This lawmaker is proposing a gender law that could start an all out war from the LGBT movement


The radical LGBT movement is invading public schools and universities and shoving their agenda down everyone’s throat.

But this lawmaker in Arizona is threatening to derail these LGBT activists entirely.

And the law he is proposing could upend the LGBT movement and start an all out war from the radicals in the “movement.”

Many schools are beginning to appease social justice warriors by allowing students to identify as either the gender of their choice or even claiming to be a gender that doesn’t even exist.

That’s why State Rep. John Fillmore of Arizona is proposing a law that would put an end to this in an instant.

Fillmore’s law would require all public schools to only recognize two genders, male and female.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A Republican state lawmaker in Arizona has proposed three new bills that would make the recognition of the reality that there are only two genders compulsory in state schools, on all state documents, and on birth certificates.

Rep. John Fillmore’s first proposed bill, HB 2080, would prevent any state agency, board, commission, or department from listing anything other than “male” or “female” as an individual’s sex on any document.

His second proposed bill, HB 2081, would require that birth certificates only list “male” and “female” as options for a newborn’s sex.

And his third proposed bill, HB 2082, would bar schools from forcing teachers or others to use a biologically incorrect pronoun when referring to a student. They would not be forced to use anything “other than the sex or gender pronoun that corresponds to the sex listed on that student’s birth certificate.”

Naturally, when news of Fillmore’s proposed legislation began to spread, social justice warriors, and LGBT activists began to lose their minds.

Passing this legislation would be a major blow to all of the progress the LGBT movement has made invading public schools and government offices.

If this bill passes, Arizona should expect to see massive protests and even riots from unhinged activists.

Fillmore’s law is considered to be controversial.

But it only requires that schools and government documents, like birth and death certificates, identify which of the two genders the individual is.

What do you think?

Is this legislation hateful or simply common sense?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. I Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV) says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too. I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when they condemn fornication alongside homosexuality just as strongly.

  3. No it’s not hateful. It’s common sense!! It’s about time we have people in authority stating enough is enough with these sick demands from the mentally challenged trangenders and alphabet people. GOD bless State rep. Fillmore , and I hope all his bills pass!!

  4. I find it interesting because North Carolina had something like this in place but a little stronger, and got struck down but it also made it so municipalities had no say in their own regulations. If it stands it could set precedents on multiple levels: other states’ practices of violating religious freedoms by requiring participation in against conscience activities, creating new business practices, etc. All of these things would start collapsing at the base the pyramid that former president Obama put in place including mandatory recognition of same sex marriage. I’ll be interested in seeing where this goes.

  5. May God Bless Rep.John Fillmore ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the GREAT work ! ! ! ! ! All these people trying to implement their ideas of homosexuality should realized that they are in this world BECAUSE a men and a women gave them life. otherwise they wouldn’t exist. ! ! ! !

  6. May God Bless Rep.John Fillmore ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the GREAT work ! ! ! ! ! All these people trying to implement their ideas of homosexuality should realized that they are in this world BECAUSE a men and a women gave them life. otherwise they wouldn’t exist. ! ! ! !

  7. Reality in government! That’s awesome. Every state should pass identical laws recognizing reality. Go Arizona!!!!!!!!

  8. Since the beginning of time there has been two genders. This is true with vegetation, animals, birds, and yes humans too. I can’t believe this is even an issue ridiculous.

  9. It is common sense, not hatred or bigotry at all. While people who demand that all people “accept” their fantasies and false “genders”, do such great harm to the human race.
    The natural law of male and female cannot be “overturned” to legitimize the neurotic, self absorbed, fantasies of the LGBT and those caught up in its deception.

  10. Cant believe the U.S. has degraded to this. There are only 2 sexes: Male and Fenale. Any idiot that believes there are more is/are MORONS.
    The idiot Democrats are allowing all this garbage right along with these stupid liberals.

  11. The LGBT “agenda” is simply for civil rights… to stop oppression from homophobes and religious freaks. Can’t get much more American than that. I have to conclude that this lawmaker is anti-American.

  12. HCB you are an idiot if you really believe that LGBT crap. Its unamerican to say there is more than male and female its a mental problem and it seems like you are mentally ill. Seek help.

  13. It’s common sense. Take a look in a full-body mirror, it’ll show what you are. If you don’t agree with what you see, contact a physician. That should do it.

  14. HCB; The LGBT “agenda” is not about civil rights! It’s about forcing their lifestyle , which is against anything moral or natural, upon us!! And it’s certainly NOT American.
    Oh, and YOU have concluded this lawmaker is anti- American huh? Well anyone following YOUR posts KNOW how anti-American YOU are!!! Which describes the Leftists…..

  15. That is a war worth having. It is the homosexuals who declared war a long time ago. What says we have to bow down and accept perversion as a way of life just because some want the entire world to be gay. I say, let’s force them back into their closets. We should be ashamed of our sins, not wear them like a banner on a t shirt, and celebrate it like it’s such a great honor to be sexually perverted.

  16. It’s common sense that the schools and government realize that God created a Male and Female. There is NO other gender. No matter what a human does to their body you can’t change what God created. In the beginning God Created a Man, Adam and a Female, Eve.

  17. *** social justice warriors, and LGBT activists began to lose their minds.

    Their minds are long gone to begin with as a result of “pubic skuul” indoctrination since the federal government took over the education system.

  18. The Y chromosome is one of the two sex chromosomes in humans (the other is the X chromosome). The sex chromosomes form one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in each cell. The Y chromosome spans more than 59 million building blocks of DNA (base pairs) and represents almost 2 percent of the total DNA in cells.

    Each person normally has one pair of sex chromosomes in each cell. The Y chromosome is present in males, who have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.

  19. It’s about time someone in government stands up for the human race. Male and Female. Thank you Rep. John Fillmore for having a voice. I hope your bills pass. Our moral compass depends on it. God bless you!

  20. Biology is a SCIENCE and is controlled by very tight SCIENTIFIC RULES OF EVIDENCE.

    Biological SCIENCE PROVES there are TWO, AND ONLY TWO Genders.

    BOTH, AND ONLY THOSE TWO are Required for the Continuation of the Species. No other can, or DO ‘exist’ in nature except in the mindless ranting of poorly educated whiners and crybabies that stopped any further sexual maturity with their first orgasm.

    While they may make claims, THEY HAVE NO ACTUAL SCIENCE to support their temper tantrums.

    The same SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY also proves that Conception REQUIRES a Living Sperm, from the Male of the Species, and a Live Ovum from the Female of the Species.
    Without BOTH Conception CANNOT OCCUR!


    And you don’t want to be a SCIENCE DENIER DO YOU?

  21. XX or. anything else is a mental gender dysphoria. I feel bad for all the delusional individuals who do not need condemnation but our sympathy and mental health counseling. They can believe what ever they desire to believe but that does not give them the right to dictate my god given right to free speech or my personal freedom, liberty and right to not bow down to their dystopian views.

  22. It is beyond absurd that such a law is necessary, but since it is in today’s “education” system, finally we have someone who wants to make sense and require that the schools in his state recognize science and nature. There are only two sexes; there are only two genders. There is, however, mental illness and it should not be celebrated.

  23. XX or XY. anything else is a mental gender dysphoria. I feel bad for all the delusional individuals who do not need condemnation but our sympathy and mental health counseling. They can believe what ever they desire to believe but that does not give them the right to dictate my god given right to free speech or my personal freedom, liberty and right to not bow down to their dystopian views.

  24. It’s common sense! Thank you for taking a stance for the good of everyone. Little by little the young wackos who have been brainwashed by college professors to make everything ambiguous are trying to blur the lines between common sense and frivolity. No one should have the power that affects a small number of people in large liberal communities encouraged by Hollywood to legally make themselves more important than the rest of the world. The world rushes to support you because the backing you receive from the opinionated left and high profile Hollywood stars.
    There are are many of my acquaintances even family members who prefer spouses of the same sex. But none of them make it all about them. They live their lives the way they want and don’t expect the rest of the world to adjust their lives to accommodate them. That part does turn me off!

  25. This is much more serious than many people suspect. This is about society demanding the right to compel a person to lie. That’s all any of this has ever been. You conform to their lunacy, or they ruin you. If people don’t stand up soon, it’ll be too late.

  26. I still remember that woman who wanted to be black so bad and was so convincing that even people of African descent believed she was black. Obviously, even with all of that, it never made her black. How about the “cat man” who actually had plastic surgery to give him feline facial characteristics. It still didn’t make him a cat.
    One of the problems, having seen them in my own family, is that the gender dysphoric person is taken to a psychiatrist who “specializes” in is disorder. That is like asking a barber if you need a haircut. Its not surprising that there is a 40+ percent of suicides in these cases! A significant number of gender dysphoric people apparently discover their “true real gender” sometime “down the road ” from their dysphoria onset. Another problem is that the love for the dysphoric family member causes strong social support for this “deconstruction of reality” because it is politically correct. If we are ever to rid ourselves of this foolishness we must do as (I believe an Arizona law maker) introduced three Bills that prohibit changing the birth gender of any person. Folks, we are losing our grip on reality. We need to get back to reality, and not support someone’s “fake” gender.

  27. Why do they feel a need to have a special gender applied to them. Do they think it validates they? They can call theirself any thing they want, but the rest of us do not need to conform to the minority so they can feel good. If they feel good about their self, we shouldn’t have to. If they didn’t demand so many pronouns, maybe people wouldn’t use so many adjectives. I support Arizona in paving the way back to sanity.

  28. Thank God there is a legislator with brains and common sense. I have always questioned why these gender confused individuals were allowed to upend schools and colleges and the entire country with their claims and cause all of this chaos over their mental delusions. There are but 2 sexes, male and female and whoever thinks otherwise needs serious mental help.

  29. Good. While they have the to live their lives as they choose, they don’t have the right to impose it on all others with all kinds of made up BS.


    No amount of whining, crying and temper tantrums can, or will, CHANGE THAT FACT!

    And NO ‘judge’, “just us” or politician can ALTER REALITY!

    and those who were hired to SERVE WE, THE PEOPLE that disagree need to have a reality check about exactly WHO THEY SERVE!

    serving their own political agenda may, someday soon, end up with a death penalty, regardless of ANTI-SCIENCE and REALITY agenda!

  31. Finally someone with common sense. Yes, I hope this bill goes through and the evil the democrats are trying to install in our children will be obliterated in total! God only made two sexes Adam and Eve only, and not multiple ones!

  32. Reply for:
    HCB January 18, 2020 at 8:32 am
    The LGBT “agenda” is simply for civil rights… to stop oppression from homophobes and religious freaks. Can’t get much more American than that. I have to conclude that this lawmaker is anti-American.

    Now Allow me to be clear.
    You wanting to masturbate and express your perversions in some way, shape or form, in the privacy of your home home is YOUR business.
    You wanting to spread YOUR perversions out side your home so you can justify it being “right” is now stepping into MY business.
    I Have to conclude you need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem as YOU obviously are.

    Just saying…

  33. As a teacher in Arizona, I am praying that this bill passes. According to science and the Bible there are only 2 genders. I am tired of being pressured by the administration to use incorrect gender pronouns for students and to cater to the LGBTQ demands.

  34. There ARE only two genders . . . Male and Female! Check the BIOLOGY classes, The Bible and your CHROMOSOMES. What’s the FUSS and the CONFUSION? Let’s stick with REALITY here. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  35. it’s about time SOMEONE stands up to these clowns. i have absolutely NO problem with a person’s sexuality, be it bi, lesbian, trans or gay – BUT DON’T CRAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS. heterosexuals don’t do it to you – DON’T think it’s ok to do it to us. what you do in your bedroom is none of our concern – that’s between you and God – but what you do to our kids and out in public IS our concern and we won’t accept this kind of crap!

  36. IF there is a question in the school or workplace, it’s easily solved.



  37. I see one big problem with this article, referring to the gender being the same as sex. It is not. Sex is biological, gender is self-believed. I agree with the stand of the Arizona legislators. Just stop referring it as gender! I know that they’ve been trying to program everyone into using the term gender but the use of that word has allowed men to enter women only spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, abused women shelters and women sports. SEX not GENDER

  38. This legislature is just common sense. There are only two sex through out the animal and human kingdom.Anything other is artificial and not natural.

  39. Such a law would be fully correct, because it would not protect political programs but natural laws and science.
    It could, therefore not be construed as “excluding” or “vilifying” any person, as nobody can be of any other sex – with the exception of people suffering from real double sets of sex organs, speak hermaphrodites, or with abnormal chromosome-sets, e.g. XYY or other illnesses.
    It would be absurd to address every person with anything but the sexual denomination appropriate to their sexual physical appearance. There have been many people who have thought they were diverse persons or beings different from what they, de facto, were, and they were, as a rule, still always addressed as Mr. or Mrs. – or, when young, as Miss (the Ms. was already introduced as sort of political demonstration). Even now, we may find persons who are convinced to be Napoleon – but, would we really have to address each of them as “Your Imperial Majesty”?

  40. Thank You! Mr. Fillmore for having the courage and brains to stand up for what everyone knows is right. Even those that will not admit it. I pray the rest of the countries law makers will follow your example. However we know some won’t.

  41. why waste time writing a comment when you obviously CENSOR and won’t print some comments. I wrote a comment about 3 hours ago and it didn’t get posted….What’s up????

  42. Common Sense. This proposed law does not impact the rights of LGBT community and is not based on religious beliefs, it is based on biological fact. When you are born with normal body parts that are identifiable as either male or female gender, that is what you are. How your sexual preference development presents itself for each human and any desire to express ones sexuality in their choice.

  43. LBGTQ are choices and BAD ones at that. Homosexuality is an abomination of all things. There should be no protections at all for FAGS.

  44. HCB claims this legislation is unAmerican and for ‘homophobes’. The defining of natural, obvious biological gender is a phobia? In whose twisted and disturbed view of life, reality and America? In the past few years the Left screams about ‘new genders’ and pronouns so “fiat”…that creates reality and alters all biology, all science, all chromosones, and all history of human families and nations? This shows how narrow, bigoted and truly unhealthy this group of few individuals is. Vashtu claims if fornication is not condemned along with hmosexual acts, he cannot respect Christian Churches. It is condemned, but hmosexuality is not just a failure to marry – it is an unnatural and incompatible form of sexuality and thus receives its correct opposition by God and His Church. Thise seeking to unlawfully and immoraly participate in a deliberate lifestyle of sin are always warned of the serious and mortal effects uf unrepentant sin. But that was noit Vashtu’s agenda, the truth is not his purpose but to spin confusion and false shame and not compare apples to apples.

  45. Can only hope Rep. Filmore’s bill’s pass. It’s about time the populous took a stand and the majority has a voice rather than cowtowing to the minority.

  46. Whether you are religious or not, there are TWO genders, in all the animals kingdom, the plants, insects, reptiles, birds and also human beings. People who cannot accept the gender they were born with are unfortunate, even sick. They should not force their pathologies upon the rest of us, the normal majority , especially into schools to twist the lives of innocent children. A law that controls LGBT is a GOOD IDEA, and long, long overdue. But be prepared for a vicious onslaught from LGBT, with smear tactics, false witnessing, false accusations and filth spreading.These people love to spread their stigma upon decent people. For years, it was the only defense they had……

  47. It’s just common sense and I applaud this law maker move. If this people want to believe their dysphoria im ok with it however the rest of us do not have to abide and being force to call them accordingly.
    All this movement is just a political agenda and dangerous one. It’s an attack the the family institution.

  48. The bill is common sense in the face of depravity and decadence. The LGBTQ movement must be defied and defeated at every turn. They seek to undermine the Judeo-Christian ethic and traditional values and principles.

  49. Ok why do you people always have to throw your religion into a subject that has nothing to do with it? Not everyone who believes in this bill is of religious conviction. This situation is about our natural laws and science.

  50. Don’t tell me I have to go along with the sick demented mentality of the Gay Community.

    No one will tell me what to think or say or do and that I have to listen to this garbage.
    I don’t give a Rats ass what they do in private that’s their business and their own decision, I could care less.

  51. Long overdue common sense, whether one is given to prayer or not. Kudos to Rep Fillmore, though I doubt that, in this era of the arrant denial of biological fact, his proposed bill has much chance of being enacted.

  52. Vasu, I don’t know what other Christian organizations preach but I can tell you what the Southern Baptist Churches in Oklahoma preach concerning ALL sins including fornicating. The SBC teaches as Jesus taught us & that is to hate ALL SIN but to love the sinner. We all sin but Christians should feel some conviction when they sin & ask Jesus for forgiveness even though a Christian’s sins are forever forgiven when they accept Jesus Christ as their savior.
    But the main point here is even though we may be against homosexuality, homosexuality isn’t any worse than any other sin according to Jesus because he considers all sins equal. The problem that people who live a gay lifestyle will have is explaining their lifestyle to Jesus on Judgement Day. Maybe it’s true that people are born to be homosexuals & if this is true then the true gay person will have nothing to fear on Judgement Day. Let’s hope so. That’s an individual deal & not our business.
    I’m not going to judge anyone for how they live their lives because I haven’t walked in their shoes. I also don’t want anyone judging me for how I live my life.


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