This Hollywood actress is floating an insane conspiracy theory about the coronavirus


Hollywood is definitely a land of delusion, especially since the election of Donald Trump.

Leftist celebrities are obnoxiously using their platforms to spread political propaganda.

And one Hollywood actress just floated an insane conspiracy theory about the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus spreads, Hollywood is also grappling with an advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Hollywood leftists have said some truly despicable things about the president over the last four years.

Actress and singer Bette Midler is one of those celebrities.

Since Trump’s election, she has made one asinine statement after another.

And now she’s floating a ridiculous conspiracy theory that Trump has coronavirus and is lying about it.

Despite Midler’s ravings, White House physician Sean P. Conley said Trump has tested negative for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Dr. Conley said in a release, “Last night after an in-depth discussion with the President regarding COVID-19 testing, he elected to proceed . . . This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative.”

Much to the dismay of leftists experiencing TDS, Trump has not contracted the Wuhan coronavirus.

Conley added, “One week after having dinner with the Brazilian delegation in Mar-a-Lago, the President remains symptom-free. I have been in daily contact with the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and White House Coronavirus Task Force, and we are encouraging the implementation of all their best practices for exposure reduction and transmission mitigation.”

Midler’s hysteria regarding Trump has become commonplace among leftist celebrities.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore swears Trump will refuse to leave office if he’s voted out or his two terms are up.

Comedian and TV host Bill Maher said the same thing, and he also said Trump would use the coronavirus panic to institute never-ending martial law.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have gleefully wished death and seriously bodily harm against Trump and his family.

The phrase “assassination chic” became an actual thing because so many celebrities depicted the killing of Trump.

Actor Peter Fonda said Barron Trump should be locked in a cage with child molesters.

The “tolerant” Left is on the warpath, and its rage for Trump has taken it to a truly dark place.

People like Midler pretend to be compassionate while wishing death on their political adversaries.

The madness needs to stop, but the Left will never police itself.

Will Hollywood celebrities float more insane Trump conspiracy theories?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Social ism will be an order of magnitude worse than any virus.
    Too bad democrats are too stupid to realize that.

  3. The dem party is evil. They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies. They do not care about right and wrong, only how they can have power over us. They are very dangerous to our freedom and must be stopped if we are to survive as a country

  4. Comedian and TV host Bill Maher said the same thing, and he also said Trump would use the coronavirus panic to institute never-ending martial law. Again, the Dems are looking in a mirror and accusing Trump of what they are doing themselves. They are the ones panicking and talking about martial law as they are the ones who want to control all of us. Unbelievable!

  5. The reason Bette Midler is delusional is that I heard that she has had Syphyllis for years and it has been eating away at her pathetic little brain

  6. Well, she has a point. He DOES lie constantly….
    And if you ask me, with all his proud sinning, Trump is a lot closer to the devil than God. In fact, I think Jesus would cry to see him as our President! Although, actually, religion and politics should never mix!!!!

  7. yesterday whoopie pie Goldberg said jill biden would make a great surgeon general, “she’s a wonderful doctor.” jill is not even an MD. she has a PHD in education. whoopie has a phd in bullshiff.

  8. Bette Midler is completely void of brain 🧠 cells, but loaded with G-D given talent. I loved her singing, especially “the wind …my wings”. However she has disgusted me to the point that I threw away the only record of hers I owned. I never want to hear her sing. I’ll stick to Opera

  9. The only conspiracy here if there is one is the Dumcrats using the virus to go after Trump and blame him for everything he had nothing to do with…..The Libby’s say trump has lied over and over again….I ask you what lies??????

  10. Hollywood is a seriously delusional place populated by subhuman, irreligious denizens with Deep State TDS. It is enough to make you swear-off watching those low caliber flicks. I want to thank Hollywood for its’ disgusting treatment of President Trump and his family and supporters. It sets the stage for the largest Republican landslide in American political history for the President, the Senate and a recapture of the Senate. Open big mouths insert foot.

  11. Not Blind . . . You are VERY BLIND! YOU have TDS, which is a CLOSE KIN to the TERMINAL STUPIDS (which is PERMANENT). Apparently Joe Biden has NOTHING on YOU. POTUS Trump does NOT lie, and is furthering the GOOD of ALL People (including you), whether you deserve it or NOT. He has the prayers of the NATION’S Christian PASTOR over him so that he will make EXCELLENT decisions in God. And, he’s doing a GREAT job of that. Jesus himself allowed the MIRACLE of POTUS Trump being President. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Correction: PASTORS, not “PASTOR”, as MANY GOOD Pastors have POTUS Trump in his prayers, as requested by Trump himself. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. I think we should take Ms. Milder, Ms. Goldberg, Pelosi, Omar, Cortez, Milano, Streisand, Streep etc etc etc …. put them in a C47 naked with a parachute on their backs. Then inform Boko haaram, and all the terrorist groups that we will be dropping a whole plane load of naked women over Mogadishu. Fly them there, open the back and push em out and wish them the best of luck.

  14. I couldn’t give a damn if the witch gets WUHAN FLU. Actually, she deserves to get first hand experience with this Chinese disease.

  15. never blind is liberal stupid blind. bring me any politician that has never lied and i will give you the empire state building. never blind as a liberal shouldn’t mention jesus as he and his liberal non god democrats are non religious he is about to make jesus mad and he will go blind.

  16. Not blind…..I think you may need glasses! You should also read what Jesus has said about the ones who hate and see negativity all around. If you have a particular religion, go and talk to your Pastor,
    Minister or Rabbi. Oh, and I will pray for you.

  17. Hollywood just miss obama parties and stroking the wealthy kids without a mama. Nothing but a bunch of cocaine junkies ..

  18. F$$K all of Hollywood. They all have lost their minds. They are all f**King nuts. Wish we could put on and island in the middle of the ocean and forget them all. They could have one another and we could call it DIP SH*T Island. Milder, Goldberg, Streisand and all the rest are as UGLY as they are STUPID. Hope they get on their brooms and fly away.

  19. Bette Midler and her demorat friends are with the devil spouting lies as truth and truth as lies. Like China they could care less about America and intentionally spread LIES. VOTE Straight RED 2020!

  20. The leftists are now getting PHDs at Universities in the field of Virtue Signaling. Apparently they are taught that life threats and outrageous lies are the primary methods of virtue signaling.

  21. Really Butt-head, Trump has lied 16,000 times?? Name one. Your as brain dead as your friend Biden. Your both incompetent morons that need to move to China, Cuba, Iran anywhere but not staying here in the US.
    You don’t deserve the privilege of living in this country that has allowed you to make a living at our expense. Basically, your just useless. Go wash a toliet.

  22. Funny, she didn’t say anything about the 100,000 that died of the swine flu, when her favorite coon was in office. I’ll bet most reading this don’t remember it.

  23. All Hollywood dont like trump and running scared that trump’s border wall will be shutting off their coke out of Mexico.

  24. I actually liked her when I first saw her on tv, Johnny Carson Show….before she decided to hate
    our President…… Now I don’t like her anymore….

  25. so here I sit 4 years later and close to the next election. I still haven’t heard one thing the dim-o-craps have promised the American people. I hear what they they wanna do for illegals, but nothing for the American citizens. is not not important anymore?

  26. The President said that he was tested for the virus and the test was negative. First of all, why would he lie about the results? It doesn’t matter if the test is negative or positive. It the test was indeed negative then the President will go about his daily routine and continue to run for and win the 2020 Election. If the test was in fact positive and the President has the virus, gets sick and dies the US Constitution is unaffected by this or any other virus. The Constitution states that the Vice President will assume the office of President and, God Forbid, the Speaker of the House would become the Vice President. The country would continue on with business as usual. My question is just when and how did Ms. Midler get so stupid? Does any person with at least one active brain cell think that Donald Trump is fool enough to take the chance to infect his wife and son, who by the way are still living in DC. One other point, why does anyone give credance to anything that comes out of Hollywood?

  27. biity, poor delusional betty still butthurt over the chosen one getting spanked by a landslide. even though you are a snowflake butthurt dimocrap, i’ll pray for you. god bless you sis.

  28. And why are we beating these two “DEAD HORSES”? bette m. has NEVER had a rational thought in here empty head… and her “host” (can’t even think of her name… she is so important to me…. and the rest of the world!!!) have never had a good word for any elected official in America (OK obamma!! but he was the most UNAMERICAN we could have had as a

  29. (woops! got cut out….). “leader” HA HA!! so to take advise or knowledge from either of their empty heads would be a insult to rational thought!!! TRUMP has done more for AMERICA than more than 3/4 of the presidents that we have elected!!!! and that’s documented….and for sure more than the two demented TV personalities, discussed in this post…..he is reviled in every thought and post that comes out of their lying lips!
    thanx…… rich IN GOD WE TRUST

  30. The news is complaining about the delay for testing. Well, if President Trump didn’t have to finish the “war of impeachment” by the Democrats, the administration would have been able to get on with business in” the war on coronavirus.” We heard about impeachment for nearly a year, and now they attack anything this administration does on the virus. Maybe, we should continue on with our lives and let nature take it’s course, before we do irreversible, economical damage. We had SARS, “Severe Acute Respiratory Symptoms” which sounds like the Coronavirus, in 2003. We dealt with it and continued on without stopping our lives, just as a any yearly virus. We shut down where it was needed.

  31. Bette Midler is an OLD Has been she’s like Hillary can’t accept the fact we don’t care about them it’s time for them to call it quits. The song the wind .. and my wings was not her song it was Elton John’s to Princess Diana. Mybe she should retire with her siff Oh less.

  32. I think the Hollywood crowd should adopt Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and then we would know where all the incompetent fools are connected. Donald Trump has been showing his true colors when he brought his team in to deal with the CoronaVirus. What a difference when a good manager addresses a problem. He actually considers the most efficient and least expensive approach to dealing with the problem. You can bet the inclusion of the private sector will result in finding the quickest way to beat this virus. Now that is a new idea, faster, efficient and less costly action in government.

  33. BM=Has been actress=foul mouth=racist=leftist=MORON. Who cares what this nut cake says about anything? Hey sweetie, just try to get a role in a new movie or something and stay out of the news with your insanity.

  34. Didn’t she come in on the back of another singer and was for ever the second fiddle? Can’t even remember that first one either…so long ago.

  35. ” He has lied over 16,000 times”
    How would Bette Midler know this? She doesn’t have 16,000 fingers.

  36. Bette Midler is a washed up hack that is trying to keep her name in the news and the media play to her. If the President was ill his Doctors and his staff would be reacting way differently. In times like this the media needs to maintain a stable informational position, eliminating the crap like this.

  37. Bette an old fag hag from the ’60s was some good entertainment then, but that was then and this is now. It would pay her to keep her wishes and opinions locked in her demented brain. Her wish for Trump may God return on her two-fold. She should like an old soldier just fade away never to be heard from again.

  38. Bette Midler was once a prominent singer and actress. Now she is just another washed up coo-coo bird fro la-la land.

  39. For starters, calling the “Devine Miss M” a Hollywood actress is strange. I can remember one movie she starred in, RUTHLESS PEOPLE with Danny DeVito, Helen Slater, Judge Reinhold, and Bill Pullman. Or maybe BEACHES, HOCUS POCUS, or THE STEPFORD WIVES (the fun one). Okay, she had some good ones.

    Yes, annonyous, every time I hear someone accuse the President of lying, I want to yell “Then tell us what he lied about!” They can’t. Democrats actually believe all they have to do is say something over and over, and it will be believed. More than any President in history, he has done everything possible for this country, and kept his promises. Now we’re in a CoronaVirus situation, and of course it will be all President Trump’s fault. As will be the stock market crash that may result. He’s doing everything possible to clear the way for a vaccine to be developed. Oh, and in 1918 the world was attacked by the Spanish Flu. I guess calling it that was “racist”. Everything is these days.

  40. one question for old Bette – prove your numbers. Who is counting these “lies”? Do they have the numbers for Obama? George W.? Clinton? Typical Hollywood loons – make up facts, demonize those you hate, pretend you care and have compassion and then hoist some of the most disgusting hateful desires on the ones who think differently than you. It’s called elitism and one can only wish karma for you and your vile lot. What you wish on others should happen to you.

  41. Can you actually proved that President Trump has lied to the American Public? Where is your evidence? Is it coming from the fake new media? If he actually had the virus, I do not believe that a doctor would get on the air and tell people that the results were negative when actually positive, that would go against the medical profession.

  42. Correct. Hollyweird will never police itself. Which means it is up to us to police them – with our feet and our $$.

  43. Since so many unchristian televangelists ask their deranged followers to pray for the death of true American patriots and leaders such as President Obama, it seems only appropriate that true American Christians pray for the death of criminal tyrants like Trump. Maybe he and his illegal immigrant wife will go off and commit suicide like his leadership model Hitler.

  44. I have nor did I know the Hollywood group were so stupid if they don’t have a script to read from they couldn’t be in movies.and as for me I would never pay to see either one of them I didn’t know they were all crazy as hell and fatso only worried there may not be enough food for his fat ass really some of the dumbest people in the world I use to didn’t want anyone to get this dease but if anyone has to get it I hope this croud is in the mix of it and that would shut a large croud of idiots down good bye you nut cases

  45. Performers like Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano make all other performers look bad. Are others really as stupid as these? Judd Apatow seems to be. How many more pure bimbos are out there? These people are such locked in idiots that Trump could invent a cure for cancer, and they would still find a way to disparage him. So far Trump has been right on the money with addressing the coronavirus, but Hollywood gives him zero credit. Thankfully, we have Trump as President and not one of these Hollywood clowns.

  46. Well, Hollywood is the place for “make believe” and they sure have a handle on that one!!!! Some of the S$%T that come up with! I say Pelosi probably has a hand in the coronavirus since her plans to “impeach Trump” didn’t go so well for her, this is her payback. It strikes me that the Dems have a great deal of growing up to do, and possibly remembering what country they live in!!! If they don’t agree with our ways then they should find a new place to live and just GET THE H##% OUT!!!! STOP CAUSING SO MUCH MAYHEM AND AND SPREADING HATRED! YOU all are absolutely brain and heartless!!!!

  47. I have never understood why the media gives these so-called celebrities such attention when they make their insane statements concerning something about which they know absolutely nothing. Can anyone actually believe that Bette Midler is knowledgeable about the coronavirus crisis or any other for that matter? As far as I can determine her only claim to fame is pretending to be someone she is not. My kids did that when they were small so apparently she, and others of her ilk, hasn’t progressed over the years. I suggest the media censor these flaky loud mouthed Hollywood/Entertainment types unless they have some degree of expertise on a given subject.

  48. Can you imagine what would have happened if a conservative actor suggested Obama’s daughters should be locked in a cage with KKK extremists??? Yet it was suggested that the President’s son be locked in a cage with a child molester… By Peter Fonda…


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