This finance guru is spreading holiday cheer and defying government lockdowns in one act


It’s the time of year where most Americans are trying to spread peace and goodwill toward others.  Unfortunately, radical leftists would rather Americans be focusing on the “so-called” spread of a virus that is 99.8% survivable.

Thankfully though, there are still some decent folks out there who want to truly embrace the reason for the season.

That’s why this well-known finance guru is spreading holiday cheer and defying government lockdowns in one act.

Dave Ramsey, most well-known for his Financial Peace University program, has been a vocal opponent to mask-wearing and other COVID restrictions, calling them “totalitarian.”

Ramsey has decided he will host a large in-person Christmas party for his company, Ramsey Solutions, called “Boots & BBQ.”

An invitation was sent to the company’s 800 employees.

Backlash from left-wing extremists was swift, saying he is knowingly and recklessly spreading COVID throughout his company, which has seen more than 100 cases.

Despite the number of positive cases the company saw in November, there were no plans to allow remote working.

In a number of staff newsletters, Ramsey Solutions has encouraged testing for COVID-19 but has also shared articles claiming the threat of COVID-19 has been exaggerated by the media.

Dave Ramsey says that his company will not be ruled by fear – “fear is not a fruit of the spirit.”

In a company meeting, Ramsey stated, “They have got fear, they have trepidation of the COVID, they are scared to death about whether or not they are meeting all the social cues on fear and masks and temperature controls.” 

Ramsey says that his company will be spreading holiday cheer this year as well as courage, which he states is “contagious.”

What America needs right now is more Dave Ramseys.

The fear-mongering Left has thrown the country into a downward spiral and is trying to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Fortunately, there are still a few brave folks out there, such as Dave Ramsey, willing to stand up to the tyrannical Left while spreading a message of hope and love this holiday season.  

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