This high school’s new locker room and bathroom policy is putting children in danger


The radical Left has successfully infiltrated government schools.

But their latest attack against high school children has crossed a line.

And this high school’s new locker room and bathroom policy is putting children in danger.

The LGBT movement has been wedging their way into every public restroom as a method of forcing their agenda down everyone’s throat.

Their most prized target remains government schools.

Which is why they are attempting to force high schoolers to allow members of the opposite sex in girls and boys locker rooms for sports and gym classes.

Now, they are getting their way at Palatine-Schaumburg high school in Illinois.

The school district will now allow boys to enter girls locker rooms if they identify as girls.

The Daily Herald reports:

As Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 prepares to grant transgender students unrestricted access to locker rooms Jan. 7, a residents group opposed to the new policy plans to take advantage of additional privacy measures the district has promised to make available on request.

A letter from Superintendent Dan Cates was emailed Friday morning to families of students explaining the implementation of the new policy and their rights under it.

“The privacy areas in our locker rooms will remain in place for any and all students who wish to use them,” Cates wrote. “Parents and students who request additional privacy may seek assistance from the student’s guidance counselor to request one of several accommodations.

“Our locker rooms are large areas, and we can easily change the location of a student’s locker. Any student may use one of numerous private changing areas. If desired, a student may also request a locker in a separate, different locker room.”

Naturally, this upset many parents, but the school administrators are not budging.

Boys will be allowed to enter girls’ locker rooms if they identify as girls and there is little parents can do about it.

The radical LGBT movement invading students’ privacy and locker rooms is an alarming trend that continues to pick up steam across the country.

What do you think?

Would you be ok with the government school your child attends letting boys into the girls locker room?

Leave a comment below.


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  2. Without commenting on LGBT rights, a similar flap occurred in the late ’70s. It was debated whether female sports reporters should be allowed in male locker rooms to interview players after sporting events. Are male reporters allowed in female locker rooms?


  4. It’s about time for “normal” people/parents to stand up and say “enough is enough!” While I understand that there is deviancy in our world, our young girls do not need to be exposed to it at school! There is too much potential for abuse in such situations. Public schools may become a relic of the past if this keeps up.

  5. The parents need to get together and launch a very large law suit against the school district… there is enough problem with an adolescents personal identification to throw this into the mix…. you want to stop school shootings STOP CONFUSING YOUR CHILDREN… this is but one step…

  6. If the all wise school board wants to allow boys into the girls locker room, the incensed parents should wait outside and then invite these “boys who think they are girls” and escort everyone of them to the nearest doctor to have their male genitalia amputated. Then once there is no more male dangling bits in the way let them use the girls locker room.

  7. To ask anyone to counter an agenda that is absurd to begin with is an answer to IDIOCY.
    I fully understand that the priority should never be brain gender but the actual sex of the person. Therein is the conundrum sensible people are being faced with.

  8. These so called schools had better plan to lay on additional security to protect school officials against parents who are not going to put up with their young daughters being taken advantage of by liberal idiots who could care less what happens to these girls. Thank God my girls are long gone from school as I would be on the front lines insuring that school officials pay the price for anything they were exposed to that they were not comfortable with. Come on parents, don’t put up with this crap!

  9. I’ll answer it, and it doesn’t take courage to do so, the SIMPLE TRUTH is that Satan has hold of the world , and what is bad is being called good. The gay crap has become politicized and legitimized in an attempt to demoralize the family and basic HUMAN and societal values and mores. Who better to start with than young, impressionable minds. Take your kids out of public school.

  10. What eventually will happen will be some sort of assault and then we will eventually wind up with individual showers and bathrooms at some ridiculous cost but who cares it’s just taxpayer money The only way to stop it is buy a referendum on a ballot but when you live in the woke democratic world your only choice is to seek a alternative school or move to a new community. I would not worry as this will come back to bite them in the ass sooner than people might think and by the way you really smart feminists be prepared to never win at sports again as you won’t be able to compete

  11. Unfortunately this policy has been already implanted in many schools and girls have already been assaulted as a result. States like Connecticut have already made that state law after Obama implemented it years ago and Trump removed. And our state governor and senators are patting themselves on the back on how inclusive is the state. So inclusive that for the past 3 years boys identifying as girls have stollen every possible record in girls sprint events. Welcome to inclusivity! Kick the girls to the ground and have the trans step all over them. Bye bye Title IX

  12. I’ll answer it, and it doesn’t take courage to do so, the SIMPLE TRUTH is that Satan has hold of the world , and what is bad is being called good. The gay crap has become politicized and legitimized in an attempt to demoralize the family and basic HUMAN and societal values and mores. Who better to start with than young, impressionable minds. Take your kids out of public school.

  13. XY is not XX and never will be. And for the mental and moral midgets of the radical Demonrat Party, who btw are self destructing, your sick little game is almost up. Insanity can only go so far, before sanity reasserts itself. So, for the one tenth of one percent who claim they are “transsexuals” and pretend they are of the opposite sex, your delusional thinking will soon find you in a room with mattresses on the walls, wearing a canvas blazer with wraparound arms, and your radical sicko enablers in Congress will be ousted en mass, and will only remain as a bad memory, and a cautionary tale of good and evil, where THE RIGHTEOUS WILL WIN and THE MORPHODITES WILL USE THE LOCKER-ROOMS IN HELL.

  14. I would like to know how many of these so called transgender children are attending this school that this superintendent felt the need to pander to them and make this rash decision ?? And who gave these alphabet people so much power to dictate to the rest of the country what we HAVE to tolerate ?? This PC nonsense is getting way out of control !! Well, I hope this school district is well prepared to deal with some hefty law suits if any biological girl (or boy) is attacked sexually in any way, GOD forbid. Because this HAS happened in public bathrooms catering to these deviants all ready.
    What I find so unbelievable is, when I attended school and we had a child in a wheelchair, it took forever for them to accommodate them by building ramps. But yet, these transgenders, which is an abomination in GOD’s eyes, DEMAND they have the right to enter a girl’s locker rooms and share a girl’s bathrooms and presto, they have their way… Well all I can say, thank GOD my children are out of school now, and I do not have to face this nightmare. But my heart goes out to every other parent that has to deal with this ungodly nonsense….

  15. One solution, go to the school board. Offices and make all bathrooms with unlocked doors all stalls with no privacy doors no urinals plus no exceptions to the highest position. Everyone including visitors must use the same bathroom, the only one, even if the governor visits the offices.

  16. I agree close down the entire public school system. Then shut down all schools of higher education we don’t need them just a way for progressive professors to brain wash our kids.

    Who needs an education God will provide you with all you need. Only book you need to read is the Bible.

  17. Stop the bul sh-t. LGBT do not run this country do not run the state or do they run our schools. This using the same bathroom because he says he want to be girl is NOT RIGHT. Don’t let this happen.

  18. The party of infanticide, alphabet people and pedophilia vs the party of God, guns and Bibles. Looks pretty much like evil vs good to me!!

  19. I agree close down the entire public school system. Then shut down all schools of higher education we don’t need them just a way for progressive professors to brain wash our kids.

    Who needs an education God will provide you with all you need. Only book you need to read is the Bible. That’s all the education you need.

  20. The Alphabet people need to be deported to some Mozlem dominated country where they can be thrown off the top of buildings. The Alphabet people are Satanic to their core. They prove it every day.

  21. Hell Good Book Man I have a solution and I bet you and all your fascist friends should like let’s just have a final solution wipe out the whole LGBTG community.

    That sounds like a good biblical choice what do you think.

  22. I AGREE 100%. GOD BLESS AMERICA. This country was founded on Gods’ word (the bible), If people want to practice SATANISM, do it in your own home or Satanic Church. STOP TRYING TO PUSH THE SATANIC AGENDA DOWN OUR THROATS. That’s why the Demoncraps & some Republicans want the NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER), so they can control us. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ON MY WATCH, FEMALE VETERAN, USAF, 1976-1982.

  23. this is absurd. I have grandchildren in public school and feel this is not a rational idea. If they have transgender, and I mean truly are transgender, then build them a separate dressing area and restrooms. Knowing many youth and their curiosity, one may say they are transgender and create fear in those that are not. I personally do not feel there is enough transgender children that attend public school but many who may say they are to get a rise. Let the students understand their lifestyle but quit shoving their ideology down everyone’s throats.

  24. Amen. If they want to be girls Line them up, get a sharp knife and cut of ALL the boy parts, and drill them a vagina. Then they can squat on the toilet to piss.

  25. The LGBT Community can GO TO HADES ! I am tired of those Lezbos and Queers telling the rest of the World how to act and what to do ! That Damned School Board needs to be replaced … children should not be even around such an atmosphere !

  26. The moron elite would have US sacrifice/corrupt our children, our future, in the name of a moronic social experiment that will only lead to the destruction of world civilization.

  27. How about having a separate locker room for trans students, instead of putting their “right” to be in the restroom/ locker room/ shower of the opposite sex above the rights of those who identify with their biological sex to not share these private areas with others who choose not to?
    It’s past time for this militant group of psychopathic/ sociopathic creatures to stop shoving their twisted views and desires on everyone else.
    If straight people are committing hate speech/a hate crime trying to talk to LGBTQ people about being straight, why isn’t what they’re doing considered a hate crime/ hate speech?
    It’s really pathetic to see how far they’ve been allowed to push their agenda while trampling the rights of all who don’t agree with them.

  28. Parents should be storming the school board. The minority does not make the rules. The board members are responsible for protecting the students from predators. I hope they get sued.

  29. Scathingly brilliant idea for solving an absolutely, scathingly despicable agenda! I totally agree, if these males with parts they claim they don’t need to use in the manner they were created to be used, they should be willing to part with them in order to more closely identify with and ensure the safety of the girls they want to shower with.
    Lots less to worry about, if the boys’ plumbing is just removed! Seems a fair exchange to me, since they purportedly don’t identify with the sex of those with said parts. Best suggestion I’ve heard of yet!

  30. Exactly! Majority now rules only if the majority is the far left, bizarre, evil, psychotic majority. Imagery rules.

  31. Wait a minute. It should work both ways, right!? How about a girl that Identifies itself as a boy?! Does that mean she/it can go into the boys locker room!? It you are going to do this it must work both ways! But my guess will be no we can’t do that. Does this mean they will put female hygiene machines in the boys room?

  32. I know that if i were still raising my 3 sons who are all grown with their own children, I’d certainly take them out. I’m concerned about my grandchildren now, especially my granddaughters who range from 13 down to almost 3. I have 5 granddaughters and 4 grandsons, and i pray that their parents will take them all out of the public school system!

  33. Nancy, with no disrespect to you. I’d like to say. It’s about time someone had the balls to say what you’ve said. I’ve said the same thing many of times. Many complain about what is going on, but say nothing. It is a hate crime in what they do. But, because they are protected by the government is why they get away with it. It’s about time for the AMERICANS grows some ball and join Nancy and I in one voice. Before our children are destroyed by these degenerate.

  34. That’s is what’s happening. Since this country has took GOD out of the schools and government. He has pulled his hands away from this country. It’s also the Church’s fault also for their silence. And because of that silence. The devil has scared the the Church’s into silence. Remember this, If you deny me before man, I will deny you before GOD. By their silence, they have denied JESUS.

  35. What is going to happen and who is going to be responsible when violence erupts towards the males who head into the girl’s locker room? I can just see it now….the boyfriend of a girl in that locker room becomes enraged with that situation, and the transgender person is harmed severely. Yes, you can arrest the offender, but the deed is already done. Lawsuits will abound. And to think common sense would eliminated all of this. What do we pay these administrators to do? Use your brains!

  36. If one of these obviously confused and mentally challenged so-called transgender students wants to identify as a member of the opposite gender, they should make a transgender locker room available to them so the transgender boys and the transgender girls can both get their wishes. DO NOT infringe upon the rights and privacy of the NORMAL students to placate these mentally challenged individuals! Does it surprise anyone that this is happening in a dim controlled State, run by a bunch of crooked Morons? Not me! If any boys are allowed in the girls bathrooms or locker rooms, all of the parents of the NORMAL students, should keep their children home until they retract this policy of lunacy!

  37. I can tell you why they do it. They were in the closet for Centuries and finally were allowed out. The 60’s brought on a whole new culture of “free Love” and going with the flow. They were emboldened and just like any other culture, they are “Pushing the Envelope” to see how far they can push us normals with their sick twisted agenda. They are trying to make it so it is a crime for us to reject them or their twisted culture!

  38. Great argument!! Yeah, if trying to convert an LGBTQ person to being Straight is wrong, why isn’t them trying to convert Straight people to LGBTQ wrong? It’s time for some VERY SERIOUS Push Back, here!

  39. We who are conservative have been too quiet for too long. Many issues are forms of corruption which we earlier should have challenged, and very strongly contended. The “leftists” have had our non-interference for so long that they have momentum, and feel entitled, because only they took initiatives. They have now succeeded in having these perversions of behavior to be given approval (by governments) as “classes“ which are now called “normal.” They have lobbied without our adequate opposition, until the laws of the land now increasingly prohibit our “rightist” views from being given any significant recognition. Our protestations are now labeled as “hate speech.” We have been “asleep at the wheel,” abdicating our opportunities to speak out — wishing someone ELSE would do it for us. The “left” currently holds advantage in momentum, but, we CAN stand up and be counted now, through public forums and especially at the ballot box/in the voting booth. Seriously question the full agendas of candidates, and VOTE TO HELP MORALITY AND INTEGRITY !!! Go to public meetings of school boards, parent-teacher associations, and city/county councils. Investigate and vet the character and ideas of people in charge of children and government entities, and entertainment. Get involved !!! If you say nothing during the available opportunities ; you have no room to complain later.
    Linda M : Your children may be already grown adults, but grandchildren also need your involvement. Thank you for speaking out !!!

  40. BWH – You are correct. And I think that God is punishing the USA. He is slowly lifting HIS Hand of protection and we are seeing the results. In 1975, right before our Bicentennial, there was a Owen’s Musical, “If My People”, which was circulating the USA. Obviously based on II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” This call to repentance was fairly ignored, and therefore God has NOT healed ur land. We only have ourselves to blame. IF we were to fall before The Lord in repentance, I still believe God would heal our land. It is not too late!!

  41. Nancy: Thank you for stating what majority of people are thinking but afraid to say out loud because of a screwed up laws from the Mohamad Obama regime. Thank you ever so much.

  42. BPH (?) is in the plastics we use. When we heat food in the plastic containers the BPH (if I have the right symbol) is released into the food. BPH emulates the female hormone estrogen making boys more effeminate and causes cancer in women. The folks who made these products knew what they were doing.
    Recently, breast cancer in women has risen greatly. Women with no history of cancer in their family histories are finding they have the heinous disease.
    Check the cookware you purchase and make sure it’s PFOA free which is another chemical that causes cancer and when the pans are heated it releases the poison into your food.
    The One World Government folks care more for profits than our welfare.
    On Netflix there’s a story called ‘the devil you know.’ It’s a documentary showing how 3M and the DuPont company has been poisoning people for years with teflon and plastic products and more.
    When doctors tried to find blood that wasn’t contaminated by the products released by the aforementioned companies, there was none. Everyone in the world, our blood is contaminated. Begins to make sense why there are so many reports of strange cancers and with autism happening to one in every sixty or so children.
    The affects of the poison in our systems from one generation to another is beginning to come forth. The doctors had to get blood from before the Korean War that is stored to find uncontaminated blood.
    If those evil folks care not about folks, they don’t care about invading our children’s privacy. It’s the Dems doing I believe.

  43. I agree Nancy B. …they already ruined our ability to get a chicken sandwich and screwed one of the best charities. Did they even BOTHER to check out all of the groups Salvation Army helps? N-o-o-o-o. The world has gone mad. I hope everyone that is pissed about it gives a donation to help make up for their loss.

  44. JJ: Recalling my high school years. What teen aged boys wouldn’t want to shower with girls. Just think how much fun they would, even some of the girls would likely be laughing at some of the males. However this forcing the transgender crap is total degradation of our young generation. Contributing to the delinquency of minors. they are allowed to push their agenda. And decent people are not allowed to push back. God bless America while she still stands proud. Thank you for your service USAF 1956-1976.

  45. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
    You bunch of namby pamby ‘victims’! Men are men; Women are women. For thousands of years, adolescent humans have struggled with becoming adult women or adult men. You F-ing lazy parents need to get a clue and help your children become productive, adult members of society. Teach them why it is great to be a woman. Teach them why it is great to be a man. And teach them why we are different and how important those differences are to the human race!!! Get your heads out of each other’s arses and wake the F up!!!

  46. This School Board needs to be replaced. The parents need to call for new elections. The Governor can call for a referendum and replace the Board, I don’t live in the State but it sounds like the Board is Queer and they see the school as shopping ground for new sex partners some of which will be UNDER AGE but they can get away with it.

  47. Nancy, beautifully stated! Commonsense…what a beautiful thing. I am so sorry for the Dems. Intelligence in basket weaving. Life, not so much. Deviant lifestyles should be hands off on kids. Young teens & high school age, are already fighting with out of control sexual feelings, urges, emotions. Force them onto the opposite sex & it becomes a explosive situation. This is on you Leftys. Also on parents who did not rise up, shouting their outrage to school officials, government, media, television.

  48. Don’t worry, under our Anti-Christ President, we have become Babylon, and maybe by Christmas, or right after it, the entire country will be destroyed in one hour If we had been able to again allow the Bible in our schools after 9/11/2001, maybe someone else would have become end-time Babylon. Pay attention to what the American Jews do.Can you move to Europe or Asia? We have evil all around, Jesus returns in less than 18 years

  49. This whole thing is predicated upon confidentiality and disguise. If the cisgender girls occupying the girls’ locker room are unable to recognize that a transgender girl (biological boy) is present among them, then there probably will not be an incident. Of course, there is always the possibility that a voyeur of either sex might try to get a glimpse of something to which he or she has not supposed, but as with all offenses, that is something that would likely be mitigated after the fact.

  50. That’s an important question. There might possibly be zero, and the policy might be predicated upon reception of donations from activists, possibly racketeers who will find legal or illegal ways to antagonize the school district. They may insist that the policy be in place even if there is no actual application of it. Lots of bullying and corruption exist in the world, and our country is not exactly an exception.

  51. Culper Ring: Yes there is quite a bit bullying and corruption in this world. I just wish we had more immunity to this corruption for the sake of our young people. In my opinion, the school system has crossed many boundaries by what they are teaching our children . Starting as young as 5. It is not their place to twist reality and become “the parents”. Even if parents pull their children out from the district school system, they still have to pay their taxes for this nonsense.
    All I can say is, I did not serve our country for the alphabet people to control everyone’s else’s life now. As I stated earlier, there will be law suits if( GOD forbid) any child is hurt in any way…
    Well, secret agent man, have a nice Thanksgiving, If this is now not PC to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving, well guess what? I don’t care. I still celebrate it.

  52. Tom Streets: Unfortunately , because of what is happening in this country and the world, my children have taken every precaution not to have children of their own. Sigh… I do not fault them, though. But they also see their mom getting involved “trying ” to correct the evilness and corruption in this country, every way I can. And I want to state right now for all the Leftists that might be reading my comment to you. I DO NOT put any of this blame on President Trump. I blame them for preventing Trump from doing his job!! And trying to destroy our great country from the inside out!!!
    Your post is spot on Tom !! Thank you!! I truly hope everyone that want this insanity to stop take your advice and get involved in EVERY way they can. We can make a difference.
    I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving Tom!! Keep the faith and keep up the good fight!!!

  53. I think that if a male says he is female or vice versa they should just undergo a lab test that will determine the main hormone that the body naturally creates and male hormones mean you are male and female hormones mean you are female no problems there but this does remind me of an old joke from my military time How do you make a who’re moan, Don’t pay her Also overseas we would say we were bisexual because we went out and bought some the night before

  54. We have to remove Trump from office now before he blows up the whole country, and maybe the earth too. I’m afraid for our survival.

  55. We all have to accommodate the freaks. They need special attention because they’re not playing with a full deck. Just treat them like you’d treat anybody else with a mental illness. Be nice to them and give them what they want.

  56. You are so correct. This is EVIL, SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Anyway Satan can separate mankind from God, Satan wins. Always fight the good fight. Keep pushing back and stay vocal.

  57. Totally different, female reporter, not gender reidentifying, professional job not high school students, individual that can work in profession or quit, not an agenda forced upon impressionable children. Completely different scenarios.

  58. Anyone besides me notice that all this tranny hype only ever pushes for male to female trannies to be recognized as ‘real’ women. It says nothing about tranny rights for all of them, just for the fake women to be regarded as ‘real’ women. It got me wondering just what the end game on this push is all about. Well, I finally found it, there is now a law suit in California against a new law they are trying to push through that says all privately held businesses must have at least one male to female tranny on the board of directors. If they are allowed to complete this push to have these men recognized as women legally, these people can get away with hiring the men they really want to hire and never have to hire another real woman in high ranking position ever again. On paper they would have it look like they have women without really having any.

  59. But they prove by their edicts and actions that they do not care what is best for our children. They only care about forcing their left wing warped desires on society, Normal people, be damned

  60. fred, your ignorance is profound!!!!! You have no clue. Pres. Trump is NOT the Anti-Christ!!!! Read the Bible. Actually, just the OPPOSITE. God gave us a second chance after having 8 years of an anti-Christian muslim traitor. He stopped Hillary from continuing Obama’s planned destruction of this country. Pres. Trump has done only good for Christians in this country. WAKE UP!!!! It is the DEMS who have thrown God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies. It is the DEMS who hate everything this country stands for.

  61. Uncle Hoppy…No way am I going to give them what they want. And what makes you think anybody else with a mental illness gets what they want. I certainly hope not. This world would be a lot more dangerous than it already is

  62. jim…You are correct. The dem party has thrown God out and satan has taken over. They have no morals, only hate and lies. They call good evil and evil good, which the Bible warns will happen in the last days

  63. jack, it is very obvious that you have no clue of the truth, the Bible, or God. You have no concept at all of what the Bible teaches. Try reading it.

  64. fred, Jesus returns when GOD says it is time. Only God knows the time, not even Jesus. So how do YOU know when Jesus returns?? You got the Anti-Christ wrong, so I sure wouldn’t believe anything you say

  65. Steve, good luck with that when they have to stand before Jesus to be judged. He will not erase the sin but He will erase them. They will join their master satan in Hell

  66. jack, you are truly stupid. That is exactly what is happening. And it is very obvious that you are one of the ones who are brainwashed. Try actually reading the Bible and see the truth.


  68. But BJ that would take care of the LGBTQ community that everyone on here appears to despise. Right that would be a start wouldn’t it.

  69. bj, more straight people are going to hell than gay people.
    And more women that have never had an abortion are going to hell than women who have.
    It’s the truth. Don’t judge people by only one sin.

  70. Opposition to this type of BENT thought might prove that animals might have better reasoning power than humans. In a good number of animal species animals that did not act according to their physical born equipment are either oster sized from the group or killed. I’m not suggesting this. What I’m saying is if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it is probably a duck. Rather than bust all the stones of the straight people, there could be adequate facilities for these ducks. Why should the majority be saddled with their sexual choice. When I was in high school this would be gold mind for all the horny teen aged boys and some girls that would be willing to sacrifice their sexual identity. If denied access, get an attorney.

  71. I think Jack is referring to Sodom and Gomorrah, bj.
    Both cities wiped out by God for sexual perversion (gays and transgenders)
    Alphabet people as we call them.
    Only Lot and family survived, (well not Lot’s wife though)
    She became super salty.

  72. No BJ it is you that is the fool. Can’t you see simple sarcasm when you read it?
    Don’t take everything you read literally. Try to develop a sense of humor.
    My Gosh! Chill out.

  73. That is typical identity politics, though. We can almost always expect people to turn a blind eye to the faults of people who belong to the same “team” as them. It does not seem that anybody at all has an answer to whataboutism.

  74. No Debbie I was not referring to Sodom and Gomorrah I am talking as soon as DOTARD is re-elected then you can start your purge of everyone and thing the Republithugs oppose isn’t that what all of you want.

  75. We don’t honestly expect incensed parents to stand outside the girls’ locker room and require every student who looks like a girl submit to an inspection of genitalia before entering the room. The best the incensed parents, likely void of tactical doctrine, could do is wait around for the sounds of laughter, cries, cheers, boos, debate or commotion to emanate from the locker room, before storming the joint. O, but we could guess that these hypothetical incensed parents being the vigilantes that they are could make up anything or everything they want for “probable cause” and “reasonable suspicion” to execute their raid.

  76. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving in return, Linda M.

    Just to note, the political correctness “pundits” might be the type to raise concerns about how promoting Thanksgiving may alienate people who are not from the United States, since it is not exactly a holiday anywhere beyond. Also, the climate alarmists who subscribe to “The Huffington Post” may object to people supporting the turkey farm industry, even if for just one day of an entire year.

  77. Culper Ring: Well, I don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving, so no one should take offense at me for celebrating this day! LOL!!
    But seriously, I know many people from other counties that now reside in the USA and they just love this celebration. I don’t think it alienates anyone.
    Well, again have a great one, with you and yours!!!

  78. Wow, this remark about “fascist friends” and “final solution” seems to have come out of the blue. What does it have to do with “biblical choice”? What does it have to do with the Trump administration?

  79. Start? What makes you think that something like that would work? That thing is immoral, by the way. If you would pay attention, you would see that tons of people feel like they are under attack by fringe cook political activists, “community organizers” who may wittingly or unwittingly jeopardize everybody including the categories of people for whom they claim to be fighting.

  80. Uncle Hoppy, Guess you really got me this time. Sorry. Not sure why I thought you were serious. I DO have a sense of humor and I usually can see sarcasm. But I get so tired of ignorant people who hate Pres. Trump that I just assumed you were one of them spouting off

  81. As sensible as that would be and a problem solver….it would not satisfy the carnal intent of the transgender Sexually unbalanced and just plain SICK
    lunatics that promote and rant on and on to make
    these truly tragic rulings.
    I feel that any politician or anyone who is responsible for these travesties to be allowed should be arrested and held until the rules are changed.
    And the PARENTS do have a say….if they would just speak up.

  82. They do not want to be held responsible for their Sexual misadventures
    and by “Legalizing” it they can continue to spread their diseased behavior with no consequences.
    This and more that anyone can clearly see,,,,however, politicians are afraid ( Gutless spineless and castrated) and will go along, just to get along, and then not be accused of any sort of prejudicial treatment of anyone or their beliefs….SICK BUNCH who should be prosecuted.

  83. Amen, Christians must be very vocal and stop Satan and his supporters to stop spreading their sinful behaviors.

  84. Correct! All politicians are crooks and liars.
    So what do we do about it?
    We vote for people that claim they embrace the free market, and vote out all the social -ists that promise free this and free that.

  85. No Jack I don’t want LGBT and gay people purged and neither does Trump. If you can’t offer intelligent posts then please remain silent.

  86. It has nothing to do with Trump. There is just so much irrational hatred of Trump from the other side that you can’t discuss anything with them without Trump’s name coming up. They just can’t help themselves.
    They’re like angry children.

  87. I’m sure the real girls would notice a fake girl in their midst.
    When the clothes come off, they will notice.

  88. But the clothes do not necessarily come off to the point of complete nudity. Things are not like the old days. For the last thirty years or so, it has been customary for students to not bother showering for athletic classes other than swimming classes, and even in regards to swimming classes, the students wind up washing up and washing off while wearing their swimming attire. Most of the students are prudish enough to essentially conceal their private parts from fellow occupants of the locker room. Transgender students who’ve not been subjected to reassignment surgery are likely to be especially adept at concealment. However, one can only imagine that for a transgender girl (biological boy) to conceal the print of “her” package, it would require an elaborate swimsuit. There are some disturbing nuances to this topic that most people somewhat know but might not want to actually discuss, such as the fact that hormone replacement therapy prevents pubescent/prepubescent male genitalia from growing beyond a calculable size, meaning minimization of the bulge/print. This is what James Younger is in jeopardy of being subjected to, without his informed consent.

  89. I thought, in that case, when the Lady Reporter wanted to come in, the guys were given enough notice so they could at least wear a towel during the interview.
    They are going to have to set up locker rooms like the K.O.A. Shower rooms. Each divided stall has a shower, toilet and sink. The partitions go almost to the floor and ceiling and you trust the other people not to peak, but it is relatively private.

  90. The alphabet crowd INVADING THE SCHOOLS because most of the radical teaching staffs are ck skrs and puss lickers or sexual perverts themselves, and it is their way of indoctrinating and recruiting susceptible innocent minds. This goes from the school boards down to the substitute teachers. Where are the parents voices?

  91. Next these pervs will want sex in halls.When are people going to grow a set and stop this sickness before rapes at schools happen and small kids are hurt .there are two sexes and two dna chains male or female nothing else period stop the madness .We all know it’s wrong even if our government doesn’t .The majority rules this country not the not a percentage of sickos Protect our kids from them all that is our duty period

  92. Next these pervs will want sex in halls.When are people going to grow a set and stop this sickness before rapes at schools happen and small kids are hurt .there are two sexes and two dna chains male or female nothing else period stop the madness .We all know it’s wrong even if our government doesn’t .The majority rules this country not the not a percentage of sickos Protect our kids from them all that is our duty period

  93. Good point. But it has nothing to do with children in schools. Boys should stay in their locker room and the girls in theirs. The aforementioned lacks moral appreciation and is confusing to the young and innocent.
    Young men have been trying to sneak into the girls locker room since its inception. I wonder how many will be audacious enough to pretend just so they can invade the girls privacy or visa versa. It’s a ludicrous policy and dangerous!!!!!
    Since the LGBT community has caused some public places to change their rules, women and children have been assaulted in public bathrooms by perpetrators taking advantage of those specious policies.
    I see nothing wrong with keeping the restrooms and locker rooms separate. It’s not a discriminatory policy, it’s about privacy and basic common courtesy.
    Boy Scouts are now allowing girls in their ranks due to pressures from liberal groups but the Girl Scouts are not allowing boys in their group claiming that girls need bonding time.
    It’s not fair.
    And, I don’t appreciate the LGBT community forcing their views down our throats and having NO tolerance for others who don’t agree with their agenda and attacking believers. This is still a democracy not a totalitarian society.
    I try not to judge others unless you hurt children or are a crazed killer. I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt because you never know what happened in a persons life to make them they way they are. I wish others would offer the same courtesy but unfortunately the LGBT community doesn’t. It’s their way or no way. I say to the LGBT community Jesus says to love everyone not boss them around.

  94. Excellent idea, Nancy! They should have their own sports contests, too, so that trans “females” can’t compete unfairly with actual females!

  95. Debbie Downer, what are you smoking? What kind of Koolaid are you drinking? What you said is about the stupidest thing I have seen on the Internet, and that is a very high bar!

  96. Hello, Debbie Downer. Shouldn’t you consider the percentages, though? In theory, 100% of the people who’ve engaged in a lifetime of sodomy without making amends with god for those behaviors would be denied entry into heaven in the afterlife. Whereas only some fraction, perhaps a large one, of the people who’ve engaged in a lifetime of anything but sodomy would be denied entry into heaven in the afterlife.

  97. Separate locker rooms and bathrooms for transgender students has already been shot down by the courts: It “stigmatizes” the transgender students.

  98. It’s time to consider Home Schooling!!! This is why the traditional family unit has been poo-pooed for decades and what happens when feminism goes wild . . . the one parent family must keep their kids in public schools because they are free. But the traditional family unit, being a father AND a mother . . . where the father earns enough to allow the mother to work at home . . . has even had legislatures pass laws that favor single parenthood over traditional parenting! When mom can stay at home, children can be home-schooled! The values of mom and dad mean more than the immoral values of our public schools . . . and this bullchit MUST NOT STAND!!!

  99. People have the right to hire men and women, who want to be hired, so no such obligation exists for anybody, be that person male or female, to stay home and raise children. Also, there is no obligation for a widowed mother to find a stepfather for her children, just as there is no obligation for a widower father to find a stepmother for his children. Governments all around the world are no strangers to plucking men from their homes/workplaces, sticking them onto battlefields and leaving women to assume the domestic occupations ordinarily reserved for the men. Ultimately this is due to whichever so government or faction that started the war to begin with, of course. A close look at history explains exactly how the average atomic family unit got to be where it is now in “industrialized” nations.

  100. Hey this going on in ILLINOIS and especially CHICONGO is nothing new since that damn city is nothing but a s-hole anyway.

  101. Tim, They don’t have to grow a set to stop this non-sense. All they have to do is vote when it is time to vote and vote these libs out of office. Just that simple.


  103. I know I am being repetitive but until we know and understand WHY there is a gay agenda, we will never stop this foolishness. I have witnessed school boards absolutely wilt when pressured by intelligent, well spoken, and articulate parents who state their case forcefully, with respect, and clearly.

  104. This is to much . Hope when boys trying to see girls naked by saying they feel like a girl today and gets killed by the girls dad’s . See how things go . is our country now the new Solomon and gamora . Does anyone care anymore ? Keep the queen ways out of the schools . I don’t care if your little feelings are hurt . Better hurt feelings then killed for trying to molest kids . If you think it’s OK to let the other sex in school bathrooms. .. then your part of the problem and should be kicked to the curve . don’t ever follow my daughters or grandkids in to the wrong bathroom . It won’t end well for you … So help me god

  105. Well, there are a lot of heterosexual people who are family or friends with homosexual people, but that’s probably not as important as how many people, whether heterosexual or not, are being lied to by activists who fight hard against non-violent traditional values. For whatever reason, everybody is embroiled in something of a culture war, yet the business world largely manages to develop clever ways to pander to everybody at once, without giving the impression of being backstabbers.

  106. What the hell is wrong with the administration. This in no way can end well. Someone will be dead before this is over. This a sad day in our society. I best not find some male student dressed as a girl in my grand daughters locked room.

  107. If these perverts say they are girls so they they can use the girls locker rooms and bathrooms then it must be mandatory that they wear girls cloths all day.

  108. Why don’t everyone use the bathroom of their birth sex. Build a 3rd bathroom for all others in the schools classroom and gym. I don’t want some supposedly Male/female coming to my grand daughter bath room. If they do hurt my grand daughter, God help them, they want need a bathroom.

  109. How about the Super, Administrators and teacher put to practice what they demand others do. Matter of fact do away with all private bathrooms in all Government buildings from the Swamp DC all the way down to all local publically owned facilities. That means the Super drops a deuce next to a secretary taking a wizz while a 10th grader is at the urinal. Applies to congress, cabinet members. Then it will be “FAIR”

  110. The only criteria of identification for use of bathrooms, locker rooms and other private areas should be one’s genital sex, not the few who express a confused brain gender.

  111. Putting on a bra, frilly panties and makeup does not change the fact that the individual stills bleeds testosterone. His mind says one thing his body will will not agree. So it appears that the solution would be for the girls to wear a set of brass rings just to keep the dude honest.

  112. Justsaying , like the brass rings. This site would not post my comments guess I’m too scary for them. I do know where to get my girls some brass finger rings.


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