This infamous pro-abortion politician’s whole world came crashing down on this news


When New York City passed third-trimester abortion-on-demand, Democrats cheered.

Democrats in Virginia thought they could pull a fast one and pass a similar bill that the sitting Governor defended while justifying infanticide.

But the woman responsible for the bill just got the worst news of her life.

Virginia Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran went viral when a video showed her defending legislation she introduced that would allow abortion up until the moment of birth.

Even self-described “pro-choice” people on social media couldn’t stomach the thought.

But the Democratic Party rushed to her side and now they’re suffering the consequences.

Tran canceled a scheduled town hall meeting in her district because she was too afraid of facing the voters.

Masking her tail-between-her-legs defeat as a security issue, Tran said in an announcement, “we are very disappointed to have to make this decision.”

She’s trying to pin the blame on angry pro-lifers after she sparked protests in her district over the weekend.

Nearly 1,000 pro-lifers showed up on Saturday to where the town hall was supposed to be held.

The Susan B. Anthony List called her out, saying:

We are disappointed Delegate Tran and her colleagues chose to call off their town hall rather than face pro-life constituents, who were looking forward to the opportunity to voice their alarm over Delegate Tran’s radical abortion bill in person.

Then they said the one statement that shut her down:

Now she needs to listen to the voters.

Virginia holds odd-year elections for state offices, so Tran is up for election this November.

And already a bevy of Republican challengers are lining up to send her packing.

Tran was elected in 2017 after Republican Dave Albo, who occupied the seat for 24 years, retired.

Tran is a sitting duck because polls show voters are rejecting her abortion extremism.

Breitbart News reports:

Despite the postponement of the townhall, Students for Life of America (SFLA) plans to have Tina Whittington, SFLA vice president, as a speaker at the press conference and rally.

Whittington, a Virginia resident, said in a statement: “Millennials understand the violent reality of abortion and see past the attempt by pro-choice groups to disguise legalized infanticide as ‘choice.’ We will continue to speak out against this great injustice.”

“With leaders in New York and Virginia pushing America’s abortion extremism to infanticide, the need to defend women and preborn infants from these inhumane practices is energizing voters nationwide,” said Kristan Hawkins, SFLA president. “To get ready for the day after Roe, SFLA is launching a new c4 organization, Students for Life Action, getting this Pro-Life Generation activated for the ground game of defending life.”

A recent poll, conducted by pollster the polling company, inc./WomanTrend for SFLA’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, found 70 percent of millennials support restrictions on abortion.

A recent Marist poll also found 75 percent of Americans want substantial restrictions on abortion, including 60 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of those who identify as “pro-choice.”

Do you think Kathy Tran will be defeated in her re-election campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Jesus said woe to anyone who harms a child. Life begins at conception, so abortion is the murder of the most helpless and innocent humans. Those who murder babies will join satan in hell.

    • bj: except there is no satan and no hell. More lies to keep the so-called christians in line. Just have to keep repeating the “party” line and keep up the threats!!

      • Do you know for a fact that there is no Heaven or Hell? Have you talked to anyone who has died and come back to verify this to you? If not, then how do you know that there is not either? Until someone comes back from the dead and tells me there is neither, I will believe in both.

        • We do not also believe in a Heaven or Hell as a physical place. What we believe in is when you die you either live within God’s presents or you live without His presents. The term “heaven” or “hell” is only a Christian term and can not apply to all.

          • Susan…HUH??????? YES, Heaven and Hell are physical places. Read the New Testament. And I think you mean “presence”.

          • OMGH!! Please learn to spell: god’s “presents” – how funny can you get?? It is “presence” – you think you live among gifts??

          • Heaven or Hell are Biblical terms in the Word of Almighty God. You spend Eternity in Heaven if you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, or you spend Eternity in Hell if you reject Him.

        • I don’t know how you can be any more stupid, but you did it. If anyone ever comes back from the grave and tells us anything, it will be a miracle. But miracles don’t happen either. These are just more crazy tricks your mind plays on you. There is “no heaven, and no hell”. That’s my belief and you can take it or not. I have as much right to believe and say it as you do to keep repeating your fantasies.

          • Why is it that folks on the Left who take delight in butchering little innocent lives that can’t fight back, IGNORE the science that,through ultra-sounds, etc. prove this is indeed HUMAN LIFE, yet they are the first to Believe science that supposedly proves “climate change” exists and call out those who do not?

          • Where on earth did that come from?? And what have President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to do with the present discussion?? You all will try to tie anything you want into your crazy comments!! You really need a vacation.

      • You can make any statement you want but it won’t change the fact you your Sergei’s friends, homosexuals, pedophiles, transgenders, abortionists, priests and other clergy that rape children and politicians such as the Givenirs of New York and Virginia will be in Hell to keep you company. You have only one way to avoid this eternal damnation by repenting otherwise enjoy your life with your savior Satan. I feel very sorry for you .

      • So Nancy, you think that since you believe there is no Satan and no Hell it must be so? Believe me with all that’s going on with the Democratic party there’s plenty of Hell!!!! And that’s what I believe!

        • And so because you believe that heaven and hell exist, then it must be so?? How crazy can you be? You accuse me of the same thing you have just stated. Or are you incapable of understanding the difference. Please get a life and let me believe as I want.

          • You believe in these radical ideas from the dems too right?butchering new are the one that needs to get a life

      • Nancy, you are so deceived. Satan is counting on people like you. I pray that The Lord Jesus touch your heart so you don’t spend eternity in Hell with Satan. Eternity is a very long time.

        • And you believe things that were “written” over 2000 years ago?? These things have no bearing on life today as the bible/new and old testaments are simply stories about the Jewish people and their history. You also have no proof that any of this relates to us today. So go on and live in your ignorance and I will say that I am sorry for you.

          • A Roman historian while complaining about the “cult” he was trying to wipe out of history records led by the Jew Jesu without realizing it gave proof of our Jesus’ existence. Jesus’ teachings were recorded and spread by his disciples and followers not by Jesus who only had three years of spreading his words and making sure his disciples knew his words and his meanings for living behind his words. The very man who hated the Jesu cult leader gave proof of his existence to all of us. You see the romans when someone was determined to be a problem to the Empire was to have any existence of that person including family, friends and writings destroyed to wipe the person out. Talk about miracles a Roman historian kept and gave proof of Jesu’ existence and if you don’t believe in God than look at this Jesu teachings and follow them, you will find a quiet happiness like no other happiness.

          • That is still no proof of what happened over 2000 years ago. It is simply a story repeated over and over. Every culture and all peoples on this earth have similar stories – you just happen to think that yours is the best one. Still doesn’t mean a thing.

      • Nancy Alexander: When you end up in Hell, you will then wish that you had not made that decision! It’s quite obvious that you don’t believe in GOD either nor, the BIBLE!
        I pity you when you stand before GOD on Judgment Day! AND…You will stand before HIM & have to give account of how you lived your life,…Then HE will say “Depart from ME, I never knew you! At that time an Angel will pick you up & cast you into hell, where you will burn forever w/sulfur and brimstone, & never burn up, & you will feel this constant burning as well as demon spirits clawing & biting you thru-out Eternity! But… You could miss all that by ”Asking JESUS to come into your heart & forgive you of all your sins & confess that JESUS died for your sins, sicknesses, pains & went to the cross in your place, & believe that HE was raised from the grave & sats beside HIS FATHER GOD in Heaven making intercession for you!!!!!

          • Nancy “don’t live for satin” – that would be satan if you knew how to spell. Nope – I only live for myself and the good I can do while I am still alive.

      • Nancy…I know for a fact that Heaven is very real. You can know that too, but you have rejected Jesus. ALL who come to Him and are saved KNOW that He is there. YOU have the same chance as anyone else to accept Him and be saved. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross.

      • Your opinion does not address the fact that abortion is homicide and
        homicide not justified is MURDER. THAT IS FACT!
        Your opinion doesn’t change fact. Religious or not is irrelevant.

      • God wrote that death and hell (hades) would be cast into the lake of fire. Jesus showed us hades in Luke 16. No hell/hades? Are you calling God and His Son liars? Where is your evidence of no such place? Your telling a lie may make it acceptable to ignorant ones, but it does not make it true. Jesus, the Judge at the Last Judgment, will make it known. …Lord, be merciful to Nancy now. Amen.

      • Actually, both spellings work. God gives us many blessings or presents even daily. And the one I think about regularly is ‘the peace that passes all understanding’. By the way, if you don’t believe in God, why did you exclaim OMG!

        • OMG is simply an exclamatory term and has no special meaning to me – but I guess it does to you!! It sure got your attention. I have to keep you engaged somehow!!

  2. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING the democrat CULT ever says will ever be AS IMPORTANT as their celebration of BABY KILLING & history will NEVER forget when ALL demoncrats voted TO KILL BABIES AFTER THEY WERE BORN & invalidates EVERYTHING they will ever say anymore #DemocratCultIsDone

  3. Like AOC making proposals about nothing she has any idea about. Intentional abortion of a late trimester fetus is appalling. What she is proposing is genocide, murder, harm to an innocent child, and supporting the NWO in population reduction. Women have access to birth control, the morning after pill, IUD, or implants to prevent unwanted births. If these are a problem, the women need to keep their legs crossed or use BOB’s which prevents fertilization. If nothing else get a hysterectomy. Using depression as a reason to kill a full term child is still murder by definition. Wake up people. Kathy Tran according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution needs to be removed from the gene pool.

    • When I was young, you got a girl pregnant, you had to marry her! Now that “Hooking Up” on every date is the norm, I wonder how many women even have any idea who got her pregnant. To think young women are so callus they don’t even care their baby is being torn apart, and the head crushed! Maybe they should be handed the pieces as they are removed from her womb? Then at least she could see what happens when her baby is murdered? So disgusting! When I hunted rabbits, I never enjoyed the killing. Should my shot not result in a “Quick kill”, it was upsetting to have to put the rabbit down and see it suffering. That’s why I learned to shoot well. Maybe they should have to hold and look at what is left of “Their baby”?

      • Bama Bill – why is it that a man would post such an awful procedure? Let’s see what is it that a man has or does that a woman can’t do? Then let’s see a woman suggest we do that to a man – as punishment. That is all you want to do anyway – punish a woman that she dared to become pregnant. Maybe the father of the child in question should have to receive the pieces. How would you like that??

        • Nancy, you are so deceived. Satan is counting on people like you. I pray that The Lord Jesus touch your heart so you don’t spend eternity in Hell with Satan. Eternity is a very long time.

          • I won’t be spending eternity anywhere but in a grave, as you will also. Dream on in your little fantasy world. I feel sorry for you too!!

        • Nancy…you are in for a very nasty surprise. You will know that God is very real the moment you die. Jesus is there for all, but He will not force Himself on you. YOU get to choose to spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus or in hell with satan. You have chosen to follow satan. Your ignorance is profound. There is historical evidence that Jesus was here. But you know as much about history as you do about biology, which is nothing at all. sad

          • I understand that jesus was an historical person, except that there was more than one man who lived as jesus. All the stories about these men were rolled into one to become the modern version of jesus. But there are no real miracles attributable to him or them. These are simply stories gathered through time as folk tales and repeated and retold. So much for your version of heaven!!

        • The woman is not being punished because she became pregnant. She is being punished because she killed her child. Abortion is murder. Murdering the child as it is being born is murder. Pure and simple murder. I don’t know how women could look at their reflection in a mirror knowing they have killed their own child.

          • But if a child is the result of rape, why must she be made to carry it to term?? You have absolutely no idea of how a woman would feel when that child is born. No wonder she would want to kill it, and the father too.

      • Bama Bill: Very good comment! Maybe the conservatives ought to get that added in a
        Bill. My opinion is that the Dr and/or Nurses + the mother should be tried for murder!
        If a female has a baby & takes it home from the Hospital & one month later her boyfriend kills the baby, have you noticed how quick the liberals start shouting “Put the man to death, he’s a baby killer!” Yet,they want to kill a live, perfect healthy baby just because the female that was delivered just didn’t want to be bothered with raising/caring for the infant! To me, women who run from one male (I refuse to call them men) to another is noting but a ”slut”. She needs to be sterilized permanently!
        you can’t keep a female dog from chasing after a male dog when it’s in heat, & I put females (sluts) in the same category as a dog in heat, therefore, she should be sterilized so she can’t produce something she doesn’t want!!!!

    • Some one explain to me how prosecutors can bring double murder charges against a murderer that has murdered a pregnant woman and it not be murder to kill a child being delivered and by the Govenor of Virginia’s words – even after the child is born – it will be kept comfortable for a few days while the mother decides if she wants to keep it or destroy it. Too bad it didn’t happen to him. Evidently the punishment God has in store for him and those that agree with the poor excuse for a human being will definitely be one that will last an eternity. May God have mercy on your soul .

  4. Should the young and stupid older women I give them an idea for legislation. A reality show where Socialits collage and older students are sent to a country that closely resembles their desired political system that upholds all of tha abortion and radical ideas set them on the shores and leave them to survive for many months and perhaps they may decide these laws on abortion and genoside and murder should be stronger to elemeninate abortion. Or upon puberty ask if thay want children if not mandatory sterilization. And do it. No problem

  5. This DEPLORABLE little PIG should been Aborted before she was BORN ..
    ANY PIG that MURDERER’S another needs to be Punished and held ACCOUNTABLE IN FRONT OF GOD OUR CRATER..


  7. The Abortion of any baby after conception is in fact MURDER. When you vote for a Democrat you are supporting abortion whether you say you believe in abortion or not! Many who claim to be a Christian and vote for these Communist who call themselves Democrats will spend eternity in hell where the fire isnot quenched and the worm dieth not. Baal will tell you Oh God won’t do that to you. But I would prefer believing the Bible and what Jesius said about harming a child. The Democrats told you it wasn’t a baby but just a blob of skin and matter then whoops along comes ultra sound where you can see the little babies tiny fingers and the baby sucking them ;If you believe you are exempt from the penalty for this gross SIN read the bible with both eyes open.

  8. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex or take the pill. If she decides she doesn’t want children get your tubes tied or get a Hysterectomy. If you don’t want to do those things then have the child and adopt it out. I have two cousins that have had over a dozen abortions between them, are women so lazy they can’t take a pill. My mother had two girls, my sister is two years older and was adopted out (I have never met her). When I was born she wanted to adopt me out but my grandparents took me. In the hospital my grandfather had the doctor tie my moms tubes. Grandpa knew mom would never stop running around and would continue to get pregnant, this was 1947. People called that inhumane for my grandfather to have the doctor do that, so they stopped. Doctors would only tie a woman’s tubes after a certain age upon her request. We’ve come a long way baby (in the wrong direction).

      • Why is all the responsibility placed on the woman?? There used to be a man involved in this too or have you forgotten?? I am so tired of all the blame having to be placed on the woman!! Lets hear you all say that the man has to share the blame too!! Oh I know, I know – it’s just easier to say the woman has to take all the precautions. So what about rape?? A woman doesn’t always know that she will be raped. Your argument is always one-sided.

          • bj – I am here because all you people are so self-centered and smug — you need to be shaken up a bit once in a while!!

          • I know that jesus and god are simply characters you all like to parade around. And you so-called christians are too smug and need to be shaken up sometime!!

        • Nancy most of these woman use abortion as a way of birth control . I worked with a girl that had several and I told her why not get fixed or go on the pill. she told me she doesn’t have to pay for abortion . When these woman want a child many can not have them due to scarring .

          • As a retired RN, I know that repeated abortions do indeed cause scarring. But you still didn’t answer me about why you continually blame the woman and never call out the man?? You are simply a terrible hypocrite. Oh, that’s right – you think the woman got pregnant all on her own!!

          • They woman should always be a responsible person it’s her body. Isn’t that what the liberals say. It’s a woman’s body and she has the right to do as she pleases. So if she doesn’t want to end up pregnant get on the pill or put that penny between your knees

  9. With all the upset over New York and Virginia, New Mexico is sliding by with the same bill NY passed. People here are oblivious to politics and will be happy to vote for anything the democrats want to present. Such a shame, this is why we have no laws that prohibit abortion and people from all over the country come here to do their shameful act. GOD is watching. Infanticide is MURDER, plain and simple.

  10. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, Flake, etc)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  11. Since Democommies favor Infanticide, which is the killing of unwanted children, I’d propose a corresponding bill for the killing of unwanted Democommies. Things would get interesting.

    • I didn’t know a city (New York City was mentioned in the above report), could unilaterally write their own laws. Since when is this legal?? There is a push here in my city for a ban on certain types of guns, (you know those assault rifles), and the Mayor is behind it. (Yes I agree with him). And of course there are those marches and activists proclaiming that a city can’t write its’ own laws. So I want to know how is it possible to write laws to take effect in a certain city? Anyone know???

  12. Train you are going down this nov. along with the a** hole gov. Asst gov. A the ag, this state will go back to being the good bible thumping state it use to be amen.


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