This crazed professor advocates book-burning for an unbelievable reason


The Left has gone completely insane over the past four years.

The insanity has become most notable on college campuses around the country.

Now one crazed professor advocates book-burning for an unbelievable reason.

The free speech movement began at Berkeley in the 1960s, and ironically its death knell rings out on the same campus.

An English professor at Berkeley named Grace Travery is literally calling for book-burning because she disagrees with the content.

The book, Irreversible Damage, by Wall Street Journal columnist Abigail Shrier has caught unbelievable flak from radical transgender activists and compliant leftists.

Shrier’s book investigates the phenomenon called rapid onset gender dysphoria where teenage girls in cliques tend to take on the transgender ideology after one member in the peer group does so.

A study on the subject was conducted at Brown, but the university was forced to retract the research after a deluge of hate from activists.

Travery is leading the crusade against Shrier’s book, which was previously blocked from advertising on Amazon.

Travery tweeted, “I do NOT advocate defacing library books. I DO encourage followers to steal Abigail Shrier’s book and burn it on a pyre.”

Travery even doubled down and told followers to “use a safe pyre.”

This is what the Left has come to represent.

The radical strand of the Left had always been there, but it’s festered for decades as it slowly took over universities.

Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse wrote an essay in 1965 called “Repressive Tolerance” where he argued that people should not be tolerant of the “intolerant.”

That’s why rabid leftists such as Travery feel justified in suppressing speech with which they disagree.

Even traditional allies on the Left believe the radical elements within the transgender movement are a bridge too far.

Anyone who speaks out against transgenderism runs the risk of being “canceled.”

Progressive author J.K. Rowling faced a tsunami of hatred for stating that men cannot become women, a biological statement so benign that it wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow ten years ago.

Target initially said they would carry Shrier’s book in its stores, but reversed course after facing backlash.

The radicals have been the loudest voice for a long time.

The “wokeness” will only stop if the radicals’ shrieks get drowned out by common sense.