This Major League Baseball team coordinated the most anti-American Black Lives Matter protest you’ve seen yet


Major sporting events have experienced a surge in “woke” publicity stunts and political rhetoric since Colin Keapernick first took a knee during the national anthem to bash the United States and those serving in police uniforms.  

Now, these anti-American protests just got even worse. 

And no expected this Major League Baseball team to coordinate what may be the most anti-American BLM protest you’ve seen yet. 

The Cincinnati Reds engaged in a national anthem protest that disappointed fans who just wanted sports to return to escape from everything going on in the world. 

Once the National Anthem began playing, a handful of players decided to take a knee in order to disrespect the flag. 

These protests claim to be against police brutality and racism . . .

But they are evolving into an exercise in Leftist “virtue signaling” so players can show their fans on social media how “woke” they are. 

What made this protest worse, is that it was clearly a coordinated event between the players and team’s social media team. 

When the Anthem started, the Red’s Twitter account tweeted, “Black Lives Matter” in what was clearly an orchestrated event. 

Baseball has long been considered one of America’s most patriotic and conservative sports given the demographics of their fan base. 

And now, political correctness and the radical Left have seeped into the sport and are forcing their agenda down everyone’s throat. 

Baseball fans are not attending games to be lectured about Black Lives Matter, police brutality, racism. 

Nor are they there to defend our men and women who bravely serve in a police uniform. 

They attend baseball games to be entertained and show support for their favorite team. 

But that’s just not enough for the leftists who have decided to invade the sport. 

It’s difficult to imagine how a political organization could find a way to make a baseball or football game miserable to watch. 

But the Black Lives Matter movement has successfully done it. 

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