This ESPN contributor and major sports figure will be a headline speaker at a March for Life event


ESPN is increasingly promoting far-left ideology that is put forward by groups like Black Lives Matter.

But not every member of ESPN’s team is buying into the Left’s radical agenda.

And now this ESPN contributor and major sports figure will be a headline speaker at a March for Life event.

A once beloved sports broadcast station, ESPN over the years has moved away from focusing on sports and has taken a keen interest in promoting leftist political issues.

Most recently, the network did everything they could to promote the Black Lives Matter movement on their shows and while broadcasting games.

They even turned the ESPY, their famous yearly awards program, into nothing more than a Black Lives Matter love affair.

But not every member of the staff at ESPN is a profound supporter of the Left’s agenda.

One of the most notable exceptions is college football contributor Tim Tebow.

Tebow has been a leading voice in the sports world for conservative Christans.

And one of his biggest missions is to save pre-born babies from the atrocities of abortion.

Previously, Tebow has even stated how much the pro-life movement means to him by proclaiming “One day, when you look back and people are talking about you and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you going to be known for?’ Are you going to say Super Bowl, or we saved a lot of babies?”

Now, Tim Tebow is taking his commitment for the pro-life movement even a step further by being the keynote speaker for the March for Life’s Annual Rose Dinner.

The Annual Rose Dinner is an event the pro-life group March for Life hosts every year to kick off their efforts for the year.

Past speakers have included big names like Vice President Mike Pence and now Tim Tebow.

With ESPN drifting so far to the Left it will be interesting to see if they keep Tebow as a contributors or part ways with him because of his ongoing pro-life involvement.