This liberal college department just launched a crazy attack on our democracy


Academia is just a surrogate for Radical Leftists.

And like the Radical Left, they often promote anti-American policies and ideas.

But they crossed the line with this attack on American society.

The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s (UIUC) Gender & Women’s Studies department just demanded the abolition of the police, ICE, and the judicial system in a new nine-point platform.

They also called for the eradication of the supposed “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy” and alleged “global white supremacy.”

Campus Reform reports:

Madeleine Hubbard, president of Turning Point USA at UIUC, called this demand “very concerning.”

“Without these groups, you would not have Rule of Law. A society cannot function without the Rule of Law. Complete chaos and anarchy would break out,” Hubbard told Campus Reform. “It is disturbing that a university department would call for the end of the judicial system. While there might be flaws in the judicial system, it is still the very fabric that holds society together.”

The UI department subsequently deleted the Facebook post and did not return requests for comment. But other controversial posts still remain on the department’s Facebook page. UIUC’s Gender & Women Studies department also encouraged students to leave a “feminist curse” and to “take or leave a feminist offering” via Facebook.

“We invite you to leave a feminist curse on the wall or in the skull and pick up a feminist benediction (a button, a flyer, whatever offerings are her,” a sign posted in late September reads. “At the end of the month, we will burn all our curses together.”

This latest stunt is crossing the line.

As Madeleine Hubbard from Turning Point USA pointed out, they are launching an attack on the very fabric of our democracy.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Academia.

As we reported, San Diego State University offered a class focusing on the impeachment of Trump.

Now, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign showed the true colors of Academia.

They fundamentally hate America and our freedoms because of their so-called “progressive” fantasies.

Do you think Academia has gone too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Anyone who sends their children to a public university/college is throwing their money away. Only places to send your children to is a Christian university/college where they are not taught such radical views.

  3. Most of the institutions of higher learning are staffed mostly by far left liberals. I believe the ratio of libs vs conservatives is very one sided and the conservatives are being vowed to not express their views. Right now it is almost the same way in high school and elementary schools. They are preaching their very skewed beliefs to very young minds that don’t have the ability, except in very few instances, to refute them. They are preaching a skewed history of America if it is taught at all. This tactic comes directly from the communist teachings. We were told long ago that America would not be brought down by outside enemies, but from within our own country. Sadly, it seems to be working.

  4. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s (UIUC) Gender & Women’s Studies, what kind of a job will a “degree” in such a STUPID (whatever you would call it) get you?!?!?!

    Who would hire someone with such a “degree”?!?!

  5. Time to cut public funding for UIUC and force them to get rid of these leftist groups that teach worthless drivel like “women’s studies”.

  6. Of course they go too far, their leftists, it’s what they do. What I want to see happen, is my tax dollars taken away from any college/university that spews anything other than what our Forefathers created! If they are teaching our children to hate our country, our way of life, our morals, standards, and values, our Constitution, our Republic, then they should not get one red cent from the AMERICAN taxpayer! Time to cut them off from the public dole!

  7. I don’t see how high school grads can pass entrance exams? The last reading and math tests of 8th grade students showed not one state scored a 50%! California scored under 25%, yikes. Alabama just tested their high school students on all sections. Asian children scored over 95%, White kids 88%, and black kids 47%!
    I encountered a Walmart cashier that couldn’t add at all! I did the math, $50 bill and check for $65.15. She wouldn’t accept that even 1 plus zero was one! She called the manager. Said “I have to have a calculator to do math”. Yet she is a college student! “Beam me up Scottie!”.

  8. People who believe this kind of BS should be made to go and live
    with such a system, not under the American Constitutional Republic
    form of government, they take and then advocate taking that avenue away from others….
    FN crazy people they are.

  9. I agree with you . It really started getting it’s foot in the door in 1973 . That was when I graduated high school , and , that was the last year the teachers really had any authority over the students .

  10. Another blatant event to further the cause ” I am woman you have to believe me”; however they are now expanding “I am woman fear me”. We have academia to blame for this! Gary

  11. Incredible. Lunatics, leftists, feminutzties, PETA morons etc et al, need to be ERADICATED. I am getting sick of their BOO SHEET.

  12. And someone is actually letting freaks like these to teach our students! There is so much to lean in our world we don’t need anyone prepping the students for freaks and weirdos! Send these people to the other parts of the world and they will be cast out. Attacking white people is just the opposite of what we have tried for years to overcome. These fanatics are espousing what the civil rights laws were created to fight…discrimination..yet these nuts are trying to do the very same with their idiot remarks and ranting. Fire these professors and start teaching important criteria not lies and innuendo.

  13. Unfortunately, many “Christian” colleges have also abandoned their legacies. (I’ve recently discontinued any contributions to my alma mater for that reason.) Many “religion” departments in “Christian” schools now have some muslim faculty and many of the “professors” were educated bu predecesors who became pastors with religious credentials solely to avoid service in the Vietnam war.

  14. So what do we do about it, Americans are fighting over sea for other countries freedom, when here at home we’re losing it.

  15. Colleges today are a bunch of sick people
    who have teachers who teach hate and division…..God help us all. The sick puppies should all go to China and see how far they can go with all their sick policies.

  16. It is not the parents it is the idiots who hire these idiots and that I have to believe is a chosen few and they are the ones to blame.
    i am so glad I attended college in the early 60’s when they did not exist.
    Frank Bowers, FIC; 100% DAV-US Army 1955-63; Class of 11/37; Austin, TX

  17. This looks like a great place to send your kids for 4 years and several hundred thousand dollars if your goal is to have them come out stupider and knowing less about reality than when they went in. In their defense however, Illinois is just like Ca. with a few exceptions, No mountains, no ocean, & the weather sucks. Otherwise, it’s just like Ca. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  18. I think there are some of what you call “women’s studies” which are pretty useful. Many state and some private universities use to (maybe still do) have Departments of Home Economics which basically teach coping skills (to both men and women) for the economics of keeping a residence, raising children, maintaining clean, loving communities (without the necessity of “Community Organizers”) and healthful living in general. These do not appear to be part of the mission of UIUC and its Gender & Women’s Studies Department.

  19. Another liberal destroyed school that goes on the list of schools that, when found on a resume a, cause that resume to be thrown in the trash.

  20. They were starting in the late 50s, early 60s. I am ashamed of my alma mater today: After the election of Donald Trump. students held a mass “CRY IN” and their favorite professors came out to serve them hot chocolate to help them get over the unbearable agony of witnessing a candidate opposed to the one they supported win the election. It must have been very traumatic for them – hope the University provided “counselors” to help them during their emotional crises. God Help America!!

  21. I have a grandson in MMA. It is a very good school with courses that are very challenging. Only the students who really want to make the grade
    will get through. It is what a college was designed to be.

  22. These schools should have been abolished years ago, Little good comes out of them but a lot of ca ca. We should keep some engineering and technical schools but the rest is just throw away. Are taxpayers really financing “Gender & Women’s Studies “? Is there a market demand for that?

  23. Yes, so promotion of your psychotic ideology can run wild, nature established 2 genders you freaks, all that LGBTQ thinking is nothing more than Minoamine chemical brain imbalances that needs to be chemically balanced out.

  24. I am amazed the hot chocolate did not melt the little Snowflakes away, actually Wallflowers painted with the most fadable paint ever created, snowflakes will last forever in extreme cold at least.

  25. One method to eliminate useless programs is to not allow student loans for programs that do not qualify and deliver education that provides the knowledge and skills needed to make a reasonable income in our society. In other words do NOT support schools and programs that do not provide value added!

  26. They would probably be better off to fire all the Professors and start trying to find some with a little common sense. Some of the ones they have now has lost all common sense.

  27. I have no idea what “JSBC” stands for, but I will say this without hesitation; Most of the so-called Christian Universities or Seminaries that I am familiar with are just like the Hypocritical Jewish Nation in Our LORD’s Day! “They worship God with their lips, but their heart is far from Me”!! It is one thing to say “I Believe In The LORD Jesus”, but it is of no avail to be disobedient to what He has said to do and not to do!! Obedience is the only True Evidence that a Person, Institution, Denomination is Living a Regenerated Life!!

  28. Illinois is a bankrupt state in more ways than one. Now with the elction of the new governor, it will only get worse in all aspects. Freebies for the braindead that support him, increase in taxes for those that have ethics (they will end up moving out of the state) and an influx of illegals that the state will have to support. The new governor is a radical idiot that will take the state down and out. So the collegiant agenda is not surprising at all.

  29. I have done the same. I do however contribute to Hillsdale College, a staunch defender of the US Constitution. They also offer a free on-line US Constitution 101. Well worthwhile to enroll.

  30. I am sorry, I just had the best laugh I’ve had in a long time..They all get together over facebook and burn their curses?? I can give you an even better one, our fine universities and taxpayer funded public libraries are sponsoring transgenders to read to your toddlers in order to indoctrinate them early.. is there any wonder why we cannot fund a border wall or properly equip our military??

  31. I am a woman and I know which gender I am and I don’t need to go to college to figure that out. Good luck getting a decent job after majoring in “women and gender” studies. Why don’t they have a class in “men and gender” studies? I haven’t studied the statistics but it seems to me that there are more men trying to turn themselves into women than visa versa. Good luck with that guys. It takes more than some surgery and harmones to be a real woman. Instead, why don’t you concentrate on becoming a real man?

  32. Best to do College online. Do not subject your beloved children’s young minds to the LEFTEST SWINGING COLLEGES. There ONLY AGENDA is to create LOCK-STEP -LIBERALS. Who insist on ranting and raving over Anti-AMERICA political views! The LEFT sneaked in like a thief in the night. Took over the colleges.

  33. Rub ’em through a wood chipper and feed it/them to the hogs. Free pig food ready to eat. And they will eat. Nothing so happy in all the world as a hog with both front feet in the trough. My 86 year old uncle was knocked down in a herd of 300+ hogs and they damned near ate him alive. He was hospitalized for 8 months. I know of another case in Wisconsin where a strapping big 17 year old went to feed the hogs and never came back. Everybody in 20 miles turned out to look for him. Three weeks later something shiny was seen in the manure spreader. It was a button off his Levi’s jacket. They sluiced the spreader out and found some teeth and another button. There had been another load sent 10 days before that. That was all they ever found, despite relentless searching. The crushing power of the jaws of a hog that weighs 350 or 400 hundred pounds is extremely high. “It’s all grist to the mill” is the apropos saying in these cases. And a fitting end to these damnable leftists who are trying to subvert our Constitutional rights and States rights. Will you be one who “Brings home the bacon”? Or helps make the exotic hog food?

  34. To Kenneth Boyd

    The educational problems started right here in Des Moines, Iowa,1965 when two kids named Tinker wore black arm bands to protest the Viet Nam War. It went all the way to the US Supreme Court. They got their rights. Iowa was until then ranked as having the best educational system in the nation and high among the very best in the world. Today it is a miserable 25th nationally, and on a par with Mexico. Dreadfully miserable. The middle 60’s are when the first cohort of leftists were being produced by Columbia, UC Berkeley, Chicago, and Madison, Ws. They became the new cohort of lecturers and professors, and have lead the way ever since. To be conservative at any “educational” institution is to be considered a dinosaur whose mind is addled beyond redemption, and to be scorned, ridiculed, and excluded from the associations at all schools. Obama and Clinton are perfect examples of what we now elect for leaders, fer Christ’s sake. Rapist, probable director of murders in the first, and a “gray man” who was a mere lecturer in three classes, and had all of his records sealed so nobody could learns just exactly what he really was. Both he and his old lady were disbarred in Illinois. Wonderful presidential material, wasn’t he? Just a phony and a novelty. 1/2 black and 1/2 white, with a prostitute for a mother, he is so confused about who he is and who his daddy really is he looks a like some hellish creature form a horror moving, the shifty-eyed SOB. You want your kids to be well educated; send them to a Catholic School even if you have to hock your eyeteeth, and tell them to just give the answers they are expected to give in the religion classes. They don’t have to believe it, just give what’s expected and let it go. Cut the electro games and television WAY down and bring on the books relevant to the classes. Load ’em up for summer school. Practice the math and other things from the regular school year so they don’t forget. With your loving guidance they will emerge as does a butterfly from it’s cocoon; a wonderful and beautiful person who is well mannered, well read, and starving for more education. Read to them with picture books even as itty bitty babies-they’ll be stimulated and learn to speak sooner than most.

  35. You ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!! AND tons of ammunition. Well hidden, naturally, and I don’t mean at home. State and National parks (big ones) and forests are the best places. There’ll be no home building contractor or anybody else to accidentally dig it up Done under the cover of night in a rainstorm, of course. Just be sure you have the GPS and are well away from any trail-someplace nearly inaccessible, but so much that some kids don’t get crazy and stumble on it unknowingly.

  36. THEY DO IT AT ALL COLLEGES. The radical’s talked American Women into walking away from their children. By, shaming them into going to work, and having career’s. Dead dog truth. I fell for it. I sorrowly regret it. Then, we allow TEACHERS, SCHOOL, COLLEGE’S and the LAW. To raise our kids. AT ANY POINT WE CAN CHANCE IT BACK! TAKE OUR FAMILIES BACK. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. It doesn’t matter what school or college you go to? It’s all BEEN TAKEN OVER BY RADICALS. One hell of a good place to change America. Only problem? “You can fool some of the people some of the time.” BUT, you cannot fool all the people all the time.” IF MAMA WAS HOME? No Drugs and No Bullies. Ya know? And our kids would know the Constitution and the Bible front to back. AND realize the Democratic Party is in on the jig too. Not good for American’s. Not anymore.

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