This fake church invited a drag queen to lead part of their Sunday worship and you won’t believe what he did


Fake churches and false teachers are becoming more common as the radical LGBT movement forces their way into mainstream culture.

Leftist “pastors” across the country are embracing the radical LGBT movement in their churches while totally ignoring Scripture.

And one fake church invited a drag queen to lead part of their Sunday worship and you won’t believe what he did.

Despite only representing 4.5% of American society, the radical LGBT movement is doing everything it can to corrupt America’s culture and force acceptance of their deviant lifestyle on others.

Their primary avenues for indoctrinating youth have been through Hollywood and government education.

As a result, Americans largely overestimate how many adults are actually homosexuals because they’ve succeeded at making it seem like they’re everywhere.

Now, they are targeting churches susceptible to extreme left-wing ideology.

These fake churches embracing the radical LGBT movement are completely ignoring God’s word on morality, same-sex marriage, and the lifestyles God intended for man and woman.

One fake church in Cincinnati even invited a drag queen — who in his day job works as the church’s caretaker — to read a book to children about California’s first openly gay politician.

Christian Headlines reports:

A Cincinnati man dressed in drag read a book about a hero to the LGBT community during the children’s time at a church service Sunday. The event took place as Auburn Hills Presbyterian Church celebrated LGBT Pride month in June.

Dan Davidson, the church’s building caretaker, dressed as his alter ego “Sparke Leigh.” As worshippers arrived, Davidson greeted them wearing a purple dress, makeup, high heels, and a beard made of glitter.

The church choir opened the worship service by singing “God Welcomes All.” Then, the pastor called the church’s children to the front and Davidson emerged wearing a pink dress and green, curly hair. He read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag. The book tells the story of California’s first openly gay politician and how he “Dreamed that everyone – even gay people – would have equality. He dreamed that one day people would be able to live and love as they pleased.”

This phenomenon of fake churches embracing left-wing political ideology as their theology is concerning for several reasons.

First, Christ’s message is being twisted to fit the radical LGBT agenda.

The Bible warns in Jude that false prophets will attempt to bring down the church, and that is precisely what is happening.

Second, it is wrong to expose children to these ideas.

This church is engaging in outright manipulation of these young minds.

Other church leaders would be wise to disavow this kind of behavior and tell the world that they reject the radical LGBT movement.

What do you think?

Does the radical LGBT agenda have any place in the church?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Well, here is” another” Pastor that cares more about being” politically correct” then honoring God and scriptures. But to make matters worse, this so-called man of God has this radical gay, all dressed up as a woman, reading his gay propaganda to the children!Yes, Christianity teaches us to love one another and be tolerate of others. But the Bible also tells us that homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes.So what message SHOULD this false representative of God be really teaching his flock???In stead of leading them astray. He and others will be judged very harshly come Judgement day.Not by me ,but by GOD.

  3. Jesus is the head of the church, and He would NEVER condone what they are doing. Any “church” that does not follow His teachings is not of Him, so is satanic.

  4. That is despicable! Only true followers of Jesus will enter heaven. They are leading the young children astray!

  5. This is not a Christian church or “Christ-centered church. They are afraid of the Truth. God has been clear from the beginning. When sin entered the world, death was certain. In eternity, life either continues through faith that a sinless Jesus died a horrible death for our sins and rose again. His resurrection shows us God’s plan for believers. This mockery will not go unpunished. Mark His Word!

  6. God welcomes all, but God does not condone all. LGBTs should be welcome in the Church but should never be seen as leaders or good examples in the Church. LGBT does not support an ongoing society.

  7. The Muslim and Sheri law will deal with the LGBTQ’s with in the next 15 to 20 years when they take over the world including the USA. Heads will roll.

  8. Mike you are 100% right. All of God’s children will have to fight for their lives against evil. Brown, black,white an red will join together to fight and we shall overcome. AGAIN. ????????????????????????

  9. This is very sick. As Paul tells us about this type of sexual behavior is that not only do they do these things themselves, they encourage them in others. Our Lord tells us it would be better for us to sink to the bottom of the ocean than to lead a little one astray-not a pretty picture.
    We all struggle with sexual morality this is man’s lot since the fall. Just as we should not champion our own deviant behavior, we mustn’t downplay aberrant behaviors in others. As churchmen we are not doing anyone a spiritual favor by pretending deviant, unnatural behavior is ok. These behaviors violate nature and the God who created nature.

  10. there is nothing fake here. all humans are gods people. teach love for all. we are all just human beings.

  11. there is nothing fake here. all humans are gods people. teach love for all. we are all just human beings. we should be together. with god.

  12. there is nothing fake here. all humans are gods people. teach love for all. we are all just human beings. we should be together. with god. this is not deviant, unnatural behavior.

  13. John 13:34, “Love one another”, does not mean deviant behavior of any kind (rape, murder, fornication, robbery, etc.) is acceptable. Luke 17:2, “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” is in the same bible.

  14. As the rest of the world embraces education, technology and the future – the United States under the spell of-progressives/liberal/
    democrats are turning boys into girls, girls into boys, pushing transgendered people into the mainstream, rewriting history, taking down statues, renaming streets, redistributing wealth and rewarding law breakers like illegals. The United States will not be harmed by Russia, North Korea, China, isis or any other terrorist organization. We will be destroyed from within by democrats.

  15. Mr. Hird, please read the Book of Romans in the Bible to learn what God considers right and wrong. When you call yourself a reverend (rev.) you are implying a working knowledge of the Bible. But your comments do not align with the teaching found in the Bible. Yes, we are to love all but in that love we are to share Truth about what is deviant.

  16. Reverend? Andrew, What word of G-d are you reading that you misinterpret? Deviant behavior is unacceptable in the Almighty’s eyes. Christian or Jewish readings proclaim this.

  17. Well Dr Hird, It IS deviant and against God’s plan. Doesnt your Bible sayu after your life iyou get judged? If your name isnot found in the Book of Life, and your life is replayed to you so you see your unrepentant errors/sins, you will get sent to HELL, forever. Read the bible.You have been warned. Since you have been warned, at least I cant be judged for keeping silent in regards to you, and therefore your blood is not on my hands……a Bible paraphrase.

  18. You may think that you have 15 to twenty years to not worry about this problem . You are only fooling your self. This type of behavior is why God demands their destruction . He tells you through the word that this type of behavior will destroy the nation. Christ also speaks of this type of .becoming prominent just before he removes the true church from the world. All those who have obeyed his commandments. When you talk about the false church in Cincinnati you must think of the Pastor . The Scripture tells us that we will be tried on the knowledge that we have and the more knowledge that we have the more severe the judgment. We also need to know that many of what are referred to as mainline church are going in this direction. Many of your mainline seminaries do not teach that the bible is the inspired word of God. I would suggest anyone attending a mainline church see what they are teaching before you agree with there teaching and have to hear the words of Christ depart from me I never knew you . I will not go into all the mainline churches , but many of them have existed for than longer than most of us have been alive. To be true to the word of God you have to look at Leviticus , Romans, Corinthians , Galatians , Ephesians, and Timothy to follow the commands of God and of Christ . Christ says if you love me you will obey my Commands. The Bible say to every believe come ye out from among them . Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed . Made different from the world of lust pleasure and rebellion against the teachings of the word of God. The practice of LGBT is the worship of Baal and other pagan idols which includes the killing of children and all types of sexual immorality.

  19. The Lord’s Prayer teaches us to ask for God’s forgiveness at the same level that we forgive others.
    If you’re a low level forgiver you know what to expect.
    While God is always faithful to forgive the sin God never relieves us completely of all the consequences of that sin. So low level forgivers should expect to face the most consequence(s) while high level forgivers expect to face the least consequences.

  20. Rev…WRONG!!!! God is very clear in several places in the Bible that this is an abomination!!!! And we may all belong to God now, but ONLY those who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior will enter into Heaven. Have you actually read the Bible???

  21. Rev. Andrew Hird: With all do respect sir, if indeed you are a Rev., then you also are not following what the Bible tells us about Homosexuals . It clearly states that Homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. Yes we are all human beings but that does not mean we are to honor and accept their life style.Only GOD can and will judge them. But I will never attend any church that has a transgender man(or woman) dressing up and teaching a young impressionable mind that their life style is correct and accepted by GOD.And personally, shame on you if you have the same mind set….

  22. Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 PROVES that homosexuality is against God. We are indeed, all God’s creations, but we are not all God’s children. You either choose to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and obey God, your His Child, or you choose to change to jot of the Bible, and you choose to be a child of satan.

  23. This is truly disgusting People need to understand that the goal of the LGBTU movement is and has always been not about “civil rights” but the delegitimization of heterosexuality. Children at all levels are being indoctrinated into believing that homosexuality and transgendered is the true norm. The real enemies of this country are the leftists, progressives, libtards, and assorted Democrats pushing this horrific agenda

  24. Yes, God commands that we love everyone, but He also commands that we hate all sin. So you think it is okay to sin, or maybe that there is no sin??? READ the Bible. If sin is okay there would have been no need for Jesus to come and die on the cross. WAKE UP!

  25. It is said that history repeats itself. True! We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. The congregation had a choice to get up and walk out — if they didn’t — they are part of the problem and knowing this happened in cali-gay-fornia — I would bet they are a big part of the problem.

  27. Gerry: Actually this particular church is in Ohio.So you can clearly see LGBT’s are spreading their deviant lifestyle all through out the United States.Thumbing their noses at all Christian teachings and values and these Pastors, Reverends and etc. are endorsing it!Completely ignoring what GOD has clearly stated about Homosexuality.
    More people today are scared to death about being “politically correct” than honoring GOD and the Bible.

  28. The Bible teaches us that it’s “natural” for humans to pursue their sexual desires, straight or gay. These desires can be so strong that they can control us. God gave us an “out” and it is the joining of a man and woman in marriage. God is very clear about that. It is wrong to hate so called “gays” but according to the Bible people with those desires should resist them and ask God to help the same as “hetros” should also resist. With that said “same sex” desires are condemned in many places. Instead of condoning these desires a minister or pastor should attempt to help someone caught in these desires to repent or turn away from them. Also how can a “servant” to a “flock” of believers be a “reverend”?

  29. the idiot that invited them should be removed and the church should go back to its roots before it fades in the abyss,

  30. Linda: I love your answer. But, I think the name for that state should be: Californication. After all, that’s where the Hollywood Whores live!

  31. This church is part of the leftist denomination which contrary to the Holy Word of God, ordains blatantly “married” lesbians and homosexuals with reprobate/demented minds. ICHABOD is written across the denomination and church.

  32. Scripture being fulfilled every day just as Jesus said it would, I am amazed at the way people are falling
    for saten’s ploy to draw people into the Hell that God has prepared for those who fall for his ungodly tricks.
    These people are sick in more ways than one, God did not make these people what they are the devil
    warped the minds of those people to beleave a lie and be damned . Christians beware they are cropping
    up everywhere your kids may be next to be sucked into their damning belief.

  33. Yes Jesus died on the Cross for them, He loves them but not their life style. It is an Abomination “things uterly repulsive” But what we are seeing is the signs of the end? As in the days of Noah. We are there. If you have a Bible read ROMANS 1:17 – 32…. We are there..

  34. Pat;Quite right, thank you!Isn’t it sad though that a lot of people will vote just being influenced because of what an actress or actor believes? Not seeing that’s it all Liberal propaganda?

  35. Paul- you are exactly right. We are all God’s creatures and we are adopted into his family only when we believe that He sent His son to die on a cross for our sins and only when we accept that gift, are we assured of eternal life with Him.

  36. Raymond King: That’s why I thank GOD every day my children are adults now and neither one of them want to bring a child into this world.Just as a side note here, they are practicing safe sex and even though these Pro-Abortionists won’t accept this, there are ALWAYS a way not to become pregnant in the first place.Well anyway, I never been a gloom and doom person, but everyday I clearly see we are indeed in the end times and are very mindful for Jesus to return again….

  37. The ‘falling away’ from the TRUE God – Bible prophesy fulfilled in our day.
    2Thess. 2:1-3: Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

  38. Andrew Hird: Now I know you are NOT a Rev. Just another of those pesky Democrats children spewing your nonsense!!! Go watch CNN or another of the fake news channels and stop playing games on these blogs!!

  39. Please note: This Andrew Hird is NOT a Rev. or any any man of the faith. Just another of those annoying Democratic atheists playing games.Don’t bother to respond to him, please…..

  40. Sadly this type of IGNORANCE will only get worse. People who have working minds warned this would happen if the LIBERAL IGNORANCE was made normal. The word of GOD states clearly that those of the mentally ill group known as LGBTQ will be punished for their actions and for rejecting Christ. Those who try to make those in the LGBTQ community normal and accepted will ding GOD has a special place for them in the Lake of Fire. The BIBLE(AV 1611King James version) makes it plain to see that Homosexuality is something GOD condemns. He destroyed Sodom Safire that very thing. GOD calls Homosexuality an ABOMINATION. He also calks Pride and vanity this same thing and those two sins got Satan cast out of Heaven and into Hell. Those who claim these people can be Christians without giving up their SINFUL ways are LIARS and GOD will punish them for their LIES and the souls lost due to those LIES.

  41. I say to these deviant scum bags stop flaunting your slime to our children. If you want to be and live the life of a mental case keep it to yourself and do it in your own home not in a place of worship. Stop spreading your sick mentality on young minds or one of these days you will die regretting it by forcing the hand of a smart parent.

  42. I am sickened by this incident… However, I am also sickened by a slew of So-Called “Christians” who don’t even know the teachings of Jesus. Jesus NEVER addressed the topic of homosexuality… If you are a “Christian”, does it not make sense that you would follow the teachings of Jesus, the Christ? I see more people follow the contradictory teachings of Paul over the teachings of Jesus, everyday all day! The “Holy Bible” was something put together by the Roman Emperor, Constantine… Not by God! It was a political move by Constantine as a measure of CONTROL…

    Jesus’ teachings and the “Holy Bible” are two completely different things… Think about it! The majority of the New Testament was supposedly written by a man who NEVER met Jesus… He is no different than Joseph Smith! Yet, his words are enshrined in the “Holy Bible” as God’s Word! If you do a side by side comparison of what Jesus taught and what Paul taught, you will see they are NOT the same. In fact, they are diabolically opposed! Think about it! The conflicts are stark, NOT subtle!

  43. Big mama;Unfortunately I do not feel this is an isolate situation.More and more these false representatives of GOD care more about “political correctness” then teaching GOD’s word.Leading their flock astray.You know also not only have these deviants infiltrated certain churches, but our schools and libraries too. We also have a whole month devoted to Gay pride.They are like a cancer that keeps growing and spreading!
    I also don’t care what these gays do in their own home. Their lifestyle is between them and GOD. But I’m sick to death of their lifestyle being presented to a young impressionable mind, especially in a church!!!

  44. Satan is the leader of the lgbt movement. He is directing all those who live in the group of the lgbt and he will lead the 4 dynasties, i. e., political, financial, education and religion. Ministers who do not know the Bible well enough to teach it to their congregations, will be held responsible for leading their congregations straight to hell. If any one of you here are attending a church where the truth is not taught, then get out of that church. Get your Bibles out, blow off the dust then bow before God and ask Him to open up your mind and show you His wisdom and help you to understand His word yourself, the Holy Bible. Go to churches to hear God’s word, and stay away from buildings to be entertained by FREAKS. God will hold you responsible. Those of you who do not know the history of Sodom and Gomorrah, the very dirt that it sat on bears no fruit to this day. Nothing can grow on it and it lies barren to this day. As an example as to the consequences of sin, read Romans 13: 1 through 4 (KJV). lGBT? God created you. He loves you. He died on a cruel cross for you. Confess your sins Beg his forgiveness then turn from your sins and be saved. Don’t wait until it is too late. The growing SIN in this world at this time is so great that God is our only hope. If we chose to live for the thrill of the moment, just remember that the thrill will only last for a moment, but HELL will last for an eternity. I am not a Church Minister. I am a mere Bible student but l am a child of God. It is only because HE lives that l can face tomorrow. AMEN.

  45. I do not worship your god but the human spirit. the universe teaches me the way to live. one of love for all humans.

  46. This church is on shaky ground as they obviously have abandoned God’s word. We as christians are taught to love people but hate the sin in them. When God’s word says it is an abomination then that is exactly what it is period. The leadership in this church needs to get saved and repent.

  47. This is all too much too fast. People are going to start to push back in major ways that the LGBT crowd won’t like. I don’t think many conservatives care who people sleep with, just don’t make sex political and don’t rub it in everyone’s faces especially children and young adults. There has always been fake pastors and priests with their deviant agendas. Our job is to out them and shame them out of the church. They’re exploiting religion and mocking it. I’m not religious, but the more this stuff happens, I do believe Satan is real and the left wing is trying to ease him into society. Well, we can’t let that happen, right? Stop being PC and passive, because that won’t win this war unleashed into society. I’m not saying go beat a gay dude up, but we can’t let these people push around the trans bs or drag bs and tell us it’s normal. We have to push them out. It’s sad this is happening, because I work with a lot of gay and lesbian people who just go about their lives and don’t act this ridiculous and over the top. There’s a lot out there that are given a bad name just because of the loud minority.

  48. Andrew Hird: Oh really? Maybe you should refer back to one of YOUR earlier comments: “We should all come together with God”… Sound familiar ?? But this post the” universe” teaches you the way to live…
    What a hypocrite.. Grow up and stop playing your childless games…

  49. Linda” “Google up “Delores Cannon”. Watch the videos. Learn. YOu need to or get off this channel. We all are beginning to hate YOU!

  50. What l think about this garbage,they
    wouldn’t let me post on this site. So I’ll remain silent. God help us all…

  51. Pat: What the heck are you talking about?? If anyone hates me is ignorant Godless people like yourself. I will post where ever I want and whatever I want and if you don’t like it , don’t read them…..

  52. Love the person, hate the sin. God tells us to love everyone, however, we, as Christians are to teach them that what they are doing is a sin in God’s eyes. We are not to cower to this behavior we cannot forget that in Genesis 18:20, God reveals to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed for their grave sins. Misrepresenting God’s words is not benefit anyone. If you call yourself, a Reverend and do not teach the truth, then you are as sinful as those in the LGBTQ+. You are embracing this lifestyle and by doing so are not helping those who need to know the truth. Don’t call yourself a Servant of God if you are not helping those who will surely be punished for their lifestyle and the fact that they are forcing people to support them. You have allowed this lifestyle to attempt to brainwash God’s children, that is a sin. Sadly, we have way too many so-called Preachers, Reverends etc. that our destroying our churches because of catering to the world and not the Lord.

  53. Love the person, hate the sin. God tells us to love everyone, however, we, as Christians are to teach them that what they are doing is a sin in God’s eyes. We are not to cower to this behavior we cannot forget that in Genesis 18:20, God reveals to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed for their grave sins. Misrepresenting God’s words is not benefit anyone. If you call yourself, a Reverend and do not teach the truth, then you are as sinful as those in the LGBTQ+. You are embracing this lifestyle and by doing so are not helping those who need to know the truth. Don’t call yourself a Servant of God if you are not helping those who will surely be punished for their lifestyle and the fact that they are forcing people to support them. You have allowed this lifestyle to attempt to brainwash God’s children, that is a sin. Sadly, we have way too many so-called Preachers, Reverends etc. that are destroying our churches because of catering to the world and not the Lord.

  54. Apparently, you are part of the fake churches that this article speaks about. This type of depravity will never be accepted by mainstream society, no matter how hard these freaks try to force their sinful lifestyle down our throats. Ain’t happening Skippy!

  55. it is funny that all you god and Jesus people have so much hate. and all I have talked about is love an kindness.

  56. it is funny that all you god and Jesus people have so much hate. and all I have talked about is love an kindness. we are all just human beings.

  57. it is funny that all you god and Jesus people have so much hate. and all I have talked about is love an kindness. we are all just human beings. stop hating and try loving.

  58. All of the churches are teaching a counterfeit Christianity. Even the ones that think they are doing it right. Our saviors name is not Jesus. It never was and it never will be. Our Fathers name is Yahuwah (Proverbs 30:4), and our savior came in His Fathers name, but the world did not receive Him, but another (Jesus) came in his own name and him they did receive (Yahuchanan 5:43). Our saviors name is Yahushua. His name literally means, the salvation of Yahuwah because shua means salvation. There is so much false teaching going around. Look at and learn what the churches are not teaching you. It is up to you to seek for the truth (1 Tim 2:15). If you are lazy and only listen to faulty men at church, it will be you that suffers the outcome. Don’t let religious tradition rob you of your place in the Kingdom of Yahuwah. Learn the Truth.

  59. rev: if the church was full of adults let them go down that road. but to bring children in to look and listen to that message is wrong. you sir belongs in a mental hospital.

  60. rev: when the book of life is opened at the time of judgment you will be scrambling to protect your own rear end and not concerned about your false pack of worshipers. you sir do have some kind of mental condition.

  61. rev: you haven’t said you love donald trump yet. please say where you love him or hate him. my guess you have a deep hatred for him like all liberals.

  62. these ungodly flesh and blood abominations make me and GOD sick!!!!! these are not born again christian churches but are of satan so young people just know this is just another one of Satan tricks to send as many as he can to hell and that is exactly where they are headed for, DO NOT FOLLOW JUST READ jn3:16 romans 10:13 Jesus says in John that he is the only way to heaven !!!!! any church that does not line up with the KJV Bible is a heretic!!!!

  63. I have never posted before this but I have been following this story very closely.So I felt the need to post my view. I have read every post here and I can not understand your hostility you showed to Linda M.Especially since you stated earlier you loved one of her earlier post.Since she was only stating her beliefs and commenting on others as well.I was curious as to why you directed her to that Delores Cannon woman.So I googled her. Her beliefs has nothing to do with God or this fake church. She believes in reincarnation. Not resurrection. And that Rev. fellow must follow that belief as well.Which again has nothing to do with the topic here.You were hateful and mean and there was no cause for it…

  64. at least he could have shaved his beard off. looking at this pervert is better than looking at the democratic nomination process. where did we get so many mentally disturbed people from. close the borders it is catching.

  65. Prior to 1982 transgender and even homosexuality were deemed to be mental illness by the American Board of Psychiatry. Then, when enough Gays got on the Board the designation was changed to “A life style choice.” Ever heard of any other mental illness like; schizophrenia, bipolar, psychopaths, manic depressives, being rescheduled as a life style choice? We need to protect our way of life against these radicals. The answer is to assemble in groups to oppose them–their negative influences.

  66. Dear Bob Jones, I am sorry that you are so close minded about learning the truth when it comes to the things regarding eternity. On another subject, It does sound like we are on the same page when it comes to the craziness of the modern globalist democrats. All I can do is make the truth available the best that I can. Some want more. Others are good with the counterfeit. Have a great day.

  67. Vee: How is it that you were appointed to monitor each and every person’s post? Are you reporting back to the Democrats? I made a mistake on that person’s name and there is more than one Linda on Culture Watch. Why did you pick me to blast when there have so many other posts that were even worse? Huh? I thonk you are a spy.

    We have become the laughing stock of the world. You are seeing what these freaks are doing to our country, and they don’t even have full power – just the house. You don’t have to like Trump, but you had better help him win re-election in 2020, and do your part to help conservatives get the House back, it will be 10 times worse. I don’t think decent parents in this country want their children to grow up in that kind of environment.

  69. yes, I do love our president. I thank the human spirit that he is our president. I am an avid reader and do not like the thought of burning books but I must say the only one that I can think of is the bible. there would be less hate in the world if we did.

  70. I totally agree! Thank the Lord, I won’t be here to see the worst that’s going to happn. And, I fully believe we are on the brink of the End Times..

  71. That has nothing to do with this situation! A REAL church that believes in, & follows Christ, will not allow this in their church! And, especially to involve children. No, we shouldn’t hate the sinners, but we SHOULD hate their sins, & NOT promote them! This particular pastor was lying to his whole congregation. He was saying there’s nothing wrong with transgenderism. And, YOU, sir, need to lose the Rev from your name, because you are NOT a man of God! Take your nasty self somewhere else.

  72. Pat: First of all I am not a democrat nor am I a spy. And from I could see no other Linda posted on here except Linda M. You left your comment under her post, not anyone else’s .I have a perfect right to read others posting their comments. Just like I’m sure you do. If you felt I was blasting you, then forgive me. I was only pointing out Linda M. did not warrant you being so hostile, plus directing her to that Cannon person. Yes, others are blasting that Rev person besides Linda M. making comments to him as well.But only you chimed in and attacked her. She did not deserve it and you can’t see that, then I’m sorry but I won’t apologize for defending someone……

  73. ‘Tis more likely that YOU are wrong. Actually, MOST likely that you are very, VERY wrong. Find another page to spew your garbage; satan will welcome you gleefully.

    MAGA/KAG †††
    TRUMP 2020

  74. I am not a democrat but a Republican. I do not believe in your bible. to much hate. the most of you sound like a bunch of wack jobs. the human spirit is about love. all most of can talk about is disgusting things that gay people don’t really do. there seems to be more disgusting things done by non-gay people . then the other. my dearest and best friend is a wonderful human being who believes in god. I would rather pray with him than most of you people that I have read in here.

  75. Totally agree PI! It’s a very sad day in what was the United States! This lifestyle should not be taught in real churches or in the schools. We are all free to choose the lifestyle we want but that doesn’t mean that all things are beneficial. And as Christians yes we’re to love but that doesn’t mean we teach or accept those lifestyles that go against Gods word. Anymore than someone who’s an addict, drunk, adulter, prostitution, liar , or a thief. We’re to show them the way out and that they need to change . And that only happens by speaking truth. And Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. But the Bible says in the last days there will be many false teachers who claim to know Christ . The problem is it’s a one on one relationship with Christ , by being in the Word you’ll know wrong teachers. They distort the word and truth. All can be forgiven through Christ and Him only!

  76. @ rev Andrew Hird do you teach Christ love came to set the captives free? That this lifestyle will separate them from Christ if they continue? He didn’t suffer and die on a cross and raise again that we would continue in sin, especially those that lead to death and hell. And you do know that scripture teaches those that teach will judged more so I’d be careful of what your teaching. Are you being led by the Holy Spirit or your own feelings and thinking?

  77. i already told i don’t believe in the bible. i believe in the human spirit that brings all together as one human spirit.

  78. Rev? You are a false teacher that the bible wars about. If all these deviant behaviors are o”OK” then God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

  79. Maybe the Rev is Gay himself and believes it’s ok. And I truly agree with Mike F. That they want to conquer our USA!!! Muslims DO NOT believe in The Gay life period etc….. And if you don’t believe in Shari law it’s off with your head. The Muslims/CAIR have already said that their ppl are close to 40,000 to our 100,000 in California. And they will be putting their mark on every corner. So we Americans need to work on a solution for this BS. And keep donating to build that wall. I believe we all should be able to practice our religion without prejudice. But the Muslims are not for it. They came here to multiply and retaliate against us so they can take over for what our Government has done to their countries (WAR)

  80. Reverend is used for God, not man, Just like the Pharisees an Saddusces they want to put themselves on a high pedestals making them better then everyone else.

  81. As the opening of this article states, it’s a fake church. If in fact it is a fake church then it should not be afforded tax exempt status. The way to get to these posers is in the wallet/pocketbook. Young children should not be exposed to these perversions. They have enough going on in their young minds without having to parse through these deviations. And don’t get me started on these deviants that practice these abominations. Think about it. The parts don’t go together as Mother Nature intended.

  82. Mock God at your own peril. He will NOT be mocked. At the end every knee WILL bow OR BE BROKEN!

  83. WOW, are you completely deluded!!!!! Read in Romans 1 about how God allows the eyes of nonbelievers to be closed to the truth .

  84. When an issue tears apart a church like this one has, a lot of people are caught trying to figure out which side is right. There is only one source you can turn to to find the truth….the Bible! NOT the PC crowd! And the Bible is exceedingly clear about this, which goes then to show that this church doesn’t care about preaching the Bible anymore!

  85. Let us hear how much you love Trump, you hypocrite! Also, the Bible doesn’t say to hate people, but it DOES SAY TO HATE SIN! You guys refuse to admit this and insist that we’re hating people instead of their sin! You don’t care about truth, you only care about your own agenda!

  86. The Bible is the true word of God. PERIOD. Either you are for God or against Him. It is clear that YOU are against Him. You get to choose whether you will spend eternity in Heaven with God or hell with satan. You have chosen satan. sad

  87. So murderers, rapists, human traffickers, etc. are all fine with you?? They are all part of the human spirit that brings all together as one??? You are truly deranged.

  88. God is NEVER wrong!!!! Since He is perfect, He cannot be wrong. It is very obvious that you know nothing at all about God or His son Jesus. very sad

  89. Truth is far beyond your comprehension. And there is ONE GOD. He created all of us. SO WHAT if you are a conservative??? You have no clue who God is.

  90. Don’t waste your breath talking to these gay degenerates. Their minds are closed and their Spirits are corrupt.

  91. MJB…YOU ARE WRONG AND VERY IGNORANT!!!!! MOST of the NT was written by those who KNEW Jesus. You would know that if you bothered to check it out. And Paul MET Jesus on the road to Damascus. It is very obvious that you know nothing at all about the Bible or what it teaches. You have no concept at all of who Jesus is. Very sad. The words of Jesus are enshrined in the Holy Bible as God’s Word????? DUH!!! Because they are.

  92. Too bad that you do not worship God. Either you embrace God or satan. It is very obvious that you have been brainwashed by satan. God created the universe and all that is in it, including us humans. And the universe cannot teach you anything at all. It has no mind. It is inanimate. It is GOD who teaches us using His word, the Bible. But since you have rejected His word, you have no concept of how to live. very sad

  93. There is nothing at all funny about you. And truth is never hate. Please tell us where we have said we hated you????

  94. Too much hate in the Bible???????????????????? Are you really that ignorant?????? Read the New Testament if you know how. Jesus loves us so much that He came here and died on the cross for our sins and went to hell and conquered satan and death so that WE have the chance to join Him in Heaven. Sin is not allowed in Heaven, so Jesus took all of our sins upon Himself so we can be saved. All you have to do is come to Him and repent of your sins and accept Him as your Savior. He loves you and is waiting for you. It is YOUR choice to accept Him or satan.

  95. You are truly sick. very sad. God gave us the Bible to learn about His great love for us. It is all about love, NOT hate. It is very clear that you have no concept at all of what it teaches.

  96. You are clearly the wack job if you think the Bible has hate. It is SATAN who is all about hate and he has you very brainwashed. And if you don’t like what we write, it is very simple…don’t come here. No one is forcing you to

  97. you people are really insane. you are a disgrace to all that is good and beautiful about life. I shall pray for you all. and hope you find some peace and love in your lives.

  98. Since you don’t believe in God, we sure don’t need your prayers. Whom do you pray to??? And I already have peace and love in my life.

  99. Those who mock God and deny His truth do not belong in His church, as neither do those who reject Jesus and His teachings. They have no knowledge of truth but belong to satan and embrace his lies

  100. No one on here has said anything about hating you. I pity you. You do not know who God is or His great love for you.

  101. bj: Thank you for defending me.I have no idea why Pat attacked me the way she did. I didn’t say or do anything anything to her. I did call out that phony Rev. person. But that had nothing to do with her.Then for her to attack that Vee person as well..Well thank you again!

  102. Andrew Hird: DO NOT call us that follow our GOD and the Bible insane or disgusting! It is YOU that has a problem. As bj pointed out , the universe can’t teach you anything. GOD created the universe..
    And what exactly are you a Rev. of ?? As others have pointed out to you, our God IS about love. But HE tells us to hate sin and do not follow false prophets., which you are obvious one.. Our Bible also says:” Do not cast pearls before swine”.. Ask your Christian friend what that means. We were discussing this fake church and that deviant that was reading his gay propaganda to young children. YOU were not. And WHO exactly are you praying to ? Please do not pray for me.I have all the love and support from my family, friends and my true God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you….

  103. There is no such thing so you are praying to nothing. But if you want to waste your time, that is your choice to do so

  104. God is all that is good and beautiful about life. He created and loves all life. You should get to know who He is and His great love for you. Read the Bible.

  105. Love and kindness means nothing if you die without God. And you have no concept of the greatest love of all…God’s love for you

  106. GOD, is very clear on the subject of LGBT behavior and acts. He is very much against it. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? The people who lived in those two cities acted just like the so called Pride Day revelers do today. God did not like that. He destroyed both cities. If this world keeps going the way it is headed I feel the same thing will happen, but on a world wide event. God will get to the point where even Jesus can’t stop His anger. Then it will be “End World Time”.

  107. i would rather die with love and kindness in my heart than to live with your hateful god in my heart.

  108. To prevent other actual Churches from speaking against this kind of nonsense California actually passed a resolution essentially so vague it ends up CONTROLLING religion, education, what parents are allowed to teach their children etc. making it a CRIME for basically any with influence to speak AGAINST their POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense.

    In basic terms PREACH facts or tell what the Bible says about their choice of lifestyle (even pointing out it is not something they are born into but actually a mental decision made by what they are exposed to as Children of a certain age who’s brain is still developing) is suddenly a criminal because they OFFENDED the lgbtq members.

    They destroyed the career of one doctor long before this for nothing more than collecting SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FACTUAL statistics on how diseases are spread and publishing the FACTS with recommendations on how to protect against the spread of these diseases. IT OFFENDED gays because a certain specific behavior (not specifically limited to them) they participate in was either at the top or near the top of the list for causing the spread of a long list of illnesses.

    Apparently trying to HELP people be healthy regardless of their choice’s was considered HATRED against them.

    Apparently DISCOURAGING the spread of ILLNESSES by giving people FACTS about them was some kind of CRIME in their minds because people MIGHT choose not to go along with their PC propaganda about certain lifestyles if they new certain activities spread illnesses faster they might decide not to chance catching certain diseases that spread FASTER through that activity if they had the ACTUAL FACTS about those illnesses.

  109. Michial E. Lawrence:More and more each day we can see the signs God left for us concerning the end times, and we are certainly in them now.More and more churches are being infiltrated with these Godless reverends,pastors, priests not following the Bible or GOD’s word.Allowing deviants coming into their churches and poisoning the innocent minds of children with their perverted propaganda . Only GOD knows how much longer HE will allow all this sin to continue…..

  110. This drag queen deserves to be MOONED and we all should get together and MOON this individual!

  111. Eliot: Not to make light of this subject,But that individual would probably like being mooned and take it as an invitation!But seriously though sir, that pastor should be reprimanded, removed from that church and that transvestite should be fired…If that pastor was a true man of faith, this kind of conduct would never be allowed in house of worship….Strange isn’t it, you never hear of this kind of perversion happening in Jewish temples.

  112. Andrew Hird: You have really shown what kind of love and kindness YOU have in your heart by calling others names. Oh and you have no idea just what YOUR in for come Judgement day.”Vengeance is mine saith the Lord”…You shun HIM and call him a hateful God?We will all be judged and that includes you. Have fun standing before HIM and saying ” even though I called you a hateful God and certainly didn’t accept Jesus as my personal savior, I did have love and kindness in my heart . Doesn’t that count??”Oh and show him your on line certificate you got to become a so called Rev. I’m sure that will impress him as well……Now, I have to pray to ask forgiveness for the anger I feel right now towards you…..

  113. Just because a church is not what you beleavee does not make it fake
    the church of the flying spaghetti monster is a real church is a real if somewhat flippant church
    your god is not everybody god so suck it up buttercup

  114. “Just human beings” is a totally false premise for allowing sin to be openly displayed and slapping Christ’s face with your sin while he is still suffering for our sins on the cross. You are no “reverend”, nor are you following Jesus own directive to go out and preach the Gospel. The Bible warns us against false teachers and Paul is very clear in his admonitions to the Galatians. Homosexuality is a human sin and unacceptable to God, but the LGBT movement is not interested in what the Bible says and teaches on immorality and deviant behavior. I don’t know where or if you received your ministerial training, but it obviously didn’t teach you the true meaning of sin, faith, and obedience to God’s Word.

  115. “Rev”, please go back to the Bible and preach on God’s Word instead of leading your parishioners to Hell and damnation. So sad you base your message on the false premise that God loves the sinner. It is through FAITH that you are saved, namely that Christ died to take away our sins. Does that mean He gave us a license to sin? The answer is unequivocally “NO”. As Jesus told the prostitute, “Go and sin no more.” It is not our works that save us, no matter how “good” we are. It is faith in God’s plan of salvation, namely, that His promise to Adam and Eve was fulfilled by Christ’s taking on the flesh and living a sinless life, and then suffering and dying the most excruciating death known to man at the time. This was not so you could turn it around and flaunt grotesque sin in a “church”.

  116. There is no way you should have the word Rev. in front of your name. You are a very sad creature who has no clue who God is. That is very obvious. God has nothing but love for you. He created you and you have rejected Him. That is on YOU. We all have the same chance to come to Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven, where there is no hate, but only love, kindness, peace and freedom from all evil. Yet you have chosen satan and his lies, evil, torture and eternal bondage. Your choice to make, but you are a fool

  117. satan is not going to be one bit impressed with your love and kindness. Hell is all about hate and torture.

  118. There is ONE God. He gives you the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. Choose wisely

  119. AH…God is capitalized. Show Him respect. And He is God of EVERYONE, including you. He created you whether you accept Him or not. You either belong to Him or satan. He lets you choose

  120. i belong to nither god or satan but the human spirit. what kind of nut bags want to moon people.

  121. Andrew Hird: I see not only are you fraud and a liar but a coward as well. I see you didn’t post your answer to Eliot under his comment.Why?Because someone else will see you have been playing games with good honest people who thought you were a just misguided Rev.Not this sicko having a good time at others expense.Hope you had a good time pal because all of the good people that believed your BS , at least they are real. That love their GOD and sincerely wanted to help you.They have a soul.Too bad you don’t…..

  122. So then how can you call yourself reverend if you don’t believe in the Bible? That is just wrong in so many ways. You don’t believe in the Bible, then what in the world DO you believe in Satan’s ways? Because you are definitely not following God’s ways. You put the title of Reverend to shame. Reverend is an honorific style most often placed before the names of Christian clergy and ministers. Can you say you are either of these? I think not! Can the human spirit get you into heaven? I don’t think so. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6) If you were a true reverend, you would know this! Matthew 7:15-20 says and I quote: “15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. (NKJV)
    bj, I am with you on this 100%!! It’s people like this that gives true Christians like us a bad name!

  123. True that, Pat, and the queers can walk around in drag in San Francisco and work the streets day and night. The cops won’t do anything about it. I had a friend that went out there a few years back, and said they would never go there again because of it. That Hollyweird, and San Tran, has turned their backs on God. They need to read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and take heed to it.

  124. Andrew Hird, you are a special kind of stupid, ain’t ya? God is NEVER wrong!! And you are just plain out stupid to believe that way. Yep, definitely not a reverend!! Which is why I left it off.

  125. That’s right, Mark Sundet, for Galatians 6:7 says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  126. ToxicTHisle: How right you are. This Rev. person is not a Rev. or even decent in any manner. He’s been playing games with these good people that was buying into his charade.Him just laughing how easy it was to deceive and make fun out of all of us.He could care less about religion or even about anyone that was trying to help him . Truly a sick individual with an even sicker sense of humor.His mother must be so proud of him….

  127. That’s right bj, I agree. You can’t walk with God and run with the devil. But with the way that Andrew Hird is talking he is running with the devil instead of walking with God.

  128. Amen bj!! As for myself, I’ll live as this quote says, “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than to live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.” –Albert Calmus.

  129. Karen K:He’s not a Rev. or anyone that has an ounce of decency in him, for that matter.He’s been having a good laugh at everyone’s expense.Just because he used Rev. in front of his name, doesn’t make him one.Just read between the lines and how he slips up by calling us sick , insane or wack jobs all the while spewing about all his love he has for the human spirit.Is that anyone that had any religious training or background?Pity him but shun him as our GOD instructed us to.He will certainly pay for his cruel joke….

  130. you are the false prophets. I would rather have a transvestite teach Sunday school than any of you.

  131. Very true indeed! They’re really asking for God’s wrath to pour down on them remember Sodom & Gomorrah? Agree they should NOT be tax exempt!!!!!

  132. Karen…Thanks! But I live my life KNOWING that God is there for me. Knowing that He loves me and has forgiven me is what gets me through life. Without Him I am nothing

  133. Being a United Methodist, I am exposed to all sorts of points of view. I call it the church of anything goes. However, if my pastor brought on that kind of activity, the next day I would be camping in the Bishop’s office demanding that my pastor be replaced. I would not leave the church nor withhold my money. I would fight until the situation was corrected.

  134. I know God is real because like the song says, “If God is dead, who’s this living in my soul? I don’t even want to think about where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for having God in my life. I don’t see how people can reject Him and say He isn’t real, when all they have to do is look around them and see all the beauty he has created. Another way I know that He is real is because He healed my daughter of many things, He got me the house that my family and I are living in, He took my cigarettes away from me when I asked Him to back in 2009 also. I am soooo thankful my foot is on the Rock and my name is on the Role. God is soooo good and awesome! That is an inspirational quote that I found online. I really like what it says and just wanted to share it with others on here; especially those who don’t believe in Him.

  135. bob jones, I looked it up online and it says: (yä′wā, -wĕ) also Yah·veh (-vā, -vĕ) or Jah·veh (yä′vā, -vĕ) or Jah·weh (yä′wā, -wĕ) n. A name for God thought to represent the original pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton among the ancient Hebrews. This isn’t what I learned His name as though.


  137. A professional NUT-CASE posing as a “Man of God>?”….That is just rich and the fool doesn’t even exclude Children from his diatribe…..hmmm !!

  138. Rev. Hurd: I am Presbyterian, you are a fake. Take the Presbyterian out of the name of your church which sounds more like a cult. And Jesus said to not stop the children from coming to him. You are stopping children from coming to Jesus, your goal is to bring children to LGBT beliefs as is in their mission statement of get the kids and when an adult homosexual moves on the kids from teenager stage on, the kids will accept homosexual sexual activity. That is your goal, you are nothing but Satan and know nothing about Jesus which you admit when you say you don’ follow the Bible. Than stop calling yourself a reverend, you are nothing but a worshipper of sex and your specific sex is homosexual sex. Presbyterian Church my xxxxx.

  139. Is it any wonder people are illegally sneaking into this country? It’s become the land of freaks, come one come all.

  140. This is a church….but it belongs to satan, the great DECEIVER.
    I’m watching the ”eastern sky”.

  141. One day these people will be sorry that they willfully commit this Sin against God! Those who are in positions of church leadership are held to a higher standard than the lay congregation. I feel sorry for them. Well, maybe “sad” is a better word. Repent, and be saved! Time grows short, but, there is yet time!

  142. This is a beautiful description of how so many religions and their church leaders are not true believers. They are just evil cults. These church leaders just have the churches to get out of paying taxes because they are all tax exempt while taking your money in the basket collection. They also are leaders of Satan and start their churches with what the people expect to have in their church – love of God and how to be better people with the word of God. Slowly, things change and lately, poof! it happened so fast, the leaders are turning against their own parishioners and teach the word of Satan.

  143. In the not so distant past the U S Postal System had a commemorative stamp of Harvey Milk. When I bought forever stamps the clerks tried to push the Harvey Milk stamp. I refused it. I would have boycotted USPS, but as an eBayer that was not possible.

    It took the post office a long time to sell their Harvey Milk stamps or maybe they just sent them to San Francisco to be sold.

  144. Ernst, I disagree that LGBT should be welcome in the church. They are people usually very likable and friendly. Because of tolerance and friendships formed in the church with LGBT persons, our youth and children become corrupt. It is Truth instead of tolerance that will lead to “change” in an idolatrous lifestyle. Acceptance and tolerance is giving hearty approval. How can a person ever find peace with God who is at peace with their own sin? Pastors and teachers and other “leaders” in the church “ should be above reproach”….

    The Seven Churches in Revelation….
    “ I have this one thing against you…”

    Two cannot walk together when going different directions.

  145. this deviant trash has no place in a church!!! reading to little children about homosexuals is disgraceful. these perverts are throwing their deviant ways right in our faces. their goal is to destroy ALL MORALITY IN AMERICA.

  146. all these Christian folks have to all come to a conclusion; hell no; we will not accept lgbtq fags ,idol worshippers, pure heathens in our church, theres enough temptation pulling at the minds lest we have immoral and corrupt individuals trying to make us see that god loves all; that’s a strange one there,,, god loves all, don’t get me wrong ,I despise a fag but, if god loves us all; then lgqbs are not people at all then so whats to debate:?? load your 357s and when you see a crowd of fags ,go off , bang bang and bang; soon there will be no more fags and then our spirits will be free from fag o dolo sho/////kill em all, let god sort em out


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