This famous musician just revealed her surprising pro-life story


Celebrities have a very liberal monoculture.

Policies and beliefs that counter that agenda are immediately discarded or criticized.

But this famous musician just revealed her surprising pro-life story.

Grammy-winning singer and classically trained pianist Alicia Keys recently revealed that her life almost didn’t exist.

Her mother Terry, despite financial hardships, decided not to go through with an abortion.

In an interview with CBS News, Keys said, “She was making a really big choice . . . And at the time, I’m sure she didn’t even know why she was making that choice exactly. But she knew it. She knew what she needed to do.”

But by the logic of the Left, it would’ve been perfectly fine if Keys never existed.

In fact, Hollywood celebrities promote the fact that unwanted children are a hindrance to career success.

Actresses like Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, Jameela Jamil, and Busy Philipps have all said that abortions allowed them to become famous.

It’s a sadly ghoulish message to young women that has become mainstream on the Left.

Keys is no pro-lifer – she appeared at the far-left Women’s March – but she expressed a pro-life message without even knowing it.

Sometimes Hollywood personalities do it without even realizing.

Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for best original screenplay for Juno in 2008, was oblivious to the strong pro-life themes in the story.

When she found out that pro-life groups championed the film, Cody said that she regretted writing the script.

It’s eerie how radical the Left has become on abortion.

They’ve moved from “safe, legal, and rare” to the far more immodest “shout your abortion!”

And they’ve become outwardly hostile toward pro-lifers.

Two recent strong pro-life films, Gosnell and Unplanned, were both essentially suppressed by the left.

Neither film was screened for critics ahead of time, and they were not allowed to advertise on certain channels.

Unplanned almost didn’t happen at all because lead actresses were told not to take the role for fear of being blacklisted in Hollywood.

And an upcoming film about the landmark Roe v. Wade decision told from a pro-life perspective was met with fierce backlash, including crew members walking off set once they learned about the subject matter of the film.

This is the Hollywood culture that worships talented performers like Alicia Keys, but also would’ve been perfectly fine with her never existing at all.

Keys said that her mother “knew what she needed to do.”

If only Hollywood liberals would apply that logic to other pregnant women.

Could pro-life stories begin to get more traction in Hollywood?

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  2. The real truth is that abortion does not help you become famous. You either have talent or you don’t. Abortion is the means to avoid taking on the responsibility of your behavior. It isn’t like you don’t know why you got pregnant or how to avoid doing so nor that you can’t get a means to prevent it from happening but that you were either too irresponsible to do so or just plain too lazy so you kill a helpless baby and brag that doing so helped your career. Fact is you are an irresponsible baby killer too self centered to think of a baby over your own selfishness.

  3. Parents of the disgusting abortionists missed a good opportunity to teach them that very lesson and save us the grief.

  4. Not only is Alicia Keys a beautiful and extremely talented individual, she also HAS A SOUL…like ALL of the unborn babies who fall victim to the holocaust, which is ABORTION. Those soulless ghouls, who advocate this atrocity, better wake up to the truth…because it’s only the truth that will set them free from this immoral justice on the innocent unborn.

  5. 40+ years ago, I had to make a choice about an unwanted pregnancy and after looking into there was no way I could do it!! Now I have this beautiful daughter and two amazing grandsons and I thank the Lord that he showed me the right way! I am now 100% pro-Life but my older daughter is still pro-Choice in certain cases even after I told her about my experience. These young women who would throw away a life have no souls or conscience and they certainly are no Christians. They will have regrets when they are old!!

  6. I know two women who have had an abortion years ago and they both regret it. One to the point that she tried to commit suicide and failed. They are now pro life and will have to mourn their dead babies for the rest of their lives. They wonder what their lives would have been and what they are missing. Babies are precious gifts to us but if you really cannot take care of your son or daughter let a family raise that baby and live the life they were meant to live. Who knows what that child will grow up to be. Killing you son or daughter is not the answer.

  7. Life begins at conception. It is a baby whether in or out of the womb, just a different stage of development. Anyone who thinks it is okay to murder a baby is evil

  8. Their careers are the only thing these people in Hollywood care about, they will do or say anything for their fame. The only real difference between them and a Hooker is that in most states Prostitution is illegal.

  9. I am so disappointed in Jameela Jamil. I became a big fan of hers on THE GOOD PLACE, which stars a lady, who proudly is a mother of two beautiful daughters, Kristen Bell. But for anyone to brag that they owe a career to an abortion, the murder of a child, is an animal. They brag about their decision as if it was inspired. These people don’t say “I had to do it, I was out of work and on the streets.” They make it plain that expecting was just an inconvenience, and of course, in most cases there was no husband involved. My wife knows I bless her for giving birth to a son and a daughter, despite an early miscarriage. Our daughter has blessed us with three wonderful granddaughters. They are amazing.

    God bless Alicia Keys. Ah yes, he already has.

  10. I know FOUR who had abortions. One regrets having had the abortion. She has three children now but wishes she had had the baby. One I do not know what happened later in life. Two , have never been able to get pregnant after the abortion.

  11. In the barnyard of Hollywood with all the bed hoppers and couch-casting for parts-abortions are apparently part of the trade. Apparently the only thing important to them is”them”.

  12. Life begins at conception and it is not only the woman’s child, it is a child of God. And now we hear Michelle Obama saying her children interfered with her career and life–most people feel the two girls are not hers so we wonder if the people who gave life to the children are upset about what is happening to the children that they were responsible for bringing into this world. Or if they rec’d enough money for the children? I have heard that abortion preys on a woman’s mind for the rest of her life. God help all of the women and bless the babies they gave up for adoption.


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