This Feminist challenged Jordan Peterson at his own game and regretted it immediately


Radical feminists can’t stand Jordan Peterson and his so-called “toxic masculinity.”

They hate the mild-mannered best-selling author and professor because he defends traditional values.

But when this feminist challenged Jordan Peterson at his own game, it got ugly fast.

Helen Lewis is a feminist reporter from self-proclaimed men’s magazine, British GQ.

She recently interviewed Jordan Peterson covering a variety of topics from politics to diets.

When she asked about the differences between the two genders, Peterson said we need to stop telling “little boys to be more like little girls.”

The Blaze reports:

In a recent interview with British GQ, Jordan Peterson — the best-selling author and popular and controversial psychology professor from Canada — said that it’s important to avoid socializing “little boys to be more like little girls.”

He also tackled the subject of repressing aggression — specifically in young men.

Peterson discussed “classical feminine interests” as well as “classically masculine interests,” and said that there’s no problem with both males and females having interchangeable interests that aren’t necessarily confined to gender roles.

However, he does have a problem when the education system dictates such roles and tries to feminize young men and masculinize young women.

“The problem is when it’s dictated by … the education system,” Peterson said. “[An influential 1980s psychologist] recommended as a control for male violence that boys be socialized more like little girls and I don’t think that that’s particularly an unpopular viewpoint.”

“The de-emphasis on competition, for example, in games,” he explained. “The increase in the rise of competitive games where scores aren’t kept. … It’s all a manifestation of that sort of theory, as far as I’m concerned. The idea that there’s something intrinsically wrong with competition — it’s a very foolish idea, especially if you want to motivate relatively aggressive boys, because they’re competitive.

Lewis did not like that answer at all.

She and the other so-called “progressives” want to eradicate traditional masculinity from the world.

Their end goal is equality of outcome.

And they believe the only way they can achieve that is by erasing differences between men and women.

But this social engineering is a fool’s errand.

And it will only lead to the further erosion of families and our society.

Men and women are different, and we should encourage those differences, not label them as the product of sexism.


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  2. Jordan Peterson is total right, and we had best put a complete stop to this mental illness quick, it has really gotten out of any control. We need to cram the legal system down their throats!!!

  3. The author of this screed is creating a straw man. The right wing hears the word equality and immediately thinks equality of outcome i.e. everyone the same. Which is NOT the truth at all. Equality in this case means lack of discrimination i.e. a fair chance to compete. Competition without scores for children is a completely different thing and frankly I have no dog in that fight. And unless you are involved in childhood education I don’t know why you would either.

  4. My wife and I brought my son up to be a man and I hope my daughter and son-in-law does the same for thing for my grandson. My wife and I brought my daughter up to be a woman and I hope she will also do the same for my granddaughter.

  5. No scores, no competition. Scores are essential to tell a person where he/she needs to improve; and whether or not such improvement has occurred. It’s just as foolish to eliminate scores as to pretend men can become women and vice versa. It’s not competition that’s unhealthy, it’s the attitudes humans have taken on about winning/losing. Sporting competitions used to have a thing called a”tie” too; and eliminating those was the mistake, as eliminating scores would be too. (For those too young to remember that, things like football,soccer, basketball etc, used to complete in their 1 hr time frame and whatever the score was, there was no overtime. IF 2 teams had the same score, that was called a “tie” and they were viewed as equally skilled.) This nonsense of “there must be a winner and a loser” is what’s WRONG!

  6. When or if I ever need protection as a seventy three year old women I prefer that it would be a man. We all know that men are stronger and can be aggressive when they need to be. It is not built into a woman to be aggressive and we certainly are not as strong as a man. Facts are facts no matter how you try to change or hide them. I raised my son to be a man and my daughter’s to be women, and to respect other’s. And this not keeping score when playing sports is stupid, don’t tell me that these kids aren’t keeping score in their heads as they play and they know who actually wins! No wonder we have so many snowflakes out there who can’t handle reality and think they have PTSD because Trump is president.

  7. Let me ask a serious question that I brought up many years ago when women decided to burn their bras so we would think of them as equals. Why would any woman desire to stoop so low as to be equal with a man. Why should we send young ladies of child bearing age off to combat, so they can get their ass shot off. Why make women the main bread winner in the home? Why make women the responsible party on every loan and guarantor of those loans. Ladies, God placed you in a highly esteemed position. You are the main force in instructing our children, making sure they grow up to be responsible adults. If God honors you as a woman why do you wish to be equal to a man?

  8. This CLOWN needs to WAKE-UP and Fly right ! Men are GIRLY BOYS
    they are MEN. GIRL’S Are Women they start life in their mid Twenty’s
    And women don’t need to be as Aggressive as Men and Women need to be Feminine as a WOMEN are. This ???????????????? CRAP is for Bird’s.

  9. The ultimate jihad is quickly approaching and all these freak people with their unlimited gender mindset will be the 1st to parish they are promoting their own demise just too out of touch with reality to realize it.

  10. It’s really odd that you could put a picture of a male body and a female body right next to each other and there are people out there that would look at them and say they were the same!! It’s sad,…REALLY SAD!, that there are actually judges in courtrooms that would AGREE with that, AND WORSE,..TRY TO LEGISLATE THAT EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO AGREE WITH THAT,…OR ELSE!!!

  11. There’s an old debate on whether heredity or environment is the controlling feature in the development of an adult. I think the sound approach is that we have certain hardwiring that can’t be manipulated and some that can. As experience tell us, boys tend to be more rambunctious, roistering and rough housing than girls. That’s what they mean by boys will be boys. But over the years, the rough edges can be smoothened by the factors of education and maturity. We’ve all seen that. It’s amazing we need a philosopher to tell us what common experience tells us. I suppose this has to be done given all those who attempt to falsify experience.


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