This Duck Dynasty star has something to say about Biden’s gun-grabbing schemes


The Biden administration is coming for your guns, and they aren’t being quiet about it.

They’re using recent tragedies to make their emotional case for confiscating Americans’ guns.

But this Duck Dynasty star has something to say about Biden’s gun-grabbing schemes.

Phil Robertson, widely known as the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, recently told his fans that there is a good reason our enemies want to see American citizens disarmed: “We ARE national security.”

On his show, In the Woods with Phil, the Duck Dynasty star shared an article from the Bradenton Herald that said the number of licensed hunters in the state of Wisconsin alone would constitute “the 11th largest army in the world.”

It easily outnumbers the people under arms in Iran, as well as France and Germany combined.

Referring to the statistics in the article, Phil suggested that the millions of legal gun owners in this country would serve as the “largest army in the world” should there be “an armed invasion from another country.”

Phil went on to say, “Any way you slice it, this old guy is just saying there’s going to be a bone to be chewed if some kind of foreign army comes in here. We have a gigantic army of armed individuals waiting on them. America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of firepower.”

The Democrats have started a massive push for an assault weapons ban and stricter controls on other firearms.

True to form, they’re using two recent shootings to push their radical anti-gun agenda, trying to capitalize on the lives lost in each of those incidents.

In response to the Democrat push for gun control, Senator Ted Cruz said, “Every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders.”

Why Democrats believe that banning guns and confiscating them from law-abiding citizens is going to stop the murderers is anyone’s guess.

There is no doubt, whether guns are legal or not, these evil people are still going to carry out heinous acts.

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