This Hollywood actor just attacked Trump using the dirtiest word in the dictionary


Rob Delaney has a relatively low profile in the Hollywood scene.

In an effort to change that, he’s making desperate moves to get noticed in the media.

And what he just said about President Trump could end up destroying his career before it even launches.

Hollywood celebrities are essentially required to be Left-wing lunatics if they ever wish to have a career in the entertainment industry.

That’s why you see celebrities and musicians like Taylor Swift all of a sudden becoming political pundits denouncing the President.

This is most likely what led to Rob Delaney lashing out against Trump in the nastiest way possible.

Breitbart reports:

Amazon Prime’s Catastrophe star Rob Delaney did not mince words after watching President Donald Trump’s rally in Minneapolis last night, describing him as a “Nazi cunt” who deserves to “rot in hell.”

Delaney made the comments in response to a part of Trump’s speech where he derided leaders in Washington for allowing large numbers of Somali refugees to move into the state of Minnesota.

“For many years, leaders in Washington brought thousands of refugees to your state from Somalia,” Trump said, prompting boos from the crowd. “[They did this] without considering the impact on schools and communities and taxpayers…

However, Delaney was left unimpressed by giving states and local communities the right to determine their resettlement policies, simply saying: “Rot in hell nazi cunt.”

Delaney has certainly made his opposition to the President well known.

But his attack may have gone too far.

The “c-word” is largely off limits to celebrities and viewed by many women as offensive.

In order to be a highly paid celebrity in Hollywood, you must be anti-Trump . . . But you cannot be perceived as anti-women.

The actor is receiving a great deal of backlash on social media.

It may be enough for producers to reconsider hiring him for future roles.

Studios are not in the business of hiring unhinged actors and actresses who could create public relations nightmares.

What do you think?

Did Delaney’s attack go too far?

Sound off in the comments below!


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  2. This so called “actor” has no class what so ever! What a disrespectful, disgusting term to use when commenting on President Trump ! Not to mention against women. It seems that every time one of these people in the entertainment industry, that are Leftists, opens their mouths they can not control themselves and behave as decent human beings. It seems the more vulgar you are. Or what disgusting movement, like abortions, you promote, they believe the DNC is going to reward them? Not really. It is us the general public that watch’s shows on TV. Goes to the movies or concerts. Goes to sports events or buys their music. So it is us that decides what is appropriate, and believe me it’s getting easier and easier not to go to the movies or watch TV, after these unhinged people keep coming forward. And we also know who is behind these attacks on our sitting president. I truly hope come the 2020 the election, we will show them we don’t need the Nazi party running our country and Trump will be re-elected.

  3. I’m a veteran Marine and even I don’t use that word. Also, who the F does this guy think he is? Hes nobody but another “actor” that pretends to be something hes not.

  4. Your a Nazi if you Even THINK anything like POTUS Trump said.The’ve caused Nothing but Trouble there,Crime And Gangs have skyrocketed!! It’s F…… Stupid,Simply,WHY would Anybody WANT them there!!??If it was a bunch of beautiful Women,Then i Could See WHY someone would Actually WANT them there,How in the World would them going there ENRICH Anyones life!?? I kind of made a joke,But im trying to get across a point,Why Would Anyone(except omar) look FORWARD to Thousands of poor somalis moving into their community??? All that they Brought was More Trouble that Noone Needs.It’s Just a Fact of life,No Hate or Anything like that Just a Fact!!Same thing with Other muslims,I asked someone awhile back when people got all up in arms over the muslim ban,Why in the world should it Bother ME if More muslims DON’T come into this country??? Alot are good people,But Alot Aren’t,Oh yea,I WANT More omars here :/ All these people coming here Sure as S… Is NOT going to Improve My life in the least(or anyone elses) And Proof Shows -It will Most Likely Make things Worse,No Hate-Just Facts!! Semper Fi

  5. Rob who? and Trump didn’t force people to be at the rally or create concentration camps but Hollywood fantasizes about that all the time

  6. Hey Duke, I certainly hope his Mother and if he has any Sisters drags his foul mouth home and locks him in the basement where he belongs. He insulted every female in the Country. Fire him now.

  7. Delaney better buckle up because we all reap what we sow. Does anybody seriously even know who he is or care? Since he has sympathy for “illegals” who have illegally invaded our Nation then what has he done for them and how much money has he contributed to their care. If he’s not a hypocrite, then why hasn’t he welcomed and helped “illegals” to live in his neighborhood/community?

  8. The words (nazi cunt) may be uncalled for but d trump, AKA CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Certainly Does Deserve To ROT & BURN Forever In (HELL) With All Such CRAP!

  9. Betty; I have been very decent to you these many months with your snide remarks and foul mouth. But just shut up and stay off this CONSERVATIVE website.. You have been reported…..

  10. Never heard of him or the show, won’t bother to watch either.
    Maybe he thinks he’s another Robert DeNiro, ( someone else I could give to s**tz about) that can trash Pres. Trump and his supporters and be cheered by other low life so called entertainers.

  11. Vasu it’s the only language Rob Delaney understands. Rob’s intellectual capacity is quantitatively non existent on the neanderthal level. Like you.

  12. Foul mouth vulgar and disgusting worthless human being. His Mother and if he has Sisters should bring him home, wash his mouth out with soap and put him back in the basement where he belongs. Should be fired immediately.

  13. You’re using cultural appropriation by using “Betty.” You’re true name is probably a grunt sound or the exit of the grunt… you know, like “Vasu!”

  14. Oh the mask is coming off these hypocrites.
    This is what slipped out but don’t you assume he’s like this all the time?
    Please tell me more about how deplorable I am!

  15. Never heard of him and hope to never again even see his name. Leftwingers just throw all decorum, self esteem and common sense out the window for NO REASON WHATSOEVER beyond some personal gain and with no regard for anything or anyone that gets in the way.

  16. Jane Fonda uses the c-word as a way of “empowering” women and believes that men are empowered by the “p” word. She is a terrible person and is now getting arrested for supporting “climate change.” Like when you have nothing else to do and millions to bail yourself out is real “noble.”

  17. If you had any idea what hell is like, you would not wish it on your worst enemy. As sinners, we all deserve hell but God in His mercy has made a way of escape to whosoever will.

  18. I only consider Hollywood an entertainment place. I’m not interested in there opinion on anything but acting. I could care less what they think. I can think for myself and make the proper decision from right and wrong, they obviously have to kiss up to the liberal mob that runs the place. It’s actually very sad.

  19. Its perfect, a nobody actor opens his big mouth and gets slammed by liberals. Is it no surprise? These morons just do not know when to quit and this moron sealed his doom. Who in their right mind would hire such a foul mouth nobody? De Niros mouth has got him into some deep messes and he is famous. This nobody just touched the stove and now has burned any chance in an acting career. Time to check out the local fast food joints but even they do not want such foul people.

  20. Semper Fi, Bro. (Nam 68-69). At least the PoS has openly identified itself as an enemy;-).. As we used to say, when the day comes, PBIMF!! Be Well!

  21. Gee I am confused…….little trumpadoodle uses all kinds of despicable words all the time, in every venue. Yet he was allowed to be a so-called entertainer on tv….. This week an RN was telling me that when her 4-year-old daughter is awake, she mutes the tv every time the prez’s face appears on tv just in case the producers don’t act quickly enough & block out his vile language. She said she never would have believed that someone in that position would be such a poor example to children, and would simply not care that he exhibits the behaviors of a spoiled brat who swears in front of the nation. As in F*** Y** America…….I will say whatever I wish because I am a fake billionaire and until I am revealed as the fraud I am, I will continue to do so.

  22. I have NEVER heard of him until this hit the news, but that being said, I will NEVER watch anything he is in, even if it is a commercial!!!

  23. Never heard of this POS and wouldn’t watch him if he played Forest Gump! With language like that, we know what he is and it’s a hateful POS unfit for the human community!!

  24. Anna Downs: I’m sorry, but of all the speeches I’ve heard Trump given ( not trumpadoodle by the way) I’ve never heard him swear . Or, as you stated use” despicable words” . Especially the term this foul mouth actor used. And since you started your comment disrespecting President Trump , I think you are just another Leftists trying to give yourself some creditability by adding your little story about this RN and her young daughter. Pathetic. If you hate President Trump, just stay off this Conservative website. I’m sure the DNC has their own websites you can vent on. Oh, and FYI, you want to talk about frauds, please take a look at the Clinton’s and the Obama’s , alright?

  25. Considering the “language”, which Mr. Trump has used, while in OFFICIAL office, when remarking, even about world leaders, I see no contradication, in this mans words.

    If Americans want to use “clean” language, then we should start with the Oval Office.

    Since the election, Mr. Trump has proved himself “king” of dirty comments/language.

    If we want better, it is time to start at the TOP!

  26. Another reason why California needs to sink into the pacific. Then we wouldn’t have to hear about what comes out of all these shi_ face idiots mouths. Hollywood home to a crowd of whining dont have a clue homo’s.

  27. Another “supposed celebrity” trying to bring attention to himself by using foul language against the President of the United States. Cheap, needy, rude and disrespectful. The man has no class whatsoever…..never heard of him, but it gets old hearing people using these tactics to knock our President. Your comment is vulgar and not in the same category as what Trump has said while in office. Do you kiss your loved ones with that filthy mouth?

  28. Norman Hinderliter: So you are saying what this foul mouth so called actor’s comment is on the same level of Trump’s comments, is that right? If so ,then boy are you delusional and deaf!
    I’ve seen other comments from you before and all you have done was slam President Trump. So why are you on this website? Instead of you judging Trump by YOUR supposed definition of “dirty comment/ language”, why not give him the credit he deserves for TRYING to keep our countries values and our Constitution safe? But you being another Leftists, you won’t…

  29. Rob Delaney crossed the line and President Trump is right about Somali refugees! Look at the lesbian Ilhan Omar’s behavior!

  30. What do I think of this actor whom I have NEVER Heard Of?

    “Rot in hell nazi cunt.”

    Just about says it all…

  31. Duke, that is exactly who he thinks he is- A Nobody—which is why he feels the need to stoop so low in a desperate attempt to try and be Somebody- At least in Hollywood where such things win you Kudos from the other left-wing nut jobs!

  32. Well, in regards to concentration camps Hollywood and most of the entertainment industry and Sports industries kissing Chinas ass, cow-towing to them, not doing specific movies or even as in Marvels Doctor Strange – casting a white woman to play the role of a Tibetan monk type character so as not to Offend their Chinese overlords!

    But hay those who scream and lecture the rest of us (deplorable) about nazi tactics and Human Rights crawl on their slimy bellies and say NOTHING about Chinees concentration camps, enslavement, forced abortions (of course as much as the left loves abortion it’s not surprising they support that) forced labor, steeling internal organs from prisoners, shooting teens who simply want freedom and equality (you know that BS the left always lectures us in their tear-filled angry way) But Hey Chinese oppression is totally Kool to Hollywood and 99% of their actors, athletes, etc and those who dare to dissent and say anything that may promote Freedom a’la the USA Constitution will be chided, attacked and ostracized. After can’t risk losing the Chinese gravy train right?!

    So, Hollywood and company- Ask yourselves why Would Any of us NORMAL people listen to a Word you say?

  33. Dear, you may want to start preparing your safe-space now- get a nice cuddle bunny, a good supply of coco- you know the kind with marshmallows, some soft cushy beanbags to relax on, earphones to drown out the sound of conservative celebrations, have your therapist on speed-dial, and since grief is often best healed by sharing your pain- organize a “Scream into the Sky in Dispare” night for Nov. 8th 2020

    Cuse dear your really gonna need it!

    Trump 2020!!!!

    That alone I know gets your goat dear so for me its a win-win!

  34. You got my sentiments exactly. Who is this fool? And, why should I care what he says? It is a free country until his kind get elected.

  35. The desire to be a well-paid celebrity in Hollywood, as well as to be seen in the media, pushes small and conceited actors such as Jussi Smolett, Rob Delaney, as well as stars of the first magnitude, the deadlines of which are coming to an end, to vile and dirty acts solely for so we don’t forget them. And we will remember them.

  36. Izib, very good comment. I never stooped to such comments or downright hatred when President Obama was elected. I just hoped that people would leave me alone. As you say, what a terrible world to wake up each day and hate half of the population.

  37. Well said, Linda. Rob Delaney, previously unknown to me, is now known as a crude wannabe who mirrors the majority in the “entertainment” industry who are far from entertaining in their productions as well as in their personal life. While their anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Constitutional posturing reveals their misguided politics, their resort to crude and/or mean spirited attacks reveals their lack of decent ethics and personal character.

  38. Unfortunately, this actor is getting attention but not the kind he anticipated before he used filthy language. Today’s media (print and speaking) has certainly lowered their standards right along with the new millennials whose books are filled with such drivel.
    I’ve never heard of this man before this article and don’t plan to see him in anything in the future.

  39. Jim, he is, like the rest of the leftist trolls that come here, merely a mentally spoiled child lashing out over not getting his way. Expect it to get much worse, the more it sinks into their mush-filled skulls that they have already lost, again, for 2020, the more desperate and unhinged they will become.

  40. I’d like to F* rob’s C*….. I’m sure he’s got a tight one. I’ll tear his tight C* and make him scream my name out loud while spelling it letter by letter. Hey Rob, come rub my D*.

  41. Anna, Your ignorance is profound. I have NEVER heard Pres. Trump use bad language. But dems are full of hate and lies, so nothing they say is true anyway.

  42. What he said is no worse than a so called comedienne holding the made to look like decapitated head of President Trump. Nor any worse than a has been actor who wants to pound Trumps head. There are many more examples of the TDS in Hollywood and the music industry. Look at Jim Carey, he even looks deranged.

  43. Do not watch Hollywood losers. Haven’t watched in 20 plus years. My Hollywood heroes(that I still watch) are slowly dwindling. Class acts are becoming a thing of the past, literally. Keep your Hollywood junk!!

  44. Yeah the headline said Hollywood actor. I have never even heard of this idiot. Maybe that’s why he is saying these things to get his name out there.

  45. Bobi and Katie….I’m joining your club metoo! I’ll have to remember his name though in case he is in a movie I may be interested in seeing. Another one to my Deniro list…pretty soon I won’t be able to see any movie.

  46. Delaney, who ever you are, you are confused, Nazi cunt who should burn in hell, you were supposed to be talking about PRESIDENT TRUMP, not yourself. Burn in hell Nazi.

  47. First of all President Trump never said that the Corona Virus is a hoax! How dare you speak lies of the best President America ever had. Delaney & Reiner belong in a cage like the beasts they really are! Stupid is as
    stupid does!

  48. Pity rob know nothing Delaney.. A total jerk. Pray for real patriots like rush Limbaugh. Elect trump if you really love god and america. Pelosi wants to be the first female president. She is only fit to be a dictator. Let’s go back to keeping america christian.


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