can make another trip to the bank!!! Yep! sue the SOBs if for no other reason than for just being STUPID!!! even after the first suit was filed and won by the students…Some idiots just never learn!!! Sooooo go after them Christian guys!!!
    thanx….. rich


  25. I was visiting at a friend’s house and saw this episode. Ordinarily I do not watch it.

    During the early part of the program, it did appear that they were intentionally maligning the Covington Catholic students. I was bristling while watching this. However, as the program progressed, the witness who claimed the red hats were MAGA hats turned out to be wrong — they were simply the hats from the school the kids attended. Also, as more video of the incident was shown, it turned out that much of the confrontation had been orchestrated by staff members of the alleged victim. The take-away was that not everything turns out to be as it was first portrayed.

    I think people who are criticizing without having seen the program should reserve judgment until they have actually seen the episode in full. That includes the Breitbart reporter.


  27. Friends, The last time I was in a movie theater was about forty years ago, as a teenager. I stopped patronizing Hollywood, including television programming. The most significant way the American people can have an impact and send a message, is not to watch. Take your remote control in hand and just change the channel.

  28. The media can not understand that one a “PROPAGANDA” lie is exposed for what it is (especially with video proof) they only harm their credibility (if they had any) by trying to perpetuate it as if it was some proven fact.

    Like the ones who continued pushing the “sex scandal” accusations once it was proven false even the accuser broke down and confessed to FAKING the evidence. Yet the media carried on as if the facts did not matter only their beliefs that “accusation equals guilt” no matter the evidence.

    Unless of course the accused is pushing the medias anti constitution agenda then its “innocent no matter the facts or evidence”

  29. Either watch TV or don’t. Hollywood is getting ever more brazen in using TV to push their agenda. If you’re gonna watch TV, it will just be there – sometimes not even subtle. I’ve been a sci-fi/fantasy fan since I was a kid. So, naturally, I tuned into all of the new shows on the CW network. Every single one of them is pushing the extreme Left wing agenda, … Supergir’s earth-sister is openly gay and was planning a full-blown gay wedding. (Which didn’t happen. J’on Jones, Manhunter From Mars, is now black. Superman’s young, red headed photographer friend is now a well muscled large black actor – and the character is now editor of the paper. … In fact, every single show has at least one open homosexual couple (male or female), and one prominent black actor (often a character who is historically white). An old show, “Charmed” – three sisters who are witches – has been updated. One of the sisters is openly gay, and through a literary device, one of the sisters is black. No more examples, but trust me, EVERY single new CW show has simiar characters. As I said, watch them or don’t, but the Liberal push is gonna be there.

    • This is really old news at this time. However, these leftists have nothing else to use these days so they reach into their old bag of tricks to keep their narrative alive. They really do believe that if one tells a lie often enough, it will be believed. Yes, it will in the short term. We all know that the truth eventually comes out, but that short term is all the leftists care about. Elections will have happened by the time the truth comes out and then time will erase peoples memory by the time the next election occurs. Cannot accuse the left of being really stupid, can we.

  30. So many TV programs of all kinds have gotten so political that I refuse to watch them. Give me Nascar, the Tennis and Golf channel and the Hall mark channel and I’m satisfied.

  31. If you think that is bad watch the “GOOD FIGHT” which is continuously attaching TRUMP. 2020 promises to be an interesting year.

  32. Let’s admit it, the nazi demonrats want to murder Pres trump and all who voted for him. I don’t remember how many names I (we) have been called, but as the nazis wanted to destroy all Jews, so do the nazi demonrats want to kill us. Would be willing to bet that the majority of nazis are feelers. If may hurt their hearts to kill us, but so sorry, because you are a republican you deserve to die. Heavy sigh as they
    Ull trigger.

  33. I used to be a faithful fan of this show. No longer. This episode and others like it are a glaring example of it’s liberal bias and I refuse to support or watch it any longer. Frankly, I’m very angry. The sooner this series is canceled the better. So unfortunate. Beam me up Scotty as I’m disgusted with the human race.

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