This Democrat Senator-elect is the Left’s new hero and the reason why is insane


Kyrsten Sinema seized Arizona’s Senate seat from GOP contender Martha McSally by a mere 1.8%.

But that won’t stop the left from hailing it as one of the greatest victories of all time.

And you won’t believe why the fake news media trumpeted that Kyrsten Sinema “made history.”

The liberal media claims Sinema “made history” by becoming the first openly bisexual member of the U.S. Senate.

To the left, an individual’s sexual preference is more important than their ability to make good policy decisions.

NBC News Reports:

Nearly one week after Election Day, Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema was declared the apparent winner of Arizona’s nail-biter of a Senate race. In addition to a win for Democrats, Sinema’s hard-fought victory also adds to the spoils of the so-called rainbow wave that ushered in a record number of LGBTQ political candidates this year.

Sinema’s high-profile win is particularly historic. She is the first out bisexual person ever elected to the U.S. Senate and only the second openly LGBTQ person, behind Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., who is a lesbian. Sinema is also the Grand Canyon State’s first female senator and its first Democratic senator since 1995.

What is particularly absurd about this latest news narrative is the notion that someone’s sexual preference is of national importance.

As Culture Watch News previously reported, the Democrat Party thought a transgender candidate would deliver them the governorship in Vermont.

The candidate was clobbered because policy should matter more than identity politics.

Not to mention the fact that voters don’t want to hand over the reins of power to someone who can’t come to grips with fundamental truths.

Should sexual preference be more important than making good policy decisions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Democrats have nothing of substance as far as an agenda is concerned. Their only fallback is personal politics, where the only important aspect of the candidate is what he or she is.

  3. But can she help govern? That is the question. it does not matter who she is if she can not help make policy that is not bias

  4. It is people like you, the bigoted, judgmental Pharisees, the holier-than-thou that have made so many lives so miserable, rather than the teachings of love your neighbor as yourself. If you don’t like the choice, don’t DO it but save judgment for the Divine. Ignoranr bigotry is also a sin.

  5. So you say ‘save judgement for the Devine’ immediately following your judgement of Joann as bigoted and holier-than-thou. You must be a Liberal, since Liberals believe that only they (and Democrats) have a right to judge others.

  6. This woman should have been charged with TREASON when she said it was ok for Americans to join the Talinan. She is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such and EXECUTED as such.

  7. We really need to unindoctrinate our young people who vote. In Florida, if a person doesn’t know their INTENT, they shouldn’t be ALLOWED to vote. Sinema is not a bad looking girl. I’m glad she like guys, too, but not my cup of tea.

  8. The 2 most powerful drivers of human behavior, are: Food/hunger, & Sex drive/copulation! Food, of course, is controllable, by appetite, & common sense. Sex, however, is ‘almost” uncontrollable. Sex, is based on “drive”, & morality/religion. Our social norms/Religion, dictate that Sex, is between a man, & a woman…..It is “un-natural, & sinful for “homosexuality/Lesbianism”. { Check the word of God, in the Bible}…….Now comes the “modern day”, progressivism, & “rumors” of “in the closet” homosexuality/lesbianism, as it pertains to politicians…..”Bath House Barry”, Chicago Homosexuality…..&….Hillary CLinton/Lesbianism….{ “or” }…..”AC/DC”…..SEXUALITY, as rumored that Hillary is “that”….{VInce Foster, on one side of Hillary, & severaal “Women for Hillary, on the other”}……Who “knows” the truth…..{ they may be in the closet}……”BUT”…..either way……Homosexuality/Lesbianism, as Society sees it, is “Un-natural”, “Sinful”, & toatally un-acceptable……{ Except now, according to whom you talk to about it }……is Socially ‘OK”……Now, this is a Personal opinion, in everyone…..Either you think it is “acceptable”, or “NOT”…..{ Ok, for them, but, not for me…..popular attitude …..} It depends on where you are in our Society ….”Californication/Hollywood”…..{ anything goes }…..Sodom & Gommorah…{ again, refer to the Bible}…..How did “that” work out? Personally, I think this “anything goes sexuality, is REPUGNANT, & TOTALLY UN-ACCEPTABLE! Everyone, must “do their thing”……GOD WILL SORT THAT OUT!…..{ UNLESS OF COURSE ONE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD}…..THEN….WHAT HAPPENS? ? ? ? ? ? IF THIS SOCIETY DOES NOT HAVE “RULES”, THEN WHAT DO YOU HAVE? ? ? ?

  9. This ????????????????????, should have been disqualified from the ELECTION !
    There’s too many GAY’S and WIFE’S, GIRLFRIEND ABUSERS in Congress.
    They all need to Disqualify themselves from any Political Office !

  10. What she does behind closed doors is of no concern to me. When sexual orientation become an issue is when I am expected to agree with that lifestyle and it take presedence in destroying the rights of the heterosexual population. She doesn’t sound like someone who has the interests of all her constituents in mind, much like the female NY Congressional democrat that wants to give free “stuff” and it just gets paid for. She is already holding protests in Pelosi’s ocffice. Hold on folks, this is going to be an insane roller coaster ride fraught with more protests, violence and government incompetentcy.

  11. If I were a resident of Arizona and as I am not a stupid individual, I would be thinking seriously about getting out of that state and movin to one that had decent leadership.

  12. her sexual orientation not matter if she can properly do her job, some people are far to quick to judge others, mainly pinheaded conservatives!!

  13. This election as I understand was won by last minute votes found? after the polls close. The demoncrats have developed a highly skilled organization to provide ballots to areas they feel they need to have. We need to investigate what is going on and it can’t be an authorized committee formed by congress. Has to be bi-partisan and completely dark.

  14. She’s their hero because she’s stupid… She’ll do whatever her leaders tell her to do… It’s sad that America has to go through these idiots being in charge… When will we ALL wake up…

  15. It does matter! These politicians pass laws that can harm or kill people. Think of the law passed that allows open bathrooms. Thin of the sexual attacks that have already happened. Enough of this craziness’ already!!!

  16. Through history, when a society has reached its peak in development, homosexuality becomes prevalent: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, England and now the USA. Why? We don’t need heterosexuality for reproduction, anymore. The task has been completed and men and women having to live all of the time together represents a problem, when, reproduction has ceased to be a necessity.
    Men understand men better than women and viceversa, thus, same sex relationships become prevalent, because they are easier in tetms of harmony.
    Hard to swallow? Yes! However, history is the story teller. ????‼️

  17. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!FOX NEWS!!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(McConnell, Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  18. I’m from Arizona, Funny I never knew she was bi-sexual until now after reading this article. It was never brought up in the runup to the election. Perhaps if it was the outcome may have been different. Plus I feel there was a little voter fraud helping her out also. She was behind by thousands of votes and suddenly they find some more, and some more and some more and most of them were for her. How convenient.

  19. I think election laws should be followed and enforced vigorously, including open meetings for counting and automatic disqualification of votes misplaced in the chain of custody. That would prevent “found” votes.

  20. As far as Hallquist in Vermont goes, do I want someone who can’t make a decision about who or what they are making decisions that will impact my life? I don’t think so.

  21. How do you figure Trey Gowdy is a RINO the man fights against the Communist regime constantly.

    You forgot Ron Johnson, 72 counties in WI and only 10 with all the demented and deviant scum required to keep the Communists in power here.

  22. I’m not happy with having LGBTQ members in our gov’t.I feel if you want to change our standards then do it on your own.Don’t invade my ethics or what I’ve been raised to believe in.No one should be able to attack another individuals beliefs,yet to infiltrate our current systems with Non sense,fabrications,and a whole lot of Fake News is Bogus.

  23. I get to the point where I do not feel sorry for the people who voted these people into office. Lets see how they handle the backlash and what they will receive from whom they voted in.

  24. Sinema did not win honestly. They KEPT FINDING VOTES, days after. Then the Republicans made a deal allowing her to have it. I do not know anyone that voted for her. She hates Arizonans.

  25. I can see where Gowdy might be considered a RINO. He did a lot of asking questioning and saying he was going to hold people and departments but all I ever saw only subpoenas. It makes one wonder.

  26. Your the pinhead. She supports adults having sex with children, so she is in a position where she can make it legal. Don’t try to say other congresspersons would stop her because you would be surprised at how many pedophiles are in congress. She also only does the job the way she wants. Research her, you might be surprised at what you will find.


  28. Seems that the liberal cause lately is to turn the USA INTO THE USSA.The heart and mind set of liberals is evil.They do not care what happens to USA citizens.As far as the illegals go all they really want from them is their vote.Tax the money that they send by wire to foreign countries.Build a wall.Stop illegal migration.The libs won’t do it.The libs dont care if there are drug carriers,murderers,rapists,thieves,coming here undocumented even.They have set up sanctuary cities for criminals to hide in.Do thr libs care about what happens to American citizens in these places.NO.THEY DON’T.Then to top it off the libs want us disarmed.Stripped of our 2nd ammendment rights.For gods sake there are not enough police to protect people when they get mugged raped,or murdered.We have a fundamental right for self protection and of others.What kind of heartless mindless idiots are these people.They are more apt to protect a criminal and take away the rights of the victims.People vote for these loons for a free phone and food.Really how many people collect food stamps that shouldn’t because they refuse to work.Why do we keep giving to people an incentive not to work.Please do not get me wrong as I am not referring to those that are truly needy.

  29. Sodom and Gomorrah was completely obliterated because of these type of people. They will be sorry when their time comes before the judgment seat which they don’t believe in.

  30. The problem with believing in nothing is that you will ultimately end up believing anything. Which definitely a problem with the progressive/liberal of the world. Just sayin.

  31. yep men dokin each other in the butt and women chewing on each others scrotches, I use to think I don’t care what they do in their own bedroom……….HOWEVER I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND……..KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES SICKCO’S

  32. If you believe the Bible is The Word of Almighty God given to us by His Prophets and His Holy Son Jesus, then you must know that He tells us in His Holy Word that ‘homosexuality is an abomination’ and if you try to justify it you are going against Almighty God Himself.

  33. Once LGBTQ+ are allowed to serve as reps for the USA,We are sending The Wrong Message to the World.I feel if one wants to be part of the LGBTQ+,thats their business.I don’t want to be part and shouldn’t have to be.And our Children should Never be made part of this until they are of age—?and decide for themselves.No one else should Promote or Subliminally message our youths.Its time to Stop The Madness.

  34. I personally feel all these Politicians are together in The Final Goal.I do believe that each Party wants to accomplish this in their own precise way.That’s basically why I vote.Voting will Never get you 100% what you want,but it gives us a chance to detour or make Small changes to their ultimate Goal.

  35. I’m sorry but her sexual orientation does matter.Why do you think all these politicians want to look like traditional Families when up for election.They want to have a wife or husband and children.It makes them seem to be just like us. No Way like us,never will be.Sorry.Heterosexual is the Way.No other.PERIOD!

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