This mom is suing her son’s father for child abuse for this outrageous reason


LGBT activists want everyone to accept their radical views, or pay the price.

They will stop at nothing – even using their own children as political pawns.

And this mom is trying to take away parental rights form her son’s father for this crazy reason.

In Texas, a mother is taking her son’s father to court trying to take his parental rights away.

She says he is committing child abuse by “not affirming” the 6-year-old boy as transgender.

She also wants him to “pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations.”

The Daily Wire writes:

A Texas father is fighting for his son in court after pushing back on his ex-wife’s claim that their six-year-old is a transgender girl.

According to court documents, the young boy only dresses as a girl when he’s with his mother, who has enrolled him in first-grade as a female named “Luna.” The father, however, contends that his son consistently chooses to wear boys’ clothes, “violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” and identifies as a boy when he is with him.

The Federalist reports that the mother has accused the father of child abuse in their divorce proceedings “for not affirming James as transgender” and is looking to strip the dad of his parental rights. “She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight,” the report adds.

The father has been legally barred from speaking to his child about sexuality and gender from a scientific or religious perspective and from dressing his son in boys’ clothes; instead, he has to offer both girls’ and boys’ outfits. The boy consistently refuses to wear dresses, according to the father.

The boy was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a gender transition therapist the mother, a pediatrician, chose for her son to see. According to the therapist’s notes, the boy chose to identify as a girl when he was in sessions alone with his mother; alternatively, he chose to identify as a boy when he was in sessions alone with his father.

This 6-year-old boy is obviously just very confused, because he is, surprise, 6 years old.

Most people don’t even remember anything from their 6-year-old lives, so how can we expect the boy to fully understand what gender even is?

The mother is clearly just a radical so-called “progressive” that is using her own son to make a political point and spite the father.

Sadly, children are the LGBT activists’ new target.

As we reported, this 11-year-old boy was paraded on Good Morning America as a “model drag queen.”

The radical left doesn’t care about the well-being of our youth.

They just want to brainwash them from a young age to see their fantasies come to life.

Who do you think should have custody of this child – the LGBT activist mother or the father who wants to raise his son to be a man?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. I hope the courts grant total custody to the father. This mother is a disgraceful progressive liberal and should be the one lose her custody rights. The child is only six years old and doesn’t comprehend this gender thing. The mother is pushing this lifestyle on her child and it’s definitely child abuse on her part.

  3. The father should get full custody, this mother is insane!! 6 year olds are not concerned with gender!! They all will play with boy and girl things and shouldn’t be a big deal. This mother seems to want to jump on anything to push the libtard agenda. No parent should be able to give young children any type of hormone to alter their chemical makeup!! Legally they should have to wait until they’re 18. REAL doctors say kids and teens have identity issues are most outgrow it. Making a decision like this when a child is 6 is just sick!!!

  4. This woman needs to be institutionalized!! She would be guilty of child abuse by allowing her 6 year old to go through any type of gender transition at that young an age!!

  5. It’s similar to the way Donald Trump identifies as an American when he’s with Pelosi, but identifies as a Russian when he’s with Putin. Go figure.

  6. This woman is the one with mental issues. I had two older brothers and did everything I could to play with them. I didn’t dress like a girl, I was tough and wanted to hang with them!!! That’s all it was I am a 60 year old woman, and very much a woman. I don’t want to be a man but I like men!

  7. I believe America has lost its mind for allowing this mental garbage. Mothers and fathers should home school or sue the clothes off the backs of these loser educators. As for this mother pray a bolt of lightning strikes her square in the head.
    The NWO gang is deliberately clouding every issue to distract of the the truth, in Jesus Christ.

  8. Seriously this should not even be up for debate! If he’s born a boy that’s the way he should be treated. If he decides to be transgender when he gets old enuf to know what he’s attracted to so be it.
    But this mother should loose all rights for trying to force this on her son. Just because she wants a girl doesn’t mean she has a right to force her desires on an innocent child!!!

  9. This woman (used loosely) is out of her mind. She should be the one to have parental rights taken away and court ordered to undergo mental evaluation.

  10. Had to go there didn’t you???? Do you ever wonder why people get that look when you are speaking to them and just turn and walk away? Not that you will comprehend but, everything isn’t about losing the election to President Trump.

  11. This so called mother should lose all rights to this boy. She needs to seek therapy for herself. She’s sick and disgusting and should be completely ban from her son’s life and I did say son.

  12. Satan at work in America! We need to seriously pray for God to once again place his hands of protection around our nation and help us to reach the brainwashed one soul at a time! We must speak out. We must stand up against the evil by establishing decency and demanding it from our political representatives. We must pay close attention to our children. God is our only hope. God Bless President Trump and America!

  13. Years ago we allowed the nose of the camel under the tent. Now we are paying the price. The LGBT freaks are showing us what the rest of the camel looks like.

  14. Agreed! The brain, including the reasoning part of it, isn’t fully developed until 25 years of age. How does a 6 year old even know what they want???? I have two 6 year-old grandchildren and they are nicknamed “Chaos” and “Mayhem” for a reason.

  15. If the judge doesn’t give total physical custody to the father, with restricted supervised visiting arrangements, for the sick excuse of a mother, then the judge need to be immediately over rolled and replaced. Then investigated, for he or she is clearly unfit to be on the bench ( closet case )!

  16. I am in agreement with the conservative replies.
    This child, boy, should be with the father.
    Joan has the truth of the facts that face us.
    Thanks for President Trump and all the good stuff God has in store for us and our
    country. The mother is in need of a wakeup call or be institutionalized.
    The judge better think straight on this one, or be removed from the bench.

  17. Take her and make a man of her with out her consent and see how she likes it and then change her back to a woman and she will know there is no way she can be transformed in to something she wasn’t born as. I feel sorry for the boy if a judge gives her the go ahead without the boys consent. There was a little boy had to have that done after he was circumcised and when he grew up they changed him back and he got married but it was not good. Don’t know what happened to him after that.

  18. The online petition in support of the father’s rights clearly states that they do NOT want any negative consequences for the mother-including public shaming or harassment-but the father and his family want the child to grow up normally, without the influence of anybody else’s agenda. The boy, from all accounts, has tried to be whatever each parent wants, depending on who he is with, but – ultimately he does identify as the MALE child he truly is. Look up their petition, folks, under SAVE JAMES and offer support if you believe in true rights of a child to live his life as he wishes, not the wholly fabricated one…

  19. Unfortunately many Judges in any of the larger cities, even in TX are liberal, and in that the article does not state the city where this hearing is taking place I am not so sure that the Mother will loose. The Father should et him a good lawyer and file for a change of venue, or at the least file to have the judge recused if he or she has ran for election as a Democrat.

  20. Hire a private investigator to check into what the judge does off the bench, so to speak, behind closed doors, he/she might be on the same fairy boat as the mother ?

  21. This woman and her so-called therapist are a dangerous and extremist new out-growth of the circle of people who are living dysmorphic and distorted lifestyles. If she wants a daughter she should re-marry another MAN and have one. Or is she homo and already has another “husband” that has a vagina between “his” legs? Cattle will mount each other, but I’ve spent a good part of my life on farms and I’ve never seen the heifer being mounted by another have a calf. That our society has descended to this level of insanity in the courts does not bode well for the future of our country. Male homosexuals make up 2/3 of AIDS carriers, and female homosexuals cannot reproduce without male sperm. Let them get back in their closet and stay there, quietly.

  22. Now there are gay marriages being performed in the margret caravans, with several cases of AIDS, trying to get into are country. The DEMS and Far Left are funding all this

  23. what a moronic, irrelevant comment. A child’s mental health and well being are at stake, and you just have to jump in with your silly “ORANGE MAN BAD” comment. Leftists are nothing, if not predictable

  24. Gender Transition Therapists are of the Communist sharia ideological society they live off of creating anarchy through putting chaotic thoughts in the minds of children the more confused you keep children the easier it is to manipulate them as adults.

  25. I would highly recommend both parents read the special report titled Sexuality & Gender By Mayer & McHugh, published by The New Atlantis, Fall 2016. This is a detailed review of over 300 studies on the topic from Biological, Psychological, & Social Sciences perspectives. Some major conclusions: The belief that biology (born that way) determines sexual orientation is not supported by science. Biological gender, either male or female, is determined in the womb in almost all cases. In other words, biological sex is innate & fixed. Sexual orientation & gender identity are not & are subject to social/cultural factors. Sex reassignment therapy in children is rarely if ever warranted, & can be considered a form of child abuse. The great majority of gender dysphoric children outgrow their dysphoria.
    I also recommend both parents read the critique by Michael K. Laidlaw MD, Board certified Endocrinologist, of the popular book I Am Jazz, which appeared in The Public Discourse c April 2018. Dr. Laidlaw notes 3 factual inaccuracies & 9 factual omissions in the book. He concludes; given the multitude of health risks. potential infertility, & sexual dysfunction associated with hormonal & surgical treatment of gender dysphoria, I could not in good conscience recommend these treatments to any child or adolescent.

    I strongly support these professional viewpoints. Competent legal/judicial authority should prevail to protect this child from attempts to alter his sexual gender.
    Jack Land Ph.D.

  26. To surgically change such a child’s reproductive organs (from one sex to the other) can only perpetuate conflict within that body, for the rest of that person’s life. Not only do the sexual organs contain gender-identifying chromosomes within the DNA, but also every other cell within that body. They match, at birth. No person surgically “changed” to the other sex will ever be able to naturally procreate a child. The loss of natural ovaries or natural testes completely eliminates all potential from that person’s body to ever naturally function in bringing a new life into the world as a birth parent. It is an absolute and permanent abuse and disservice to that person.

  27. The scary part of this,besides the child abuse of the mother, is that she is a pediatrician who is involved medically with other children. Can you see yourself having faith in is sick m.d..?

  28. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard, the lemon, Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  29. The Court needs to give the boy to his father, based upon the article, since the mother is clearly mentally ill and psychologically abuse her son. The fact the father points out his son refuses to act like a girl shows this is the mother creating the problem. The mother appears to be engaging in a behavioral imprinting attempt of her son to be a daughter. What other abuse is she engaging in?

  30. I AGREE the father must be granted custody, that mother deserves everything bad. She is using this poor kid for her own reasons and does not care a wit about him.
    Good father must have custody if this child is to become a man who is proud of himself/

  31. Children under the age of puberty have know idea what they are. They are influenced by parents. Parents should let them be kids and not push crazy idea. This is sad. I think these parents want attention and are using their kids. Really sick.

  32. Eleanor you are so right…that Mother (so to stated ) if she is one. should never have the right to see her son except with the Father or other good person watching…. she is a terrible mental case… How could she (or it) do that to her son,,, so sad!! The Father should get custody now..

  33. This so-called “mother” is disgusting! She is trying to destroy this young man by turning him into a queer.

  34. Wish I would have thought of that stradegy when I got a divorce. What a farce!!

    But for ALL people, God has a plan for your life. God loves you and He knew you before you were born. If you wonder who you are or even if you KNOW who you are, talk to God, pray to God worship God. Dont let other people tell you what God thinks or says. Study the bible yourself and pray for wisdom. God does not hate people of any type.

    And all the religious people will chatise me for saying God loves everyone instead of speaking judgement. All I can say is go back to your bible and read it.

  35. That child should be removed from his mother’s custody and fast. She is doing more harm than good. The child is confused and he needs to be put in a stable home like his father’s for about 6 months to one year and then he should be reevaluated again.


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