This former SNL star ruffled feathers with what he said about Cancel Culture


Cancel Culture has become a plague on society.

People derive pleasure from ruining someone else’s livelihood.

And one former SNL star ruffled feathers with what he said about Cancel Culture.

Comedian David Spade is the latest former cast member of Saturday Night Live to speak out against Cancel Culture.

Joe Piscopo, Jon Lovitz, and Spade’s close friend Rob Schneider have all railed against the “woke” mobs that attempt to seek and destroy.

TMZ asked Spade if he worried about rabid leftists digging through his past.

Spade responded:

“I worry about my last standup set. I try to do stuff rough around the edges. That’s the whole idea. If someone picks it up, I guess I just cross my fingers and say, ‘It’s under the guise of comedy.’”

The chilling of free speech has gone too far when comedians are self-censoring.

TMZ asked Spade how he remains funny in the current climate and Spade quipped, “I’m not,” which triggered hearty laughter from both.

Spade elaborated, “I’m pulling from the same seven jokes we’re allowed to use…I just turn into Marlon Blando.”

That’s precisely what the Left wants; they want to keep discourse inside the narrow window of allowable opinions.

Spade was then asked about short-lived Jeopardy! host Mike Richards who was forced to step down amid old allegations of inappropriate language.

Spade said, “If any good luck happens to anyone, there’s a team of people digging through their life to make sure they take them down.”

Richards not only resigned from the hosting gig, but he lost his job as executive producer on the show.

Coincidentally, actor LeVar Burton, one of the contenders for the permanent hosting gig, said that Cancel Culture didn’t exist; it was simply “accountability culture.”

That’s the Left’s favorite new talking point.

But it’s absurd.

First of all, cultural standards change.

Something benign 15 years ago might be seen as “hateful” in today’s uber-woke culture.

Comedian Shane Gillis was fired from Saturday Night Live after Leftists scoured through countless podcast episodes in order to find something – anything – offensive he’d ever said.

Gillis lost his dream job because of jokes on a podcast that weren’t even deeply offensive.

In order for Cancel Culture to go away, more people have to speak out against it, and people who are accused have to learn not to apologize to the mob if they don’t truly mean it.

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