This insane video of the recent Texas tornadoes gave Chevy trucks a leg up as the baddest things on the road


No debate has divided more men than the debate over which truck is the toughest one on the market.

Well finally this generational debate can now come to an end after this video went viral.

This insane video of the recent Texas tornadoes shows exactly why Chevy trucks may be the baddest things on the road.

Man throughout time has had debates that have divided nations and changed lives.

Arguments over religion and governance have plagued Western Society for centuries.

And new argument points sprout up still to this day.

Some of them – like what is a woman – you’d think are clearly settled.

But with a demented President in the White House, leftists are nuttier and more detached from reality than ever.

Of all the debates that have plagued society though, none have been more decisive and controversial than the debate over which truck is the baddest of them all.

Some say the Ford F-series trucks are as durable as they come. Which was hard to argue against not too long ago, when F-150s were made in Virginia.

Others say Dodge or GMC, or even Toyota or Nissan, are the kings of trucks.

But now Chevy just got a big leg up in settling any remaining debate.

The most badass truck of them all on American highways is the Chevy Silverado.

Need the proof?

Earlier this week when severe storms and tornadoes were wreaking havoc on Texas, one Silverado decided that it was going to go for a spin in the twister.

Video of the incident appears to show the truck going one direction down the road only to be flipped and turned around through the median by the tornado.

But somehow the truck ended up landing back on its tires and drove off just fine the other direction after the tornado passed.

Now that’s a reliable truck.

But can you imagine what it was like inside that Silverado as it was being tossed around like a used dish rag?

And if you were thinking “yeah, Like a Rock” you’re not alone.

That’s Chevy marketing gold and they’re capitalizing on the Like a Rock moment, by offering up a new truck for the teenaged driver and his family, MotorTrend reports:

“Chevrolet has announced, via Twitter, that it and Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet of Fort Worth, Texas are donating a new 2022 Silverado pickup to the teenage driver of the now-famous red Silverado that emerged — drivable — from a tornado this week. In a longer announcement on Facebook, Chevy and its Fort Worth dealership explained they are furnishing a Silverado 1500 LT All Star Edition (in cherry red, just like the tornado-surviving truck) to the teen and his family.”

Of course, Ford and Dodge fans could say, if it was really like a rock it would have stayed on four wheels and he wouldn’t need a new one.

Meanwhile, ‘Yota owners know the truth and ain’t selling their old beasts for nothing.

What do you think?