This photo of a baby just turned Planned Parenthood’s campaign on its head


It’s no secret Planned Parenthood wants abortion-on-demand.

They want young women to think taking an abortion pill is no different than an aspirin.

But this photo of a baby who survived an attempted abortion just turned Planned Parenthood’s campaign on its head.

Dr. Brent Boles took a photo with a beautiful baby boy.

The photo was “to celebrate human life,” Pregnancy Help News reports.

It was a celebration of the effectiveness of abortion pill reversal and the sanctity of human life.

The photo went viral, with thousands of reactions and shares in addition to hundreds of comments.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t like such photos going viral because it shows that abortion decisions can be reversed.

They want abortions to be final to continue their bloody business and have repeat customers.

The abortion pill is the latest creation endorsed by Planned Parenthood to make abortion more normalized.

But what Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell customers is that there is a reversal procedure in case customers change their mind and want to save the innocent baby growing inside them.

Abortion pill reversal has saved over 500 babies since October 2018, with more being added to that number as word continues to get out about the life-saving method.

Let us know your thoughts about the viral photo in the comments below.


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  2. I believe in right to live, if a woman is raped, then if she quickly takes necessary percussion to avoid a unwanted birth because of how it happen, I believe that should be excepted. No woman should be forced to carries a baby from being a sex victim!

  3. Best way to approach abortion is, “If it is not your body, it is none of your business”.
    If a woman wants an abortion, it is between the woman and her doctor, and, unless she asks someone else into the conversation, it is note of anyone elses business.
    So butt out.

  4. G suck— sad to see, like so many, that our God, the creator, is forgotten and not included in the heart’s decision.

  5. Children need to learn how and why a woman becalmed pregnant. I don’t know how sex is being taught today in schools. I was taught in health class. But no doubt, any teaching, especially on this subject, is going to be taught with bias. I remember our teacher telling us of the monthly cycle and when it’s safe and not safe to become pregnant, but the way she taught it, her inflection was, “do your own thing”, almost giving us permission to have sex at a young age. Children are also being taught that pregnancy is not suppose to happen when having sex, that it was a mistake, so therefore, you must get an abortion. All facts must be taught.

  6. With that said SHE should have to pay all of the costs and not taxpayers!!! Watch what would happen then….
    Abortion is NOT birth control!

  7. Are you guys simply incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING? I monitor CultureWatch, and ever since I discovered you, your veracity has show itself to be of the lowest possible caliber. Pretty much nothing but straw men.

  8. if every person watched how these babies are killed in the womb, torn apart in some cases, or kept alive so they can get a organ to sell, it would save three quarters of these babies. If you don’t want children, for the love of a baby who can’t be safe from abortion use prevention. I’m sure everybody know how to do that! Peace be with you!



  10. You give sound advice and, there is always the chance of spreading disease also by not practicing safe sex.

  11. The chance of becoming pregnant from rape is extremely small, not 300,000,000 million since roe v/s wade. Abortion is being use for convenience not women’s health or for rape, just for the woman’s convenience which she claims is her choice. She wasn’t raped and their was no viable threat to her life. They are aborting for convenience. Should have been more convenient for her just to say NO to having sex.

  12. I find it repulsive that the men who IMPREGNATE the woman, thru rape, coersion or consent should have a say in what SHE does with HER body AFTER. If the men are THAT concerned…then they should ALWAYS either be virginal or at the barest minimum ALWAYS use a condom. If you don’t do YOUR part… Keep your laws AND male votes off my rights.

  13. Exactly. If you got pregnant it is your problem NOT the taxpayers. Too much birth control available and doesn’t seem some are not smart enough to use it.

  14. The correct term is, “The Abortion BUSINESS”!!! The DumbA$$oc RAT party receives hundreds of millions of dollars ($ 100,000,000.00 + ) through contributions from the industry, from doctors, nurses and the thousands of employees who send the the $ in order to keep the doors open so they can earn a DIRTY LIVING !!! It WAS about $, IS about $ and will always BE about $. The DumbA$$oc RATS couldn’t fund their campaigns without the ,”Money for Death” strategy !!!

  15. Men are not the one that often end up stranded with the big bell, they want to play, not pay. Many are irresponsible, won’t even play safe. That’s why so many women end up on welfare, no support from the other player.

  16. G … A baby is NOT part of a woman’s body!!! It is its OWN body/person. Life begins at conception. It has all it will need to live outside the womb when it is conceived. It is a BABY and murdering a baby at its most helpless and innocent stage is heinous.

  17. Eric…You show your ignorance and hate every time you post. You have no concept of the truth. That is very obvious. Who cares if you monitor Culture Watch? You are nothing. Your opinion means nothing. So just stop wasting your time and go away

  18. Eric…It is you who does not tell the truth. You blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. You are not capable of thinking for yourself. You have rejected truth and embrace fantasy

  19. The baby is not part of her body. Dependent on but not part of. The only difference birth makes is in increases the number of possible care givers.

  20. That is incorrect, life does not start at time of conception, that is just two seed uniting together. Then it requires the woman’s body to develop into a being, not until its’ first heart beat is there life, just as it ends with the last! I can’t explain it more simple then that.

  21. When is it OK to take an innocent (unborn) human life? When did two wrongs make a right? Who put you on the throne of God? I know what I say is unpopular with people who love sex & use abortion as a form of birth control. Over 60 million abortions since Roe vs Wade and I wonder what % of them were the result of rape? But rape is an often heard reason for abortion. Do you know the rape %? Without God life seems to be worthless, without meaning or reason. I don’t want a world where “inconvenient” lives don’t matter and are disposed of. Every human life matters to me. Your life matters. Aren’t you glad you weren’t aborted?

  22. Very good Ingrid………..As the world changes everything is going in the wrong direction. Today kids in Middle school are having sex and in High school peer pressure and harassment that isn’t reported make these young girls vulnerable to these macho boys. Once it starts their is no end in sight for most. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is. They teach it and how many teachers have been involved with these young students? A lot more than you can imagine. These young kids use the wrong body parts to learn and reason. End of story.

  23. The unborn is NOT part of your body. It is a separate human life with it’s own DNA, unique fingerprints, heartbeat, and it is at your mercy. As the unborn now is, you once were. Who are you to say life doesn’t begin until the heart first beats? The spark of life (& science has seen it happen) occurs at conception. All you may believe & think will never change that fact. Have you ever asked God to send someone who would find a cure to some awful disease? I wouldn’t be surprised if the life was sent, but was aborted. You have zero idea how the aborted would have helped humanity. Every life matters, a whole lot!

  24. I knew how to say “no” … which isn’t that hard really. I also found out if a man only wanted free milk & had no intention to be responsible. Sex is not a sport. It is a real life responsibility with long term consequences. Grow up men. Put on your big boy pants & be responsible for your actions. Women, if you don’t demand that, your chances of getting it are diminished.

  25. life does begin at conception for all of us who are not killed by abortion. That is a fact of life.even if a child is born from rape. If my mother would of had a abortion at any stage of my life, I would not be here. This applies to all mothers.
    Donald Nacoli

  26. Why is rape an excuse for abortion? Two wrongs do not make a right. If the mother feels the baby will remind her of the rape, then she should give it up for adoption. A mother should never feel guilty of being raped, and she will in time feel good about not killing her child. I use to march for pro-life, and mothers later thank us for talking them not to kill their baby. Think about it, how can anyone feel good about killing a person. To say a baby in the womb is not a person is the same as saying a black person is not a person as they wore saying a few years ago. It only makes an excuse to kill.

  27. Your saying it’s o.k. to let eggs die in a condom, but not immediately take precaution to avoid pregnancy, in a rape case. That poor woman possible girl, should be forced to have that rapist child growing inside her for nine months, that couldn’t possible cause further mental problem could it, not even if maybe he beat her to, I guess she don’t count in this matter. That sound male chauvinist pig to me, their just in this world to cater to the man and make babies!

  28. Eggs don’t die in condoms. The many thousands of sperm die in condoms. Only one sperm can fertilize an egg.The rest all die naturally. Only after the one sperm enters the egg does the spark of life happen. Kenneth, over 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe vs Wade. You are not telling me all 60 million aborted pregnancies are the result of rape are you? I know someone who I believe is the result of rape. I can tell you I am glad that person was not aborted and is alive today. Value life, cherish it, protect it. Life is a wonderful miracle science tries to produce but has not/cannot.

  29. I said eggs for the simple minded people, I will turn 66 yrs. old tomorrow I a sure you, I know about sperm I have fathered children. I can not tell you how many women have been rape, neighter can you, many haven’t came forward for, what ever reasons. If a girl/women conceves by playing around then, she must except the out come, she knew and yet she ran that risk, didn’t practice safe sex. I strongly believe GOD will not expect a rape victim to carry her asultives baby, that child will have been created through SIN! GOD doesn’t not force sin on victims. Man can’t be put in that possesion if he could he’d sing a different tune !

  30. I believe it is up to the woman to decide what to do if she gets pregnant. Every situation is different and should not be judged by others. Never judge a book by it’s cover.
    Men have no right to tell a woman what she should do with the pregnancy. If men could get pregnant, they would have a better understanding of what a woman goes through.

  31. Wow. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. First of all, NOBODY should be having sex unless they are married. And I mean sex with their own spouse. Then the bible says, be fruitful and multiply. God doesn’t say keep the baby only if it’s convenient. The man is the head of the family. All you women’s libbers, quit trying to feminize the men and take their power. Men, stand up for yourselves. Women should keep the homes and raise those beautiful children. That is hard work, but well worth the effort. Men should bring home the money, by working, not by robbing people.The liberals are trying to control those children from cradle to grave. You must really keep an eye on them. Schools are not teaching them what they should know, and teaching them what they shouldn’t know. All kinds of perversion. Raise them strong so they resist the trash in this world. Fight back for your kids. MAGA

  32. Well, I will not butt out. For one thing, it is not our body. It’s God’s body. He created us from conception to natural death. When the sperm and egg come together, life begins. Abortion, at any stage, kills a child of God. It’s not between the woman and her doctor. It’s between her and God. God would say not to kill his child. Doctors are supposed to save lives, not take lives. ????????????


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