This Democrat Senate Candidate made a dispicable attack on stay-at-home moms


Radical leftists attack conservatives every chance they get.

And they ridicule conservative thought and belief to no end.

But what this sitting U.S. Representative and Democrat Senate candidate said about stay-at-home moms crossed the line.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is a representative for Arizona.

She is also running for Senate in Arizona – one of the closest races in the country.

But her past statements attacking stay-at-home moms are coming back to haunt her.

She said in an interview that stay-at-home moms are “leaching off their husbands.”

The Federalist writes:

Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema, of Arizona, once described stay-at-home moms as leeches in a 2006 interview.

“These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life,” she told Scottsdale nightlife magazine 944. “That’s bull****. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?”

Sinema, who has come under fire recently for making derogatory comments about Arizona in newly resurfaced videos, also once described conservatives as “Neanderthals.”

In one video, Sinema is seen grimacing and shaking her head after saying that she ran for a position in the Arizona state legislature.

In an interview with KTAR on Wednesday, Sinema was asked if she considered herself a “proud Democrat,” a descriptor she balked at, insisting that she’s a “proud Arizonan,” and that she doesn’t think either political party is doing a good job.

Clearly the Representative doesn’t have respect for conservative women or conservative families.

She can’t fathom a world in which a woman would want to stay at home to raise a family.

Sinema’s sentiments are not unique, however.

Conservative ideas, and more importantly conservative families, are under attack from the left today.

Hillary Clinton made her “deplorable” comments about Trump supporters that all but secured a win for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden recently called conservatives “dregs of society” at a gala for an LGBT rights organization.

And the statements these radical leftists share are indicative of their disdain of conservatives.

It manifests itself in calls for violence that Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder signal in their speeches and interviews.

They want to hide anything remotely traditional from our youth, and young adults, so as to institutionalize them in their so-called “progressive” fantasies.

Do you think Kyrsten Sinema’s derogatory comments about stay-at-home mothers will cost her the Senate race?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. I hope she never gets elected!!!! she is a liar and a evil person with what she doesn’t say and what she hides in what she again doesn’t say. She know no TRUTH!!

  3. Wow! Just keep her talking. Not an Arizona voter or resident, but this Sinema
    represents all we don’t want in a candidate
    or a voter. Rude, crude and disrespectful!

    She just lost her own race in exposing her
    real, juvenile thoughts.

  4. What an horrible example for our children and youth in vocabulary, attitude, and political fantasies. How did such a crazy ever get elected, Arizona?

  5. a woman should have the right to choose how she wants to live her life, if she wants to work that is alright, she should not put all of the financial burden on her husband or her boyfriend. her comments do not offend me and she should be elected to the senate!!

  6. Wow. So raising a family yourself is now leeching off their husbands? Raising a family to love God, family, and country is the most important job one can take on. It’s 24/7 with no gratitude on many of those days, but those like this “woman” running for office can’t comprehend that. I pray she does not get elected as she symbolizes everything wrong with this country.

  7. I think it is the right of each couple to decide how they wish to live. Do they want to raise their own children or let some stranger do it. Sounds like an easy choice to me. I never regretted staying at home with my children and would do so again. Money isn’t everything.

  8. This woman is dangerous. Can’t believe how far America has slipped to even consider her for a Senator. People of Arizona wake up!!

  9. “a woman should have the right to choose…” – you contradict yourself, michael, SHE is not supporting a woman’s right to choose… are you asleep???

  10. How stupid, idiotic and condescending. I was denigrated because I chose to work but I always thought everyone should do what was best for them. I am too aggressive and need intellectual stimulant… staying home, and raising children is probably the more valuable job just not for me. Sounds that this idiot is unhappy she doesn’t have children to raise or a husband to love her…with a sour and snake like attitude like that, she wouldn’t.

  11. That comment is an attack on stay at home parents. When parents agree that one will stay at home with the Kids usually it’s the one with the smaller pay check.
    Due to the cost of daycare now it’s not feasible to have one parent work to mainly pay for it. I’m proud of my younger Son being at home with my 2 Grandkids. Stay at home Dad’s never get the credit they deserve. When ever there is an issue it’s always about stay at Mom’s only not Stay at Home Parents.
    Same thing with issues of single parents raising their Children. It’s always referenced to all the issues that single Mom’s have and again never refer to the single Dad’s.
    The Woman’s movement pushed for equality (which is great) and when the movement has made positive turns they still only want issues to reflect only on the Women even though with no reference to Men again for making a change and never getting recognition of it.
    The Woman’s movement is all about the negative of Men and never acknowledgement of positive changes. The movement needs to be more optimistic towards there cause and stop being so pessimistic only attacking Men. They used to state that those Men that do or say this to Women. Know even with the
    Many positive changes made they know word there statements saying Men are all this or that. That pessimistic look towards Men know is indicating to Men that there isn’t a Man out there that has changed in any way since the moment started. It’s so bad know Women want to eliminate anything with the reference to Men/Man in the English language. The continuous attack on Men will start effecting the movement in a very negative way and the movement will have no one else to blame but themselves.

  12. More power to couples who make the decision for one of them to be an at home parent. It is important to spend that short time your children are small raising them. If you both work, daycare gets to help raise them, and parents miss out on so much. Where does she get that women leach of their husbands? This is usually a decision they both make. And staying at home is a very hard job. More power to those who make this decision, be it Mom or Dad! And hats off to the Dads who do this job. Hope she doesn’t get elected.

  13. She is just too stupid and lazy to even care for another human being and that is why she criticizes Mothers who can and do care for their children. God forbid if she ever has a child. This is another one of the selfish left and their way of life. All they care about is hate, demeaning others and their own greed. Just dismiss her by voting against her Arizona. Make her invalid.

  14. Many couples choose to have a woman stay home to raise children if the man has a good income. The woman are not leeching at all; they are doing a full time job as a homemaker and Mother. In my case I breast-fed 3 babies for at least a year each; I cooked, cleaned, shopped for food, kept track of all the bills and paid them on time. I mowed the lawn, shoveled snow, raked leaves and tended to our gardens. When my children were older I walked them to school, and later drove them, plus taking them to other activities. I volunteered as a Scout Leader, and ran a Little League snack shack, plus teaching my children to swim. Finally I helped my kids to be healthy and do well in school and sports. My youngest had perfect attendance all 12 years and my middle child had perfect attendance for 4 years of high school. My oldest was a High School Valedictorian and outstanding 3 season athlete. I was very proud that my 2 oldest children went to an excellent engineering school on full scholarship. I think as a stay-at home-Mom I more than earned my keep. My husband has never complained or asked me to work since we have been together now for 40 years.

  15. She talks about Arizona like it’s something nasty. How could Arizona citizens vote for her? And stay-at-home mothers were the foundation of the American family. Kids need moms that are around to raise them. I’m not saying anything bad about moms that have to work, but being in the home is the best for the kids, as well as the husbands. You notice I didn’t say boyfriends. Guys, marry your gals if you love them. If not, go on your way. To say that they take advantage of or use their husbands is a stupid thing to say. Being a good wife and mother is no cake walk. A wife/mother works 24/7. A man works 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week (usually), then comes home to drink a beer and watch TV. Therefore husbands, love your wives. Not saying men have it easy, just that women don’t either.

  16. She will get elected. Will cheat her way into office. Democrat weirdo with no morals. SHAME on the people who will vote for her. You really have no idea that when you vote people like her in your rights are going to be gone.

  17. Hooray for you Joleen, it is very hard work and it paid off handsomely for you, I hope you realize that not only did you raise these wonderful children but that you contributed greatly to our great nation. Thank you for that. As you can see I guess both her parents worked and let her run roughshod over a decent life as they did not care who INDOCTRINADED their child.


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