This George W. Bush-appointed judge just used a Supreme Court decision to bludgeon pro-lifers


Leftists despise any limitation on abortion.

They could not care less if a baby can feel pain.

Now a George W. Bush appointed judge is stabbing pro-lifers in the back on Roe v. Wade.

George W. Bush-appointed federal judge William Osteen stabbed pro-lifers in the back on Roe v. Wade.

North Carolina has a long-standing law that bans abortions after 20 weeks.

The law was enacted in 1973, the same year that Roe v. Wade was decided.

Medical science has since confirmed babies can feel pain much sooner.

In fact, the University of Utah’s Dr. Maureen Condic, a neuroscientist and Trump appointee to the National Science Board, has testified as much.

But Osteen just voided the North Carolina law because he says the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade made “clear pronouncements” on the “right to choose to have an abortion.”

LifeSiteNews reports:

Since 1973 (the same year the U.S. Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade), state law banned abortion past 20 weeks except in cases of “medical emergency,” WTKR reported. The legislature amended the law in 2016 to define medical emergencies more narrowly, but Judge William Osteen of the Middle District of North Carolina ruled Monday that the law cannot limit abortions before a child can survive outside the womb.

“State law cannot impose an outright ban that prevents a ‘woman (from) choos(ing) to have an abortion before viability,’” Osteen wrote, invoking “the Supreme Court’s clear pronouncements on the pre-viability right to choose to have an abortion” in Roe as well as “other federal courts that have considered the constitutionality of 20-week bans and similar week- or event-specific abortion bans.”

If this year has proven anything, it’s that abortion up-until-birth, and even infanticide are now a central part of the Democrat Party’s platform.

The Democrat Party is being pulled further and further left by radical pro-Abortion activists.

Sadly, many federal court justices are only adding to the cultural wreckage.

What do you think, should abortion be banned?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. That’s because judge William Osteen read a real report and not listen to a report that was “written down wrong” (As Neuroscientist Maureen Condic testified at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing)

    Asked about the difference, Condic says she was a last-minute substitute for another witness and “maybe I wrote [her testimony] wrong.”

    This is a real report on when fetuses feel pain:

    According to a study published last summer in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a fetus is not capable of experiencing pain until 28 to 30 weeks after conception, when the nerves that carry painful stimuli to the brain have developed. Before that, the fetal reaction to a noxious stimulus is a reflex that does not involve consciousness, they write (JAMA 2005; 294:947-954).

    • I’d like to know what quack actually crawled up into a womb and figured out when a baby started feeling pain. My guess is no one.

      • Mighty big of you supporting pro-death there sport since you were not aborted yourself Gerry. Researchers are far more intelligent than you will ever be and in spite of your apparent ignorance, you do know they have instruments that reveal such things. Had an abortion doctor who thought it would be a great idea to videotape the procedure and see what it looked like inside while performing the abortion. He was shocked and forever changed when he saw the infant actually react to the pain as the child was in terror.

        • Charles, I think you are misunderstanding Gerry’s post. Gerry was countering that thing kaci stahl’s insistence that “a fetus is not capable of experiencing pain until 28 to 30 weeks after conception”. Please reread and if you agree, send an apology to Gerry. Later posts show Gerry to be pro-life. Thanks for considering what I wrote.

        • That video is misleading, deceptive and has been debunked.

          Richard Berkowitz, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, described the film as “factually misleading and unfair.” John Hobbins of the Yale School of Medicine called the film’s use of special effects deceptive, a form of “technical flimflam.” He pointed out that the film of the ultrasound is initially run at slow speed, but that it is sped up when surgical instruments are introduced to give the impression that “the fetus is thrashing about in alarm.” Hobbins questioned the titular “scream”, noting that “the fetus spends lots of time with its mouth open,” that the “scream” may have been a yawn, and also that “mouth” identified on the blurry ultrasound in the film may, in fact, have been the space between the fetal chin and chest. Edward Myer, chairman of pediatrics at the University of Virginia stated that, at twelve weeks, the brain is not sufficiently developed for a fetus to be able to feel pain. Similarly, Hart Peterson, chairman of pediatric neurology at the New York Hospital, stated that the “notion that a 12-week-old fetus is in discomfort is erroneous.”

          Fetal development experts argued that, contrary to Nathanson’s assertion in the film, a fetus cannot perceive danger or make purposeful movements. David Bodian, a neurobiologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, stated that doctors had no evidence that a twelve-week-old fetus could feel pain, but noted the possibility of a reflex movement by a fetus in response to external stimuli such as surgical instruments. The size of the ultrasound image and of the fetus model used was also misleading, appearing to show a fetus the size of a full-term baby, while in actuality a twelve-week-old fetus is under two inches long. Jennifer Niebyl of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said that what Nathanson described as the fetus recoiling from pain and seeking to escape is “strictly reflex activity” which Nathason made look purposeful by speeding up the film as the suction catheter was placed. Fay Redwine of the VCU Medical Center stated: “Any of us could show you the same image in a fetus who is not being aborted.”

      • They didn’t need to crawl inside any womb. All they needed was science and biology. It is physically impossible for a fetus to feel pain before the 28th week. The nerves haven’t developed yet. The wiring at the point where you feel pain, such as the skin, doesn’t reach the emotional part where you feel pain, in the brain. Although fetuses start forming pain receptors eight weeks into development, the thalamus, the part of the brain that routes information to other areas, doesn’t form for 20 more weeks. Without the thalamus, no information can reach the cortex for processing.

        Fetuses do have reflex reactions that can make them seem pained. If you see a fetus in utero react to needle stimulation, then the common conclusion is that it must feel. But just as with paraplegics, that’s a reflex that’s mediated by the spinal cord; that’s not a conscious reaction.

    • Kaci Stahl how do they know that the automatic response is not a precursor stimuli for pain all this Bull manure argument to Okay the Murder of a Child really just means a false fence to for Abortion Rights Pro Abortion Immorality. ROE vs. Wade was a false flag to begin with the Woman was used by the Social construct of the Southern Law and Poverty group that exploited peoples immorality to get so-called Social Justice meaning giving the guilty an excuse to abort, and continue to commit immoral acts rather then be forced to take responsibility for their immoral acts. That is the real truth and we have been blaming others since Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the Serpent (Satan) for their own actions. Today they don’t want to take Responsability and will always blame others, ” I was abused as a child, as some criminals blame for their crimes millions of children around the world have been abused yet they did not grow up to be abusers, to commit crimes. I was sexually Raped at Eleven years of age yet I am sixty now and never abused any child in my care so this is as I said all Bull manure to muddy the immoral actions of butchers and those who choose to have abortions and the Male sperm donor who pushes the woman to have an abortion so he can continue his perverse immorality.

      • Because I believe in science and biology. When the nerves are not even developed yet, then there is no pain to feel. Surely you can concede with that.

    • Thank you! I am so tired of these radical right wing forced birthers misrepresenting scientific research in an attempt to back up their religiously inspired viewpoints.

      I’ve never met a woman who didn’t make the decision to have an abortion seriously. Yet only a tiny minority ever regret their choice. Every child should be conceived and carried to term in joyful anticipation and born into a loving family – unfortunately this is not always the case.

      • strange I know three that had abortion when they were in their late teens and all three regret their decisions. Here is another thing to ponder if someone shoots and kills a pregnant woman at 14 weeks is charged for two murderers what is the difference in the meaning of life between the two? Put on your viginia hat and think about that for awhile.

        • I am calling BS to your three abortion knowledge. Not one woman, I know, ever regrets having an abortion because it was the right choice for them. Now they might regret every getting pregnant, they might regret being with that boy who got them pregnant, they might regret not using birth control, but not one regretted having an abortion.

          If you kill a woman who is pregnant, you take away her choice to decide. Whether or not a woman aborts the pregnancy is no one’s decision but hers. To decide for her (killing her and the fetus) you took away her constitutional right to decide for herself. 14th Amendment.

          • And I’m calling BS on all of your BS and that of the doctors who have nothing BUT opinions to go on which isn’t proof, and yes, I lived on science and biology myself. To you children anything stated by a leftist is absolute truth but not to us.

          • That is not true. Show me anything from an unbiased news source and I will be happy to believe it. Of course, I still would do some research, which you all should do. No one should just take the word of another without research. I don’t care who it is.

        • Speculation on whether the fetus feels pain is irrelevant to the fact of MURDERING an innocent human being. THAT should be the main discussion. By the way, George W. and G H W Bush were globalists (NWO purveyors) despite their avowed conservatism and the “R” designation.

  2. Abortion is always wrong! God hates it and the dems want to kill babies even after they are born. That is infanticide. Shameful….

    • 100% agree with you. The moral depravity of these sick individuals that promote murder on demand is heartbreaking and wrong. The left and atheists will forever be known as baby murderers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…….those who advocate for the murder of another life should just off themselves instead since they love the idea of murder just because the mommy doesn’t want to have a baby for whatever selfish and idiotic reason.

      • I am at a loss. Why a criminal who murdered a pregnant Woman is charged with DOUBLE MURDER, even if she is a “one or two months pregnant” while the Doctor who performed the “ABORTION” is NOT charged with any criminal act. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN. What about the Suprime Court give an explanation.

        • Very easy explanation. It is the woman’s choice, not anyone else. When you murder the woman, hence the fetus, you took away the woman’s right to choose. You took her constitutional right away.

    • If one were to murder a pregnant woman they would be charged with a double murder but its just fine and dandy to murder anew born infant? No doubt we citizens will be paying for the abortions of the millions of illegals the Left is importing for votes also!

      • Hard to tell if that will happen. The more illegals have babies (and they have a lot!), the more their democrat base stays alive in the future. Especially since they’re getting all the taxpayer benefits including IRS refunds (wtf?) and drivers licenses which in many states allows also for voting rights. All sanctuary cities need to be dissolved and their elected officials charged with treason but only after ICE swoops in and rounds them all up to be deported.

        • 1. Human beings are not illegal.

          2. Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. Illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year into Social Security. Immigrants contribute more in tax revenue than they take in government benefits.

          3. 12 states and DC have changed their laws to allow immigrants in the country illegally to obtain driver’s licenses. Those states hope to encourage unlicensed drivers to pass the driver’s license test and obtain car insurance. To make our roads safer.

          4. Even with a driver’s license, illegal immigrants wouldn’t have the right to vote. The license will state “Not valid for federal identification, voting, or public benefits purposes.”

          5. Immigrants are key to offsetting a falling birth rate. The U.S. birth rate is 1.8 births per woman, down from 3.65 in 1960, according to the World Bank. Demographers consider 2.1 births per woman as the rate needed to replace the existing population. According to the Pew Research Center, if not for immigrants, the U.S. workforce would be shrinking. That would create a host of problems for the federal government.

          6. Immigrants’ children with citizenship are more productive workers. Research shows that repealing birthright citizenship could have significant negative consequences for the U.S. economy because children who are citizens have more economic opportunity and rely less on government assistance.

          A Migration Policy Institute analysis estimates the number of unauthorized immigrants would increase from 11 million to 16 million by 2050 if birthright citizenship were repealed.

          “Over the course of decades, you’d end up with a growing population that is cut off from the rest of society because they live in fear of deportation and they can’t get jobs,” said Randy Capps, the director of research for U.S. programs at the Migration Policy Institute.

          Take, for example, the population of so-called “Dreamers” who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. One study estimated the U.S. is losing out on $15 billion in economic potential from that group because they often face problems getting into college and getting a job.

          An experiment in Germany, which does not have birthright citizenship, also showed that when children of immigrants were given citizenship at birth, those children experienced better health outcomes and had fewer children of their own.

  3. In my opinion, all claims concerning the life of the preborn which suggests that these tiny lives don’t really matter are all high minded, self absorbed and preoccupied. Individuals who approve of disposing, terminating and determining that any human life may or may not have the right to exist are indeed deceived. It is an awful and shameful state of the human being to even consider killing these babes.
    A reflex, a fetus, a blob of flesh that is not developed into a viable human being.
    Really people!?
    Stop sewing seed only just to kill the innocent product. There was a day when fornication, adultery and abortion was viewed as an evil and wicked thing. The value of an unborn life was as valuable as the one who carried such.
    All the arguments and “scientific” rhetoric is useless, vain and immoral!
    Just call abortion, termination and choice exactly what it is!
    It is the solution to quick bucks, it is the solution to dispose of the evidence of a life lived outside of truth. No matter how anyone wants to “view” this, killing the human life conceived in the womb is exactly that, KILLING, destroying, blood shed, evil, wanton….there IS NO VALIDATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR IT.
    People care more about their cars, cell phones and sexual encounters than for the human life.

    • Well said!!
      Truth is a very stubborn thing along with facts.
      Why is killing a human wrong? Why is killing animals OK?
      Genesis 9:5-6 (KJV)
      5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man.
      6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.
      Man not animals were CREATED in the image of God so their life is precious.

  4. Abortions should be banned. Planned Parent Hood should be defunded. Abortion is the murdering of gods little angels. For the people having abortions. You will answer to God come judgment days. What’s your excuse going to be? Are you going to tell God it was your personal choice to murder one of his angels. And it’s none of his business!!! THINK ABOUT IT.

    • Making abortions illegal is not going to stop women from having them. The only difference is that if they are illegal, then they are done in non-sterile conditions which cause the woman to die or become infertile.
      So what you are suggesting is to put women in jail for wanting to more rights than a blob of flesh. And how can you prove that a miscarriage isn’t an abortion?

  5. I don’t see any difference in how soon or how late an abortion is performed it is still murder! God determines when a person dies; not a mother or a doctor! The Holy Bible says in Proverbs 6:17 that God hates hands that shed innocent blood. How much more innocent can one be than a precious baby! Every hand that is involved in an abortion will have to answer to God one day whether a doctor, nurse or any assistant! Yes, even politicians and judges who voted for it!

    • How do you justify that your god ordered the lives of every man, woman, child and cutting open the pregnant women’s bellies? How do you explain the abortion recipe in the bible? How do you pray to a god who killed the first born son? Or is happy about children being smashed on rocks?

  6. I also have another thing to say…every abortion is committed by “serial killers”! The women who pay these serial killers are “victims” of deceit or are enjoined by “choice” in mass murders.
    These wicked human beings that approve, promote and carry out killing humans for convenience and also lust for the dollars are laughing at all these people having to pay for their greedy bloody deceptive practices.

    • Are you suggesting that any woman who has an abortion should be put to death? Isn’t that a bit like Sharia Law? And how can you tell an abortion from a miscarriage?

  7. Rape cases and medical emergencies or extreme deformity are reasons to have abortions. There are soooooo many ways of protection from getting pregnant these days, women should have enough sense to use them. It just seems to me when a baby comes to life in the womb, they have become a living human. Aborting them after that is murder of a human being regardless regardless of what these lunatics want to call it.

  8. BILL BOYER; The action that helps destroy babies is murder, no matter what the age of the infant. Our great country is about to get educated by the GOD, of all.

  9. I am at a loss. Why a criminal who murdered a pregnant Woman is charged with DOUBLE MURDER, even if she is a “one or two months pregnant” while the Doctor who performed the “ABORTION” is NOT charged with any criminal act. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN. What about the Suprime Court give an explanation.

  10. The abortion of a baby that exhibits a heartbeat is murder. A human heartbeat is an unquestionable sign of a baby. A baby has a heartbeat; a collection of cells does not.

  11. Abortion should be used immediately after a possible pregnancy with in the first weeks,or for Rape or any other event beyond the Norm as in possible death to the mother or major problems.Without diving too deep into Religious and other Beliefs we need to Protect Our Unborn from the likes of our modern day politicians and their Greed for Money and Power.

  12. these pro-abortion people are the ones that should have been aborted because God almighty didn’t need these sinners here on can’t tell when a fetus feels pain because each one is different just as everyone has a different threshold for pain.abortion is murder plain and simple.quit lining these peoples pockets and let these kids live.matthew 5:21 you shall not murder and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment. this is from the almighty judge who sits above all judges around the world.

  13. As a person I do not give diddly squat if you wish to abort your fetal ‘blob’ right up to day of birth with no excuses and no apologies.
    As a human I DO think if you’re old enough to breed then you are old enough to use common sense and appropriate birth control methods so you DON’T get pregnant.
    Oh, yes . . . I am old enough to know how things can be “forgotten” in the heat of the moment. Still no excuse. You don’t want the burden of an unwanted child then . . . ABSTAIN DUMB ASS!

    As a born-again believer (and a person) my beef is not that you want the right to abort a baby at anytime during your pregnancy. You want to kill I certainly cannot stop you.
    What I am against is your desire to make me and every taxpayer in America your cohorts in murder by DEMANDING we fund the Planned Parenthood killing machine because you’re too STUPID to keep your damn panties on!
    As tax payers we had NOTHING to do with your getting in a family way.
    WHY in Hades should we have any responsibility in helping you KILL an innocent child?!?
    YOU want an abortion? Anytime. Right up to day of birth. No excuses. No apologies.
    Then this tax payer says . . . ,
    Put your big girl panties on and PAY FOR IT YOUR DAMN SELF!
    No excuses. No apologies.

  14. I don’t care at what point an abortion is done, it is still murder. The life starts with conception, if there was no conception there would be no life. With conception the DNA of the baby is formed, the baby starts to grow and form. I am appalled that even athiests and low life liberals can’t seem to understand this. I am a Christian, but I am not quoting this from the Bible, I am taking from my own heart. Just because the baby is in the mother’s womb until the moment of birth does not mean it is not a living being. An now abortionists are killing babies at the moment of birth, and after. This is just plain murder. How long will it be before a parent can look at a 2 year old or 5 year old, and say, “ok I want an abortion now.” There are so many people who would love to have a child and if women are going to wait until the end of the pregnancy to abort, why can’t they have the baby alive and give it to adoptive parents who will love it, instead of killing it. Either way they have to deliver the baby! One day, these people will stand at the foot of God’s throne and they will be punished for what they have done. This isn’t nice to say, but hopefully it will be sooner than later!

  15. We no long er have a “Government of the People and for the People” Now we have government of the courts and for the courts.

  16. We must love our enemies but have to resist attempts to turn the world over to the devil even further. We all have enough sense to please God, since He is merciful and wise, we better get better now!

  17. How do they let scum like him in the highest court in the land,doesn’t this moron judge know that killing a living being ‘ is MURDER’ plane and simple, when it comes to abortion, a woman should only have one choice, especially as younger girls, that is, TO KEEP THERE LEGS CLOSED, NOT COMMIT MURDER THAT SHOULD NOT BE A CHOICE.

    • How dare you blame the female when it takes two to make her pregnant. Where is your outrage at the men who have sex with women without using protection? Where are your rants about men keeping it in their pants? It is men who cause unwanted pregnancies. All unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men. All of them.

  18. These wackos are so adamant in allowing abortions because someone finds a baby inconvenient. Let us propose that every woman who has made a “mistake” and wants an abortion is allowed ONE PER LIFETIME. If they are caught having a second abortion, they and doctor performing the abortion should face the consequences of a murder trial. And, forget telling me what the supreme court has ruled. The rule is wrong and should never have been approved in the first place.
    My real feeling is that only in the case of rape or serious medical issues should an abortion be legal. Any other circumstance is a murder and should be treated as such in the court of law. PERIOD.

    • And what happens to the men who make these women pregnant?

      A woman’s egg is only fertile for about two days each month. Yes, there are exceptions, because nature. But one egg which is fertile two days each month is the baseline. And those fertile eggs are produced for a limited number of years. This means, on average, women are fertile for about 24 days per year.

      But men are fertile 365 days a year. In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily. In theory, a man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in just one year. While it’s true that sperm gets crappier as men age, it doesn’t have a fertility expiration date; men can cause unwanted pregnancies from puberty until death. So, starting with basic fertility stats and the calendar, it’s easy to see that men are the issue here.

  19. Maybe this so-called judge Osteen should be subjected to some pain so he knows how it feels. I’ll wager he is probably against capital punishment but has no problem killing those that can’t fight back. That is called cowardice and that is what he is, along with the RINO that appointed him.

  20. Does it matter when a baby can feel pain, what is wrong with just saying the baby is alive at conception and deserves the same right as the mother, and any other other pro choice person, to life. Instead they are allowed to kill a future citizen of the world because it is an inconvenience. I am pro life, became prolife after my brother told me about holding a fellow soldier in his arms as he died after being shot in Vietnam. Life is too precious to waste, whether it be while in the womb or after being born. I have no respect for anyone supporting killing any American citizen who hasn’t had the chance at life. That judge, and others like him suck, as well as anyone requesting an abortion for their convenience, the judge, any mother who kills their unborn child, and any doctor who prtfotms elective abortions I have no respect for — they deserve to lose their lives since they are willing to deny a baby in the womb a future life.

  21. All these arguments about when the fetus can feel pain are academic. The fetus will develop into a baby, a HUMAN BABY, and killing a human is still murder, whether -3 months, 3 years or 50 years.

  22. It is murder plain and simple! I don’t care if the woman(s) rights are violated or not! In the end, GOD will have the final say in all matters! No court, judge or law will be applied…period!

  23. There are far too many ways nowadays to not have a baby. I think there are a few instances where I might agree but I do feel strongly that the taxpayers and anyone who supports the economy should not have to pay for it.


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