This former NFL player is in hot water after the truth about a hate crime was revealed


Liberals are quick to point fingers at right-wingers when news breaks of an alleged hate crime.

But they go silent when the so-called hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes – just like the Jussie Smollett case.

Now, a former NFL player landed in legal hot water after the truth came out.

Edawn Coughman, a former NFL player who had short stints with the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and other teams, got caught staging a hate crime hoax.

Coughman trashed two of his own businesses, perhaps to get a publicity boost for them, or maybe cash in on an insurance payout.

Fox News reports:

A former NFL player has been accused of trashing a restaurant and an ice cream shop he owned near Atlanta to make it look like a hate crime.

Gwinett County police say they found the n-word, “monkey,” “MAGA” and swastikas scrawled on the walls and booths of the two businesses, Create & Bake Pizza and Coughman’s Creamery in Lawrenceville.

Edawn Coughman, 31, of Buford, was arrested Thursday on charges of false reporting a burglary, insurance fraud and concealing a license plate before being bonded out of jail, police said.

Coughman got caught red-handed when police officers found televisions ripped from his store’s walls in the back of his truck.

Their suspicions were also raised when Coughman called the insurance company instead of calling the police.

Sadly, the Coughman episode is not unique.

Liberals like to claim hate crimes are up since Donald Trump became president, however that’s wildly misleading.

The number of agencies reporting has increased, but there’s nothing to support that there’s a surge of right-wing hate incidents.

In fact, there’s far more evidence that shows Trump supporters have been the target of political violence and that hoax hate crimes are on the rise.

The biggest example came courtesy of disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett who claimed two MAGA-hat wearing racists tied a noose around his neck and doused him with bleach.

The Chicago Police Department thoroughly investigated the incident and proved Smollett staged the entire episode.

Coughman, Smollett, and other hoax perpetrators know that there are opportunities to be gained by faking such episodes.

It’s truly a shame because these despicable hoaxes only throw skepticism on legitimate incidents.

That’s why people like Smollett and Coughman need to be called out.

The punishment for perpetrating these disgusting hoaxes should be severe.

What do you think should happen to people who stage hoax hate crimes?

Let us know by leaving a comment.


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  2. Perpetrating a hoax, especially ones that are staged as hate crimes, should face severe fines and jail time. Not a slap on the wrist because they are a minority and a so called celebrity committing these hoaxes. . This is not being a racist or being a bigot either. Justice is portrayed as blind. Not stupid or bias. Justice is supposed to equal for everyone.

  3. Edawn Coughman should be charged with filing a false report, insurance fraud, and numerous other violations if he borrowed any money for the businesses.

  4. You’ve nailed this one on the head. These people have violated numerous laws, including hate mongering. They need the full book thrown at them and enough prison time that they have ample time to reflect on their own misguided idiocy.

  5. Obungler invited the biggest hoaxster and model for other poc, especially bl… poc, big head Al Sharpton, to the White House dozens of times, so he could learn from the master.

  6. Why didn’t he have a Noose around his neck ? He can’t do anything correct ! He is above the law and charges should be dropped , and he should sue the Police Dept for discrimination because he is black man and Democrat , he should call Jessie Smollett’s Attorney or Michelle Obama He is being treated up fair ! NFL should give him a raise too

  7. I think that the perpetrators of both hoax hate crimes and hoax sex assault claims should receive the same sentence as anyone committing the crimes would, for both the innocent lives they could ruin with their lies, and the victims of actual crimes that they make less likely to be believed.

  8. Ronnie, I think you over played your point. Mind you, your not wrong, you understand, but you did run it out a little too long. Remember, the Demo-Crook mind set, is very limited!

  9. Ronnie, are saying, he should be rewarded for this hoax? If that the case, you’re out of your mind. If someone that doesn’t have money did this. They would be in jail. He and Smallet

  10. They are both Democrats / and Black and Gay , They are above the Law and charges should be dropped ASAP Hillary , Rachel Maddow, CNN, Robert de narrow, Rosie, Obama, All got away why stop NOW ? Make THE REPUBLICANS PAY FOR THIS !

  11. I meant Smollett before my phone messed up. Both should be told to stand before everyone and confess and apologize for their hoaxs. What makes them better than the common people?

  12. I agree with most all comments on here..If this is not stopped,it will continue on. They play victim, when most time it’s Whites that are hated. They are not innocent!!!!

  13. I went into the religious section of this page..Folks ,if Your God , and Jesus fearing human..These stories will just tie you in knots. What has happened to our World ? We need to pray for all the lost souls out there. They’ll meet “their god” ,someday..And we can look down with smiling faces,,Haha ,Their idiot’s !!

  14. Sorry, but Christians that make it to heaven will know no pain, no sadness, etc. And, while I detest these people myself, I take no pleasure in anybody going to hell.

  15. To be an enthused liberal is to be a self-serving, ego-driven drain on society. Many of them are intelligent enough to realize that their proposed solutions to problems real and concocted are both ineffective and provably counterproductive. But selfishness commonly short circuits reason, and it excuses mentality that turns uncertainty or even absurdity into noble rage portrayed as heroic concern for others. People who voice unswerving, dramatic commitment to simplistic ideologies beyond their grasp should first display examinable commitments to such causes in their personal lives before insisting that those around them must sacrifice driving motor vehicles or eating meat or having children, must pay to give free college and health care to the hardworking and unmotivated alike, and must sleep with their front doors unlocked to accommodate night roamers of their neighborhoods and from around the world. As Bernie would say, “It’s only fayuh.”

  16. The silence on behalf of the media says it all. This is typical savage behavior. More and more people have begun distancing themselves from this “push” of intermingling, mixing or whatever you want to call it and are sticking with their own kind. The non-stop forced mixing of people on tv shows, movies and throughout almost every commercial has turned off a lot of people. We see these fake reports of hate crimes rising but we hardly hear about them from the mainstream media. We hear how bad European descendants are yet we see so many other races wanting to mix with them. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Since there really is no such thing as reverse racism, the amount of racism against European descendants needs to be addressed and done so immediately. Nowadays the hate is mostly one sided but the media would have us believe otherwise. Disgusting behavior from certain people and disgusting behavior from the media and its fake news or unreported news has become the norm. If you want to hear and see real news today, you have to get it from the internet. How ridiculous and sad is that??

  17. The “Hate Crime” Laws are not equally enforced as the Constitution demands. Jussie Smollette should have been charged with a “Hate Crime”. Jussie willfully and with malice afore thought purchased certain items and hired two Black accomplices who were paid to beat and rope him as “evidence” and he willfully lied to officers of the law, “claiming that “White men – Trump supporters” had caused him bodily harm. Even as no White men or Trump supporters were in fact involved in his fraudulent scheme. These facts are prima facie evidence of a “Hate Crime” committed against “White” persons.

  18. You know that the one who started all this things about the race card was Mrs. Maxine Water.And they have the videos. And she have the nerve to said that was no truth. And about everything she still in the Congress. They has do nothing to her, but she still like nothing happened. And that is some people thing that they can do it too. They sink that The Lord Jesus is no looking, the thing that they doing. One day they going to give an account. What I doing for Them
    is praying, because praying changes everything .

  19. Tattoo a Swastika, MAGA, N-word and Monkey across his face… Who knows??…it might even improve his looks.

    And there should be loooooooong line of Trump supporters at his ice cream shop, each asking for an Orange Julius with Vanilla Ice Cream….paid for with pennies…

    PS: let’s NOT FORGET that Jussie “SMellitt” (sic) was NOT smart enough to hash his plan on his own. He had help from Kamala “Sutra” Harris….. and both of them have the SAME MOTHER…. Maybe they were trying to bring back “All in the Family” (Did the mother give birth rectally??)

  20. Lying & filing a false police report plus attempts to collect on insurance are all against the law & should be prosecuted. Sentencing should be based on the cost incurred by the investigation & amount of fraud. No plea deals just because they are celebrities or sports people.

  21. Hate crime hoaxers should be drawn and quartered! That would put a stop to this nonsense. No one us held accountable for their crimes anymore. and that’s a big problem within a civilized society.


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