This popular magazine actually encouraged criminal activity with one disgusting column


Nationwide riots have shown that the Left has gone completely mad.

Any pretext that the numerous violent protests were to honor George Floyd has long been dropped.

Now this popular magazine actually encouraged criminal activity with one disgusting column.

Leftism is an expansionist ideology that eventually destroys everything it touches.

That is becoming abundantly clear as even apolitical publications have taken a hard-left turn.

It might seem like it’s happened overnight, but this has been a decades-long project by leftists.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the magazine Popular Mechanics.

In light of the newly designated domestic terror group Antifa and other activist groups unilaterally ripping down statues across the country, Popular Mechanics thought it would be a good idea to publish a piece titled “How To Topple A Statue Using Science.”

The piece goes in depth with engineers on how to safely tear down a statue at a time when the country is in the midst of an insane Maoist Cultural Revolution.

The publication issued a boilerplate disclaimer and said that it was “not encouraging anyone to remove any statues . . . This article is being presented only to describe the physics and mechanics of removing statues, in light of national attention being drawn to the removal of Confederate monuments and statues.”

However, the tone of the piece is quite clear, and the politics of the author aren’t difficult to discern.

This is how James Stout, the author, describes himself on the Popular Mechanics website:

“James Stout, Ph.D is a historian of anti-fascism in sport and runs a nonprofit that uses exercise to empower Indigenous people to live healthier and happier lives. He was born in the U.K. and lives in California.”

There’s no doubt that Stout would be out in the streets with the other communists looking to erase history.

This is how leftists systematically hollow out institutions.

When it happens at places like The New York Times, it’s more obvious, it’s happening on smaller levels, too, as evidenced by the absurd Popular Mechanics piece.

Author and Academic Christina Hoff Sommers in one tweet:

The comparison to the Taliban destroying Buddhist temples in Afghanistan is apt, and it shows that leftism knows how to destroy, but doesn’t know how to build anything.

Do you believe Popular Mechanics when they say they don’t condone yanking down statues?

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  3. Well, Donald Trump has been encouraging violence against anyone who disagrees with him ever since he started running for president, and he continued to threaten violence leading up to Saturday’s Tulsa event. So please don’t try to take the moral high ground about taking down on-going symbols of violence and oppression that were erected as a part of the Jim Crow subjugation of America’s Black population. Even Robert E. Lee refused to support erecting a statue to Stonewall Jackson because he thought it was “wrong to glorify the confederacy or its generals.”

  4. Ban prayer in schools. Erase history. Ban free speech. Persecute people who don’t share your opinion.
    Right out of the democrat playbook. Karl Marx would be proud of the modern democrat party.

  5. pixley, their’s no “moral high ground” here, it’s called common sense when you tell folks that riotous behavior will not be tolerated, that’s different than “encouraging violence”. A book I read on General Lee suggests he would Not be in favor of this statue toppling crap.

  6. After the left tears down all the statues they will probably start burning books next.
    Raid the libraries, and grab books like Huckleberry Finn.
    When the left calls itself “antifascist”, that’s as absurd as Muslims calling Islam “the religion of peace”.

  7. Edward, the left thrives on violence. Their goal is total destruction of this country and total control of every aspect of your life. And it was the dems who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. It was the dems who were AGAINST civil rights. You attack Pres. Trump, but you deny the truth that the dems are insane and hate anyone who does not agree with their immorality. They are all about power and control, not freedom and peace

  8. I don’t think of what’s going on as political statements. I look at it as the continuation of the “chronic complainer” class we used to attribute to Welfare. Wanton abandon to self indulgent bratty tantrums.

  9. Ironically and paradoxically the left has ascertained that Conservatives success in govt is secretly obtained by a wanton lust for power. Read it and weep.

  10. Democrats win elections by deceiving young impressionable minds. I know because I was once deceived too.
    If the voting age were raised to 25 democrats would never win another election.

  11. You are correct, BJ, to blame the start of the KKK on the Democrats, and President Woodrow Wilson (100 years ago) was complicit in that. For decades, the Democratic party could rely on the Solid South for support because the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, was the party that had freed the slaves. Then something began to happen in the 1940s. First, Eleanor Roosevelt started standing up for Blacks, even arranging a concert on the National Mall for Marion Anderson, when the DAR wouldn’t allow her to perform at Constitution Hall. Then Harry Truman integrated the US Armed Forces. Then, in 1948, the Democratic Party included Civil Rights on its platform, thanks to people like Senator Hubert Humphrey. That’s when the Dixiecrat Party, headed by Strom Thurmond, abandoned the Democrats and ran against Truman for the 1948 election. By the 1960s, Governor George Wallace was also trying to start a break-away third party, declaring “Segregation now, Segregations forever.” Next, when Lyndon Johnson got congress to pass the Voting Rights Act in the 1960s, Nixon decided to opt for a Southern Strategy, to get those states that LBJ had “betrayed” to vote for him in 1968, and what used to be the Solid South for the Democrats, suddenly became the Solid South for the Republicans. That’s also when Democratic Governor of Texas, John Connolly (who you will remember was wounded during the Kennedy Assassination), switched parties and became a Republican, as did Texas Senator Hightower. So when you call the Democratic Party supporters of the KKK, you are more than half a century behind in your knowledge of history.

  12. We need ORDER. Violent protesters should be killed. In fact, UNRULY protesters should be gunned down, at least initially. Once order is imposed, the message will be sent, and the animals will be back playing video games or visiting in coffee houses. Trust me, these people are not crusading…they are partying. And the party needs to be shut down, NOW. Make all of this dangerous, or even inconvenient, and the animals will be back in their usual state of contented, comfortable apathy before you know it. All they need is a little direction, a little guidance…the common people should know their place, and be made to KEEP it. Everybody knows this is true. We cannot allow major decisions to be made by those who are driven by pettiness and base emotions.

  13. Peter: Well said. If society grinds to a halt every time someone has a complaint, nothing will EVER get done. That’s not how adult life works.

  14. Ah, yes, another right wing dog whistle. There is no “Maoist” revolution underway. Ripping down racist statues will not stop, so why not talk about doing it safely?

    The revolution underway is an affirmation of American patriotism by rooting out bigotry in every form and making the USA the nation it should be as intended by our founders, even if they couldn’t envision the end of slavery, the equality of the sexes, and the open expression of sexuality and orientation.

    The revolution doesn’t involve any communist ideology, but rather the fair distribution of resources focusing on earning a living wage, recognizing that the corporate owners would have nothing without the workers. The revolution focuses on the need for everyone to have healthcare in order to make the USA strong and prevent the destruction of a quarter million families every year by bankruptcy for medical costs.

    The right wing thinks that the USA should have unfettered capitalism, but that’s simply fascism; that which progressive groups are fighting resulting in their being lumped into a non-existent group called antifa.

  15. The democRATS love to brainwash all of our youth at voting age to think they are the party FOR the people. Our young folks that just have reached voting age are so impressionable and influenced by hollywood hypocrites and pop singers, and they have no idea of what kind of snake oil they are being sold, or rather given. The democRATS ultimate goal is to gain all branches of our government so they can impose their will of having the people of the United States of America be totally dependent upon the government for everything and be at their mercy. That is all they are about, control. When Trump won in 2016 it threw a great big monkey wrench in their pay to play operations. He said he was going to do it and he did. He renegotiated the “Shaft the USA” NAFTA trade deal so it would benefit the USA instead of bankrupting us. He renegotiated the lopsided China trade deal so it would benefit our country. And oh did the democRATS start crying when he did it. Their cash cows got put out to pasture finally. All the democRATS have accomplished in the past three and one half years is wasting millions upon millions of our hard earned tax dollars on bogus investigations. Well, maybe not totally bogus, because they did uncover all of the criminal activity the democRATS were involved in trying to overthrow President Trump. Every investigation was a dead end, but it did show the world how corrupt the democRAT party truly is and that they are all just dead weight in our government.

  16. Pres. Trump needs to defend American history by vigorously prosecuting and jailing vandals and those behind removal/destruction of historic monuments or renaming historic schools, highways, etc. Furthermore, Mr. Trump needs to direct federal agencies immediately cut off federal welfare, food stamps, student loans, municipal assistance, and all other federal money to states, counties, or cities that condone or authorize removal/relocation of historic monuments or rename historic places. No excuses. Mr. Trump failed to name BLM (Burn, loot and murder), NAACP, SPLC, KKK, and a few other organizations as domestic terrorist organizations and direct the IRS by exec order cancel those organizations’ non profit/tax exempt status.

  17. HCB…Antifa non-existent?? Really? You need to get out of your make-believe world and join reality. The goal of the left is total control of every aspect of your life. If that is what you want you are truly insane. Our founders were Christians who left us a nation with their Christian principles, one of which is our freedom. Ben Franklin said we have a Republic if we can keep it. The dems have no intention of keeping it. They can’t stand anything this country stands for. And ripping down statues is insane and only the beginning of the complete destruction the dems want. satan is leading the revolution, but he and the dems cannot win. Jesus will return and take over

  18. HCB…Antifa non-existent?? Really? You need to get out of your make-believe world and join reality. The goal of the left is total control of every aspect of your life. If that is what you want you are truly insane. Our founders were Christians who left us a nation with their Christian principles, one of which is our freedom. Ben Franklin said we have a Republic if we can keep it. The dems have no intention of keeping it. They can’t stand anything this country stands for. And ripping down statues is insane and only the beginning of the complete destruction the dems want. satan is leading the revolution, but he and the dems cannot win. Jesus will return and take over and it can’t happen soon enough

  19. Edward Pixley…You have no clue of the truth. Better read your history again. This time read REAL history, not the crap that is taught by the public schools. You have been brainwashed. Dare to find the truth. What was the dem party in the south still is. They did not switch. That is false. And only TWO members of the dixiecrats switched. And half a century behind??? Ever hear of Robert Byrd? The dems have been and are against civil rights for blacks. They want to be sure and keep them on the plantation. They are the party of racism. The dems have thrown God out and want nothing to do with right and wrong. Their goal is TOTAL control of our government and every aspect of our lives. But guess that is what you want. Most Republicans are Christians. God created and loves all races. But you have no concept of who God is. sad

  20. Quigley: Yes, Robert E. Lee was indeed a confederate general, leading the Army of Northern Virginia from 1862, through the Battle at Gettysburg, until he finally surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox in 1865. Yes, he is the same General Lee who said, after the war, that we should not raise monuments to celebrate the confederacy or its general. Regarding the battle flags, he famously said to his command, “Furl your banners.”
    bj: Though I am not myself a historian, I am quite well read in history, far beyond what I learned from my classroom studies, besides which, at 83, I actually remember a quite a bit of the history I cited in my previous post as I was living through it. Yes, I remember Senator Robert Byrd, a curious phenomenon. Though he was a progressive on most social issues, he remained a firm segregationist through his almost century long life. Maybe he felt he had to do that to keep getting reelected in West Virginia. WEst Virginia itself is a curious political phenomenon, almost a perfect score in voting for Republican presidents in recent history, it has had some surprisingly progressive representatives at lower levels, including Jay Rockefeller.
    I cannot fathom how you get the idea that the Democratic Party is against civil rights for blacks, since it is the party that has sponsored all the civil rights legislation that has passed since the 1960s, and the Republican Party has been chipping away at those rights ever since. Don’t get me wrong, neither party has totally clean hands on this issue, and the Black Lives Matter movement has to be a grass roots movement, because neither party will act unless it feels threatened by the power of the people demanding their rights. But the Democrats are the ones who feel that that grass roots movement will redound to their benefit the most and are, therefore, most likely to act on behalf of the movement.

  21. Not really that hard to understand that the libtard democrats want bigger government. So I ask you pixidust if you say you are well versed than you should be able to think for yourself. Unfortunately the party you support thinks you are too dumb and needy. Which is it?

  22. What is going on is exactly like the movie “Lord Of The Flies” A bunch of BRAIN WASHED BY THE COLLEGES AND IN SOME CASES BY THEIR PARENTS GROUP OF YOUNG BOTH BLACK AND WHITES DOING RIOTING AND COMMITTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE IN ATTEMPT TO IMPOSE THEIR RADICAL IDEOLOGY ON THE REST OF THE NATION. We as law abiding citizens should demand from our gov. and our local gov that these deranged groups should be dealt with whatever means necessary to put a stop their anarchy and sedition and to also go after the persons or organizations who are leading and funding them!!!

  23. Edward…A lot more Republicans than dems voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And the dems’ idea of civil rights is to keep blacks on the plantation. Republicans treat them as human beings. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. But dems are the racists. Wake up!!!! Obama hates whites and set race relations back many years. But that is fine with you

  24. Edward…I once had a friend who is a very liberal dem. She ALWAYS referred to her friends as her black friend, her Puerto Rican friend, her Italian friend, her Chinese friend, etc. Yet she claimed she was not racist. Me?? I just have FRIENDS. I couldn’t care less what race or nationality they are. And needless to say, I dumped her years ago

  25. Edward…Black Lives Matter does not care at all about black lives, but only power, control, and destruction. That should be very obvious to you. Pay attention to what they do or don’t do about blacks. They are only about THEMSELVES

  26. America First…You are right on. The dems are very dangerous and I don’t think we even know the half of it. They have thrown God out and do not care what is right or wrong. They are ruthless and will take control any way they can. And the Republicans are letting them do it. There is no backbone in the Republican Party and is why I abandoned it years ago. Either we stop satan’s army or we will be overrun by them. The time to stop them is NOW!!!!

  27. That’s the end of my subscribing to this piece of shi* magazine. I swore by it for years but now the truth is out.

  28. The cultural revolution has begone. Di-side which side and take a position; arm your self before hand. you will not get a chance to hit replay; that button is non existent. The only thing a mob understands is absolute force and push back. There will be blood in the streets and you need to prepare for the engagement. The only way the meek will inherit the earth is from 6 feet under. I am too old to worry about that part, I have made my peace and you should also.

  29. Anyone who disrespects America then no government money at all. This includes people personally also. If they can’t be proud Americans then they don’t need our money or time. Also every time they print, air or talk bad about America and disrespect our flag and people should be fined by government and taxes raised. Then they should be publicly announced so everyone can see traitors in America. Anyone who receives money from another country should not only pay taxes on it but made publicly and named as traitors also. Anyone who doesn’t obey these rules shall forfeit all assets to Americans. America first not last. If you don’t put America first get out there are plenty of others who want to be American citizens.


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