This Ivy League school has a ridiculous new term for pregnant women


“Woke” politics have infested nearly every aspect of American life.

College campuses are ground zero for the festering problem of silencing dissenters and redefining words.

Now this top Ivy League school has a ridiculous new term for pregnant women.

Universities, particular prestigious institutions, have become overrun by radical leftists.

Professors have always leaned Left, but now a significant portion of them lean far-left, and the proliferation of campus administrators has only made the problem worse.

Now health educators in the Harvard School of Medicine referred to women as “birthing people.”

The Orwellian perversion of language that’s happening in real time is almost too twisted to believe.

Even progressives like Harry Potter author JK Rowling think the madness has gone too far.

The radical transgender activists and the pliant members of the Left are determined to distort language until everyone gets on board or risks being shunned.

More and more ridiculous headlines like “Man Gives Birth” are popping up on so-called “mainstream” news outlets.

The transgender lobby is pushing hard to obliterate the distinction between man and woman, which is insane.

It also doesn’t even make sense within the Left’s identity politics framework.

But the obvious contradictions get ignored, and anyone who brings them up must be a bitter “transphobe.”

All the activists in the world cannot change the fact that human beings are a dimorphic species.

Everything beyond that is propaganda and language control.