This Hollywood actor is falsely accusing Mike Pence of using the coronavirus to do something racist and unspeakable


Hollywood celebrities love attacking Vice President Mike Pence for being a conservative Christian and mercilessly attack him over his faith.

But this latest attack on Mike Pence goes way over the line and will make your jaw drop.

This Hollywood actor is falsely accusing Mike Pence of doing something evil with the coronavirus and it will make you sick.

Celebrities have picked Mike Pence as a target to beat up on social media because of his faith and traditional views on marriage and gender.

Fortunately, the Vice President is a standup man and takes these brutal attacks with stride and class.

Pence has done an outstanding job of knowing when to strike back and when to let an attack roll off of his shoulder.

But this most recent attack from Rob Delaney is utterly disgusting.

Rob Delaney, the B-rated actor from Catastrophe and Fast & Furious, accused Mike Pence of finding a cure for the coronavirus that will only save white people.

In essence, the actor is “joking” Mike Pence is allowing the coronavirus to commit genocide against minorities.

Accusing Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or any Trump supporter of being a racist is a go-to move for the Left.

This accusation is used to help drive a narrative that the individual is in fact racist and would delegitimize them in the eyes of the public.

But this accusation has been used so much, no one believes it anymore.

Even when the media attempts to accuse high profile leaders of being racist, voters are no longer buying it.

Both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have done extraordinary work to roll back the coronavirus and protect the public’s health.

Whether or not the actor is joking, this is a disgusting accusation to make against the Vice President.

What do you think?

Did Rob Delany go too far by accusing Mike Pence of only trying to find a cure for white people?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. QSpokesmen from any place, Hollywood or Washington, that makes this kind of specious accusation are one of the prime reasons the race relations in this country have deteriorated to where they are. We have always had some race problems, but with the advent of the Obama administration and his start of worse relationships because of his actions, they seem to be at an all time low. People should engage their brain before shooting off their mouths with outright lies designed for no good.

  3. I never heard of this ” man” Ron Delaney. And I use THAT term loosely. Because a true man does make light of a serious situation such as this virus is, or keeps trying to stir the pot of bigotry and racism. His comments are far from funny. And certainly contain no merit. Mike pence is a gentlemen and a Christian. Something most in the acting world could never hope to achieve, in reality. But this is how the Leftists are. Bullies and haters that will accuse others of saying and doing despicable things , falsely. They have no shame. No souls, and don’t deserve our attention……

  4. Congratulations !!! This Hollywood actor Rob Delaney blamed not only Trump, Pence, white people for racism, but … – coronavirus! Accident – Coronavirus – Racist! and discovered this terrible racist coronavirus – the “biologist” Rob Delany.

  5. How exactly have Trump and Pence done extraordinary work to roll back the coronavirus and protect the public’s health?

    “The number of known coronavirus cases in the United States continues to grow. As of Thursday evening, at least 215 people with the Covid-19 illness have been treated in 20 states, according to a New York Times database, and at least 14 patients with the virus have died.”

  6. Didn’t they try this with Katrina? They accused Bush of being racist because he didn’t send enough help to LA.

  7. This racist idiot has no clue. If he had any idea at all he would know that since Mike Pence is a Christian he does not care what race someone is. God created and loves all races and all races have the same choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell

  8. Kaci…?????? It could be much worse than it is. But just go ahead and keep attacking Pres. Trump for doing a lot of good for this country.

  9. Margaret…excellent question. I sure don’t know who he is or care what he says. He has no concept of the truth. Hollywood has rejected the truth and live in the fantasyland they created

  10. Kaci Stahl, it is the democrats that are responsible for people dying of the Coronavirus in this country, not president Trump.
    Who keeps blocking Trump’s travel bans? Activist democrat judges. That’s who.
    Who wants open borders with unrestricted entry? Democrats. That’s who.
    They are using the virus as a political weapon to try and attack Trump. They are hoping the virus will cause many deaths, and the economy to crash so they can try and blame Trump for it.

  11. I’m with most the comments here. I have no idea who this person is. These people are so narcissist that they think what they say actually matters!

  12. Kaci, YDFB!!!!!!!!! Get your facts RIGHT before you accuse our President and Vice President. If you want to blame somebody blame China they brought that virus back here to the USA after visiting China. Just because you hate Trump doesn’t mean you should attack him and blame him!!! That’s all you lefts and liberals and you FN miserable A** people do. Get a FN life!!!!! If you can do better get your lazy A** up and you go find a cure.

  13. This ‘actor’ is only trying to get you to remember his name..he doesn’t think of anything except himself. He’ll be easy to forget because he’s thinking with and blowing it out, his rear end.

  14. People should check and see how americans get our flu virus each year and how many die even with the flu shots. They would be amazed to find in 2017-2018 approximately 60,000 deaths. People get real. It is a FLU virus. How many Americans have been restricted for travel this year with OUR type of flu virus?

  15. Kaci, You clearly must be deaf, dumb and blind. Fact: Nancy Pelosi has been constantly holding President Trumps attempts to thwart the Corona virus back by delaying everything he has sent to the House for a vote to get it moving. She deliberately delays all bills coming from the White House, to give her and the rest of the insanity laced democrats an excuse to, AGAIN blame Trump. Why to you and all the rest of your Trump haters continue your assault on our country simply because someone screams on a continuing basis lies and insinuations about a man who clearly has Americans and America’s best interests at heart. I really don’t care about how you feel about our President, but at least put a little effort into being honest and factual.

  16. I’ve never heard of Mr. Delaney, and can only consider his ridiculous comment as a desperate and pathetic attempt to get his name “out there” so he can gain some recognition. What he accomplished was to make a complete fool of himself!

  17. Why would an idiot leave the United States to live in London even comment on anything about our government. I would think he LOST that right when he chose to live in another country.

    Oh by the way, I had never heard of him before this article, but I checked him out and found he was the IDIOT I thought he was.

  18. Rob, It is better to remain silent and appear a fool….than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  19. Rob who? He’s just another Juicy Smallette style ‘hoaxer’, trying to get himself some attention.

  20. First I would like to say that I have never even heard of this clown Rob Delaney, that may be because I never watch junk movies Catastrophe and Fast & Furious. Second, why would anyone care what some turd from Hollywood has to say, all they do is repeat what some other turd said in the hope of being considered cool. Wha would really be great would be if Mike Pence and the team of doctors and scientists could find a cure for Hollywood.
    There is no need for a virus to commit genocide against minorities, Planned Parenthood does that very well. Although black Americans comprise 13.4% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0% of the abortions in 2015, which was almost identical to the percentage of abortions (36.9%) that year among white Americans, who make up 76.6% of the population.

  21. Never heard of this wannabe. Sounds like tinker bells fading light is crying out for attention …???

  22. As I read this article ,I could do nothing but laugh at the idiot . DUMBO -CRAT -RAT…..JACK*****- that actually believe this stuff

  23. Why would give any actor media space for their opinions especially a nobody most people, myself included, never heard of.
    They may mimic great people of this nation in film but that is not the same as being great or even knowledgeable on any issue themselves.
    I think it was Nero (to paraphrase) said actors and prostitutes were no different. How true!

  24. The terrible crime here, is people like Delaney only speak with words of hate, lies, accusations, etc, but really know nothing about compassion, understanding, love, etc… they have lost something within themselves because they don’t search for truth, nor for God.

  25. Rob Delaney may want to be an actor. But he isn’t smart enough and when he accuses the Vice President of the United States of finding a cure for the Corona Virus that would only work on white people he is telling us that he isn’t a good actor but he is STUPID too!!!

  26. Rob Delaney must be one sick fool. This lie does not even really deserve response. Rob Delaney is the racist here.

  27. “This Hollywood actor (Rob Delany) is falsely accusing Mike Pence of doing something evil with the coronavirus and it will make you sick.”

    Being an idiot is a non-communicable disease.

  28. Kaci, What Jay responded to you is 100% correct….but there is more.
    This is a new virus, a mutant of the corona viruses. And no one in the medical community truly knows all of what this virus can do. IF China is forthcoming, then the virus appears to be diminishing in China (cases reported going down). President Trump did the utmost action that he could do very early on, and that was to shut down travel from China….and later other countries that had cases of Coronavirus appearing. Contrast that with the delays on H1N1 and Ebola viruses that Obama had. Along with hand washing, isolation is a very important factor in protecting yourself (and populations) from diseases. There is NOTHING racist about illness….species specific, it will go after everyone and anyone, and sometimes it crosses species as this virus has done.
    President Trump is NOT a medical doctor or even a scientist, but he has phenomenal intelligence and a lot of common sense. He also surrounds himself with the best and the brightest, Dr. Ben Carson (and many others), who know more about the subject. If you truly understood medicine/illnesses, and you were not political, you would be thanking President Trump.

  29. Both I and my family have deliberately stayed away from Hollywood movies and other sexually-themed programs. We were going to the theater an average of once a month, but no more. Since they are actively conspiring against our family values, we will not support them financially. The last straw was the Disney empire promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda. I don’t believe I am homophobic, but I will not allow less than ten percent of the population propagandize the remaining ninety percent.

  30. Kaci Stahl- 215 is.000061% of the U.S. population and of the 215 only .56% have died. I would call that extraordinary work in controlling the virus. China, not so much.

  31. PATHETIC: Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. For Mr. Rob Delaney to accuse Vice President Pence of racism indicates his need to assert control, as he feels, completely out-of-control. Sad. Racism, political correctness, blaming, and, shaming, are mass zombie manipulative tools for bullying. The Communist motto is “divide and conquer.” Clearly, Mr. Delaney is a stooge for unAmerican forces. Thank God for President Trump, Vice President Pence, and all the courageous persons in our armed forces and first responders. In God We Trust.


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