This poll shows what many Catholics really think of Joe Biden


Biden’s poll numbers have been slipping lately, and the White House is scrambling to fix it.

One demographic where Biden has never fared well is with Christians.

And this poll shows what many Catholics really think of Joe Biden.

Strangely enough, the majority of Americans believe President Biden is a “religious man.”

However, a poll done by the Pew Research Center shows that many Catholics are not in agreement with this statement.

The poll found that 58 percent of adults in America know that Biden claims to be Catholic.

Of those polled, 55% of Catholics that identify as Republican say Joe Biden should not be allowed to receive communion because of his pro-abortion views.

Of course, a small fraction of Catholics who are Democrat don’t appear to have a problem with the President receiving communion.

It appears Catholics are deeply divided on this issue. Why, however, is really anyone’s guess.

“Biden has said that he wants to make Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a woman’s right to an abortion nationwide, the ‘law of the land,’ among other policy changes,” Pew noted. “As a result, some Catholic clergy have called for Biden to be denied Communion, and U.S. bishops may produce a document on the issue.”

Catholics fervently believe that a person who is conscious of grave sin in their lives is not to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord without prior sacramental confession except for a grave reason where there is no opportunity for confession.

It would seem to most Bible-believing Christians that Biden’s support of abortion is a sin.

So, is the President confessing this sin prior to partaking in communion?

There appears to be no “grave reason” he isn’t able to.

And, if he does confess his sin, shouldn’t he not commit that sin again?

In other words, shouldn’t he turn away from his wicked ways and embrace the Biblical truth that killing innocent lives is wrong?

The survey also found a political divide among Americans over whether Biden is or is not religious.

Although 88 percent of all Democrats say he is religious (45 percent “very religious” and 43 percent “somewhat religious”), only 36 percent of all Republicans believe he is religious (7 percent “very religious” and 29 percent “somewhat religious”).

While the debate among Catholics could be waged for years to come, one thing is clear: the definition of “religious” has been skewed.

Biden’s support for abortion and support from groups like Planned Parenthood proves he has no regard for human life.

That alone should put him in the category of “not religious.”

The Left is working hard to distort America’s view of patriotism and, more devastating, Christianity.

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