This famous actress just made an ugly racist attack against Trump supporters that could destroy her career


Hollywood celebrities love to falsely accuse Donald Trump of being a racist.

But now, this actress is playing defense and trying to prove that she’s not a racist.

And she just made an ugly racist attack on Donald Trump and his supporters that could destroy her career.

Bette Midler is a vocal left-wing celebrity who despises President Trump.

She posts nasty attacks on Trump and his family on social media regularly, including wishes that the President would be stabbed with a shiv in prison.

But this racist tweet just blew all of her previous attacks away.

Bette Midler shared an image of a Trump rally with a caption that reads, “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground?’”

Midler’s tweet implies that no black man or woman would support Trump.

Not only that, but it implies all African-Americans think and vote the same way.

Bette Midler accidentally revealed just how racist she is, and it is blowing up in her face.

Fox News reports:

Liberal actress Bette Midler came under fire Wednesday after accusing President Trump of paying African-American supporters to attend a recent rally.

Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground?’” Midler tweeted with an image of the Trump rally.

Midler, who has over 1.7 million followers, was immediately criticized for the tweet with multiple followers calling her racist…

“How dare Midler dismiss these grown black men as props for hire, rather than sapient citizens who support the candidate of their choice? And why shouldn’t they? Thanks to the Trump/GOP tax cuts, black unemployment is near record lows, and average real wages for blacks are up 3.3 percent over the last 12 months, the Dallas Federal Reserve reports,” Murdock told Fox News.

Naturally, activists from both the Left and the Right tweeted back at her demanding she apologize.

She is being called out for her racist tweet and it doesn’t look good.

Midler’s career could be destroyed after this nasty message.

Much to Midler’s disappointment, Trump’s approval rating among black voters has recently reached a high in the low 40’s according to a Rasmussen poll.

Trump is well-positioned to grow his support from African-American voters in 2020.

What do you think?

Should Bette Midler apologize for her racist tweet?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. So what she’s insinuating is black people are not capable of making up their own mind without monetary incentives. ….
    & who is the racist?

  3. I liked the Rose but she needs to get off the libtard bandwagon and get with the program! Sex drugs and rocknroll did not MAG and will never MAGA but destroy young people’s lives leaving them crippled and hopeless.

  4. Gee, I wish they would pay me to stand behind the President but I’m just a poor white dude. Better Midler is about as old as the queen of England. Dementia has probably taken root long ago. Elisabeth Taylor used to get married and divorced every other week just to stay in the tabloids. Otherwise you become just another person like me. Too bad they won’t just go away with dignity.

  5. Great comment Buddy!
    Yep us poor white folks don’t get invited & paid to stand behind & beside our President. But yet we will gladly support him from any position were in. & BTW…this fraud is NOT famous! She had her day, but that was many moons ago, & she wasn’t that great to begin with.

  6. Rich or poor , Black or white , And regardless of color or race , Everyone has the right in the United States to support who they want , Whenever they want , Without the approval of the Radical Liberal Left!

  7. She’s a racist if that’s what she thinks. The blacks I know are for him and weren’t paid to say it! They are just a lot smarter than a lot of people.

  8. Well, there’s Tom Selleck, Chris Pratt, Tim Allen, and probably Kanye West. And they’re not the only ones. All the noise from the Hollywood left can be depressing, but we do have supporters out there. They just stay quiet, probably with good reason, because they want to keep working.

  9. “Famous Actress”? That’s almost laughable! As for “destroying her career”, she did that herself, years ago. There is nothing left to be destroyed.

  10. Well another lib wack job just showed her true colors. They’ll never understand that conservatives want to see all Americans do well. That best for everyone and does make our contry great

  11. Send this slut back to hawaii and the “commies”that live there. Lassie was a better actress than she will ever be!!

    B U L L. S H I T ???

  13. She’s a has been! Who cares what she thinks? She’s no better than the dung you clean off the bottom of your shoes! I put her in the same category as Hanoi jane!

  14. Wasn’t Midler in some kind of comedic movie as a witch? Sounds like, minus the comedy, she was cast in the right part.

  15. Miss Midler.

    You would not have spoken out like this if you were still relevant. What fools we Conservatives were who helped make you rich. You didn’t mind taking our money!!

  16. She is a Prime Example of the RACISM in the Democrat party for over 160 years. They are the party that defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history.

  17. For goodness sakes she’s a dried up old b**ch that just wants attention. Does any one care what she says? Hell no. So keep her out of print and she’ll dry up even faster.

  18. “Lassie was a better actress than she will ever be!!” Lassie was prettier too!

    As for the fact that “Lassie” was a dog……….well, I won’t go there!

  19. She has been largely irrelevant for a LONG time now… who cares what she thinks… just another way to try to become relevant once again…

  20. Destroy Bette Midler’s career? What career does she have right now? None. That’s why desperate fools like Bette think they can sound “woke” by posting stupid comments against Trump to get the loonies on the left to pay attention to them. Maybe she even got paid by Soros and company to post her foolish comments, since the Dems are starting to worry about losing more African American voters to President Trump. All I can say is that I’m glad people called Ms. Bette out on her stupidity. The left would love to see all people of color trapped by the dysfunctional, hateful Democratic Party that is only interested in using them for their vote until they can get enough illegal aliens in the country to vote for them.

  21. Only if she has truly seen the error of her ways and wants to change.

    I’m done with all these fake apologies. ‘I am sorry you are racist.’ ‘I am sorry you misunderstood me.’ ‘I am sorry I got caught.’ ‘I am sorry. Now let me explain why you are wrong.’

    Then the leftist media gives them cover by claiming ‘But they apologized!’

    No, they didn’t. They just want people to stop pointing out how wrong they are.

  22. Miler has to be a Harris follower. Harris panders to blacks by promising things she can’t deliver like free homes & reparations. They think they can buy the black vote with phony promises.

  23. What career? Bath House Bette’s career ended in the very early 90’s. Previous to then she was a towel girl/ singer in gay bath houses along with the terminally gay Barry in the 70’s and 80’s until the AIDS explosion ended that gig for them. But she has always been an extremely nasty ugly left wing kosher kommunist just like Barbara Streisand.

  24. If i remember correctly-Bette Midler-is on the Epstein list of the satanic child trafficker, pedovore travelers to Little St. James Island where Hillary and Huma and friends tortured and ATE and drank the blood of little babies and children-THEN SERVED THEM FOR DINNER. Methinks Ms. Midler protests too much. In psychology 101, that is called PROJECTION. BY THE WAY-those videos showing all this activity are NOT made up or altered-the ones on the deep net, that is…and our oh so honest government has copies of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE who participated-since the whole thing was an Israeli sting to control usa elites, politicians, and government workers. The sickest thing about it all is that these monster/vampires PREFER the flesh and blood of black children because they make more adrenachrome-which is greater in BLACK children. SO WHO IS THE PAEDOVORE RACIST MS. MIDLER???

  25. Let’s face it, Hollywood is Looney Tunes. If these people were not wealthy snobs nobody would listen or care. Who listens or cares anyway what they think.

  26. This is not the America that I grew up loving. I turned 70 in March and sometimes when I look what is happening, I am ashamed to be an American. We elected Trump in 2016 and he will win in 2020. Because Hillary lost in 2016, the Left has come down with “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME”. It doesn’t matter to the Left that Trump is successful as President, that the economy is up, that unemployment is down, that African Americans, Hispanics, Oriental and Whites are all working and we are making more money because of Trump’s tax reform. But the left continues to condemn everything Trump all because Hillary lost the election and they can’t get over that fact. To add insult to injury, we just ended a 2-1/2 Mueller investigation to prove that Trump “was in bed” with Russia. Now, even though Mueller’s investigation showed no conspiracy and no collusion, the Left refuses to accept Mueller’s findings. Thanks to “The Squad”, we now have anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish men/women, hate Trump — they hate everyone who does not follow their agenda. Why were the 50s and the 60s a nicer time to live in America? We had McCarthyism and Vietnam, but compared to today, it was a walk in the park.

  27. Bet milder is a has been she has no carrer she is trash I wish the celebrity shut up about politics. They know nothing

  28. she has a buddy in feinstein ,schumer,nadler,de blasio,Barbra big nose Streisand all going to the same synagogue

  29. I don’t care if she apologizes or not. She should keep her freaking mouth shut. She’s a scumbag anyway and nobody wants to hear her perverted opinions.

  30. Poor ol’ Bette, another Hollywood so-called celebrity whose gray matter in the cavity between her ears is nothing but oatmeal mush.

  31. Bette Midler? Bette Midler? Who did he play for? These has been/never were “celebrities” will say, or do, anything to get their names into print. Who cares what they think? Let them all just quietly melt into well deserved oblivion . . .

  32. Not only should she apologize she should do it publicly and in the future she should stick to acting and keep out of politics. Maybe she is better at that at least.

  33. Just ask the Cubans who had to leave Cuba, the South Vietnamese who had to flee the Communists in So. Vietnam (they were the “boat people”), the South Koreans, the Venezuelans who had to flee from Venezuela in the 1960’s, the other immigrants who came to the US because there was no land left for them, or no JOBS.
    I guess Bette doesn’t remember all those who came here whether we were dominated by whites or not, to get safety or opportunity.
    No, she lives in the present and has no appreciation for the past. Probably on drugs.

  34. The most unfortunate thing about the movie people being so out spoken and anti-God is if their heart remains hard and without Christ as Savior they will wake up dead in Hell.


  36. Jane Fonda was married to a Communist. He was head of the SDS – Students for a Democratic Society – the student arm of the Communist Party.
    Bette is probably friends with Jane.
    No doubt.

  37. Say, Ms. Bette Midler, for your Racist Words Toward The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump, you need to start giving Half Of Your Money that you have been hiding, toward Building That Security Wall a The USA’s Southern Border, maybe Three Quarters of your Nest Egg would be even better!!!!!!!

  38. “…Should Bette Midler apologize for her racist tweet?…”

    It doesn’t matter one way or the other, she’s a liberal and NOTHING is going to happen to her . . . but if she was conservative and had said this about Hillary, she’d be loosing her job and be smeared all over the media!!! Remember Roseanne Barr!?!

  39. Jane Fonda was married to a Communist, Tom Hayden FOR 17 YEARS.
    Bette and Jane are contemporaries. And EVIL PEOPLE.

  40. She is such a racist. That is the problem, the true racists are devolving, proving how sympathetic they are to other races. Why can’t we ever get beyond race? We are part of the family of God, we all have the opportunity to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. We all bleed red & breathe the same air.

  41. Another Hollywood elite whose movies my wife and I will never watch now and in the future…! Fortunately, there are a lot of good movies, TV series and sit-coms on Netflix from the UK, Australia and Canada.

  42. This coming from a brothel queen ask her about her early career in the brothels of New York she is an absolute low life whose lost in herself and fading fame reminds me of a which

  43. Bette Midler is supposed to be a celebrity actress but can anybody recall anything she has done lately worthy of celebration?

  44. Bette Miller never impressed me before we had a Trump and now even less. I’m pretty much sick of these spoiled holleywood wlites who make millions and think their opinion is worth more than the common man! I boycott everything Hollywood except John Wayne movies and poor duke has passed away long time ago! I used to like Kevin Costner until he started posting filthy mouth against the President! Our President is pro Jesus, pro baby, pro economics , pro border, pro America and pro low taxes but he gets no credit from those who lie steal and cheat their way into power like those democrats running for office of the President! Democrats today are closer alaigned with fascists and communists than ever before! Can you imagine what life will be like when these idiots tax is upwards to 70% of our income to pay for free healthcare for illegals free guaranteed income for all who choose not to work for their bread!All these demigods are wanting a big raise and a they have to do is pass a bill no permission from voters! It’s easy to call someone a radiator you don’t even have to have proof and the radicals jump all over it!! Radicals want every illegal voting Democratic so they can take over! They are giving rights of citizenship to illegals and fellons who have rapped and murdered their way through life destroying lives! Our cities have become cesspools of illegals living intents on the streets and every time the president tries to deal with issues he gets a radical high paid democratic judge blocking his policy! It is a crying shame that congressional democrats have blocked 74 attempts to stop infanticde in the house to no avail! No wonder God punk she’s this nation with Des casting storms and floods

  45. I grew agree hundred percent with you Alan . She had her day and she doesn’t live in that day anymore so she’s trying to be relevant . But being a racist and spreading hate is not a way to be relevant . Besides why is she on Trump’s case he’s pro Israel and she claims to be Jewish she’s turning her back on the very people that probably supported her career the most. It is sad to see the liberal mindset being so limited you are either racist or a Nazi. The need to read a dictionary.

  46. Tim Allen, John Voight, Scott Baio, Tom Selleck, Gene Simmons, Stacey Dash, Dean Cain, Kid Rock, to name a few. They are out there.

  47. When rich, liberal “entertainers” make statements they know they have the money and lawyers to get this all
    dropped. They are not politicians – they are simply bloated celebrities espousing their own private thoughts, but with celebrity they get to seem to be important and racism is now in vogue so just another facist attacking
    religious freedoms, making false claims with out proof. Of course it helps when your career is nearly over – cause you don’t have much to lose. She is entitled top her opinion – just as I am – just another hollywood elitist telling the rest of us how to live and think. If they ever got real power they would probably open up the
    gas chambers for anyone who disagreed with them anyway.

  48. Old Bette:
    You picked the wrong story as the vehicle to come out of obscurity. You are wrong as usual. I have greater confidence in the Blacks I know and don’t know to make their own decisions about who to support. Jobs are back for everyone despite race. If you can’t find work, I guess there not much available for a washed up entertainer. Too much new, good, and fresh talent coming up. Please take advantage of that wind beneath your wings and fly back to the darkness out of which you came…and please stay there. A history lesson: Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. Good try to make a come back…too bad nobody came. Bette who?…Never heard of her…who cares. We’re onto doing good for the nation.

  49. Congratulations, bill. In your above posted message, you just gave a 100 percent perfect description of d trump in every way!

  50. We do not need an apology from her and neither does the President. All we need to remember where this came from. I know of so many Black Americans that love our President and what he has done for not only the Black population but for everyone, including the disgusting Liberals.
    What I would like to hear from just one of these A**holes an explanation why they have this amount of hate for Donald Trump who has not done anything to them, period. That is besides annihilating Hillary.

  51. That was not the point. Don’t you read all of these comments. No one said you don’t have the rght to like or dislike who you please, but Middler made a nasty racist comment that was totally unnecessary.


  53. Racism
    by Ayn Rand

    Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage — the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

    Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values, and character are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control. This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas — or of inherited knowledge — which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

    Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination.

    “Racism”. 2019. Ari.Aynrand.Org. Accessed July 27, 2019.

  54. I agree with you completely Nonya. These washed up has beens should stick to (trying) to do what they are suppose to do & entertainment people…their politics are their own business. I don’t care what party they support all I want from them is to be entertained.


  56. Gee, Paula Deen and Roseanne Barr have inadvertently made what was purported to be “racist” remarks, they apologized, and their popularity and businesses went down the drain. Let’s see if the same thing will happen to a loud-mouthed Democrat “celebrity”!! I will watch and wait! My guess is that the media and the Left celebrities will not permit such a thing to happen to one of their own. They are two-faced hypocrites who do not hold their own to the same standard as they do for Conservatives. This is the kind of country we have, thanks to people like Barak Obama, Jesse Jackson, and others not caring one fig for the United States or the sewer they have created. Does anybody really think she will be held to this standard that was imposed on Conservatives?????

  57. Ya your right Saundra, there are some that are not lunatic liberal arse sucking pigs. The ones you listed I also like. I just couldn’t think off the top of my head who else I liked….I attribute my memory loss to terminal blonde moments. ..LOL


  59. Remember folks, Jane Fonda sat for pictures with our enemies the Viet Cong!
    Her inbred brother is also an America hating SIMP!

  60. I agree Janet, & I am sure there are many many, many more that support President Trump but don’t say it because of the repercussions they will face from their own people.

  61. Simply Wonderful, charles. Change the word SHE to the word HE in your posted message & Everybody Who reads this will fully recognize d trump as the PILE of CRAP mentioned in it!

  62. My saying is “Intelligent Blacks become Conservatives while the Dumb ass Blacks stay Democrats”.

  63. i put bette midler in the same boat as the talking turd elija cummins ,BOTH SMELL BAD, BOTH ARE BRAINLESS,AND BOTH HAVE TERMINAL TRUMP DISORDER. IT IS A SHAME IT IS NOT TERMINAL…

  64. Wow, what a hater you sound like, Betty! Pretty whiny, too. Really a shame, considering you guys say you are “tolerant”. He is OUR President; train yourself to “tolerate.”

  65. Betty just a suggestion could you grab Barbie by the hand and the both of you please get to a psychiatric Dr. your comments show you both are very troubled women!

  66. It is very sad that when people who have been placed in the public’s attention for the acting ability over the years, that they think that they are “the voice” of the people. It is known that you can act and when you do you are speaking lines that someone else has written for you to say. That;s what you used to think you had a national voice. What a waste when you use your own words, the shame of it. Look back on your life and tell me what you yourself in you own words have given you the concept that your voice will resonate to million s of people.

  67. Stupid knows no boundaries and neither does delusional hatred. In the theatre of their minds, they imagine just how much influence and how wonderfully creative they are. Every village has an idiot, and our country has them all located in Hollywood, Los Angeles and New York city. Sorry Bette, you’re a irrelevant court jester.

  68. My thoughts are redundant and not printable even so you all just fill in the blanks. I will choose to vote with my dollars and will never go see any of here movies.

  69. Wow Bette you are a real Biatch. You just screwed up yourself and your career. If she was made to apologize it would be fake and we all know that. What goes around comes around and boy will she get hers and so will the rest of the demons in Hollywood.

  70. Let the old hollywood liberal whine ..She’s just another whiny loser that lost her way.
    All the liberals in hollywood keep listening too the lies from the demorat party .

  71. how about proving your statement. police records dna witnesses hmmm havent seen any of that . so he paid off a few who seems to be in it for the money.much later. maybe you been drinking dnc coolaid again

  72. Too late. The “career” of Bette Midler is already over. This washed-up bathhouse singer is no longer interesting to her bathhouse boys. Yes, this trash is washed up and flushed out!

  73. yep…she figures that blacks are inferior…too bad. they are far superior in intellect to the so called democrat party.

  74. Back in the 60’s Bette Midler was a rude ,foul mouthed fag hag entertainer who was the darling of gay entertainment. Time has caught up to her .She’s still rude, foul mouth and no longer an entertainer. most of the Gays that adored her are dead or back in the closet. She is starved for the attention she received then and her attacks on Trump and remarks on Americans of color are falling on deaf ears with the WALK AWAY MOVEMENT many Americans of color and gays are leaving the democratic party. Keanna and Candice have enlightend many. The Democrats can no no longer rely on the Hispanic, and Americans of color vote . they want open boarders to give illegals the right to all the perks they can to get their votes. As a legal immigrant or a natural born citizen you are entitled to what ever this country has to offer. ARE YOU AN AMERICAN CITIZEN should be on the Census and on voter Id and driver licence Trump 2020

  75. Now, had you said “has been” actress, I would have known who you meant right off! As for being a famous actress, that was decades ago.

  76. Bette Midler commented that she believed the Black supporters in a photo behind President Trump were paid . The comment I made was at the very heart of the matter . My comment is in support of the Black supporters in the photo with President Trump . Bette Midlers approval is not required to support anybody .

  77. Bette Midler has a deranged reason to be going after Trump. Reports are surfacing about being Epstein handler who help procure young girls for Epstein is Bette BBF.

  78. Once an A Lister whose star has long ago fade. Like DeNiro and Baldwin, it would be best to rest on your laurels and quietly fade away. I enjoyed Bette’s comedy from the 70’s and 80’s, just as I enjoyed DeMiro as young Vito Corleone and in Once Upon a Time in America, and Alec in The Shadow and The Get Away remake. But getting involved in liberal politics has infected them with a form of LIbertardism that has caused a total mental imbalance. This is no way to revive a flat career, all you’re doing is seriously ticking off the people that go to the movies and pay for your careers. Get some help guys.

  79. Betty, it is very obvious that it is YOUR head that is empty. Pres. Trump’s IQ is 162. Yours must be about 30, if even that.

  80. Bet Middler was a favorite of mine untill she turned into a Trump hater and verbal spewer of unfounded hate and I no longer care to have anything to do with her now! She is repeating untrue nonsense put out by hate-filled Democrats and Idiots who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her! But I always say everyone is entitled to their own STUPID opinion! My Dad always said ” it is ok to be thought a Fool, but not ok to open your mouth and prove it!”So have at it Bet!”

  81. No Midler should not apologize, it would be meaningless anyway. The woman is just another celebrity elitist devoid of decency and integrity, and has no respect for the American people who think differently from her. She should be ignored and relegated to the trash heap of history.



  84. The people of Color are Proud to be Americans and many aren’t proud of the reference to AFRICA, as a man of Color said to me the other day he was born here in the United States as were his parents. We were in a public place and a lady of color said that she and her family all felt the same way.

  85. Lot of foul odors coming out your mouth. I’m sure it smells like sulfur because that is the smell spewed by Satan, go back to hell.

  86. The blacks I know are also for him and these people are from different religions, professions and age groups, also men and women. They are fed up with being lied to and used by the Democrats.

    Midler is an arrogant, self-appointed, racist mouth. She would be better with duct tape permanently placed over her mouth.

  87. Jane Fonda was a communist and Obama hangs an award around her neck. All she should have around her neck is a hanging rope. She is one woman that I dislike so much for what she did to our military in Vietnam. I can honestly say I hate her.

  88. The traitor Pyongyang Donald doesn’t care enough about others to be racist. All of us, and in particular his followers, are just tools to be used to stroke his huge ego. He couldn’t care less about America or Americans except as useful idiots.

  89. Opinions (& that’s what your comment is) are like butt holes; everyone has one and they stink. Yours more than most as you provided NO evidence to support your claim because there isn’t any.

  90. You are a moron who has no idea what you’re talking about. I have several black friends who totally support our president. Go back in your hole

  91. My guess is that Hollywood has tossed her aside & she is trying to relevant – crawl back into your HOLE Bette & pull the dirt over you & take a nap!

  92. I agree. Really. I could give a rat’s behind what Bette Midler thinks about anything and I mean anything. Famous actress. She was never what I call famous. The news is desperate to even put this out there.

  93. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You, Eric the moron, are clear evidence of the accuracy of his words.

  94. I would love to know just why these people hate Trump so much. He has taken so much off them and never receives a penny for being president unlike the freak who was there before him. Odumbo got rich taking from the American people and screwing up this country. Yeah Trump has probably made mistakes in his time but his love for this country and it’s people shows on every scale. We the people elected him and hopefully will again so get over it liberals, if you cared as much as Trump a lot more would get done in this country.

  95. I”d say that the media should stop giving all these liberal has-been’s free face time for advertising. But then virtually all the media has nothing but has-been’s on their staff too.

  96. Your really out of touch. If your a Democrat then I can understand why you say that. But most intellectual people understand that Democrats want them in poverty.
    If your a Republican then go back to school an please read instead of watching the TV

  97. It is a shame our country has come down to what I have been reading in the comments on here. People who are posting think Trump can do no wrong, but someone else does the same thing and they are ready to escort them out of this country. I am an independent (a true one), and I try to be open minded where politics are concerned. No, I don’t agree with President Trump on much of what he is doing. He is out for himself and wants to make a name people will remember. He can stop because most won’t forget him. If everyone would stop and really take a look at what he is doing with an open mind they would know he is really bad for this country. I’m afraid to say anything because of how the supports behave when you mention something against Trump. In reality I am afraid to post this because I have no idea what some of the supports will do. I could really go into some details, but my fear is grater than need for getting the truth out to the few that will pay attention to it.A few things to pay attention to are; How many cabinet positions are being filled by “temporary” person who have not yet been approved by congress, who are the presidents friends in other countries. I am not making any accusations, but asking some questions in my own mind. There are many more questions I have, but as I said before I am afraid to mention.

  98. You do know in Trumps early thirties he dated and had a long term relationship with a woman half Black? Racist???? How?She was a model who did not wish to marry but rather pursue her career. Lovely woman I might add.

  99. You Eric Just hit the nail on the head. I am 81 years old and in all my life I have never seen so many people support a person who has no respect for what happens to them or to the country in which he is president. Things aren’t bad YET, but that will change for the worse unless someone puts a stop to all the nonsense and stupid name calling that is going on I’m afraid to say anymore — there are far to many idiots reading this.

  100. I used to like Bette Midler, now, I’m disappointed in her. Used to like Rosey O’Donnell, but she turned Lesbian, same for Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, I’m opinionated, but at 83, I have seen a lot. I puke, when I think of it all-And I’m not a Bible pumper, either- Yes, I am predjudiced, about the queers-And proud of it !! Nuff said


    BETTE, why don’t you open your ugly pie-hole and talk about Louis F?????

  102. Nobody cares if she apologizes or not, nobody cares what she has to say whatsoever! She is an Old Washed up has been!

  103. Madeline…You are a liar!! It is OBAMA who is the racist. He hates whites, but that is fine with you. Pres. Trump has done for more for blacks than Obama ever did.

  104. Eric, Your ignorance is profound. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot for us. He is NOT a traitor, but OBAMA is!!!!!!!! He is muslim and hates everything this country stands for. He supports our ENEMY islam. But you are fine whti that. YOU are a fool. Name ONE THING that makes Pres. Trump a traitor. YOU CAN’T!!!!! Take your sick hate somewhere else

  105. YOU are WRONG!!!!! Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that makes him bad. NO, he is NOT out for himself, but for what this country needs. You have no idea how some of his supporters…NOT supports…will do and are afraid to post things???????? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?????? Your ignorance is profound. What would we do to you?? MOST of his supporters are Christians and follow the teachings of Jesus. We just pity you for your ignorance. Open up your closed mind and see that Pres. Trump has already done so much good for this country. And I am also a true independent. I don’t vote party, but the best person for the job, which was NOT Hillary!!! She would have continued Obama’s destruction of a nation he hates.

  106. She tweeted the comment last week and included a photo of Trump and in the stands behind him were people of all colors. She stated something about this being Trumps “blackground.” Pissed me off so I sent a response tweet and referred to her as what she is: an OLD, wash up, irrelevant slut. Twitter suspended me. Didn’t do a damn thing to the old racist bat. You can be sure when the word “racist” is used it is coming from a racist and really has nothi

    ng to do with the conservative being labled racist.

  107. So all old people are wrinkly and ugly? I feel sorry for you. You have no appreciation for the elderly. Some day, God willing, you will be old. I work in a retirement home and the residents are awesome!!

  108. She’s ugly through and through! . . . which in HER case is PERMANENT! Who cares? she has nothing to offer anyway . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  109. If Black Americans are not offended by Bette Midlers comments then this 43%English,31%Dutch and 13%Irish person is offended for them. The DNC is doing everything it can to keep the black community happy with their little cabins behind the the big house, their account at the company store and their non paying jobs working plantation fields. Get off the plantation people and vote republican.

  110. If Black Americans are not offended by Bette Midlers comments then this 43%English,31%Dutch and 13%Irish person is offended for them. The DNC is doing everything it can to keep the black community happy with their little cabins behind the the big house, their account at the company store and their non paying jobs working plantation fields. Get off the plantation people and vote republican.

  111. Sorry, bob. I don’t have a welfare check & food stamps. What I do have however is the Common Sense Ability to tell the difference between a MAN & a MONKEY like the BLOND HAIRED, BRAINLESS ORANGUTAN APE in the Oval OFFICE, the CONCEITED PILE of SICKO CRAP who actually thinks he’s GOD’s Gift To America. GOD’S & RUSSIA’S CURSE both on the USA is instead exactly what CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has been from Day One!

  112. A word to Bette. I did not feel that Barack Obama was qualified for the POTUS job and was disappointed even angry that he won not once but twice. But he did not deserve to be called every vile name in the book nor he or his family threatened with all kinds of violent acts. You don’t have to like President Trump but it stands that he won,will win again so get over it and go get drunk or something

  113. It’s not about her, the major point here is that Trump IS a blatant racist! His followers will not admit this out of cowardice because that would imply that they themselves are as well, even though many are not. The very few non-white folks at his rallies are just votes for him. A vast majority of racist folk will not admit it in public due to the fact that it may cost them their jobs and reputations. It’s unbelievable that despite the evidence out of his own mouth and slum lord discriminatory lawsuits with his daddy some still deny it!

  114. I always thought bette was a most talented and a m0st gifted singer, but she has now proven to me
    that she is a most vile person, and I am ashamed of enjoying her despicable singing ability to
    make her appear to be wonderful human being !!! It has been a terrible mistake on my part !!!!

  115. Who cares – Bette Midler is IRRELEVANT! She’s so 70s and 80s! I didn’t realize she was still alive! If someone said Angelina Jolie and Alyssa Milano, Trump supporters can care because they are relevant! Midler is a non-entity and she’s so 70s! I’d ignore and MOON Midler! She should be MOONED because it would be so funny!

  116. Just another Follywood freak with a big mouth gum flapping like she thinks her opinions are so important. Another one of those who can’t grasp that life is hard and even harder when you’re stupid.

  117. Betyy, NO, it is very obvious that you have no common sense at all!!! You have ONLY hate and ignorance. YOU are a very sad excuse for a human being. You mentioned God. You know nothing at all about who God is. God loves Pres. Trump and gave him to us as our president. Pres. Trump IS God’s gift to America!!!! You should be THANKING God that Hillary did not get elected, as this country would no longer be what our founding fathers gave us. But you don’t know anything about that, either. You just have hate and ignorance, which you show every time you post. You are a fool!!!!

  118. John, I would not call blacks African Americans. MOST of them have never been to Africa, except for those that Obama brought here. If the ones who want to be called African Americans are so proud of their African heritage, they are free to go there. But they need to understand that their own people there went out into the jungles and rounded up their ancestors and SOLD them into slavery. They should be very thankful to be here, but they have only hate and racism. There are blacks where I live and they are Americans. They are no different from anyone else. But they are also conservative. It is the lib blacks who are causing all the problems, just like any other lib.

  119. We do not need any more racists remark for these low life people. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of race or religious beliefs.We all need to work together to move our country forward.Have forgot that we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.Don’t let these deranged people run our country.

  120. I so much agree with you, and you said it so well. I wasn’t happy when Obama was elected but thought he should have a chance to help this country. He proved beyond doubt he should never been elected especially as he is totally one of the most racist people I’ve seen and he’s half white. Midler is just another uninformed singer who should keep her mouth shut. She’s outlived her time.

  121. If you think she’s bad; check out her husband. Born in Argentina, of German Heritage. You know, Argentina, where all the Nazis’ fled. And then they got on with producing little nazis’…

  122. What was she famous for I am 77 and can’t remember what she did and I don’t care to know

  123. Bette Midler, Clinton Groupie-Streisand (of the Flatbush variety), Alyssa Milano, and the rest of the AGING Hollywood PROGRAMMED “STEPFORD WIVES”, ALL speak with ONE VOICE only. Like their movies, DIRECTED with what to say.

  124. Destroy what career? Her career has been over for a decade. She needs to get back in the ugly tree and stay perched up there before some buzzard attacks her ugly ass.

  125. And what in your ill found intelligence are you, stupid? It would seem so! But you can’t even repair stupid with duct tape, you can only gag it.

  126. Who really cares what these morons in Hollywood think ever! Most of them never completed High School. So, whatever Midler says or does has no effect on anything other than pointing out her rabid racism!

  127. NONYA, It does make sense when you factor in most belong to the Illuminati and the Illuminati ties into globalism. To get fame and fortune many have had to literally sell their souls to the devil. You can research this online. If you do, you will see many of their hand gestures and back drops to their concerts, etc are all Illuminati symbols. They have to participate and partake in all kinds of satanic rituals once they are in,
    It is very sick to learn about, A LOT OF EVIL and they are owned pretty much by this secret society.

  128. Betty: You again???????? By lord, you must live and breathe to post nasty comments about Potus on social media. What are you a troll ? Getting paid perhaps, maybe a bonus for each and every hateful insult you can post about Potus? No facts, no proof ever, NOTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE commenting about- just insults. I have a message for you Betty: The only one we see and are hearing is YOU opening your big fat, stupid, stinking mouth. Grow up

  129. Pat, Most people have no clue what you are talking about here, but you are so,so correct. Mighty evil stuff out there, and I hope they are all caught, tried, sent to prison, (actually the death penalty would be more appropriate because this is as evil as it can get) and then they rot in hell where they belong. I have a feeling we have the best shot ever with Potus in charge, and William Barr too in exposing a lot of this FINALLY and putting an end to all this sicko deep state stuff it for it has been going on for decades. Potus just passed a bill not to long ago with severe penalties for trafficking woman and children and it doesn’t just cover coyotes ( which are what thosewho are paid to smuggle woman and children across the border.) who end up exploiting them, selling them as sex slaves etc.His bill applies to all and remember Kennedy talking about secret societies that should not exist? THIS is exactly what he was referring to which was no doubt the reason he was killed to silence him. Many, many high paid politicians, past presidents, leaders from all over the world have partook in these sicko activities. All people have to do is read up on the Bilderberg Group for one, how they dress in black roles, wear masks and worship Mullock, an owl statute and performing satanic rituals. I think it was Alex Jones who snuck in there and caught it all on video what they were doing. That video was on the net if has not been censored like everything else they do not want us to know about. SICK stuff, I tell ya.

  130. Edward: I think some of the same evil existed back in the 50’s-60’s- it just was covered up more and not so blatantly obvious, as it is now. Also, back then, we did not have the internet and or technology as we do today whereby people can see now more what goes on behind the scenes and information is more readily available. Why do you think many of these tech companies , controlled by the globalists, want to censor free speech? Ban all alternative news media who are exposing a lot of this stuff? It is because they can’t control these people like they can the 4-5 major news station which are all owned by the same people. Heck, Hillary Clinton herself is on video (its’ on the net) saying to her cohorts ” we are losing the war on information,.” meaning the elite are losing their power on what the people are finding out about. I do agree it has gotten worse, alot worse, but there is a big push now to speed things up so the NEW WORLD order can come about. The globalists have been slowly instilling or putting things into place for many years to have this come about but now are losing ground AS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WAKE UP. They were slowly indoctrinating us or our kids into becoming numb to violence first, then sexuality which was never exploited back in the fifties as it is today, GMO’s in our food, vaccinations, fluoride in our water which was used to dumb down concentration camp prisoners and when the war ended, never taken out of. Is actually a toxin, look it up plus geoenginnering our skies (see and I could go on and on and on. It is all part of the globalists wanting to take over complete control of the world’s population. I tell ya an excellent book to read on how these globalist elite came into power is “the creature from Jeykl Island by Ed Griffin “which everyone should read and available free at libraries. It is a real eye opener. on how our financial sector (the Federal reserve) was created by the elite to take control OF OUR MONEY and this was all planned as well. Please read it people. It will open up your eyes to how this all started and IT HAS only got uglier since.

  131. You are an idiot. I know several black people and they all support Trump. You are ignorant to make this comment. Under Trump the blacks have a very low unemployment rate. The number of jobs created by Trump far exceeds what Obama ever did.

  132. I bave long ago abandoned the “HEDONISTS of HOLLYWOOD” as a source of intellectual stimulation. For the MOST PART, they are merely a congregation of self adulating, EGOTISTS who award each other with dubiouisly achievement AWARDS for pretending to be (at great expence) someone or something they are not nor could ever be. They have become SO IMPRESSED with their own ( Make believe world) they really believe their actions or words in the REAL WORLD are actually RELEVENT !!! THEY ARE NOT !!!! They are only ACTING THE ROLE again, confusing SCHIZOFRENIA for lucidity. Receving what appears to be DAILY Acting Awards FOR A THESPIAN, must be akin to an infant SUCKING on their ever present PACIFIER !!!!!

  133. Who even cares what she or anyone else in Hollywood thinks? She is so irrelevant and most of the voting age public don’t even remember her. She is a jealous has-been. I crave the OLD Hollywood like James Stewart, John Wayne, etc that kept their opinions to themselves and news media that told the truth whether they liked it or not.

    I think if those of us unhappy with leftist Hollywood would show them OUR opinion at the movies, by not purchasing or renting their videos. I’ve done it for the last 3 elections and haven’t missed it at all. My money isnt going to help them get richer, for sure.

  134. How? I guess if you like anal for the $#it coming out of her mouth. Who cares what these creeps think. Look at the difference between actors of WW II and the actors of today. The WW II were the real stars. You would think ISIS pays their salary.


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