“This Is Us” star made a statement that left Hollywood fuming


Hollywood elites have launched a propaganda campaign to attack and suppresses Christianity.

The constantly pump out filth and movies that portray Christians as evil.

But one star of the hit show “This Is Us” just delivered a death blow to their propaganda campaign.

“This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz just proclaimed her Christian faith for the world to see in an exclusive interview with the Christian Post.

Metz plays the character Kate on NBC’s most popular show.

Now she is set to lead in the upcoming Christian film “Breakthrough.”

The film details a mother’s faith in, and prayers to, God for the healing of her son in the hospital.

Metz expressed she couldn’t wait to star in it because it reminds her of her upbringing as a Christian.

The Christian Post reports:

The actress acknowledged that faith goes hand and hand with surrender to God. Metz believes Joyce Smith’s prayers were answered once she gave all her cares to God.

“Sometimes it’s that complete surrender, where we see that miracles happen. It’s so moving,” she said.

The Florida native recalled going to church as a little girl all on her own. During our sit down interview with her, she went on to share the importance of having someone greater to cling to in this day and age.

“We all have to have a foundation,” Metz maintained. “A house isn’t built properly without a foundation, and whether that’s your faith, or whatever you believe in, you have to believe in something.”

“There’s times where you really feel like, it’s never going to get better, you’re down and out and we get in our heads and we build this fear around something that the only person, or the only thing that can subside that, is our faith in God. I know that from a personal plight of my life,” she added.

The 38-year-old believes that that premise is true for everyone regardless of our differences.

Metz said she is unashamed to be a Christian, despite it being considered “uncool.”

She joins a growing list of other Hollywood Christians who have been unapologetic about their faith.

But being a light for Christ, and an inspiration to millions of Christian teens looking for a role model, has painted a bright red target on their backs.

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt was attacked from all sides for voicing that God loves everyone during a reading of the gospel account at Christmastime.

Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ,” struggles to find work precisely because he portrayed the Messiah in a way that connected with millions.

Many others feel forced to keep their beliefs close to their vest for fear of being blackballed by Hollywood.

Do you think Hollywood should blackball and persecute actors who are openly Christian?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Itr’s a breath of fresh air ! I’m not a prude am an ex service man so cussing was part of my life until I found myself amony decent people and hate to see the swearing and sexual content being available to children!

  3. We are looking at the era foretold in Revelations, when God-Fearing people are persecuted for their faith.
    We can gain great strength in the knowledge that we may attain salvation while our enemies have nothing to look forward to but eternal damnation.

  4. The Bible is being fulfilled and I hope all of us Christians are aware of it being told that Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. There are many more believers out here than heathens so it’s high time for us to take a stand and stop turning our cheek. God sent out many armies to battle against the real sinners and it’s is a time to stop hiding and take charge! If we all stop supporting the deadwood in hollywood they will not have the power to control. Christians rise up above it!!!!! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savoir!!!


  6. So proud of those who stand up for Christ…Deny me and I will deny you to My Father(God). These people who proclaim Christ are my favorites to watch! Keep speaking out…God is coming to claim his own.

  7. Praise the Lord!!!! It was refreshing to read this and I will pray for her as she continues to spread the Word.

  8. Of course, they should’t be persecuted. God will always put a reminder of Him in front of everyone. Those refusing to believe in Him will never escape His presence! I really believe that is the ultimate goal of those who choose not to believe in God, to persecute, deny to others, to ridicule, to do anything they can, to eliminate the name of God (whether they realize it, or will admit it).

  9. The arrogant elitists of Follywood are just narcissistic in their behavior because they think they’re oh so important. The truth is their snooty behavior and big mouths override what little intelligence they might carry int hat little brain they have.

  10. So great to see some actors and actresses standing up for their beliefs and proclaiming them without fear.

  11. Hollywood should not blackball anybody until they examine their way of thinking and life. The same goes for the media who try to make or brake people and they have been doing that for years!

  12. No but the problem is darkness is trying to suppress light because light creates a guilty conscience not due to the Christian pointing out the errors but the Holy Spirit is working 24/7 and the guilt comes from Him.

  13. Have you heard it said that Hitler was raised a Christian? Have you heard it said that the Arian Nation claims to be Christian and yet both think that Blacks were cursed by God. But think how meany others think that. I have said it before that the Christians are to blame for the way things are here in the United States because they didn’t stand up to the government and allowed the government to infiltrate the church by asking to be Tax deferred when the constitution did that anyway and they were able to dictate to the church or loose their Tax exemption. The pastor of the church could not talk about government or the President to the church congregation or run done any elected official.

  14. Hollywankers , paid to repeat words someone wrote down on paper…..but with feelings, fake fake,fake almost all of them

  15. True, I have always believed in God, and I have received a few miracles, I don’t follow any religion, as all were written by men and only men. I do believe some of what is said but not all. I became a true believer at the age of five, I am 65 now and would not be here still but for the grace of God! So let’s protect America from the traitors within our government!

  16. We were told in the bible that the world hated Jesus, and it will also hate us. I do admire all who say enough, and stand up for their Christian faith. Pray for one another, and hard as it may be sometimes let the LOVE of God shine bright!

  17. Guess you never attended a black Christian Church. Those pastors standing in the gap are not about to be told what they can’t Preach from their own pulpit. If the Constitution allows for tax exemption then what government can take that right away from the church for ant reason?

  18. A small minority has been aided and abetted to appear the majority, mostly by the entertainment industry, which persists in forcing their beliefs upon us. Thank you to every Christian and Conservative in the industry, who at great peril to their careers, have been unafraid to shine their light of faith and common sense for the whole world to see. We, The People must learn from their bravery and follow suit.

  19. I’m glad to see some Hollywoodites are not afraid to bost of their Christianity.
    Good for them.

  20. Many people have been raised Christian, but each have made their own choices in their lifetime. Some have disdain for what they were taught by their families, and that is their choice. Herbert G. Chapman is seems is not a Christian, because he has decided that all Christians are BAD or Hitler or Aryan Nation members, so apparently he has deigned himself to be able to judge all humans with his great intellect and all-seeing knowledge, which is also his choice. Herbie, whether you like it or not, Judeo-Christians founded and formed this country. Get over it!

  21. Herbert has a couple of valid points. 1-There are many people who claim to be Christians simply because they were taken to church when they were children and they haven’t bought into some other belief system like Islam, Buddhism, etc. They have never studied the Bible and their beliefs are anything but biblical. I don’t think the commandment to ‘not take the Lord’s name in vain’ really has anything to do with vocabulary. God is telling us that if we are going to take on His name by calling ourselves Christians then we need to represent Him faithfully. Those who call themselves Christians without knowing what the Bible says aren’t doing that.

    2-God expects His CHURCH (the body of believers) to be the shining light for the world to see. It was in the 1950’s that the churches took a bribe from the government. Even though the Constitution made churches tax exempt, the government told them that if they wanted to continue to be tax exempt they would have to apply for 501c3 status and then they weren’t allowed to talk politics. This was unconstitutional but the churches didn’t fight it. They were mainly concerned with getting more money in the collection plate so they just went ahead and did it. Then in the 1960’s prayer was taken out of school. The churches had taken the bribe so the pulpits were silent. Along came Roe vs. Wade in 1973 and once again the pulpits were silent. A few years ago we got ‘gay marriage’ and once again the pulpits were silent. Many of the churches are now happy to perform same sex weddings and have homosexual pastors.

    The Bible tells us to not be ‘unequally yoked’ with unbelievers. When the churches took on 501c3 status they were yoked together with every other ‘non-profit’ institution including Planned Parenthood. When I look at the overall morality standards that were accepted in this nation when I was young and then compare them to what we see today I am devastated. I have to say that this has happened because the pulpits have been silent and the CHURCH has failed.

    I am not suggesting that every church is worthless or that Christians have become evil. There are some churches around the country that have not taken on 501c3 status. As for the others, it was more than 60 years ago that churches were told they had to do this and most of today’s pastors don’t understand that it was ever a choice. They are told that they have to do that and so they do because they want to follow the law. There are some who will speak out on issues in spite of that 501c3 status, including many black pastors as Barbara stated. However, when you look at the collective state of today’s CHURCH it is dismal.

    Ultimately then it is the fault of the CHURCH that our nation is in the disgusting state of immorality that it is today. If the churches had been more concerned with making disciples than they were about getting money in the collection plate we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. If we were more interested in spreading the gospel than in being politically correct and ‘tolerant’ of every perversion and every false religion, we would not be in the mess we’re in.

    When the Bible says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14) you will notice that it is not talking to the unbelievers. It is talking to the CHURCH. God says, ‘If MY people which are called by MY name…’ will do these things then He will forgive OUR sin and He will heal our land. As a whole, the CHURCH has gotten lazy and has NOT fulfilled the call to be the shining light on top of the hill. Every last one of us–myself included–needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and examine what we have done and what we have failed to do. Until we as the CHURCH repent–both individually and collectively–for our failings we can’t expect God to fix things for us.

  22. I agree. Just because someone is labeled as a Christian, or calls themselves a Christian, that doesn’t mean they are perfect or even live a godly life. Even Jesus knew this and explained this in Matt 7:21-24.

  23. Most of the Hollywood elites are employed by Satan. When it comes time for judgment, they will be in front of that judgment seat claiming they were rich and not like all of the people that don’t condone what they say. For them it would be easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle then for them to connive their way into heaven. Christ will tell them, I don’t know you.

  24. No, people should NOT have to hide or subdue their Christian lives, but the Bible tells us that it will be hard to be a Christian in this world. It seems that in this day and time it is easier to get away with filth and sin than it is to live the Christian life.

  25. bravo! i know there are a lot more but are too afraid of the backlash and their careers. if they were all smart, they would get together and finf out that the violent, big mouths are in the minority. the big money producers and studios are the ones causing all this. if they had any guts and cared about their country and god rather then their selfish overpaid egos, things would come back into perspective.

  26. I am a Christian women, whom proclaims her faith and belief in Our Lord.

    It is very disturbing to hear the on going chant that we as Christians are to blame for the hate that has swept across this country.

    I do not know about any other church as to what they do or stand for. I know that the message my church shares with all those who come is straight from the Bible, it is a faith based, Bible teaching, Christ following Church.

    And that all those who come are greeted the same way, with love, and acceptances, no matter who they are,where they are from, or how they got there.

    WE have not just local, but global Missionaries all over the world, we started out as a very small Church with only around 8 members, we know have an attendance of well over three thousand, that is of our English speaking congregation, we also have service in Spanish, Manderian, as well as American Sign Language.

    This last October we celebrated our Eighty Sixth year as a Church.

    WE are open to the community and our only guilty of being an open door Bible Based Christian Church!

    So I just wish that people would be more knowledgeable of ehat they say or claim to know about what Christians are, believe, and practice.

    WE have a good many that attend Church Service here that grew up in this Church.

    Just this Christmas while out Caroling at many different locations, I was blessed to meet a gentleman who is now 104 years old who has been with my Church his entire life.

    People please help to stop this attack on our Churces, our Faith, our Beliefs, and our being able to openly express these things.

    Be part of the solution, by standing up and proclaiming your belief in Our Lord.

    Don’t let those who hate us for our beliefs take away our voice, silence us out of fear, stand up and take back what you believe in.

    I wish you all a good night, as I will be getting up early to attend service in the morning.

    God Bless


  27. We should all keep in mind who it is we are dealing with. The Hollywood celebrity elite are for the most part irreligious. They are devoid of religious emotion, the doctrine and practices of a faith-based life. Those Christian men and women in the industry, who profess their faith, should be roundly applauded, and their work acknowledged.

  28. Just because a person says that he or she is a Christian does not make them a Christian. Some of our leaders have said that they are a Christian. Some of them know they are not a Christian. Some of them think that they are a Christian but they don’t even know the Bible or what a Christian is.

  29. People who pray to God and thank Him for their blessings don’t need to “medicate” when things take a negative turn. Our reality is the flowers, trees, sky, clouds and beautiful creatures that share Earth with us. Our motivator is the fact that troubles are only temporary and tomorrow brings hope. Try it. You’ll like it! ❤️

  30. Amen and amen. In my opinion, a lot of the issues were not opposed by the church 50-60 years ago because so many people did not have access to their senators and reps to oppose these liberals and their bills because so many in the rural areas did not have TV or access to radios and did not know what was going on. Many of the churches today want feel-good messages, such as the Joel Olsteen messages, that the pastors are not preaching the Bible. This is evident in all denominations today, something that I never wouod gave belueved would happen. I am so thankful that my pastor preaches the Word and makes no apologies for this. When we die, we will all face God and account for our sins, both commission and omission. Personally, I would rather believe in Jesus and be wrong than not believe in Him. Therefore, I have lost nothing. If you don’t believe and you were wrong, you face eternal damnation by going to hell.
    Satan is real and can present in so many beautiful ways that it would be hard to recognize him. I believe that Satan has blinded the eyes of so many people today that they cannot see the truth.
    It is the responsibility of Christians to witness to all the world and tell them about Jesus so that there will be not one person who has not heard the gospel of Christ.
    We must live our lives to be a witness by our lives. We never know who is watching us or who is looking up to us as an example to follow. If we Christians do not do what we are supposed to do or act the way we are supposed to act, how can we expect others to do so.


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